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Combination Resume for a Job Seeker with Minimum Experience

Resumes can be written in different formats. If you want a combination resume, you should combine a chronological resume & a skills-based resume. If you are still unfamiliar with this kind of resume, you may need to pay attention to the following sample & guidelines.

Sample of Combination Resume

Below is a combination resume sample for a waitress position:


Rose Marry



1234 Las Brisas Drive, Reno, NV, 55292

Professional Profile

  • Salesmanship: Deep knowledge of wines & pairings
  • Awards and recognition: Praised for excellent service frequently on restaurant’s online rating system
  • Management: Helped in the training of six new waiters, ensuring attention to detail & comprehensive understanding of restaurant methodology & practices
  • Project execution: Implemented new menu introduction strategies, raising customer purchases of wine by 15% on average

Key Industry Skills

  • Bilingual – English & Spanish. Able to take care of customers comfortably in either language.
  • Proven ability to up sell dessert, appetizers, and alcohol to customers.
  • Able to memorize entire menus within a day, including ingredient combinations.
  • Familiarity with common restaurant machinery/equipment and Point of Sale (POS).

Relevant Work Experience

Longhorn Grill

Waitress, Reno, NV, November 2015 – present

  • Operate POS terminals to enter cash amounts received, swipe credit cards, and input customer orders.
  • Write patron’s food orders on slips, manage food resources in a 100+ seat restaurants, and memorize orders.
  • Memorized restaurant’s wine stock & appropriate entree pairings, leading to daily wine sales averaging $200, fully 20% higher compared to the company avg.

Mike’s Kitchen

Hostess and Waitress, Reno, NV, August 2013 – May 2015

  • Trained three new hosts in providing best customer service & conflict resolution techniques.
  • Bussed tables, seated customers, presented menus, & helped waiters with drink orders.
  • Awarded “Employee of the Month” 4 months consecutively.

Additional Skills

  • Handling pressure
  • Critical thinking
  • Time management
  • Strong work ethic
  • Collaboration
  • Adaptability
  • Problem solving


B.A. Psychology

Nevada University, Reno

2010 – 2014

3.88 GPA

How to Write a Combination Resume

To write this kind of resume, you have to know about a proper combination resume format. Here is the step by step in writing this resume:

  1. You should begin with contact details first.
  2. Then, you have to create a resume introduction.
  3. After that, you are required to highlight your experience.
  4. Next, you need to list your skills.
  5. Lastly, don’t forget to add your education.
  6. Optionally, you can create additional sections if needed.

People also ask

Who Should Use a Combination Resume?

A combination resume template is designed for a highly-trained job seeker who has work experience. Similar to the functional resume, it focuses on the skills of the applicant. If the job requires technical skills & expertise, this resume format will showcase them effectively.

What Is the Advantage of a Combination Resume?

A combination resume presents the abilities, skills, and education of a candidate in a reverse-chronological order. A combination resume highlights your experiences & skills. So, the recruiter will know well about your skills & abilities in details. This is also well known as a hybrid resume.

What Is a Hybrid Resume?

A hybrid resume is also called a combination resume. It combines the best parts of a functional resume & a chronological resume. Like a chronological resume, it lists your work history in date order including a few key duties & accomplishments from each of the job.

How Do You Make Your Combination Resume Stand Out?

To make your resume stand out from the competition, you have to ensure that it uses a proper format & structure. Besides, you also have to use good grammar & correct spelling. If you have never written a resume before, it is better to use this combination resume template sample.

Combination Resume with No Work Experience

As it is mentioned above, a combination resume is best for a highly-trained job seeker with work experience. Even though a job seeker with no work experience is allowed to use this kind of resume, it is not recommended. If you have no work experience, you should focus on your skills & education only.

Combination Resume Template Word

This resume template Word is easy to use. It lets you edit the template easily so that the resume can fit your needs. So, if you think that this resume template helps you a lot, just feel free to use it for writing your own resume in a proper format & structure.

Combination Resume for College

For your information, a combination resume is also appropriate for you who are a recent graduate of high school or college with minimal work experience. So, if you are a fresh graduate & looking for a job, this resume will be useful & helpful.

Combination Resume First Job

If you are an early career professional & have 1 – 3 years of experience, this resume will suit your needs. However, this resume is also good for you who are looking for your first job. It means this resume is not only designed for experienced professionals but also job starters.

Combination Resume Sample

If you are changing your industries or careers, or maybe you have worked with a few employers only but have a consistent work history, this resume sample will be appropriate for you. You can use this sample to write your own resume for looking for a new job.

Combination Resume Example

There are 4 basic types of resumes including the chronological, functional, combination, & targeted resumes. This belongs to the example of a combination resume where it combines the best features of the functional & chronological resumes.

Free Combination Resume Template

If you want to write a combination resume but you don’t know how to start it, this free template will help you a lot. You can use this resume template anytime you want. Anyone who wants to write a combination resume is allowed to use this template.

The combination resume is one of the 4 basic resume formats. If you want to write a resume with this format, make sure that you structure it properly. Before start writing, it is better to pay attention to this sample first.


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