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See me at the Psychological Warfare Focus Day at the 3rd Annual Irregular Warfare Summit

The good people at the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement (IDGA) have invited me to be a speaker at the 3rd annual Irregular Warfare Summit in Washington. I’ll be speaking as part of the summit’s Psychological Warfare Focus Day. Other panelists include: Ruth Wedgwood, Director of the International Law and Organizations Program at Johns Hopkins University; LTC Michael Lewis,...

What message does this send?

The US Department of Defense does not recognize the word “victory” as an official term. The authoritative DoD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms contains no reference to “victory.” What signal does that send?

PSYOP jobs available

The US military continues to require new civilian expertise in the PSYOP/MISO area. For those of you who may be interested in career opportunities, be sure to have your resume and other related data posted on LinkedIn.com, and to join the PSYOP group, which requires permission. You have to sign into LinkedIn first. To find the PSYOP group, click on...