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Customizable Box Template Samples for Various Purposes

When you want to send a gift to someone, it is a good idea to use a box. So, you will need the following box template ideas in different shapes such as teddy bears, roses, hearts, and many more. In this article, you can find more than 10 templates.

Why Needs a Box Template?

The following PSD box templates are very useful for you. All of the templates are scalable. So, you can use them to make any size of box. Besides that, they all are free to download. Therefore, you are allowed to pick your preferred template available here.

Then, our templates are also customizable. It means you can edit the font, background, layout, and design based on your desire. Even more, you are allowed to add your own images and content on the box. So, creating a box will be much easier and efficient using our editable templates.

Box Template Samples

In this article, we have a collection of box templates PSD with various designs. One of them is a cereal box. Here, you can put a call-to-action, brand, slogan, etc. Besides that, there is also a playing card box. You are allowed to put an image and design it as you want.

The next example is a tissue box. This eye-catching box template can be added with pictures, labels, etc. to make it more attractive. Then, a meal box also belongs to one of the sample templates. You can use it to create a box to serve meals to your customers perfectly.

Of course, there are still many other PSD box template samples such as a business card box, cardboard box, pizza box, cake box, pillow box, paper box, popcorn box, gift box, etc. Because there are so many options, you have to choose the most appropriate one.

Tips for Designing a Box Template

When it comes to PSD box template designs, there are a few important tips to consider. First, you have to decide the shape such. It can be rectangular, square, triangle, etc. After that, you have to plan the design. It depends on the use or purpose.

For example, you can create a popcorn box with red-white stripes. For a cake box, you may need to add a relevant image and put your store’s name & logo. Then, it is also important to think about the size. Different purposes may need different sizes of boxes.

How to Use a Box Template

Everyone is allowed to use our editable PSD box templates. First of all, you have to browse the most appropriate template in this article. After you find the most appropriate one, you can directly download it and save the template to your computer.

Then, you can start editing the box template using Adobe Photoshop to fit your needs. After you are sure, you can directly print it out. Make sure that you use the best paper and printer to get the best result. Now, you can use that box for your own purpose.

Box Template Design Ideas

Box Template Ideas

Box Template Example

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