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Strategic Influence: Public diplomacy, counterpropaganda & political warfare (2010)

Editor. Publisher: Crossbow Press (2010). After years of delay at IWP, my anthology, Strategic Influence: Public Diplomacy, Counterpropaganda and Political Warfare is now available to the public. The book is available from Amazon. Strategic Influence is the work of 13 scholars and practitioners in the fields of public diplomacy, counterpropaganda and political warfare. The book surveys the subjects from the American...

Getting serious about strategic influence: How to move beyond the State Department’s legacy of failure

by J Michael Waller, Journal of International Security Affairs, December 2009 Download PDF: Waller_Getting Serious About Strategic Influence 2009

Getting serious about strategic influence

The US isn’t declining as a world power because of the war on terrorism. It’s declining because it has ceased to be serious about using strategic influence. The United States has become a military Achilles but a political Lilliputian. “More troops” seems to be the universal answer to the world’s security problems. Plus weak, plaintive cries for “more public diplomacy.”...