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4+ Free Creative Resume Templates

Applying A Job Is Easier By Using Free Creative Resume Templates Sample

This template is helpful to create the application document which may impress the employer of the company you are applying to. Although making a resume is not that hard, you have to be careful to create and customize yours. You have to take a time which is aimed to match the experience you have with the job you apply. The following will explain the free creative resume templates sample.

Why Is It Important To Use The Resume Template?

This kind of template can offer you a guide that may be useful when you are revising the Resume, or you are making it one. The template usually provides you a basic structure of a resume that can be very helpful to create your style.

You can make the free creative resume templates sample through a program on your laptop or computer. Do you want to know how to create it one?

1. Free Creative Resume Templates Sample of Ms. Word

Since Windows used by many laptops or computers, even mobile phones, you can have the Ms. Word program in those gadgets. The program offers you the Free Creative Resume Templates Sample. This Resume quickly found in the program that includes several options such as:

  • The basic Resume
  • Specific Resume for specific jobs like a computer programmer, sales manager.
  • Resume of career-specific such as the career change, the entry-level Resume.
  • The format resume that is about the chronological Resume or functional Resume

2. How to create a Free Creative Resume Templates Sample

After you are getting your MS. Word program, the steps to create the template are as below.

  • Go to File and click New
  • There will be a search box that appeared. Type Resume on it.
  • There will be many resume templates shown on the screen. Then, click one that is suitable for you.
  • Start to make it by clicking the Create button to open the template in MS Word.


3. Get the Free Creative Resume Templates Sample online

There is another option of having the template. You can get it online. There will be more options for it on the internet. Just type the free creative resume templates sample on the search box. Then, there will be choices you can obtain to make your creative Resume.


That is about the Free Creative Resume Templates Sample you can get on MS Word as well as how to create it one. The online templates are also available if you don’t understand what you want in the program.





4+ College Application Resume Template

Steps to Create the College Application Resume Template Sample

Making a college application resume template sample needs to pay attention to honesty, not being arrogant and give realistic projections.

College application resume templates are usually used for those of you who aim to register for college. How you write your resume college application will determine the selection process you run. Because most universities do see the projections of prospective students through the college application resume template.

What is a college application resume template?

For those of you who are planning to apply to university, you will be familiar with the college application resume template. When you want to get into a popular university that you want, you will usually be given the requirements to write a college application resume. Usually contains about your identity and educational background that you have lived. About your motivation and future projections, which causes you to want to be part of the university. About the things you want to do, what contribution you want to make through the department you are enrolling in.

What is the function of a college application resume template sample?

You must pour your thoughts that have happened and you will do. The aim is to inform the university that you have registered, that you deserve to be a student in that place. Submitting your vision and mission can also be a benchmark for the university to see the contribution you want to make later. This is important because every university also wants students who excel and can be useful for the surrounding environment.

How to make a college application resume template?

In writing your college application resume template, there are a few things you should pay attention to.

Be honest, and don’t brag

Tell honestly about the experience you’ve ever had. Regarding your educational background and also the things you have accomplished. Don’t brag about stuffing things that never happened. Lies just make your resume look empty and unreal.

Don’t exaggerate and be overconfident

Feeling proud about achieving yourself is a necessity, but don’t let you be overly confident about it. Convey the experiences and achievements that you have gained in polite language. Don’t make you look arrogant.

Express future projections realistically

No need to start, choose a projection that can be realistically and realistically workable. Don’t give a floating opinion and the impression is very far from your reach in the college application resume template sample.


3+ libreoffice resume template sample

Free and Simple Resume Template Sample

Based on its definition, a resume is a brief summary of your skills, experience, and personal education along with the professional which has been used in a job application. Keep in mind that it is not a curriculum vitae that provides a more detailed summary of your professional and educational history. You can consider using the libreoffice resume template sample.

You should know that every job opportunity is different, the resume that you use for each application should be a bit different. After making your resume and fill up all important parts, you need to make a small change to adjust it with specific job opportunities. Your resume in your living document.

What do you need to put in a resume? 

As mentioned earlier that each resume should be a bit different – based person to person as well. However, some key elements should look to put, such as achievements, key skills, professional title, professional summary, experience, and personal contact.

How you will adjust those elements in different parts depending on where you will be in your career and how relevant specific sections with the job that you chose to. For example, you may not have sufficient achievement to warrant you to take place these parts. At this point, you need to include another part like describing your work experience.

There are several parts that you need to insert inside your resume, such as your volunteer experience, interest, certificates and so on. If you think that it is necessary to include, then go with it.

How to write a good one?

Of course, making your first resume can be pretty daunting since you do not have much working experience to write. Fresh graduates do not want to make a first resume since they do not have much experience as mentioned before.

They want to ensure that your resume includes related projects or activities that you ever have done. You need to consider what your interest and skills came from your personal encouragement. There are so many good ways to do it.

Making a good resume form for you 

There are some typical resumes, like chronological, functional and both of them. There are some common resumes such as chronological since it prioritized your working experience or relevant education. It is perfect for the job applications in each phase of their careers. You can check libreoffice resume template sample.

3+ Resume References Template Sample

Resume References Template Sample, How Important Is That

Have you ever been asked to include references on your resume? If so, just use the resume references template sample to resolve the issue. That way, then you will have more time to create a resume and will not be consumed much just to include references.

It is better to use the resume references template sample only

Just imagine, when you have to make a resume, of course, you need time that is not short. Starting from the initial process of making a resume, middle, until the end, you will certainly spend a lot of time. Besides that, you also need to focus on completing it.

Believe me, later you will feel tired after that. It would be great if you could finish it in its entirety and be able to enjoy your rest after that. But, what happens if you find that you are already tired, even though you are still in the process of making a resume?

Coupled with the deadline time that is getting closer, inevitably you certainly have to force your body to work extra to be able to finish it. That’s just to make a resume, what happens if it turns out you have to make references also on the resume that you make?

Surely you will definitely panic. Panic has been believed to make many people actually can not think calmly and will often do things that go awry. If the panic attacks you, let alone completing your resume, your reference will be messed up.

Therefore, try to consider using the resume references template sample. By using it, you won’t need a new time later and will have to sacrifice some time to make your resume.

Using resume references template sample have advantages over creating your own

Correct. You also have to need to know, it turns out that using a resume references template sample has advantages that greatly help you rather than having to create it yourself or according to your concept and taste to compile it on your resume.

The advantage that you will feel later is that you can use your time efficiently to be able to focus on working on your resume and you also will not have to bother anymore to determine the template that should be used for your resume.

That way, you can use some of these things to use it or not resume references template sample.


12+ College Resume Template Usages and Needs

Most people don’t really know what the use of college resume template is because they think that resumes are for job seekers only. Some colleges may require their applicants to provide high school resume because they want to see the students’ achievement or activities besides the academic parts. You’ll never know when such a resume can be a useful tool for you in the future – whether to continue your study to a higher level or to help you land a good job.

College Resume, an Understanding

If you see the examples of many college resume template, you will see that the resume is filled with your extracurricular, work history, accomplishments, and hobbies in a concise and short version. Students who provide their resume may have a bigger chance for college interview – or it prepares the admission committee to hold the interview. The resume can also be helpful for those writing the recommendation letters because it gives them ideas of what elements to write in the letter.

When the admission committee accepts applications, they can’t really imagine what the student would be like. With thousands of applications (meaning thousands of applicants), making time for an interview for each one of them can be quite impossible. After all, the admission committee usually seeks qualified students – those with good characters and also good academic abilities. The resume can make the process go easier.


Elements in the College Resume

So, what should be included in your college resume? Based on the college resume template, here are some things that would be considered best:

  • Heading (containing your name, email, and address)
  • Your high school info, including weighted GPA, graduation date, SAT scores, and class rank
  • Honors, publications, academic awards, and other accomplishments
  • Coursework
  • Hobbies
  • Work experience
  • Community service
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Special skills, which can be anything, such as HTML ability, foreign language fluency, etc

How and when should you provide a resume?

  • It is common for scholarship committees or colleges to ask for a resume along with the application. But it is also common for them to ask the resume later, after you submit the application
  • Only provide one when they ask it. DON’T submit it if they don’t require it
  • Don’t forget to bring one during the college interviews
  • Provide the copies for your teachers, especially if you want them to write a recommendation letter. Don’t forget to give one to the college counselor too

Handy Tips

Here are some useful tips for composing the resume

  • Keep it short and concise. You want to write only one, or two, max, page of the resume. Making it too long will bore the readers
  • You want to focus on the commitments and depth – the activities that matter the most. It is better for them to see you excited about two semester of joining the school paper than to know about your experiencing coming in and out of 10 clubs within a semester. Be smart about how you compose the resume.
  • Be detailed when necessary. You don’t have to be all detailed when composing the resume but when some parts require a further explanation, go for it.

Writing the college doesn’t have to be difficult or fussy, especially if you know the tricks and you have the college resume template to help you with the layout.

6+ High School Resume Template Functions

The high school resume template can provide a great idea and inspiration for high school students, especially for those who are looking forward to continuing their education to a higher level or to find a job after graduation. In short, there is nothing wrong about knowing the right kind of resume. Having your own resume template collections can be quite helpful if you care about your future – and you want to have a brighter one.

The Importance of a Resume

Who says that a high school student doesn’t need to have any resume at all? In fact, you should start thinking about your own personal development if you want to have a bright future and a bright career. Resumes can be functional a lot – it can be used to apply for internship, to apply for jobs, and to complete your application for college. When we are talking about the high school resume template, you will see that the contents will focus on extracurricular activities, relevant coursework, or possibly any experience (job experience) that you have.

How to Compose a high School Resume

There are some things that you can do to make your resume stand out from the others. The high school resume template will help but you also need to pay attention to the contents:

  • Include your career objective. It doesn’t have to be long – a sentence or two would be enough. This can be a crucial point when your working history doesn’t reflect your future career or goal. Here is an example: I am a hard working individual and also motivated team player. I am also an aspiring graphic artist looking for a chance to work in an establishment where I can develop my skills.
  • Highlight your experience – any experience. Whether you are mowing lawns or babysitting or tutoring for the neighbor kids, you should also include all kinds of past experience to your resume. Also include any activity that you have, such as club activity or sport activity or even volunteer work.
  • Provide enough details for the education section. Although you may be very active outside the house, you are still a high school student. It means that your primary focus is about studying and education. When you are able to provide a balanced information about what you do inside the classroom and the activities outside, you can attract attention. It shows that you have a balanced academic achievement as well as a good social skill.
  • You should provide lists of achievements and awards. If you have been awarded for your accomplishments, then why not putting them all in a list? You can say something like ‘Member of the High School National Society Honor’ or ‘Elected president for student body for 2014/2015 school year’

Don’t forget to include your soft and also hard skills. In case you don’t know it, hard skills referring to the specific skills needed for the job, while the soft skills referring to the abilities that can be applied to any fields or positions. By consulting the high school resume template, you can come up with the outstanding result.

11+ Functional Resume Template Function and Use

Among the many types of resume to consider or to choose, you probably want to have at least one format of functional resume template. Who knows? You may need it one day. After all, saving one document shouldn’t be difficult or complicated. All you have to do is to download the file and save it in your device. Piece of cake!

Understanding More about a Functional Resume

Why would you need the functional resume template and how it be different from the regular one? Well, if you have been transferring professional industries or jobs, you will definitely need a functional resume. Let’s say that you were previously working as an accountant and now you are in the creative media, working as the creative content advisor. It’s such a big leap from professional financial sector to the creative field, isn’t it? This is why you need the special resume.

The functional resume is also used when you have a past imperfect work experience – which means that your past work was somewhat incomplete or with flaws. Moreover, if you have some years of being unemployed and you really want to cover the absence in those years, then this type of resume will fit your needs just well. After all, its purpose is to make the (future) employer assume that you have a ‘normal’ working experience. No need to worry, this isn’t a method of cheating or whatsoever. After all, not everyone is perfect so it is very common and humane to have this kind of flaw.

How to Write a Functional Resume

If you consult the functional resume template, there is a certain structure or construction to the letter, such as:

  • Contact info. Be sure to include all the required information, including name, address, phone number, email, and even your own website (if you have any)
  • Summary of qualification. This kind of stage is crucial because it will hide your inactive or unemployment periods. If you have gaps in your professional years, then having the summary of qualification will definitely help. It also has an added benefit of emphasizing your achievements during your working period. When the employer has seen your achievements, nothing else matters.       Don’t forget to note down around 4 to 5 examples of your achievement and you should be good to go.
  • Relevant skills. When you apply for a job, you should have the skills to meet the requirements, right? Make sure that you DO have the skills and write it down. It would be even greater if you have met all of the skills requirements for the work.

The example for the relevant skill sections is:

  • Salesmanship
  • Able to increase sales up to 5% three months in a row
  • Awarded ‘Sales of the Year’ for consistently increasing sales
  • Interpersonal
  • Able to work in a team
  • Scored more than 90% for customer satisfaction rating

Final Words

It is best to consult the template if you want to nail the professional-looking resume without stressing on your flaws. That’s why the functional resume template is designed for a reason.

10+ Server Resume Template for the Professional Setting

If you are looking for a professional career in the food service industry, be sure that you know the right format for your server resume. Although the resume is claimed to be one of the most flexible types available, you still have to know the right format or structure so it can make you look professional. It can be an added point on your part, you know? So, what should you know about this type of resume and what elements should be included in it?

The Things about Perfect Resume

As it was mentioned before, the server resume is one of the most flexible type of resume with various options of approaches and tweaking. Using the Student resume template should do or you can also use the maintenance resume if the job includes managing and taking after the establishment (the restaurant).

However, despite the types of resumes you use, there are some crucial steps to do:

  • You should mention any skill, including the interpersonal ones, that you have. You will have to deal with a lot of different types of people as customers, and the unruly ones are always possible
  • Mention any knowledge or skills that are related to the food handling.
  • The same thing also goes to the knowledge of food and beverage. You should mention about it. This will likely related to customer service when customers ask you about the food pairings and such thing alike. You would be an added point if you can answer the questions in the most satisfying manner.

The Included Information

You can always consult the template if you want to make a professional outcome. But then again, you should know what kind of information would be perfect to include there and which should be avoided. You can always use the simple template for the resume but you can also use the catering template because you will have to provide such info like:

  • The organizational skill, which enables you to work together in a team with other people. If you have the skill to track and manage the restaurant inventory, it would be considered invaluable
  • The ability to maintain cool and calm manner. Restaurants are the fast-paced businesses – it is so easy to get stressed out or lose your head during the chaotic situation. If you maintain to keep your composure, it would be a bonus
  • If you have previous or past experience in the industry, you should also mention it in your resume. It can be a good additional point too.

How to Manage the Resume

This is some handy tips that can help you survive in the industry:

  • The highlights. In this section, you should list the responsibilities and skills, such as the knowledge about the menu, efficiency, food service, and up-selling
  • The success story, such as customer feedback, additional duties, or the ability to keep up with the change

There are tons of beneficial and educational resumes out there – you only need to figure it out. With the right server resume template, not only you can make yourself look professional but you can also nail the job successfully.

20+ Resume Format Template Guide and Styles

The proper writing of a resume – with the right resume format – will make you look like a credible candidate although this may be your first time applying for the job. Just because you have never written any resume before, it doesn’t mean that you should make yours look messy and unprofessional. That’s why it is crucial to know the right formats so you know the proper format and you know which mistakes to avoid.

The Functions of the Resume

When you are applying for a job, you need to advertise yourself. You are the product that companies are looking for and you need to ‘sell’ yourself. The resume is your way of advertising yourself. That’s why you need to find a way to polish your resume, so it is saleable and the hiring manager will be interested in hiring you.

You need to make sure that your resume will stand out among the others. Imagine this: the hiring manager will receive tenths of resumes and application letters on a daily basis. Why should they be looking into your resume? If the resume doesn’t look interesting, they won’t look into your resume at all. It doesn’t mean that you should make super cheesy or flashy resume just to get noticed. You only need to make sure that it is visually attractive and the content is related to the job offering or the vacant position.

Different Formats

There are different kinds of resume format. The most popular ones are the 3 types:

  • Reverse chronological. If you have a lot of working experiences, this would be the most popular option.
  • Skill/functional based. This is perfect if you are thinking about making a change in your career or you don’t have enough working experience
  • Combinations. This would be the perfect format if you have various combinations of working experiences and skills. This is also the most popular option that is often used together with the resume builder.

How to Make One

One of the most important things when thinking about resume format is the layout. The organized one will be different from the cluttered type. If it is ignorable, it will be visible right away. The proper layout should have:

  • At least one page, and maximum three pages.
  • Easy to read fonts so avoid having too decorative or too artistic ones. They may be attractive but they may not easy to read
  • Clear section heading
  • Enough white space

The contents should include:

  • Contact information of yourself
  • The professional summary of the resume
  • Professional title
  • Working experience
  • Skills
  • Education

Depending on the role (and also company) that you are applying for, you need to consider the layout. If you want to seek for a work in an artistic industry, the modern template may be the perfect option. If you are applying for the marketing position in an investment bank, the simple layout would be the best pick. Be sure to be adjustable and flexible about the type of layout and format so you may nail the job. As long as you can come up with the right resume format and the related contents, you should be good to go.

8+ Modern Resume Template

Here Tips to Make Stand Out Resume

You should not underestimate the power of a very good resume format, especially if you are looking for employment. You should note that your resume was the introduction that brings you to the potential employer. That’s why your resume is very important to ensure that you can create a good first impression inside your resume as well. How you can show off yourself in a resume can help you catch the attention of potential employer or your resume can be other files that thrown in the trash. Therefore, you can choose the best modern resume template as your reference.

What is the purpose of designing a modern resume template?

  • To get a good first impression
  • Using a resume template as a great introduction
  • Catch the attention of a potential employer
  • Increase your visibility

How to make a standout and modern resume template?

  • You can respond directly to the job description

You should know that hiring managers have the more specific ideas about what experiences and skills participants have to do well in the open positions and your resume should reflect that descriptions that they had attached in their listings or even ads as well. You can make a resume that seems match to all of their requirements, such as work experience, necessary technical skills, certifications, degrees, and licenses. If your previous works are not relevant to the job description then you have to be creative and frame your skill as being transformed in the new role as well.

  • Measuring your accomplishments

There is no better way to describe your achievement than you show them with the hard numbers, such as how many people did you ever manage or train? And so on. Placing the number on the work that you ever did will give the hiring manager about an idea how you will fit into that organization, if you are able to measure one of the job descriptions then it will give them with a clear description about your skill and abilities as well.

  • Describe your achievement, not your responsibilities

Instead of telling your job description, then you have to focus on achievement that you made in that description. Then you are able to explain the ways that you excelled in that profession and you had gone beyond as well.

  • You can sue summary to particular details

If you want to include the summary statement on your resume, noted that it placed in the most valuable spot, such as in the front or center. If you have to label yourself as the incredible communicator, therefore you might not one. You are able to use the summary section to provide the details for your achievement.

Guideline for choosing your modern resume template

  • A good CV will emphasize the content and words stand out
  • You should not choose to overdo design in your CV template
  • Choose CV template with practical and professional
  • The format and presentation are consistent in the finished result