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Advantages of Using Gantt Chart

A Gantt chart is one of the useful tools for scheduling as well as monitoring activities for a project. With this chart, you will be able to know the order of activities or tasks that should be done according to a priority and deadline. But, what is actually a Gantt chart?

The Definition of A Gantt Chart

A Gantt chart is a type of bar chart that is used to show tasks of a project as well as the schedule and execution time. For example, the starting time of the task and the deadline when the task should be completed. You can look for a Gantt chart template sample to know how it looks.

The name of the employees or departments assigned to finish the tasks of the project should also be written in the chart. Other names for a Gantt chart are an activity chart, project bar chart, and also a milestone chart. The name of Gantt chart is taken from the name of a person who developed it: Henry Laurence Gantt.

A Gantt chart is basically an illustration of planning, scheduling, and also monitoring the progress of every task or activity of a project. This chart is useful in communicating the tasks that should be done and the execution status among the assigned employees or departments.

The Advantages of Using A Gantt Chart

There are some benefits that you can get by using a Gantt chart, especially if you use a Gantt chart template sample. Because you just simply need to download and use it directly.

  • A Gantt chart can be used to communicate between the contractor and staff. You can provide the chart to the staff and contractor when their services are needed. It can also be used to communicate the goals of a project.
  • You can show your client the planning of your project and the deadline with a Gantt chart. So that your client will be able to visually see the stages of the project and also get a better understanding of the whole project.
  • You can work on your project more efficiently and more effectively. With the right and proper schedule in the Gantt chart, you can use the provided time and resources optimally.

Those are the benefits of a Gantt chart. It can be said that this chart is pretty vital for completing a project. Interested to use this chart?