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Ramirez from JPC

InFocus: America’s ‘provocative weakness’

The Jewish Policy Center ran my article, “America’s ‘provocative weakness,’” in the winter edition of its quarterly journal, InFocus. The piece relates to how US strategy toward dealing with Russia (presuming that there is a strategy), and important foreign policy positions concerning Iran, Syria, the Muslim Brotherhood and Europe, are...

Active measures videoblue

From my former students: Active Measures 2013

Congratulations to my former students, who have put together the second issue of Active Measures journal. It’s available now on Amazon. The journal was, but is no longer, associated with a blog, ActiveMeasures.org. Active Measures is a scholarly journal founded and run by graduate students studying with my former employer,...

Rapelling censor

Fearful Iran regime uses commandos to take down satellite dishes

More signs of the Iranian regime’s fear of information: Special units are continuing to dismantle satellite dishes on apartment buildings. This video, brought to us by Freedom Messenger and taken this month, shows a special operations crew on a rooftop so a commando can rappel down to destroy satellite dishes....