10+ Credit Card free template in PSD


10+ Top Credit Card Template Designs

Designing a credit card is like creating a debit card. Both credit cards and debit cards belong to important components of a bank’s mechanism to provide non-cash transactions to customers. To ease your task for creating a credit card, you can use the following credit card template.

How to Design a Credit Card

To design a PSD credit card template, the first step to do is to ask the financial institution or bank about their vision and how the bank card will look like. Besides that, you need to search for an appropriate template for a credit card.

Then, you should add important information on it including the cardholder’s name, card number, bank name, and expiry date. Next, you are also required to maintain background image cohesion. Make sure that it looks appealing. In addition, you must follow a color motif and scheme like the following sample.

You also have to use 3D effects, shadows, highlights, tones, and gradients. Besides that, you also have to keep it simple. So, it will not require a lot of editing. One more, you must have fun. Because designing a credit card template PSD is a challenging task, you have to enjoy and have fun.

What Information to Include in a Credit Card

A credit card should contain a few important information details. You can start with the cardholder’s name. After that, you should include the name of the bank. Then, do not forget to include its logo. Next, the name/version of the credit card should also be included.

There are some other important details to be included in a credit card PSD template such as card number, expiry date, network logo, contact information of the bank, CVV number, signature of the cardholder, and security features. The most common security features are microchip & magnetic strip.

Credit Card Template Design Ideas

Credit cards come with different designs. When it comes to PSD credit card template designs, there are many ideas available. One of the best design ideas is a glossy credit card design. It can be in various colors such as emerald green, light blue, & combination.

A credit card will also look good with a black color. The next design idea is a polygon background credit card. Other design ideas include a plain credit card, a vector credit card, a blue credit card, a pastel-colored credit card, a minimalist credit card, etc.

Why Needs Credit Card Templates?

It is a bit frustrating to design a credit card. You need inspiration to get the best design. Our templates come with various awesome designs that work for credit cards. Besides that, all of the templates are downloadable, editable, workable, and also usable.

With our credit card template, designing a credit card will be much easier. So, just feel free to find and pick your desired template. You need to edit it by including the required information. Anyway, you will be able to design a credit card quickly, easily, and effortlessly.


Credit Card Design Ideas

Credit Card Ideas

Credit Card Example


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