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3+ Resume References Template Sample

Resume References Template Sample, How Important Is That

Have you ever been asked to include references on your resume? If so, just use the resume references template sample to resolve the issue. That way, then you will have more time to create a resume and will not be consumed much just to include references.

It is better to use the resume references template sample only

Just imagine, when you have to make a resume, of course, you need time that is not short. Starting from the initial process of making a resume, middle, until the end, you will certainly spend a lot of time. Besides that, you also need to focus on completing it.

Believe me, later you will feel tired after that. It would be great if you could finish it in its entirety and be able to enjoy your rest after that. But, what happens if you find that you are already tired, even though you are still in the process of making a resume?

Coupled with the deadline time that is getting closer, inevitably you certainly have to force your body to work extra to be able to finish it. That’s just to make a resume, what happens if it turns out you have to make references also on the resume that you make?

Surely you will definitely panic. Panic has been believed to make many people actually can not think calmly and will often do things that go awry. If the panic attacks you, let alone completing your resume, your reference will be messed up.

Therefore, try to consider using the resume references template sample. By using it, you won’t need a new time later and will have to sacrifice some time to make your resume.

Using resume references template sample have advantages over creating your own

Correct. You also have to need to know, it turns out that using a resume references template sample has advantages that greatly help you rather than having to create it yourself or according to your concept and taste to compile it on your resume.

The advantage that you will feel later is that you can use your time efficiently to be able to focus on working on your resume and you also will not have to bother anymore to determine the template that should be used for your resume.

That way, you can use some of these things to use it or not resume references template sample.


10+ Education Resume Pdf

Education Resume Pdf as a Reference to Join the New Management

If you want to work in the sector of education, writing an education resume is what you need to do. Well, a resume is an important document, especially to help you pass the recruitment process. That is why knowing about the education resume pdf is also needed.

A recruiter will read the whole resume as a consideration of whether a candidate is applicable or not. That is why by writing a professional resume, the chance to be recruited by the recruiter will be bigger.

Here, we will talk to you about the professional education resume and what to be known about it. For those who are curious about it, please read the following writings below.

Sample of Education Resume

To ease you in writing a professional education resume, here we have a simple sample for you. Of course, this sample will be very useful to make you know what to be written inside a professional resume.

See the whole sample below.

Sofia Jenny

Chicago, IL | (123) 811-1082 |

Personal Summary

A high-dedicated and energetic elementary teacher with more than 10 years of experience delivering engaging lessons. Driven to foster better communication with the parents, collaborate with the other teachers, and build a better teaching environment.


The Coral Spring University

Bachelor of Science and Education

August 1997 – May 2001


Left Side Elementary School, Lead Fifth Grade Teacher

July 2019 – current

  • Direct the whole team of the fifth-grade teacher to run and insure a consistent curriculum and foster a better atmosphere of teamwork
  • Oversee the whole activities of the students, including the learning inside the classroom, lunch, bus pickup, and others
  • Work with parents to monitor the development of the students
  • Work with the school staff to create a better learning environment
  • Implement the best curriculum to reach the learning target

River Side Elementary, Third Grade Teacher

August 2015 – July 2019

  • Improved the learning strategies by implementing the curriculum to reach a better target of learning
  • Designed a positive and innovative learning program to modify the learning system
  • Adopted a better learning system to deliver kinds of lesson efficiently
  • Coordinate with the other staff to increase the literacy of the whole students
  • Improved the menus for breakfast and lunch, so the students will get enough nutrition


  • Proficient in Google Classroom
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to handle different jobs
  • Time management
  • Attention to detail
  • High dedication

By using the sample above, you may see what to be written inside a resume. Of course, you could adapt the shape of the resume and edit the whole information, as needed.

How to Makean Education Resume

To make a professional resume so that you will have a better chance to be recruited, here we have some steps to be followed. Of course, by following these steps, writing a professional resume will be easier.

Some steps to follow as a reference in writing a professional resume are:

  • Choose the right format of a professional resume
  • Add the name and other basic contact information
  • Write an interesting simple personal summary
  • Write the detailed work experience that you have
  • List the skills that relevant to the job
  • Add the educational information
  • Add another important information if it is needed

What are skills that a professional educator needs to have?

To join the management inside an education field, of course, you need to have some important skills. The skills will show that you have great capabilities to educate others, including the students.

Some skills that an educator needs to have are:

  • Time management
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Imaginative thinking
  • Critical thinking
  • Patience
  • Communication skills both verbal and written
  • Organizational skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Adaptable

What are the qualities that a good teacher needs to have?

To work in the field of education as a teacher, some qualities show an identity of a good teacher and it could be a reference. A good teacher has some qualities, which you may see in yourself.

The qualities are:

  • Strong communication
  • Capability to listen well
  • Focus on collaboration
  • Show empathy
  • Share best practices

What are the mistakes to avoid in writing a professional resume?

To write a professional resume, especially to be a new educator, there are some mistakes to avoid:

  • Too much information
  • Using the same resume for some different job applications
  • Writing too-long resume
  • Using an unprofessional email address
  • Inserting unclear information

Kinds of Education Resume Template

To ease you in writing a professional education resume, here we have some templates that can be your consideration. Of course, by using a template, you will know what to be inserted inside a professional resume.

Some templates of an education resume to seek are:

Elementary Education Resume Template

If you want to be a new elementary teacher, this template is a sample of a resume that you may follow. It is a very simple resume that could help you highlighting the basic contact information and sharing your capabilities.

Simple Education Resume Template

As its name, this template is quite simple to help you in writing an education resume. The format is very easy to be followed. Besides, you also could get some space to show the whole ability to get higher attention from the recruiter.

Professional Education Resume Template

Since a resume is very essential in joining the recruitment process, writing a professional education resume is a must. You do not need to be confused in writing the whole resume. Just use this template and you could join the recruitment process.

No Experience Education Resume Template

Do you want to be an educator but have no experience? Well, this template is a sample that you need! This template will show you how to write a professional resume. Although there is no experience to share, you could highlight your capabilities.

Physical Teacher Education Resume Template

For those who want to be a new physical teacher in a specific school, this template could be another reference. By using this template, highlighting the capabilities inside a professional education resume will be easier to be done.

Well, that is all about the education resume that you need to know. Of course, you may look for the sample of education resume pdf and use it as a basic reference.

10+ Engineering Resume Template Word

Engineering Resume Template Word to Get a New Prospected Job

For those who want to be new engineering as their career continuity, writing a professional resume is very essential. The resume will be a document to show who they are, especially to highlight their capabilities. That is why considering the engineering resume template word is needed.

Inside a resume, you need to share the basic contact information and some relevant skills that you have. With clear information, of course, a recruiter will have a better consideration to see you as a potential candidate.

Here, we will talk about some matters of the engineering resume that you need to know. Please read the writings below wholly.

Sample of Engineering Resume

To ease you in writing a professional resume as a candidate of engineering, here we have a simple sample for you. Of course, by reading this sample, you may know what to be included inside a professional resume.

Read the following resume below.

Heskey Emile

Las Cruces, IM | (1230 811-1022 |

Personal Summary

A detailed-oriented, high-dedicated, and outgoing mechanical engineer with more than 4 years of experience creating, designing, constructing, and using different machines. Has extensive and great knowledge of CMOS, DRAM, and NAND Imager.


The State University of Coral Spring

Mechanical Design and Engineering

August 2010 – May 2014

Working Experience

The Ocean Blue, Master Engineer

July 2019 – current

  • Investigated kinds of equipment to ensure the detailed reliability and safety for all users
  • Collaborate with the clients and managers to produce the time limit, budget, and other specifications for different projects
  • Evaluated and measure the accuracy of the mechanical components and engines
  • Assessed the different project requirements for current and accurate information to guarantee the result of the services

Silver Green Co, Second Engineer

  • Evaluated kinds of products and designs to ensure the safety and quality
  • Created and implemented the different designs and procedures for testing the different aspects inside the projects
  • Optimized the computer-based design and modeling software to design and arrange the construction of the different projects


  • Budgeting
  • Data assimilation
  • Time management
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to handle various projects
  • Adaptability

The simple sample above can be a good reference for you. Of course, you may follow the whole arrangement to write your best resume and face the recruitment process.

How to Make an Engineering Resume

Since a resume is very essential, especially to join the recruitment process, of course, you need to be careful in writing your resume. To help you in writing it, we have some steps as a guide that you may follow.

The steps to writing a professional engineering resumeas a new candidate are:

  • Follow the formal format of the resume
  • Write basic personal information, including name and address
  • Add the education information
  • Write about the working experience
  • List the relevant skills related to the job
  • Add another important information that is needed

People also ask

What are important skills that professional engineering need to have?

Professional engineering needs to have some important skills, so they could handle some different responsibilities. The skills that professional engineering needs to have are:

  • Communication skills
  • Structural analysis
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork skills
  • Industry skills
  • Pressure management skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Computer science
  • Attention to detail

What are the types of engineering to continue the person’s career?

About engineering, there are some types of engineering to be known, so you may choose one of them as a way to continue your career. Some types of engineering to be known as consideration are:

  • Petroleum engineer
  • Civil engineer
  • Biomedical engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Chemical engineer
  • Computer engineer
  • Aerospace engineer

Is design important in writing a professional resume?

Well, the answer is yes. Considering a design is needed in writing a resume. By using a modern design, of course, your resume will be more elegant. Besides, a design also will increase the readability of a resume to ease the recruiter in reading the whole information.

Kinds of Engineering Resume Template

To ease you in writing a professional resume as new engineering, using an engineering resume template can be a good idea to be applied. Well, a template will show a clear arrangement of what information to be added there.

Here, we have some templates that you could consider as an option. The templates are:

Automobile Engineering Resume Template

For those who want to be a new automobile engineering, here you could use this template to write a personal resume. This template is quite simple and there are spaces to show your automobile capabilities to increase your value in the recruitment process.

Civil Engineering Resume Template

This template can be a good reference for those who want to be professionals in civil engineering. Since some skills will be a consideration, this template is a good idea to cover it completely. Use this template and write your professional resume!

Chemical Engineering Resume Template

Do you want to be a new chemical engineering in continuing your career? Well, this engineering resume template can be a good reference for you. It is a simple template to write a professional resume easily. You just need to follow the whole arrangement and personalize the information.

Experienced Engineering Resume Template

For experienced engineering, getting a new job will be easier. However, they need to share the whole experience as the consideration of the recruiter. Here, you may use this template as a medium to show the whole experience that you have in the field of engineering.

New Entry Engineering Resume Template

Do you want to join the field of engineering for the first time? Well, becoming an inexperienced engineer is very challenging. You need to make sure that you could be the selected candidate. By using this engineering resume template, you could highlight your best capabilities.

Well, that is all about the engineering resume that you need to know. Remember, you need to be careful in writing this document since it is very essential for joining the recruitment process.

Then, try to find the engineering resume template word for a reference in writing it. Do not forget to proofread the document to maintain some mistakes that may happen.

10+ Example Project Management Resume

Example Project Management Resume to Be the Head of Winning Projects

If you are one capable of handling projects, it would make a good idea to apply for project manager job. For that however, you must have known that there is a need to prepare example project management resume. That being said, it must not be poorly made for it plays role in getting you in.

After all, the first thing that potential employer gets to know through about you is none other than your job resume. You won’t get chance to tell more about yourself if your resume goes to the trash bin after just a single glance. How your resume looks matters as well after all. So, let’s learn below.

Sample of Project Management Resume

Don’t start writing before you take a look at the resume sample at least once. With a picture already there in mind, it will be easier for you to make the resume yourself. So, here is one sample in general. Though there is more than one kind, it should be enough to start things with. Let’s see here.

Alan Ariomwelt

Personal Info

                Phone   : (555) 739-000-952

Email     :


Job applicant who is highly passionate in planning for big projects and sees to its end. Seeking for position to apply knowledge and skills on the job at AAA Star Link Company in Toronto, Ontario. With high GPA and experience, ready to offer expertise for the company.


Senior Project Manager

A-Link Local Company


  • Make plan for project resources
  • Prepare and manage the budgets
  • Observe the progress

Project Manager

XXX Local Project Company


  • Look for and choose project resources
  • Make sure everything progress within budget
  • Keep stakeholder informed

Junior Project Manager

AAA Project Company


  • Plan, organize, and direct operations
  • Lead team members
  • Oversee company projects


Toronto State University

Toronto, Ontario


GPA: 3.5

Relevant Coursework: Introduction to Management, History of Project and Plan

Expected Graduation: 2014

Membership: Student Executive Council

Key Skills

  • Time management
  • Critical analysis
  • Strong work ethics
  • Multitasking


  • Student of the Year, 2013-2014


  • English
  • Chinese

How to Write Project Management Resume?

Looking at the sample alone won’t be enough to tell you what order of procedure to follow when you write project manager job resume. After all, the order of the steps couldn’t be switched from each other. So, it is best to know than nothing of it. It will guide you through resume making as well.

  • Start with your name, phone, and email
  • Tell your career objective
  • Provide work experience if any
  • Add your education background and other information

People also ask

Who Are the Target Audiences of Project Management Resume?

Prospective candidates are undoubtedly PM resume target audience at first glance. Actually, they are not the only one. In fact, even the existing employee and the organization itself will benefit from it as well. You might want to find out what those benefits are to benefit yourself too. It’ll be worth it.

What Could Prospective Candidates Benefit from Project Management Resume?

Since prospective candidates are the main target here, we better start from them. Project manager candidates benefit the most from the resume after all. Surely, you will find it useful as the candidate as well. Not to mention, you will still make good use of it once you become hired employee yourself.

  • Display your background
  • Showcase educational qualification
  • Tell your relevance of experience
  • Show your skill sets

What Benefits the Existing Employee and Organization?

Remember, project management target includes more than the candidates. Here are their benefits.

  • Add value to the existing employee’s future career
  • Provide the organization opportunity to understand candidates well
  • Help the organization find the right kind of people for the job
  • Save lots of time and effort

Kinds of Project Management Resume

Let us tell you that there is more than one kind of resume that could be your choice out there. That being said, not all of them could be the best for your needs. Different kind means for different thing. Don’t get it mixed up from one to another. That’s how you choose professionally for the best choice.

Project Management Resume for Construction Industry

You might apply for PM position in construction industry. If that’s the case, you should have chosen this kind here. This resume focuses on highlighting your background, educational qualification, relevance of experience, and skill sets. You may make your description longer than usual if needed.

Project Management Resume for Finance Area

What’s this resume kind displayed is the same as the other kinds. How you write it however, is a little different. Here, you will start with the header filled with information, such as your name, phone, and email. Then, your business profile follows with your areas of expertise below, and so on.

Senior Project Management Resume

If you have been working as project manager for quite a long time, you might challenge your luck to apply for senior position. This resume is the kind you need for such position. What’s more? You can use this particular resume to apply for it in any type of industry. Feel free to customize as you need.

Business Analyst Project Management Resume

Project manager position is needed in marketing organization too. Do use this resume to help prepare your resume. Neatly made, it highlights vital information in length that is easy on the eyes of the readers. Of course, the resume still keeps employer informed even without lengthy words inside.

Professional Project Management Resume

You are free to go with professional resume as you wish. The points are still the same, but how they are placed is classy to look at. You start with your name on left and contact info on right, on the header. Then, make title and follow with summary. Achievements, expertise, etc. come next after it.

In conclusion, example project management resume has its kinds meant for particular industry or organization. Of course, there is kind that can be used for any. Still, choosing wisely is always the best for everything. Consider first your needs and find the right choice before you actually go with it.

10+ Sales Resume Template

Sales Resume Template to Join New Company

Writing a resume for a sales candidate is very essential. A resume will be the first checked document by the recruiter to know the whole personality of the candidate. That is why knowing about the sales resume template is quite essential.

By writing a professional resume, of course, you –as a candidate, could show the whole personal information, including the skills, experience, and education. Of course, a clear resume also will show your level of professionalism.

Here, we will talk about some matters inside a resume that you need to know. By knowing the detailed resume, we are sure that writing a resume will be easier to be done.

Sample of Sales Resume

Here, we have a simple sample of the sales representative resume to follow. This sample could be a good reference to know what to be written inside the whole resume in joining the recruitment process.

Ivy Johansson

New York, NY | (123) 177-1001 |

Professional Summary

A result-driven and accomplished sales representative with more than 3 years of experience adopting the proven and excellent method to handle and keep the client relationships, reach target goals, and generate leads.


The State of New York University

Bachelor of Arts in Marketing

January 2010 – December 2014

Work Experience

Tech of River, Sales Representative

July 2019 – current

  • Prepared customized client quotes and presentations
  • Develop and keep the relationship with the existing customer base
  • Building rapport as a trusted representative
  • Recognized as a high performer sales by consistently completing the whole daily outbound calls
  • Improved the email template to increase the services for the customers

Clear Water Inc, Junior Sales Representative

August 2015 – July 2019

  • Enthusiastically joined the events of sales training and conferences to develop the new skills and gain the whole product knowledge
  • Employed market research to reach the targets
  • Prepared the different and customized quotes and answered based on the calls of the customers


  • Cold calling
  • Email prospecting
  • Salesforce
  • Good communication skills
  • High dedication
  • Attention to details

How to Make Sales Resume

As we have said before, a resume is an important document to be prepared before facing the recruitment process. To make a good resume, there are some steps that you need to do.

The steps to be done in writing a professional resume to face a recruitment process are:

What are common essential skills that sales need to have?

To be a professional sales, a candidate needs to have some essential skills, especially to run the responsibility maximally. Some common but essential skills of sales to be had are:

  • High knowledge of products
  • Client retention and acquisition
  • Goal setting
  • Closing sales
  • Verbal and written communication skill
  • Self-motivation skills
  • Organization skill
  • Time management
  • Attention to detail

What are the mistakes to avoid in writing a professional sales resume?

A professional sales resume should be written without kinds of mistakes. The common mistakes happened that should be avoided are:

  • Lack of specific information
  • Grammatical error and typos
  • Bad summary
  • No action verb
  • Leaving the important information
  • Write a too-long resume
  • Inconsistent in using words

How long a resume should be written?

A good resume does not need to be written too long. A common and recommended length of a professional resume is just 2 or 3 pages. The whole page will be excellent and fit to tell about your personality, including the skills, experiences, and others.

Of course, you are not allowed to write a too-long resume. You do not need to tell your story or other additional information since it just decreases your professionalism.

Kinds of Sales Resume Template

If you want to write a professional sales resume easily, using a template is the right answer for you. Yes, by using a template, of course, writing a resume will be easier since you just need to follow the fit arrangement of information there.

We have several samples of the professional template of a sales resume here. Just scroll and find the fit template to your needs.

Sales Manager Resume Template

When you want to apply for a chance to be a sales manager, especially in a big-name company, of course, you need to be proper with your resume. This template can be a reference to the standard of professionalism about the resume to be made.


Software Sales Resume Template

Do you want to be a new software sales? Well, this resume template is an ideal sample for those who want to apply for a new position as a software sales in an IT company. This template shows what information that should be added to make a professional resume easily.

Sales Specialist Resume Template

This template can be said as a good standard to write a professional sales resume. As we know, a sales specialist is an important figure inside a company. Their work will influence the whole running of the company. That is why the management needs a high-dedicated candidate.

No Experience Sales Resume Template

When you have no experience and want to start your career as a sales, here this template can be a good reference to find a new job. It is a simple but interesting template to follow. It shows a clear arrangement to highlight your capability, so the recruiter will compare you.

Experienced Sales Resume Template

If you have kinds of experience in selling and want to continue your career in a better position, highlighting your experience is very essential. This template can be a medium to help you. By using this simple sales resume template, highlighting your experience will be easier to be done.

Well, that is all about the sales resume template that you need to know. Since a resume is very essential, please make this document seriously. Then, do not forget to proofread the whole document before printing it to maintain any mistakes that may happen.


10+ Simple Marketing Resume

Simple Marketing Resume to Join New Management

Do you want to be new marketing in the new management? Well, to face the recruitment process, you need to prepare your simple marketing resume. Since marketing is an important position for the company, the recruiter will be selective to find the new employee.

Something that you need to know, a resume will be the first consideration by the recruiter. This document is very essential since it shows the basic contact information, candidate’s capabilities, relevant skills, and others.

Of course, by complete information, the recruiter could determine whether a candidate is suitable or not. Here, we will talk about some matters of a professional marketing resume that you need to know.

Sample of Simple Marketing Resume

To give you more references about a resume for marketing, here we have a simple sample to be read. The sample here will show you what to be written inside a resume and how the information is arranged.

Read the whole sample and try to know what to be included.

Katie Moore

Las Vegas, LV | (123) 991-1021 |

Professional Summary

A high-dedicated focused, and passionate marketing executive with four years of experience carving out the new market and develop the desire for the product by sharping the team and find the best promotion strategies.


State University of Las Vegas

Sales and Marketing Communication

May 1999 – June 2003

Working Experience

The Blue Ocean Tech, Promotions Assistant

July 2019 – current

  • Studies the different information to find the different trend
  • Uses the current data to create a better analysis, especially the market prediction
  • Maintains direct communication with the different customers to keep the solid relationship and affiliate the growth
  • Conducts kinds of researches to identify the potential market share
  • Participate in the planning process involving the strategies to open the new markets

Jenkins Tech, Stats Analyst

May 2015 – June 2019

  • Scheduled the task of the marketing employees
  • Created a better system to find an efficient marketing strategy
  • Maintain the solid base information for reference
  • Evaluate the different strategies to find a better way to increase the market value
  • Research some different aspects to increase the marketing achievements


  • Data analysis
  • Customer service
  • Time management
  • Detailed oriented
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work in hours
  • High concentration
  • Creative thinking
  • Multitasking

After seeing the sample above, you may know that writing a professional resume substantively is simple. Of course, you could follow the whole arrangement and structure of the sample to create your best resume.

How to MakeSimple Marketing Resume

What are the steps to write a professional and simple marketing resume? Well, it is a commonly occurred question. We have some steps that you may follow to ease you in writing a resume.

The steps to follow are:

  • Find and follow a proper formal format of a professional resume
  • Write basic contact information, including name, address, and phone number
  • Insert the information of your education
  • List the working experience
  • List the relevant skills related to the job
  • Write other important information if it is needed

People also ask

What are the must-have skills of marketing?

As a candidate for marketing, you need to have some top skills, so the kinds of duties can be handled maximally. The skills that a candidate of marketing needs to have are:

  • Social media
  • Communication skills both verbal and written
  • Creative thinking
  • Content management system
  • Analytics
  • Mobile advertising
  • Video content
  • Layout and design
  • Attention to details

How do I build a strong resume as a marketing candidate?

To build a strong resume, we have some ways that you may apply. The ways to create a strong resume are:

  • Use a special resume template
  • Add the figures and stats
  • Add the links to your work
  • Sharpen up the skills section
  • List a few hobbies
  • Keep the resume simple and short
  • Add a summary at the top of a resume

Is a design appropriate to be applied in a resume?

Well, design is an important matter inside a resume. By applying an interesting design, you could have a modern and more attractive resume. Of course, we are sure that it is also effective to get higher attention from the recruiter.

Kinds ofSimple Marketing Resume Template

To ease you in writing a professional marketing resume, using a template can be a great idea to do. A template will show the detailed information that you need to write inside it. Here, we have some templates of a professional resume that could be your reference.

Digital Marketing Resume Template

Do you have some digital skills for promoting kinds of products? Well, becoming digital marketing can be a good idea to be applied. Here, you could use this template as a reference to ease you in applying for the chance.

Creative Marketing Resume Template

Writing a creative resume is a must, especially to gain the attention of the recruiter. Here, we have a simple template of the creative resume to follow. This template is quite interesting since it offers an interesting design of a professional resume that you need.

Entry Level Marketing Resume Template

For those who have no experience and want to be a new marketer, using this template is a good idea. It is a simple template to ease you highlights your potentials and capabilities so the recruiter will know your value during the recruitment process.

Professional Marketing Resume Template

Becoming professional marketing with kinds of experience will ease you to get a new job. However, to face the recruitment process, you still need to write a professional resume. Here, you could use this template as a helper to write your resume.

Experienced Marketing Resume Template

The experienced marketing will have a bigger chance to be selected, especially for management that wants to boost their selling. However, an experienced marketer still needs to follow the recruitment process. This simple marketing resume template could be a helper to highlight the capabilities.

Well, that is all about the simple marketing resume that you need to know. Since it is an important document, you need to be careful in writing a professional resume. Remember; please proofread the whole document to avoid mistakes.


10+ Engineering Resume Sample

Engineering Resume Sample That Inspires You

One of the most important steps to get a job is writing a resume. If you want to get a job in the engineering industry, you have to find an engineering resume sample that can guide you to create your own resume. In this article, we will discuss it further.

Sample of Engineering Resume

We have an engineering resume example that can be your reference for writing an impressive resume:

Steward Harp

11 Winchester Drive, San Diego, CA 55292


About Me

A mechanical engineer with 11 years of job experience in lightweight materials production, maintenance, and innovation. Have a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from San Diego University. Seeking to leverage my materials development competency, leadership abilities, and SolidWorks expertise in the Senior Mechanical Engineer role.


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, 2007 – 2010

San Diego University – San Diego, CA

A.S. Physics, 2005 – 2007

The University of Mira Costa – Oceanside, CA


  • Accuracy & attention to detail
  • Problem-solving
  • Inventor HSM
  • AutoCAD
  • Tinkercad
  • SolidWorks


PRT Certification, ASME, 2009

ADDA Certification, American Design Drafting Association, 2011

Professional Experience

Mechanical Engineer, 2015 – present

SeedSecure – San Diego, CA

  • Work with a team of 13 to ideate, make, maintain, & update lightweight materials, primarily working with carbon fiber composite
  • Increase production efficiency by 20% through the bottlenecks strategic minimization
  • Train 4-7 employees per year in non-physical prototyping methods
  • Ensure strict adherence to FDA & OSHA safety guidelines

Mechanical Engineering Apprentice, 2010 – 2015

  • Maintained a record of <3% errors consistently through expert care & precise handling of materials
  • Liaised between teams of design, production, & quality control to ensure the best quality standard was met during each development stage
  • Researched new materials-generation techniques, compiling & distributing an avg. of 4 reports per year to the engineering team

How to Write an Engineering Resume

To create your own resume for an engineer, you are required to follow these steps:

  1. First of all, you have to provide your contact information.
  2. Second of all, you should write your profile.
  3. Third of all, you will need to list your education.
  4. After that, your certifications must be included.
  5. Last but not least, what you have to include in the resume is your work experience.

People also ask

What Skills Should I List on My Engineering Resume?

There are some soft skills required for an engineer such as analytical thinking, leadership, the ability to work under pressure, communication skills, listening skills, teamwork & collaboration, problem-solving skills, and creativity.

What Is the Job Description of a Facility Engineer?

A facility engineer is responsible for designing, reviewing, & implementing new processes or improvements in the operations/construction of a manufacturing/related facility. He/she works in both offices & work sites. It depends on the nature of his/her projects.

How Can an Engineering Student Make a Resume?

You have to keep in mind that your resume is the first impression to a hiring manager. So, you have to carefully read the job description first. Then, you can write a resume with accomplishments, not only just listing job responsibilities. You must also use clear, concise, & professional language.

What Are the Types of Engineers?

There are different types of major branches of engineering you need to know. They include Geotechnical, Management, Electrical, Civil, Chemical, and Mechanical engineering. Besides, there are hundreds of subcategories of engineering under each branch.

What Are Some Traits of Good Engineers?

There are some personality traits of good engineers. They include a collaborative spirit, effective communication, creativity, critical thinking, and curiosity.

What Is a Building Engineer Called?

In the USA, building engineering can also be called architectural engineering. It is the application of engineering principles & tech to building design & construction. An architectural engineer is a person who works with other engineers & architects to design & construct buildings.

Engineering Resume with No Work Experience

An engineering resume template usually contains an experience section. However, you can still create an impressive resume with no job experience. On your resume, you just need to focus on your education and skills.

Engineering Resume Template Word

There are many resume templates available on the internet. However, if you are looking for an editable resume template, this one is what you need. You can easily edit each section of the resume based on your qualities.

Engineering Resume for College

Many students want to work part-time including in the engineering industry. This resume is suitable for college or high school students who are interested in engineering. With this resume, you will be able to get your desired job in engineering.

Resume for Engineering First Job

Landing the first job is never easy, especially in engineering. This resume is useful and helpful for you who want a job in engineering. Whether you want to apply for an entry-level position or a managerial role, we recommend you to use this resume so that your potential employer will be impressed.

Engineering Resume Sample

If you are looking for a sample engineering resume, this is the right site. This resume sample uses a chronological format where it optimizes the job experience. If you want to focus on your education and skills, just consider using a functional format.

Engineering Resume Example

If you need inspiration, just feel free to pay attention to this example. This example has a basic format so that it is easy to read. It will inspire & guide you to create your own resume. All the information provided in the resume should be based on your own qualities.

Free Engineering Resume Template

This resume template is totally free to use. Anyone is allowed to use this template for writing a solid resume. To make your resume impressive, you have to match it with the job posting.

Everyone knows that writing a resume is very challenging. This engineering resume sample will ease your task in creating a resume. This is the first step of preparation if you would like to apply for a job in engineering.


10+ Accounting Resumes

Free Customizable Accounting Resumes

When you decide to apply for an accounting job, you have to create a unique resume that can impress a hiring manager. There are many samples of accounting resumes you can find on the internet. However, you need to be able to write your own resume. So, let’s discuss it further here!

Sample of Accounting Resume

Before we discuss it further, let’s pay attention to the following accounting resume sample first!

Julie Marrion


123 Aaron Smith Drive, Harrisburg, PA 55292

Career Objective

A certified public accountant with 7 years of job experience of ledger processes, reconciliations, & streamlining reports. Have an MBA. Seeking to leverage my professional experience & expertise into a managerial role as a corporate banker.

Professional Experience

JJ Group Company – Sacramento, CA

Financial Analyst, August 2017 – present

  • Have journal entries & perform corrections to ensure accurate records
  • Perform process analysis as well as communicate recommendations to management
  • Analyze, examine, & interpret records, as well as compile financial information and also reconcile financial data & reports
  • Manage a $400,000 budget, with a cost reduction totaling 20% more than 2 years
  • Make financial reports & support all areas of responsibility in a finance team of 6 persons

John and Son Inc. – Bakersfield, CA

Financial Advisor, July 2014 – June 2017

  • Adhered to departmental controls & regulations, maintaining ethical conduct at all times
  • Forecasted losses & earnings with qualitative/quantitative analyses to a high accuracy, allowing the organization to manage & invest resources intelligently
  • Trained & supervised 3 new employees, ensuring they maintain great attention to detail


Poloma University – Bloomfield, NJ

MBA, May 2014

Grover University – Alamosa, CO

B.A. in Accounting, December 2010

  • Magna Cum Laude

Additional Skills

  • Excellent skills in communication, and ability to present complex information that is easy to understand
  • Knowledge of Ms. Office apps, SAGE< and Oracle


  • Certified Public Accountant

How to Write an Accounting Resume

Writing an accounting resume requires you to follow these steps:

  1. First of all, you have to place your contact information details at the top part.
  2. Second of all, your resume should be started with your career objective.
  3. Third of all, your professional experience must be highlighted on your resume.
  4. After that, you need to make a section that lists your education.
  5. If there are any additional skills, just feel free to include them!
  6. You can also add certifications you have got if any.

People also ask

What Are Basic Accounting Skills?

When it comes to a basic accounting resume, you should focus on your soft skills. There are a few soft skills required to be an accountant such as active learning, critical thinking, mathematical & deductive reasoning, system analysis, time management, analytical & problem-solving skills, and communication.

What Are Hard Skills in Accounting?

It will be better if you also add your hard skills related to an accounting job such as proficiency in planning & implementing accounting controls, developing effective financial report methods, knowing how to prepare & interpret financial statements, and using accounting software programs.

What Are the Basic Accounting Principles?

There are 5 basic principles of modern accounting. They include the objectivity principle, the cost principle, the matching principle, the expense principle, and the revenue principle.

What Are the 3 Kinds of Accounting?

A business should use 3 separate kinds of accounting to track its expenses & income efficiently. They include financial, managerial, and cost accounting.

What Are Basic Journal Entries?

You need to know that there are a few kinds of accounting entries that debit an account & credit the corresponding account. They include simple journal entries and in double-entry bookkeeping entries.

Accounting Resume with No Work Experience

This accounting resume template is suitable for you who are interested in an accounting job but have no job experience. It means this resume is recommended for a new job seeker or fresh graduate. This will help you to get your first experience in an accounting job.

Accounting Resume Template Word

This template Word is designed for an accounting job. It is easy to edit using Ms. Office. You can edit it from your PC, laptop, tablet, etc. To make it fit for your needs, you have to include your qualities only. Besides, your resume should also match the job posting.

Accounting Resume for College

If you want to continue your study or apply for a job in accounting, this resume is just for you. This is ideal for students, fresh graduates, new job seekers, or even experienced accountants. If you want to move to a new company, you will also need this resume.

Resume for Accounting First Job

An editable accounting resume is needed when you are applying a job, especially for the first time. This resume will assist you to get your first ever job. If you have some relevant experiences like volunteering, internships, etc., those experiences should be included on your resume.

Accounting Resume Sample

This is a sample of a resume for an accounting job. This resume is designed for an accounting job but you can use it for other jobs you want. Because it is an editable resume, you can easily make it matched the job posting.

Accounting Resume Example

This resume example is very inspiring. By using this example, you will get inspired to write a solid resume. Then, you can use it to apply for the available jobs as an accountant or any other relevant position.

Free Accounting Resume Template

This template is 100% free to use. If you are interested in an accounting job, just feel free to use this resume template. Anyone who wants to write an accounting resume is allowed to use this free template. With this template, you will be able to create an impressive resume effortlessly.

We all know that writing a resume is not an easy task. However, it will be much easier if you use this free editable template. Even more, you can also save energy & time. Hopefully, these accounting resumes and tips will help you a lot.

8+ Executive Assistant Resume

Executive Assistant Resume to Land a First Job

Writing a resume is very challenging, especially for an executive assistant position. You have to evaluate your resume before submitting it. In this article, we will guide you to write a solid resume. We provide a sample of an executive assistant resume and useful tips that will be helpful for you.

Sample of Executive Assistant Resume

Now, let’s take a look at the following executive assistant resume sample closely:

Amelia Chandra


01 Winfield Drive, Charleston, SC 55292

Professional Profile

  • An executive assistant with 9 years of job experience providing excellent administrative support to C-Suite Executives
  • Organization: Adept at scheduling meetings, following up on action items, and preparing agendas
  • Achievement: Increased efficiency by 35% by overhauling the filing system of the company
  • Problem-solving: Have strong skills in quantitative problem-solving & prioritization

Professional Experience

Executive Assistant, 2016 – present

XYZ Company, Fairfax, VA

  • Manage & prioritize other schedules of our partners to ensure that their time is focused on critical issues
  • Perform different accounting activities, like preparing check requests, purchase orders, expense reports, & invoices each week
  • Coordinate communications, track & follow up on requests, as well as identify those that require immediate attention
  • Ensure & maintain confidentiality of communications & documentation

Administrative Assistant, 2011 – 2016

Red Doors, Fairfax, VA

  • Organized 5+ monthly meetings & their logistical elements (scheduled, prepared the facility, organized handouts, etc)
  • Answered & screened phone calls courteously while taking messages with the high accuracy
  • Handled all domestic & international travel reservations, cutting the travel expenses of the company by 15%
  • Managed an active calendar of appointments, composed & prepared confidential correspondence, and filed expense reports


B.A. in History, 2011

The University of River Brook, Chicago, IL

A.A. in Computer Science, 2009

The University of River Brook, Chicago, IL

Additional Skills

  • Team leadership
  • Problem-solving
  • Organization & prioritization
  • Wesite & technology savvy
  • English & French
  • Office Suite & Excel


Employee of the Month, February 2020


How to Write an Executive Assistant Resume

An executive assistant resume template contains a few sections. Here is how to write it step by step:

  1. At the top of the document, you have to write your personal information.
  2. To open your resume, you have to create a professional profile.
  3. After that, you should continue with your professional experience highlights.
  4. Then, your education must also be listed.
  5. At the end of the resume, you can include additional skills and other important strengths.

People also ask

Is an Executive Assistant a Hard Job?

Administrative professional, especially administrative assistants and office managers, but especially executive assistants, always work really hard. Unlike other positions, an executive assistant’s job is rarely from 9 to 5. However, it is as early as you can get in the office until as late as you need to stay.

Can an Executive Assistant Become a CEO?

Mostly, an executive assistant becomes the assistant to a higher level executive progressively. It doesn’t only mean moving up from CTO or CEO. However, that also means moving into a larger business progressively. As you move to a more prestigious business, you will get paid higher.

What Are the Skills of an Executive Assistant?

There are some required qualifications for an executive assistant such as professional discretion, great skills in written & verbal communication, attention to detail, well-developed skills in organization, excellent skills in time management, and ability to multitask & prioritize tasks.

How Do I Sell Myself as an Executive Assistant?

There are a few qualities you should demonstrate to a hiring manager through a resume. They include organization, professionalism, discretion, calmness, mutual respect, communication, flexibility, and personality.

Executive Assistant Resume with No Work Experience

This executive assistant resume example is useful and helpful for college students with no experience to be included. There are a few items to be displayed to improve your personal value. A fresh graduate can use this resume to ease him/her in getting the first job experience.

Executive Assistant Resume Template Word

This resume template is designed for an executive assistant position. This template can be edited easily. You can get & use this template and rearrange the information provided. You can certainly add more details to strengthen your personality and make your resume more impressive.

Executive Assistant Resume for College

This resume can be used by high school or college students whether they want to continue their studies or apply for jobs. It is easy to use this resume. What you just need to do is to tweak the information & add other necessary details required.

Resume for Executive Assistant First Job

This resume is appropriate for a fresh graduate or anyone else who is searching for a first job experience. You just need to follow the format & structure of this resume. Then, just feel free to keep writing your own qualifications professionally.

Executive Assistant Resume Sample

This is a common resume sample, designed for anyone who is interested in an executive assistant. You can apply this resume in different jobs because it is easy to customize. With this sample, you can save energy & time to arrange a solid resume for your desired job.

Executive Assistant Resume Example

This resume example is simple & versatile. Whatever the kind of resume you want to create; this example will inspire & guide you. You can apply this resume for different purposes such as going to a college, finding a new job, etc.

Free Executive Assistant Resume Template

If you need a free executive assistant resume template to be downloaded, this can be a good option for you. You don’t need to spend anything to get it. Besides easy to edit, this template is also 100% free to use. You can edit it using Ms. Office program simply.

Writing an executive assistant resume requires you to consider various factors. The most important thing is that you write a resume in a professional manner. That is why you need to follow the basic format seen in the sample above.



4+ Electrician Resume Templates

Electrician Resume Templates Sample That Fits Your Needs

If you have great skills in electricity, the most ideal job can be an electrician. You may apply for this position at a hotel, restaurant, or other companies. However, you need to create a resume first. For your reference, you have to pay attention to the following electrician resume templates sample.

Sample of Electrician Resume

Below is an electrician resume sample for your reference:

Bill Gates

2332 Main Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55292


Resume Objective

A skilled certified electrician with 6 years of work experience installing, maintaining, and repairing low-voltage electrical systems. Dedicated to providing great customer service and excel at problem-solving.

Core Qualifications

  • Troubleshooting & diagnostics
  • Installation, maintenance, & repair
  • Expert in National Electric Codes
  • Customer service

Professional Experience

JJ Electronic Company, Minneapolis, MN

Electrician, October 2018 – present

  • Install, repair, & maintain residential electrical systems
  • Mentor 5 apprentice electricians by advising on installation, maintenance, & safety procedures
  • Work with construction teams for developing original blueprints based on electrical needs
  • Implement cutting-edge energy-efficient solutions saving customers an avg. of more than 350 dollars annually
  • Enforce compliance strictly with OSHA guidelines
  • Develop & maintain good relationships with customer, leading to a good great base of referrals & contributing to the company’s 4.7-star rating on Google

Bintang Star Electrics, Saint Paul, MN

Apprentice Electrician, May 2015 – September 2018

  • Worked alongside master electrician installing residential electrical wiring in more than 100 different construction projects
  • Helped in the diagnosis & successful repair of more than 60 electrical problems each month
  • Installed, maintained, & repaired switchboard, circuits, & wiring
  • Inspected electrical systems under the supervision of a master electrician to identify safety problems as well as enforce compliance with the state regulations
  • Interpreted blueprints, diagrams, & schematics for each new projects


The University of St. Paul, Saint Paul, MN

Licensed Journeyman Electrician, April 2015

Additional Skills

  • Branch circuit wiring
  • Safety & quality assurance
  • Construction Master Pro
  • SoftEmpire electrical calculations
  • Proficient in Ms. Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access)

How to Write an Electrician Resume

Whether you are starting your career or a seasoned journeyman, you need to know how to create an electrician resume step by step:

  1. Firstly, start a resume with your personal information!
  2. Secondly, write a strong resume objective!
  3. Thirdly, make a list of your core competencies!
  4. After that, highlight your professional experience!
  5. Then, add your education!
  6. Lastly, include additional skills!

People also ask

What Are the Skills of an Electrician?

The skills required for an electrician include customer service skills, business skills, reading comprehension, problem-solving skills, and mechanical aptitude.

How Can I Develop My Electrical Skills?

You can develop your electrical skills in a few ways. You may sharpen your skills in creative thinking, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Developing those skills can be through your education or experience.

How Do I Become a Top Electrician?

To be a top electrician, you have to know that the customer is always true. However, you should never trust him/her. Besides, you also have to keep in mind that the smoke test isn’t a good workmanship test. You also cannot stop learning. One more, you must optimize your communication skills.

What Kind of Electrician Makes the Most?

If you were to go by career level tier, a Licensed Master Electrician makes the most. Usually, a master’s license requires about 12,000 hours of experience & a degree. Besides that, you also need to know that a Licensed Journeyman makes a little less.

Electrician Resume with No Work Experience

This electrician resume template is appropriate for you who have no work experience. If you are a new job seeker and you are interested in an electrician position, you should focus on your education & skills. So, you have to optimize those sections to make your potential manager impressed.

Electrician Resume Template Word

This resume template is available in Word that allows you to edit it to fit your needs. With this editable template, you will be able to create a solid resume for an electrician effortlessly. You just need to write a resume based on your own qualities. You should also match it to the job posting.

Electrician Resume for College

This resume is appropriate for a college student. Whether you want to continue your study or apply for your first job, this resume will help you a lot. On your resume, you are required to state your expected graduation.

Resume for Electrician First Job

It is not easy to get your first job, especially as an electrician. With this resume, you will be able to display your strengths. Even though you have never got any experience before, your resume should still stand out. If you have any internship, volunteering, or other unpaid works, you must include them.

Electrician Resume Sample

There are many template samples available you can find on the internet. Here, you can find a simple electrician resume sample. This sample uses a professional format & structure so your resume will be accepted by your potential manager. So, make sure that you follow its format!

Electrician Resume Example

This example is very inspiring. It will inspire and guide you to write a convincing & impressive resume. This resume is designed for an electrician but you can also use it for any other job. Since this is editable, you just need to make your resume matched the job description.

Free Electrician Resume Template

If you need a free template, you can find it here. This resume is totally free to use. So, just feel free to use this template to create your own. You are allowed to skip or add other sections if required. Anyway, you have to keep your resume simple.

Writing a resume is one of the most challenging things. After paying attention to the electrician resume templates sample and tips above, you should be able to practice writing your own resume. With this free editable template, you can save a lot of time, money, & effort for writing a solid resume.