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5 Best Tips For Creating Stylish Invitation Boarding Pass Template


The holidays are a fun plan. You can release work fatigue that makes your mind heavy. Invite your close friends to take a vacation together and create beautiful moments. To add to the excitement when you want a vacation, create a unique invitation to the friend who wants to take a vacation. Use our boarding pass template and give it to your friends as an invitation for a vacation.

Tips for creating unique invitations using our boarding pass template.

Inviting a friend to take a vacation using a short message is too dull, especially your special friend or boyfriend. Make your holiday agenda memorable; try to use unique invitations, complete with information on the destination, duration, and other information. Because this invitation is informal, you can be as creative as possible, with a variety of funny illustrations to unusual displays. Here are some quick tips for modifying the boarding pass template to make it even more exciting.


  1. Font Type and Size

Because the shape of the invitation with the theme of the boarding pass template is small, adjust your font size and type of font to be used. Use letter styles that are easy to read, familiar, and not difficult to understand. Don’t forget to pay attention to thickness, slope, and underline letters. A right font style is a style that can be skimmed by the reader.

  1. Funny Illustrations

Feel free to include various unique and humorous illustrations. This will make the reader happy to see the invitation given. You can browse multiple figures that are spread on the internet. However, don’t forget to match the illustration’s theme to the theme of the invitation itself. Also, adjust the size of the picture that you will enter because remember that the invitation size is small.

  1. Layout

Because this invitation has a small size and is not like other invitations, adjust the existing design to the size of the elements you will enter. Make sure all the writing, illustrations, images, and icons included in the layout are already available. Please do not modify the design that was set beforehand, because it will arrange messy elements. You can see the layout reference in our template.

  1. Border

Because it has a small size, use borders with small dimensions. No need to use a large border decoration, use a border decoration that is small and symmetrical. Apply the edge around your boarding pass template. Because of the boarding pass theme, you can add an airplane motif, a cloud, and a sky motif.

  1. Paper Type

Before you print an invitation and it will be distributed to close friends who want to take your vacation, choose a paper with a suitable thickness. Don’t use thin paper, because your invitation requires a lot of ink; it is feared that some ink will penetrate to the back of the paper. Use paper with a proper thickness, not too thick and not too thin.


Boarding Pass Design Ideas

Boarding Pass Example

Here are some quick tips for creating invitations using a fresh boarding pass template. Send letters to friends and happy holidays!



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