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5+ Birthday Invitation Template PSD Free file

1st Birthday Invitation Template for a Perfect Birthday Party

Having a baby is a blessing for every parent. That is why you just want to embrace every moment including the first birthday moment. Holding a party can be a good way but it means that you also need to choose the best 1st birthday invitation template for this purpose.

1st Birthday Party for Parents and Baby

The first birthday party is not only for the baby but more about the parents. Yet, it can be a special memory for the kids. Preparing the first birthday party can be quite overwhelming for parents who also have to take care of the baby. Using the 1st birthday invitation template can be a great help to bring more happiness during the party.

1st Birthday Invitation Template Ideas

Here are some ideas of your baby’s first birthday invitation that can bring happiness not only to parents but also for the guests when receiving it.

  1. Animal Theme

What could be the most favorite thing for a one-year-old baby? This might be a hard question to answer especially when you want to use your baby likings for the first birthday invitation theme. You should not worry about this because you will never go wrong with the animal theme. It is a fun yet playful theme not only for the invitation but also for the party.

  1. Favorite Color Theme

It is great if your one-year-old baby can already recognize colors. You can use her favorite color as the main theme of the first birthday invitation. However, it does not matter if you want to use your favorite color for the birthday invitation theme. It is a party not only for the baby but also for you as parents.

  1. Baby’s Photo Theme

Everybody loves to see the cute baby’s photo. Why do not you use it as part of decorative elements of the baby’s first birthday invitation? It could be a great way to share happiness with the guests even just from the baby photo on the first birthday invitation.

  1. Jungle Theme

If you want to use a festive theme not only for the invitation but also the party for your baby’s first birthday, the jungle theme can be the best choice you have. Kids will love the jungle animals and of course, the grownups will also love the fun and festive atmosphere of the invitation.

The first birthday party must be a special moment and memory. Take your time and look for the best 1st birthday invitation template for making the best invitation easily.

10+ Fan Template in PSD Free

120mm Fan Template for PC or Radiator Cooling

If your PC has to work very hard for supporting your daily activity, you must be familiar with the overheating problem. This problem can also be found in the radiator. You need to help the radiator or PC unit to cool down better. Using the 120mm fan template can be a beneficial idea.

Hot PC

You do not want to let your PC or radiator overheat for a long period. You need an extra fan hole but you do not have any idea how to make it correctly. It can be difficult to make the precise fan holes on your radiator or PC especially when you consider the size. Fortunately, you can find a 120mm fan template easily on the internet.

120mm Fan Template Using Tips

Yes, using the template of 120mm can make your job much easier to cool down your PC or radiator. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you can be careless when using the template. You need to follow the steps below to make the most use of the template.

  1. Printing Caution

You need to pay attention when printing the template for making sure that you can get the right size of fan holes. It can be as simple as the page size but it will affect the final result of the template printing.

  1. Right Size Choice

Do not forget that you need to ensure the size of the fan holes. Various options of fan holes size can be found from the available template. If you are looking for a template with a 120mm size, just make sure that you do not choose a template with different sizes. More importantly, you need to measure your PC or radiator to get the right fan holes size.

  1. Right Tools

You might want to make some fan holes in your PC chassis, for instance. You need to use the right tools to make the fan hole according to the template you get. For making fan holes in the PC chassis or panel, you might need the hole saw attachment to do the job precisely.

  1. Safety

Since you will use tools for making the fan holes, you must not forget about your safety. When using the hole saw attachment, you have to use protection. It is a must when you are using the power tools after all.

Fan holes can help you cool down your PC or radiators and a 120mm fan template can help you make the fan holes much easier.


Sample Fan Template

5+ Brochure Template in Photoshop PSD

Make Most Benefits of 11×17 Brochure Template

What kind of promotional strategy did you use for your business? In this internet era, you can find so many options available to make your business more recognizable. You can use the digital marketing strategy using social media platforms for instance. You can even use the ads. Nevertheless, the old method such as using brochures is still gold. You will love using the 11×17 brochure template.

Brochure for Business Promotion

If you have a great worry about the efficiency of using a brochure for your business promotion, you just have to make sure that your brochure design is attractive. It must be able to give enough information as well. It sounds like you have to hire a professional designer to help you create the brochure. This kind of cost can be skipped since you can utilize the 11×17 brochure template.

11×17 Brochure Template Tips

With the benefits of creating the brochure for your business or service, you surely do not want to miss the great opportunity for promoting the business with the right brochures. In this circumstance, you have to consider the tips below to make a stand out brochure including when you want to use 11×17 brochure size.

1.     Choose the Right Size

Size is essential especially when you want to print the brochure. You can consider several options of standard brochure sizes including 11×7 measurements for your brochure. The choice of the size will depend on the information quantity that you want to include in the brochure. Nevertheless, you have to keep the brochure simple and clutter-free.

2.     Consider Printing Specification

When you want to print your brochure, you have to pay attention to various specifications of printing. You have to decide the type of paper to use. Do not forget about the finishing of the brochure as well. You will find a different feel and look when choosing different papers and finishing type for your brochure. Nevertheless, the choice of paper and finishing will depend on the budget.

3.     Create a Digital Version

A printed brochure is still useful for promoting a business but nowadays you must not forget about the online market as well. You might have more opportunities to grab new customers’ attention by sending a digital version of the brochure. The specification of the printed and digital brochure will be completely different.

Whether you want to create the printed or digital version of your business brochure, you can always find the right option of an 11×17 brochure template to use.

5+ Circle Templates for Photoshop

 1.5 Inch Circle Template

Do you want to make some kind of art using a 1.5 inch circle? If so, you can make your own deck of 1.5 inch circles, or you can choose the nice way out which is using a 1.5 inch circle template. These templates seem like fairly basic cut outs but when you can find how practical and useful it is to have a deck of this template that you can refer to is so nice. You can find them easily on the internet.

What is a 1.5 circle template?

1.5 inch circle template is a pre-formatted 1.5 inch circle that is ready to use and you can use it whenever you want. This template is created in such a special way that allows you to make minor modifications to it. You can change minor things such as insert your own texts or insert your own images.

What are the benefits of using a 1.5 inch circle template?

As we all know that 1.5 inch circle is really useful for many things. You can use it for your art project, use it for paper garland, use it as paper stencil to paint or even make a great mural, use it for bulletin boards and et cetera. Thus, to save you from the trouble of making a 1.5 inch circle from scratch, you can just use a 1.5 inch circle template. Here are some benefits that you can get from using it.

  1. Save time and money 

Time is a precious thing in the world. It feels like you will miss it if you blink even for just a second. Thus, why waste your precious time by making a 1.5 inch circle on your own when you can easily use the template instead? Furthermore, having such a well-structured and well-built template is fairly cost-effective. This way you can save a good amount of your money and allocate it for purchasing other stuff.

  1. Easy to use 

One of the perks of using this 1.5 inch circle template is that it is so easy to use. You just need to find it on the internet and then edit it as your heart desires. Then, your 1.5 inch circle is ready to use.

  1. Provide consistency and uniformity 

Templates will make your 1.5 inch circle have a unified appearance. It also allows for a constant form and structure, so your circle will look more precise and neater.

If you want to experience those kinds of benefits, then you need to have this 1.5 inch circle template. You can find it easily on the internet. After you find it, you just need to download it. You can customize and fill it to suit your needs.

5+ 1.5 Inch Button Customizable FIle PSD Templates

Guide for 1.5 Inch Button Template

Buttons are one of the necessary elements that can be used on many occasions. For example as the element for the fashion accessories, name tag, badges, pin, any other. The buttons have a process that is relatively easy and affordable.

1.5 Inch Button Template

As you might want to make the buttons as your business, a 1.5 inch button template will help you a lot. The 1.5 button is about the size of the ping pong ball or fifty-cent coin circle. It is perfect for the badges and fashion accessories you can wear it on your clothes.

The inch button template is not too much if you need it as the fashion accessories. The elegant shape is to suit your outfit and your bags.

Guide for the 1.5 Inch Button Template

  1. Make it yourself by software

You can make the button by yourself. You can use the application or the software design to help your work. Of course, it will take time so you can get your buttons perfectly made to your needs. If you don’t have the recommended software for design, you need to install it first on your PC.

  1. Use the template to make it easy

The important thing about the template is, it will make your job easy. The 1.5 inch button template is available out the internet and you can use it as the guide. It helps a lot and is also easy to edit.

  1. Use the template to make buttons quickly

When you have run out of time or are in a hurry to make the buttons, you just need to use the 1.5 inch button template to make your job quickly done. You will save a lot of time to make the button’s shape and design just by using the already made buttons.

  1. The image on the buttons

When designing the buttons and the image you will be used, make sure it has a lot of extra so you won’t have ruined the image on the buttons, especially on the edge of the button. Don’t make it too fit, add a little bit more than 1.5 inches for the image, but do not make it too large as well so there are not many cropped images on your buttons.

Do you already know how to use the 1.5 inch button template right now? The next step is to download the 1.5 inch button template and you can use it as the element for your design!

10+ Binder Spine Customizable File PSD Design Templates

Why You Need 1.5 Inch Binder Spine Template

Binders are quite good for organizing your important document either in school or office work. It looks nice and trendy as well rather than the standard notebook. You can manage and easily customized them by using some decorations you can create on your own or by using the already made ones.

Why You Need 1.5 Inch Binder Spine Template

Now, we will talk about why you should use the 1.5 inch binder spine template for your work.

The binder that has a pretty design will make the user want to spend all their day to do journaling and report their daily activities. Changing your typical binder spine will make you have a different vibe and feeling when writing on them.

The binder spine will need time to make, let alone make a similar spine. You probably need to measure before cutting the label size, let alone the design itself.

The printed binder spine template is usually used to make your binder design look more pretty and attractive. You can design the binder spine by yourself, but when you can already find binder spine templates out there why can’t you use them?

The steps to use a 1.5 inch binder spine template

  1. Select the binder spine design

The design for the binder spine is so many. Because of the plenty of options out there, you can choose the proper one for your binder. Select the coordinated design that will suit your binder cover as well, so it won’t look too much or out of place.

  1. Check the measurement

Make sure it has the same measurement to your binder size, so you won’t have the wrong size of the binder spine. The binder spine template usually has the measure adjustment for the typical binder. For example, it is usually available in different types of size, like a 1.5 inch binder spine template or so.

  1. Print the template

Then, prepare the cardstock so you can print the binder spine on them. It will make the binder spine easily insert to the spine of your binder pocket. Using the glue to attach rather than the cardstock will make it easily damaged and can’t be used in a long period. Besides, the printed result will look too dull and cheap. Cutting it into a straight line to make it clean and neat.

Now, you can use the 1.5 inch binder spine template and place it on your binder.

Binder Spine Template Sample

5+ 1.5 Button Template PSD File Free Download

Using the Available 1.5 Button Template

The button is one of the most common shapes of the design. Maybe it seems so simple you can always make it. When you want to make a button, you can use a 1.5 button template and use it as the model.

The 1.5 button template

One of the most used in designing the button is the 1.5 button size custom. It is likely the size of the tennis table ball in the standard. It is a very affordable and quite good size to be attached to your bags.the size is quite great for the badges in the uniform or even your casual outfit to make it more stand out.

To make your job in making 1.5 buttons easily done, you can just use the .5 button template.

How to use a 1.5 button template?

1.     Download the template

The internet is the source for you to find any kind of materials to make a button, including the design of the1.5 button. You can easily find the template who have the shape according to your need. The 1.5 button template is available as well, just type the keyword and you will be offered many sources you can download it.

2.     Purchase or not

Some of the templates need to be purchased first before you can use them. However, it is available as well in the free design 1.5 button template if you want to. You can choose either of them because there are so many source options you can use.

3.     Editing

Once you’ve already downloaded the template, the next thing you can do is edit the buttons based on your liking. Customize the design as well as adding the element in your buttons, so it is not just the plain button. For example, you can add the photos, the words, and any other designs you want on it.

4.     Print it out

Then, when you’ve done editing and adding some graphics in your button, it’s time to print it out through the media you used. For the badges, you can use metal materials. You can also use the plastic or vinyl as the media for the buttons. It is quite light rather than the metallic of course, but it might not last in a long time. So, decide the materials you want to print the button as necessary.

Thus the guide for using the 1.5 button template you just download from the internet source. You can use the buttons as the souvenir to your friends or guests too.

5+ 1,25 Button Free Templates in PSD file

The Questions Checklist to Create Right 1,25 Button Template

Let’s talk about a 1,25 button template. Well, buttons are an essential part of an application. Without buttons, we cannot interact with the applications we use, so it can be concluded that buttons are a means or medium if we use applications. Oftentimes we underestimate how we design buttons and their placement but this is very important because it will relate to how the user experiences when using our application.

The principles to design a button

We should create the button that seems like a button. When we design a button, the button must be shaped like a button so that when users use our application they can find out which parts they can click and where they cannot. To facilitate this we have to incorporate shapes, colors, shadows, etc. in designing the buttons.

We also should make the users expect to get or find the button easily. It means that putting the button in the right place is important. This thing is a comfort factor for users because the applications they use look familiar to others so they don’t have to waste time looking for them.

It is also important to consider the size of a button in connection to the page’s various elements. Besides that, we have to ensure that we have designed the buttons with large enough size for all users in order that they can interact easily.

In designing a 1,25 button template, consider the order. In designing a button we should use everyday instructions. For example, on our page, such as when creating the NEXT button, we can use the arrow to the right so that the user can guess this button will take us to the next page. Conversely, when we create the BACK button, we use the left arrow so that the user can find out that this button can make us return to the previous page.

Checking the design of button template

Basically, each design has its own unique. Then, each design also usually has a common item set. That is the checklist of great designs that come in. Well, you have to ask some important questions (related to the principles) to ensure that the design of the button has been right for all users.

Can users identify the element of yours as a button?

We should think of how the button design can communicate affordance. The button’s shape, size, color, and drop-shadows should seem like a button.

Do the labels of the button give clear messages based on everything that happens after doing a click?

Actually, using a generic button label is more important than only naming a button or explaining what a button does.

Will all users easily find our button?

Besides thinking of the label, color, and shape of a button, placing the button in the right position on a page is also important. Consider the path of users passing the page and think about how the users will easily find the button.

Those are the ways to design a 1,25 button template.

10+ Meeting Invitation Free PSD Templates Ideas

1 on 1 Meeting Invitation Template: Benefits That Can Be Achieved by 1 on 1 Meeting

As a new manager, or want to become a good one, you may want to search a way on how to increase the effectiveness and performance of your team, but how? Have you ever tried a 1 on 1 meeting? Many benefits can be reached through this communication type. What are the benefits and how to prepare it, you will find out soon? 1 on 1 meeting invitation template can be used to help you start it.

What are the benefits of 1 on 1 meeting?

If it is carried out well, these benefits can be achieved not only by managers but by the company.

1. For managers

Though not all problems can be solved by 1 on 1 meeting, some issues can be improved. The issues such as poor communication, lacking confidence and trust in managers, frustrations, conflicts inside the team, and interpersonal can be improved to have better productivity, engagement, and even reduce turnover.

2. For organizations

Promoting from within is a good way of rewarding the hard work and loyalty of the employees. To have great leaders in the future, 1 on 1 coaching by the senior leaders is the best way to achieve that. organization’s goal can only be reached successfully by having great employees. 1 on 1 meeting allows managers to hear the frustrations and issues from the members of the team.

This will in turn help managers to solve the issues faced by the team members. Team members can work well if they know that they are being heard and being helped to solve the problems at work. 1 on 1 meeting is also a great way to give feedback which is useful for improving the team’s performance.

3. Help overcome problems

1 on 1 meeting will help managers to have a clear way to understand, needs, problems as well as how the team is doing overall. Managers can also connect with each staff without anybody feeling distant and unreachable.

How to plan an 1 on 1 meeting

Before you start looking for 1 on 1 meeting invitation template, to start the meeting you need to know what to do. You need to determine how frequent your meeting will be, this will depend on how big your team is, how mature they are in doing tasks, and so on. After deciding on the frequency, you can now plan on the meeting length, the location as well as the schedule.

Planning is important, and to get a 1 on 1 meeting invitation template to help you to plan the meeting is such a great relief. Now you are ready to reach the company goal with it.


Meeting Invitation Template Sample

5+ Circle Template Sample Free PSD file photoshop

1 Inch Circle Template for Multipurpose Labels and Stickers

Circle template is just magical. This type of template has an unlimited purpose and you can always adjust the design for whatever project you have in mind. To draw it and make the circle from scratch is possible but to do it every time you need it will be such a pain. If you need it for creating labels and stickers, getting a 1 inch circle template will be a great help.

Why use a 1 inch circle template?

It is mentioned that a 1 inch circle template has unlimited potential, no matter who you are and what project you are currently doing you can make use of the template.

1. As marketing tools

If you own or work in a company, the template will make a good way of creating marketing tools, such as for brand or product labels. Circle template can also be used when you are sellers and try to inform people about the sale that is going on. By sticking sale stockers to items on sale, try to attract attention to get more buyers.

2. Easy to design

Many circle templates are available along with the customization feature. This will allow you to create the design that you desire depending on what you want to use the template for.

3. Affordable

For business startups, they may not have enough budget for marketing including paying professional designers to design the label or stickers. As an effective marketing tool, labels or stickers can be made by no professional as it is easy to personalize the design. Some circle templates are even available for free, so this will make a good deal.

Circle templates ideas

These are some of the ideas of how to use a 1 inch circle template for your inspirations.

1. Patterns and borders

Circle templates with patterns and borders are great for labeling gifts and present on special holidays. In the middle part is blank in which you can fill in with the recipient’s name or sweet messages.

2. Kitchen and pantry labels

This template is used to label your kitchen or pantry as sometimes it is hard for family members to find which is which. You can download the blank version or written ones. Blank types are perfect if you need to customize the labels such as what is written or the fonts.

3. Full pattern

Circle templates with full color and patterns such as polka dots or stripes are a good option if you own a handmade business. Other uses for this template are party printables, planners stickers, teacher’s resources, and so on.

You can get creative with many types of templates and their customization feature. So find a 1 inch circle template now and start on your project.