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Actuarial Resume to land a job impressively 

An actuarial professional is involved in calculating out uncertainty and risk of financial security plans, focusing on the mathematic, complexity, and so forth. Therefore, you need to arrange an actuarial resume that will show your quality to arrange the proper template without any difficulties.

This actuarial resume idea will be a simple word that will analyze the reserves and premiums of varied insurance policies that will cover different risks. The resume also will be useful because it will help the recipient understand your quality through your explanation of the resume.

The example of an actuarial resume

To facilitate you writing this resume, you need to read the following sample. The sample will guide you to arrange the proper template suitable to your need. Here is an example of the resume.

John Candy

Personal Info 

Phone: (777)-932-0023

Email: candyjohn21@gmail.com


A professional actuary with 4+ years of experience in life insurance service. looking to improve data accuracy at investor reactor. At STY, repriced a small group product suitable with the data interpretation and the result was a 50% decrease in loss ratio.


Actuarial Analyst

STY, Texas, August 2018 – present

  • Analyze financial downside and upside of risk for a family of group life products in a national insurance firm with $30 billion in annual revenue
  • Create a pricing model and PPO network guidelines for corporate underwriting
  • Reprise a small group product resulting in a 50% decrease in loss ratio
  • Train 7 new hires in actuarial work and complete 5-9 regulatory filing a year and responded to objections


Globe Domestic, Texas, June 2016 – April 2018

  • Decreased costs by $200M for a $2B pension trust fund through new policy development
  • Reduced turnaround time 40% through redesigning 2 project processes
  • Supervised 5 interns working in multiple risk adjustment
  • Conduct actuarial professional development offering
  • Increase enrollment in college business course


B.S. In business Administration, the University of Florida

  • Completed a senior project in finance
  • Pursued a passion for business and actuarial coursework

Key Skills

  • Microsoft office
  • Project management
  • Data analysis
  • Oracle
  • Mature
  • SAS


  • French
  • English

How to create an actuarial resume

To create a proper template, you also need to pay attention to the way to arrange an actuarial resume design. In this idea, you need to follow some steps below that will make your resume easy to read. Here are some of the ideas to follow:

  • Begin your resume with the right format the resume. It means that your resume should deliver a payout schedule for MS Notepad
  • You also need to add the experience to your actuary resume because it will kill your job search and this resume will need to show your big wins that saved the company
  • Make your education section count and it should be relevant to ensure that you have proper capabilities and skills
  • Remember to put the right skills in your resume such as project management, business knowledge, regulatory compliance, and so forth

What are the tips to arrange an actuarial resume?

Your resume will be impressive if you understand some of the tips to arrange this actuarial resume format design. With the tips, you can write the proper template suitable to your need. Here are some of the tips that will make your resume impressive.

1) You need to put the professional experience ahead of the education qualification

2) You have to know that your hiring manager is more interested in your education, degree, and training so that you need to include that information on your resume

3) Remember to arrange everything in chronological order and you also need to mention the work experience with emphasizing the particular goals you have reached

4) Place a summary of organization and communication skills and do not forget to mention your internship experience with actuarial or insurance firms

How do I arrange an actuarial resume?

Furthermore, you also need to include some skills on this resume that will emphasize your qualities as an actuary. Here are some of the ideas to include on your resume.

1) You can begin your resume with your animator resume with a compact profile that will summarize your ambition, background, and achievement

2) You have to include your professional experience as well as your educational qualification.

3) You also need to include the actuarial exams that you have passed in as well and do not forget to include the relevant computer and technical skills that you have gathered for your actuarial profession

4) You also need to separate between your professional and personal skills

Kinds of actuarial resume

You also will find some types of actuarial resume design ideas that will help you to apply for this job position suitable to your needs. In this idea, you can select one of the best resumes that will ensure the employer about your qualities as the candidate

Actuarial analyst resume template

The resume will show that you have a smart quality and it will start with your phone and email id. The resume also will be followed by a qualification summary and your professional experience and educational qualification in proper bullet points and also chronological order.

Actuarial science resume

The type of this resume is great because it has a compact resume. Since it is for a science resume you have to fulfill some science skills on the template to ensure your qualities. The resume also has space to include everything from internship to awards to relevant skills.

Actuarial intern resume template

The resume begins with education and actuarial exams that you have passed. The resume also will mention relevant coursework and relevant computer skills or research experience. Therefore, you need to include those ideas on your template as well.

Sample actuarial resume entry-level

The sample of this resume is for an entry-level candidate. This resume mostly talks about the actuarial exams that have passed by the candidate and educational qualification. The resume also begins with the resume objective and it offers space for a few work or internship experiences.

Actuarial CV template 

This type elaborates the resume and will allow you to highlight your educational qualification with the percentages that you have gathered.

With those ideas, you can arrange an actuarial resume without any difficulties. You need to pay attention to the detailed information on the resume to ensure the people about your qualities.

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