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Give Special Menu to Invited Guests with a Wedding Menu Template


Designing a wedding is not as easy as making a barbeque at night; it requires a thoughtful concept and careful planning. Don’t forget to also consider the dishes you want to prepare at the wedding later. Preparing meals also need to be considered carefully, starting from the dining style that will be applied then, whether buffet, standing party or sit-down dinner; the food menu that will be served up to the allocated budget. You can display the list that will be served later on our wedding menu template and adjust it to the event’s concept.

Recommendations for modifying the wedding menu template so that it is easy to read and looks elegant

Make invited guests to enjoy a delicious meal! Yes, a meal is something necessary to prepare before the event starts. You must pay some attention to the appetizer menu, entree, dessert, to orange or lime juice drinks, all of which must be perfectly conceptualized. Enter all the list of dishes that will be served later on the food menu list, which is designed as luxurious and elegant as possible. Don’t worry, you don’t have to bother thinking about it! Browse our wedding menu templates, and we provide the best tips for designing them to make them look luxurious and elegant.

  1. Prepare the appropriate template and design

The first step in creating a wedding menu is to choose an arrangement that fits the event’s concept. You can browse our wedding menu templates and organize them according to your preferences. The best tip for choosing it is not to have too many “elements,” leave the menu looking quiet so that readers focus on understanding the menu list that will be served.

  1. Write down all the menu dishes

After choosing the appropriate design, start writing down all the dishes that you will serve later. Write by grouping dishes according to their type, whether appetizers, heavy meals, juice drinks, to dessert. Don’t forget to write the bride and groom’s name above and the date of the wedding.

  1. Change font style

Because you want to display a luxurious and elegant style, use a formal font style and have regular letterforms. However, in your menu title, you can change the Latin style lettering, this will add luxury to your wedding menu template. Remember, only need for the main tune, the contents of the menu can only be written using a formal font style. You can use a font size that is not too large and not too small, easy for guests to read

  1. Add decorations or borders

To add a luxurious impression, add embellishments or carvings with nuances of flowers or leaves. Besides adding a luxurious feel, flower decorations add a romantic atmosphere, in line with the concept of a wedding. Adding a border is a fantastic option too! You can add it around the menu sheet with thin line carvings to your liking

  1. Use thick paper.

Everything is ready! Don’t forget to check all the elements present. Printing a wedding menu should use thick paper and not too thin.

Wedding Menu Design Ideas

Wedding Menu Ideas

Those are some quick tips for designing a wedding menu template to make it look luxurious and elegant. Create as you like and make your invited guests satisfied with the dishes served




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