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10+ Real Estate Flyer Customizable PSD Template

Amazing Real Estate Flyer Templates

When you want to sell your house, the way to advertise your home will play a big role during its process. It is important for you to announce it as fast as possible, and share it with many potential buyers to increase your chance to sell a house at a good price. One of the best ways to tell others that your house has sold is by distributing a good real estate flyer template.

Why do you need a real estate flyer template?

If you can make an effective flyer template, then it will bring the right buyer to your doorstep and make your call ringing as well. Sometimes, potential buyers have an idea about what type of property they want. Your flyer does not only help to sell your house, but it also serves you with an effective tool for your business. Although a home that you have advertised is not what your buyers want, at least it contains your personal contact information means that the buyer will give you a call.

What things to include in your real estate flyer template?

No matter what you call it as a sale flyer, this is something that you need to have when you have a plan to sell your home. For real estate agents, then distribute this flyer to different people to share the word out. As a homeowner, then making this template will help you to sell your house faster. You have to think about what things to include in your template. You have to ensure that this flyer is effective and contains all necessary information.


It is one of the most necessary parts since it will catch the attention of buyers. A good sentence will be enough to entice them to keep reading your flyer.

House description

You need to include a short paragraph that serves as a promotion word for your property. You have to mention all benefits or purchasing your home.

Detail information about the price

For this information, then there are several options. You can mention the asking price or provide a “call to action” for the buyers to contact you to learn more about the price details.

Features in your house

You can highlight all the best features of your home. Make it easy to read by making a list format rather than a paragraph. Do not forget to add your contact number and a high-definition image of your home in your real estate flyer template.

10+ Tutoring Flyer Customizable PSD Design Template

Choosing Ready-Made Tutoring Flyer Templates

A professional tutoring flyer will help you to get a job as a tutor. The demand for private tutoring services starts to increase, creating a new chance for those who have the skills and expertise as well. This job is also a lucrative business for anyone who is looking for a new career or a way to get an additional income. But, how to make the right people know your service can be challenging as well. Here you can choose effective tutoring flyer template samples.

What is a tutoring flyer template?

This flyer is a printed marketing material that is specifically made to promote your tutoring or company’s tutoring services. They will be printed on cardstocks or papers. You can choose a flyer print size based on your need. Instead, it can be used as a promotional tool, a creative flyer can be used as a source of information about a specific event, topic, business, person, product, and so on. In these cases, flyers can be called as pamphlets or leaflets as well.

How to make a good tutoring flyer template?

As a marketing tool, it is necessary to make your flyers stand out. There are many ways that you can follow to make your tutoring flyers.

Choosing the best layout and design

A striking flyer can attract customers easily. It comes from an interesting color scheme, a well-composed photo layout, a clean format, or a combination of these elements. Ensure that your tutoring flyer has met all these boxes.

Do not forget to attach testimonials

A good flyer should contain credible information. An effective way is to add positive client testimonials. It gives a signal that your tutoring services that you offer are effective and reliable as well. These testimonials can be effective in advertising your services since most clients want to get positive results in the topic that they were tutored for.

A compelling call to make an action

Sometimes many business owners have used flyers to market their business, but some of them still do not succeed. A simple reason may have something to do in their message that they put in the flyers. It should be a compelling call to action, and why do they need to join your business?


Easy information to contact you

Whether you make a flyer that offers an online tutor or advertises yourself as a tutor in your area, ensures that your tutoring flyer template includes accurate contact information. So they can reach you easily.

10+ Postcard Free PSD Template

A Postcard Template for Lettering Activities in the Digital Era

Along with the development of technology like Smartphones, nowadays, people are rarely sending and receiving postcards from their relatives. Yes, messages, chat rooms, and video calls have replaced it. But in some situations, postcards are still needed to communicate professionally and personally. Therefore, it is not bad to download a post card template.

A Postcard Template in the Digital Era

You may wonder, what for a post card template is, if you already have more sophisticated tools to communicate. In the work field, making reports to the client still works with a postcard. You may also need it to apply for a school or scholarship or simply sending a lottery. Interestingly, you can send the postcard via email if you want it to be received faster.

Benefits of Using a Postcard Template

Downloading the template also gives you many benefits. So, make sure to do it whether or not you need to send a postcard right now. What are the benefits?

Simple and Practical

In case you need to send a letter via post card, your job is simpler and more practical with a template. Forget about going to the stationary just to buy the post card. You can make it by yourself by printing it out.

Typing on the Card Directly

In the past, you must write down the sender, receiver, and content of the postcard. It is an easy thing anyway but too risky. For example, it is when there is a typo or something. With the template, you can directly type the card to avoid it being a typo. Additionally, the result must be neater as well.

Saving Time

In case of sending a postcard via email, it must be wasting time to make the template first and the type the content. It is much better if there is a ready-to-use template. So, anytime you need it, you can just type it.

Easy to Customize

There is a default format of a postcard for sure. But in case you want to change or customize it, it is possible. Before printing it out or sending the card via email, change what you need to change.

Although it sounds old-fashioned, a postcard is still used in this modern day. Therefore, a post card template is very necessary to have. Downloading the template here is recommended to make your job simpler.

10+ Gift Certificate Template Sample Free Download PSD

Great Things to Consider Before Creating Gift Certificate Template

The gift certificate template is definitely familiar when we hear them. It is a piece of paper that has meaningful value in it. Each certificate is designed and tailored to suit their individual needs.

So this time we will be able to create a certificate using a template according to their respective format. Usually, in making a certificate template we can use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, or Corel Draw.

Gift certificate function

There are tons of functions and benefits that a gift certificate has. An example of one of the functions of the charter is, when a junior high school student participates in an English speech competition and wins the competition, in addition to being a champion, he must also obtain written evidence in the form of an award certificate or a prize certificate stating he is the winner.

In addition to these functions, in the world of charter education can be useful as a scholarship submission. Meanwhile, in the world of work, gift certificates can also function and be useful to increase the value of the CV on a job application letter, so that the opportunity to be accepted in a job application is even greater.

In addition, by having a gift certificate, you are also considered to have contributed to the field organized by the award giver. The more awards you have, the more competition or event experiences you have participated in.

Keep these important things in mind before creating a gift certificate template

The things that you must pay attention to before making a gift certificate or award certificate are as follows:

Design Ideas or Concepts

Before deciding to design a Gift certificate template or award certificate you want, brainstorming or deliberating ideas is very important. But if you are the type of person who is difficult to come up with an idea, then you can look for references on the internet.

One thing is certain, the idea or concept that you will use in the design of a certificate or award certificate must be adjusted to the concept of the activity, event, or institution that houses it.

Choose the Right Software and According to Needs

Currently, there are lots of software tools or software that you can use to make certificates or awards certificates, both from the paid to the free ones. For example, Ms. Word, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, and so on.

The three software mentioned above certainly have different specifications, so they can also provide different forms of design results.

Form of Charter or Gift Certificate

In general, the shape of the certificate and award certificate is rectangular or horizontal, although it can also be vertical. To create and determine this shape, you can take advantage of the tools contained in the software that you use to design.

Simple Certificate Design

A certificate or charter is basically a sheet of paper containing assessment data or what someone has achieved at an event, place, or position.

However, it is not impossible if the certificate is designed and made without considering aesthetic value. Given that not everyone can get recognition through a certificate. Therefore, it is recommended that each certificate always has a different design, color, and format from one another.

Well. to design a Gift certificate template or an award certificate, you should choose a design that is simple but still impressive and elegant.

10+ Instagram Story Free Template in PSD

Instagram Story Template for More Beautiful Stories to Upload

Instagram is one of the social media with many users in the world. Under the Facebook Company, it is a platform where people can share their photos with their friends or other users. How to use it is very easy as well as the interface is friendly. One of the most popular features is Instagram Story. To make your Instagram Story look more stunning, you can download and use the Instagram Story template anyway.

What Instagram Story Template Is

What is the function of an Instagram Story template? Instagram Story is uploaded and it is only lasting for 24 hours except you want to save it. in that short period of time, it is really reasonable to make it as good-looking as possible. The template is where you can type down the status or attach pictures and videos. The layout will be more beautiful for sure. This is how your story may attract more people.

Benefits of Using the Template

Since many people nowadays just love making stories and reading others’ stories on Instagram, the presence of template becomes important and needed. There are some benefits also to get. What are they?

Good-Looking Stories

This is the most important thing and what to look for by Instagram users. You must want your stories to look more beautiful and different from others. Rather than letting it plain, you can apply the template first before uploading it.

Easy to Use

The template is relatively easy to use. Once it has been added to your collection, it simply appears when you want to make a story. Yes, you can even create the template yourself. But if you want it to be more practical, it is better to download it.

It can be customized

Sure, you can customize the template as you want. When the template design may be the default, you can still change the color. To make it more attractive, use a type of font that fits the template also.

Saving Time

On Instagram itself, there are many filters and others to make the stories look more interesting. But if you don’t have much time for that, the template will help you. For example, your story is very important related to your job. It makes the story layout look more interesting without doing too many efforts.

There have been many features on Instagram you can use. They are including templates and filters for the stories. But if you want to make them look more beautiful, other collections of the Instagram story template can be downloaded easily here.

10+ Gantt Chart Template Free PSD

Gantt Chart Improves the Efficiency of Project Execution

If you have to do a series of tasks in a project, either as a lone wolf or a member of a team, you can improve the efficiency of the execution of those tasks using a Gantt chart. This chart is pretty simple to create and to use, but its impact on your project planning and execution can be quite tremendous. It is often considered so important that for all personnel involved in the project, it is an essential tool to get their jobs done excellently and efficiently.

Gantt Chart Elements

A Gantt chart consists of at least three essential elements that define the schedules of all tasks included in a project. By visualizing the schedules, this chart allows all of those tasks to be accomplished in perfect harmony—hence harmonogram as another name for the chart. The three essential elements of the chart can be described as follows.

  1. The Vertical Axis

The vertical axis of the chart normally shows all tasks that need to be accomplished in a project. These tasks are arranged in rows so that they have their respective bars in the graph. Although the start and end dates of each task, as well as its duration, are visually represented by the bars, extra columns can be added on the right of the tasks to describe those data in alphanumeric form.

  1. The Horizontal Axis

The horizontal axis of the chart represents the timescale of the project, which is usually divided by specific time units (dates, weeks, months, etc.). The location of the chart’s horizontal axis can be at the top or the bottom.

  1. The Bars

The bars are used to visualize the dates and duration of all tasks. As mentioned above, each task has its bar (one-time) or bars (repetitive). In a modern Gantt chart template, the bars usually have a specific color to distinguish them from the bars of other tasks. The bars give quick visual clues of which tasks overlap each other and which task is a continuation of or a prerequisite for another task.

Which Template to Use

The chart can be made using a pencil-and-paper method or digitally using a computer. If you plan to use a digital template, you should choose a template that you can edit easily and quickly. Generally, a Gantt chart is available in various formats that can be edited using a word processing application or anything else; however, the most preferable is always the one using spreadsheet (Excel) format because of the table-like appearance of the chart.

10+ Graduation Card Template Example PSD Design

Graduation Card Template to Help You Express Your Congratulation

You can design an awesome graduation card using a downloadable and printable graduation card template. The template generally consists only of few elements, but the value of the card that you make from it could be as meaningful for its recipient as the diploma that they have just received. If you want to congratulate your family member, relative, friend, or beloved one, using a template will help you express your congratulation more meaningfully.

The Elements of a Graduation Card Template

As mentioned above, a graduation card template consists only of a few elements, but what are those elements and how do they make the card so meaningful? Here are the elements of a graduation card and their specific functions.

  1. Congratulatory Phrase

This phrase often makes up the title of the card and is usually located at the top. This element of the graduation card template usually consists only of one “congratulation” word, but may also contain multiple words, such as “happy graduation” or “congratulations for your graduation.” When you download a template, you may simply leave this element as it is and you don’t need to edit it.

  1. Illustration

Because a picture says what a thousand words say, having a nice-looking illustration on your card is mostly necessary. A graduation card template usually includes this element as a decorative element that makes the card even more eye-catching.

  1. Quotation

A graduation card template may also contain some inspiring quotes, which give a deeper meaning to the piece of card that you design. Graduates generally love to read something meaningful and inspiring on the congratulatory card that they receive from their peers. The quotes that are written on the template often become a determining factor for people like you to decide which template is the best.

  1. The Recipient’s Name

Perhaps, this is the only element of a graduation card template that you have to edit. Open the downloaded template in a word processing application and then fill the specified field with the recipient’s name.

How to Give the Card?

After you are done with the editing, there are several ways to give the card to your recipient. The most usual and traditional way is to print the card on a piece of paper (preferably cardstock paper) and then give it to your recipient. You can also send the card by mail if the distance becomes a problem. The easiest way today, when everyone is using smartphones, is to publish your graduation card template on social media and to allow your recipient to see it digitally.

10+ Christmas Wish List PSD Template Free

Christmas Wish List Template Gives Your Children Truly Special Christmas

Using a Christmas wish list template, you can make this Christmas the best Christmas for your children. Children love to write a letter to Santa when Christmas gets near. They want to tell him that they have grown up, been behaving well, and done their chores diligently. With a letter or—more specifically—a wish list, they now want to receive some special gift as a reward. As their parent, you can prepare this wish list easily for them using a template.

How to Use the Template?

There is essentially nothing that you need to do to make your Christmas wish list template works. After you download it, the template is mostly ready to use without needing further modification. A wish list template is supposed to be blank with only some necessary elements so that your children can fill it. Therefore, all that you need to do is focusing on the design of the template and picking a template that is suitable for your wish list scenario. Read below.

Types of Christmas Whist List Template

There are several types of wish list templates that you can choose from depending on the whist list scenario that your children have to follow.

  1. Blank Wish List

A blank Christmas wish list template allows your children to write anything they want without certain setups and limitations. Your children can write a letter to Santa as long or as short as they like, put their favorite words and sentences in it, and immerse themselves in their imagination. What distinguishes a blank wish list template from a piece of paper is the Christmas-themed decorations that are added to the template.

  1. Table

A Christmas wish list template may also come in the form of a table. You can fill some of the table’s cells with certain questions, such as “what is your favorite toy,” “what movie you like the most,” etc. Your children can then fill the empty cells with their answers. This template is great if you want to know the best gift that your children love to receive when Christmas comes.

  1. Fill in the Blank

Fill in the blank or complete the sentence is another great Christmas wish list template for you to use. This wish list template usually has a piece of writing with some blank parts that your children must fill. Some sentence examples that it may include are “I am ___ years old now, and I have been behaving ___. What I love to receive this Christmas is___.”

10+ Birthday Banner Template in Photoshop Free Download

Birthday Banner Template as a Great Tool for a Personalized Birthday Party

You can buy a generic birthday banner or hire a professional to design a banner for you; however, with a birthday banner template, you can design a birthday banner that is fully personalized, fully yours. Because you are the banner designer, you can always your preferences and taste of design when modifying the template. The result will thus be a banner that not only perfectly represents you personally. It is also a masterpiece that you can be proud of.

How to Use the Template

A birthday banner template has all the necessary decorative elements to appear attractive and attention-grabbing. There is a large selection of templates, so you can pick one with your favorite color combinations and patterns. Using the template is easy. You only need to download it and then modify it using your favorite editing program, which can be a simple word processor or a more specialized graphic design application like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

Which Material to Choose

After you modify the birthday banner template and create your personalized banner, you need to convert it into a real banner. You can use your printer if the banner is small enough for the printer to handle or if the banner consists of small parts that you can later assemble into a full banner. Otherwise, you need to hire a printing service to print your banner. Regardless, you need to decide the material for your banner. Here are 3 common materials for a birthday banner.

  1. Paper

A sheet of paper could be the most preferred material for your birthday banner template to be printed on, especially because it is the most accessible. All printers can print on paper with no trouble. If you use your printer at home, you can print your banner on paper immediately. If you order a printing service to print your banner, a sheet of paper is often the cheapest material.

  1. Vinyl

Vinyl is an excellent material if you want to do the party outdoors. When you have to expose your printed birthday banner template to the elements, a paper banner is not the best choice. Vinyl is also quite accessible because most, if not all, printing services use vinyl as a secondary printing material after paper.

  1. Fabric

A fabric banner looks smoother, more natural, and less glaring (it is not reflective) than a vinyl banner. Print your birthday banner template on a sheet of fabric if you are dealing with both elements and the glare of sunray.

9+ Thanksgiving Menu Template in PSD Photoshop

Thanksgiving Menu Template Helps You Plan Your Thanksgiving Dinner Better

With a thanksgiving menu template, planning a sensational thanksgiving dinner with your family and guests is easier. Thanksgiving dinner usually has a large oven-roasted turkey as the centerpiece; however, many extra foods, snacks, and beverages are also served. The guests can freely take their favorite fares, but they certainly love to see the menu first to find out what is currently being served in the dinner.

Why Do You Need a Thanksgiving Menu Template?

You can use a thanksgiving menu template to design a nice-looking thanksgiving menu with premium design easily and quickly. Because the menu is made to inform your guests about the served meal, an eye-catching menu that is easy to read and understand would be desirable. Although you can design your menu without using a template, the task will take longer to finish if you don’t use a premade template.

How to Design Your Menu Using the Template?

Although a thanksgiving menu template is generally considered a great tool for beginners, even professionals enjoy using it to improve their efficiency when doing their design jobs. If you plan to use a template to design your Thanksgiving dinner menu, here are four fast and easy steps to take.

  1. Get the template.

Pick a template to download. There is a large selection of templates with different designs and color compositions. Choose a thanksgiving menu template that matches your personal preferences. You will be more enthusiastic to design the menu if the template design captivates you.

  1. Edit the template.

Choose a thanksgiving menu template that you can edit using your favorite application. All available templates today can easily be edited using word processing programs like Microsoft Word, so if you have this program or any other similar programs installed on your computer, you should be able to edit it easily. The template is designed to be so user-friendly that even a beginner Microsoft Word user can modify it with no trouble.

  1. Print the template.

If you are okay with the editing job, you can print the modified thanksgiving menu template immediately from the program that you use to edit the template. Of course, printing is not the only way to let your guests get the menu. You can also save your template as an image (JPEG or PNG) or a PDF file and then distribute it digitally using your smartphone. Your guests can get the menu on their phones even before they visit your home.