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10+ Company Letterhead Template Example PSD Design

Company Letterhead Template: A Right Medium to Represent A Company’s Identity

A company letterhead is important for representing the identity of a particular company. It is easily made as long as you follow the instructions of the company letterhead template. The template is helping you to design the whole design of this template. To assist you in designing it, these are some ways to make it.

How to Make A Company Letterhead Template

To make this company letterhead template, you can do the following steps.

  • Selecting the Size and Design 

Generally, a company letterhead will cross the top part of the document. Thus, you need to select a suitable dimension for the letterhead. The rectangle design is orientating an ideal landscape for most of the company letterhead designs and templates.

  • Selecting the Theme

The next way to make a company letterhead template is by selecting the theme. You should choose the adjustable theme for your company. You need to remember that the letterhead will give a good impression to your brand or company. You should select a consistent theme with the features of your business. For example, it is the efficiency, professionalism, and ability of the company.

  • Personalizing with an Image 

You may choose an image inserted to the business’ name and information of your photo library from the stock of Adobe Spark. If you have a design of a logo, you can upload it. You can select a simple design and look slim so that it can be printed easily if it is necessary.

  • Choosing the Right Font 

Your business name is usually to be the main feature of your company letterhead template. To promote your brand’s consistency, you can use the same font to your name to the logo or a company’s signage. It must be brave, readable, and interesting so that everyone keeps interested.

  • Downloading, Sharing, or Printing 

After all, elements are available, you are ready to use your company letterhead for any purposes. You can download its template and use it for correspondence. It is also to be a sign on your social media posting.

You can design your company letterhead template based on your creativity. It is similar to the make a logo in which it must have an exclusive design in which it represents a character of the company. The design must be created uniquely following your brand. It is offering various adjustment options to accommodate your needs. You may modify the color or add features of a company letterhead template.

10+ ID Card PSD Template Free

ID Card Template: A Free Easy Designing Tool

The ID card template is found in many companies, organizations, or committees. To make an ID card, you need to know the standard size of id card, used materials, complement accessories, and ID card design. It is a free easy designing tool to make a good id card design for different purposes.

The Things about ID Card Template

It has some things that you should know about the template. The standard size of the ID card is about 85.60 x 53.98 mm. Meanwhile, the used materials are usually PVC, art paper, and duplex paper. It has some accessories completing ID cards such as a tie, anti-scratch plastic, and ID card box.

Ways on Making ID Card Template

To design the Id card template, it is great to know some things about the template design. It is giving the best design with free online packaging. You can make a new design of an id card template easily.

Determining the Theme of ID Card Template

The first thing to do is determining the theme of the id card template. You need to know which the best design is used for an id card. It should maintain the quality and design of the id card. The design packaging is easily trained on a particular website of the id card design.

  • Choosing the Right Template Design 

After you determine the theme, it is time to design an id card template. You can design it based on the theme of the id card. You can mix and match colors, fonts, and the whole design of the template.

  • Entering Online Website 

After you have the right design, it is time to enter an online website for this template. You can soon select the available design templates of id cards. You may make an id card design from your computer or gadget anytime you want.

  • Making a Packaging Design of Id Card Template

Lastly, you have to make a packaging design of an id card. It is important to finish the deal of this card template. You can make it easy with the available id card template. You may download it easily to get the inspiration of the id card template.

To beautify it, you can add an image of you. It is possibly representing your identity on the id card template. If you dislike it, you just check the whole design of the id card final to create the best one.

10+ Flash Card Template Photoshop

Flash Card Template: Making It on the Microsoft Word

The Flash card template is an amazing educational media tool for kids and adults. However, writing can take a lot of time. To make it simple, you can use Microsoft Word to make your flashcards. It is easy to make flashcards on Microsoft Word and then print it for ready use. The directions are applicable for Microsoft Word 2019, 365, and 2016.

Making Your Flash Card Template

The old version of Microsoft Word has a flash card template or index card simply to use. It seems that the template is unavailable to Microsoft Word 2016. It is not worrying because making a flashcard on Microsoft Word is very easy to do. You can save a flashcard to be a template only. It is also a great tool for the teachers to make flashcards for students without spending time and limited resources.

  • Opening Microsoft Word and Choosing New Empty Documents 

The first step to do is to open Microsoft Word. Then, you choose a new empty document. You click a tab layout. It is enabling you to change the size of the page being the right flashcard size.

  • Managing the Layout Tab on Microsoft Word

In a layout of a tab, you need to select the size of 4”x 6”. You also select a landscape or portrait depending on the most suitable one. It is giving you the perfect size for the printed flashcards.

  • Setting The Menu Size of Microsoft Word

You should set the menu size of Word. It is showing the orientation of the page. You should type the cards said and press Ctrl+Enter to make new flashcards. On this spot, you are writing a response to the first cards if it is necessary or making new cards. You should remember that you go to the tab of the design and add colors, themes, and effects to a flashcard.

  • Printing the Flash Cards

Then, you can choose the theme of the flashcard template. It is based on the schooling topics and materials before determining a particular theme. After you have checked the details of the flashcards, it is time to print it. Make sure that you have set the layout size and paper so that it can be the great flashcards template to use.

Those are some ways of designing and making a flash card template using Microsoft Word. Those are simply applied for being the educational media tools for the learning process.

10+ Twitter Banner Customizable PSD Template

5 websites to be able to get the Twitter banner template

If you really like using Twitter in your daily life, of course you definitely want to be very present, right? Well, one that you can follow to follow the latest trends is to have a customized Twitter banner. Having an attractive Twitter banner will certainly be a feeling of pride for you right? If so, then it’s time to make use of the Twitter banner template.

Where can I get the Twitter banner template?

You can get it easily by accessing several websites on the internet that provide templates for these banners. If you prefer to create your own design, you can do it later. Just visit these websites that provide customization services independently, then create to create Twitter banner templates according to your taste.

5 websites for Twitter banner templates

To facilitate you, below are 5 websites that can help you in getting the banner.

  1. Snappa

First is Snappa. Here, you will be able to find a variety of Twitter banners that are very diverse models made by professional designs of course. So, you don’t need to doubt their results. Interestingly, here you can also get it for free of course.

  1. Bannersnack

Next is Bannersnack. These websites have templates for Twitter banners, but they can also help you to create your own later. There are so many templates available here, where you can also use them to be an inspiration in your own designs later.

  1. Canva

Then there is Canva. There is no doubt about the quality and availability of Canva in a world like this. You will be able to find very, very easy things about design for social media here. You can choose to get the free version, the paid version, or make your own.

  1. Spark Adobe

There is another that is just as popular as Canva, the Adobe Spark. Here, you can make it to your liking for the banner on your Twitter later. Not much different from Canva, you can also see some templates as examples and inspiration to help you when creating here later.

  1. Freepik

Finally there is Freepik. Freepik is also no less popular than Canva and Adobe Spark. You can also find various graphic designs here, like logos for example. This website is a place of the work of professional graphic designers who place their work voluntarily and can be used by everyone. 

Here are 5 websites that you can use to get Twitter banner templates. There is so much that you can get here later. Just adjust it to your taste because it can really reflect yourself later.

10+ Daily Calendar Customizable PSD Design Template

5 applications that you can use to create a daily calendar template

The existence of a daily calendar will greatly help us in arranging our various activities on a full day of course. That way, we can make the most of the available time very well and make us productive of course during that time. Well, to smooth out your plan, it’s good you have a daily calendar template.

The reason why you should have a daily calendar template

As explained earlier, with the daily calendar template, you can arrange even more easily the various activities that you will do in one full day later. In fact, not only for one day but for the following days you can plan according to plan.

5 applications for creating daily calendar templates

Generally, you can make this template from blank paper which you can then design according to your creations to make it look attractive. However, if you want it even easier to make it, then just take advantage of some of the applications below.


By using Word, you can make this template. You certainly who are used to using this application to create various documents for office work or assignments will be familiar and it will be difficult to create templates in this application later.

Google Docs

Just like Word, it’s just that Google Docs is an application created by Google, while Word itself is a creation of Microsoft. The difference is, you will more often use this application in an online state because you are required to always be in sync with the available internet network.


Who does not know this one application? Surely if you make a table or financial affairs, you rely heavily on this application. The good news, you can also use this application to create templates later.

Google Sheets

Just like Excel, you can also use this application. The difference is, you will be even easier to make it here because of the availability of fewer toolbars but are often used in Excel. Unlike in Excel, which can make you often confused because there are so many available tools.


This application is not actually for the daily calendar, but rather the task management application that can be used by the group in knowing the progress of each member in a project. Even so, you can use it to make it an agenda for your full day later.

Here are some applications that you can use to make a daily calendar template later. The difference is only in the manufacturing process. By using the application, of course, it will save more time and energy than manually later.

10+ Permission Slip Template Free Download PSD

How to make permission slip template

Permission slips will often be encountered if you have a job in a school or organization and plan to organize a visit for students. This letter is permission for parents and guardians of students to allow their children to attend events that had been planned before.

Things that are in the permission slip template

Therefore, you will often need this letter later when carrying out similar events. To make it easier for you, one of the things you can do is to provide a permission slip template. With this, you will not be bothered to make the letter from the beginning again later.

5 basic things in the permission slip template

Before making it, it’s good you need to know the 5 important points in the permission slip template before making it. That way you will understand more in making content later.

  1. Executing

You have to write who is the organizer of the event. In this case, if you do it, then your name must be written. However, it doesn’t hurt to use the name of the agency as your representative. This is a formality and so parents know who will be responsible for their children.

  1. Time

The implementation time also needs to be stated in this letter. Convey this letter no later than 2 weeks before departure. It is highly not recommended if this letter is delivered when it approaches the implementation days later or for too long, like a month before the implementation.

  1. Aim

Also, convey the purpose of the plan of this activity. Parents certainly have the right to know where their children will be taken at the event. Simply convey briefly and clearly where the destination will be visited later.

  1. Reason

Although trivial, most people are often negligent in conveying reasons. This reasoning aims to inform parents about why the event was held. As a recreation, or add insight? All that is conveyed to them.

  1. Cost

Costs also need for you to convey later. Convey what it is in this letter. If you feel that the implementation of the event requires a large amount of money and requires assistance from the guardians or parents of students, then convey it. Convey in a good way and not be impressed to the point of course.

That way, you are ready to create a permission slip template for you to use at the event later, and then later.

10+ Greeting Card Free Template in PSD

Creating Wonderful Greeting Card Template for Special Impression

Let’s make a greeting card template! Well, a greeting card is something that should be there to commemorate the holiday, the greeting card can be shared with those closest to us, even though now there is a communication media that is through a device (smartphone) but through a greeting card will give a better impression.

Create a special impression through greeting cards

when we give a greeting with the media in the form of a well-designed card and we include their names, on the one hand, will make a more special impression for those who receive it, someone will look special to us, because we are not just giving only in the form of words at that moment, however, it was a card that could be stored and could be remembered for her.

Tips on designing a digital greeting card template

Customize Speech

You can adjust the speech you want to give, or you can also add the name of the destination. You can search for images according to the theme. For example, if your greeting card theme is about Eid, then you can search for images such as mosques, diamonds, or other images. That way, the words, and pictures will be commensurate according to the theme.

Add Everyone’s Photos

Applications for making greeting cards are increasingly sophisticated. You can add any photo as you wish. You can add photos, friends can also add photos with each person who will be given a greeting card. You can also make designs with photos together, or other photos related to the theme. In addition, you can add trinkets or cute decorations to make it more interesting.

Write a special message

In addition to saying utterances based on themes, you can also write a special message for each person. For example, given the current conditions, friends can pray for the health of your friends and family. We can also say thank you for your kindness in greeting card template.

Use templates according to theme

There are lots of sample templates provided by the chosen application that you will use. For example, a birthday greeting card, then look for templates that have symbols or images of candles, cakes, balloons, and others. Then you can also pay attention to the typical colors that match the theme for example pink, white, or gold. Because it is made in an easier digital way, make as much as possible for friends, family, also the father and mother teacher.

Make the Card Size in accordance with the place to distribute it

In addition to making Eid greeting cards that are shaped and sized like printed cards, friends can also make Eid greeting cards that are tailored to where they are sent. For example, on Instagram, images are usually made in a square shape (1: 1).

So, make your greatest greeting card template for your beloved family and friends!

10+ Weekly Lesson Plan Free PSD Template

5 reasons why you should take advantage of the weekly lesson plan template

For the sake of managing our routine as expected, it is very good to arrange it so that we understand more about how to manage it efficiently. One thing you can do is take advantage of this weekly lesson plan template for example.

With this table, you can easily arrange what lessons you will learn during this week later. Not only that, but you can also manage to target what you will learn in the following week as well.

The importance of utilizing the weekly lesson plan template

As explained earlier, this weekly lesson plan template will help you later, especially if you are still pursuing an education. Even so, you can also still use it for other purposes, of course, such as a daily agenda that will be done of course.

5 reasons for the importance of utilizing the weekly lesson plan template

Curious about what makes it important to be used? Check out the 5 points below to better understand it.

  1. Set a schedule for the coming week

You can set the schedule for the week ahead later. So you better understand what you will do now, later, and next for the next week. So, you will not be confused and dizzy what you have to do for a week later.

  1. Limit other activities

Often we find our daily plans fail because they don’t work as they should. For example, this happens because we don’t do things according to our plan, whether it’s because of forgetting or something else. With this agenda, it can help you to be more strict in limiting other activities of course.

  1. So do not forget

Forgetting is often the nature of human reasoning in remembering various things that are planned, especially if there are so many. This agenda, of course, can help you to remember what things need or will be done later.

  1. Your agenda is more organized

That way too, your agenda is more organized and makes your planning more perfect because it was planned from the beginning for the future. Also, you can be more assertive by saying no, which is likely to disrupt the schedule you have planned.

  1. Become a successful person

Finally, where you can become a successful person for your future. This is because you can divide and determine which priorities are more important and which are not too important. That way, you will become a wiser person in choosing and planning things.

How interesting. So, don’t delay anymore, use the weekly lesson plan template immediately to make you a better and a more organized person.

10+ Santa Letter Template Free PSD

5 ways to make a Santa letter template when Christmas comes

When Christmas arrives, most children will probably be happy because they will get a gift that will be given by Santa. Of course, this can be something very positive because children can enjoy the Christmas celebration more fun when it snows.

How to make a Santa letter template

No need to download it from the internet, if you want to be creative in making Santa letter templates, you can make them independently of course. Of course, by making your own, you are more able to express yourself while trying to provide the best design for children who receive it later of course.

5 ways to make a Santa letter template in DIY

If you are curious about how to make Santa letter template DIY, see the 5 ways to make it below.

  1. Determine the use of sentences that are easy to understand

Because those who will receive this letter are children, so as much as possible use sentences that are friendly, pleasant, and easily understood by children. It is not recommended to use difficult words, especially to use certain terms later.

  1. Customize the color concept with the theme

We know for ourselves that it’s not usually the dominant color concept of various attributes when Christmas and a Santa are red and white. Well, try to use colors with these colors. This will be convincing for children because it is as if the letter is really from Santa.

  1. Add sticker

If necessary, you can add some accessories to the letter, such as stickers of course. This sticker must also have a Christmas or Santa theme. Do not force using stickers that are outside the context of the Christmas and Santa theme.

  1. Don’t write too long sentences

Remember, this letter is an only consolation or a gimmick to make children feel happy because they are known by Santa. Create letters with short sentences and entertain them. Don’t make very long sentences, because this is not a will or speech to them.

  1. Place it in a strategic place

When finished, you can place the letter in several strategic locations. For example in some attributes such as socks near a fireplace, near a Christmas tree or gift box below, or other places. Try to get it which is easily seen and found by them later.

But keep in mind, agree with the first where to place it later. You can persuade them by telling them where the letter is expected by him to be placed by Santa later. That way, when ready, you can tell him to check later.

10+ Place Card Template Example PSD Design

5 tips for making a special place card template for a wedding

When carrying out a wedding or visiting a wedding, often we will see a place card template that writes the names of certain visitors on a dining table, right? This is a sign where to help those concerned find the position they had prepared for the organizer.

Tips for creating a place card template

Making a place card template is not too difficult if it is really serious to learn it. That way, we can also save expenses because we can do it the DIY way because there is no need to hire someone’s services to make it for us later.

5 tips on how to make a place card template

If you plan to make it yourself, below are 5 tips that you can follow to try later.

  1. Combine with black and white

You can combine the basic colors of black and white as the main color that will be used later. This color can also be an option for you if you want to have a simple, simple design, but still beautiful and elegant.

  1. Add a few varieties

You can also add several varieties in it. For example, you can add engraving on the outline or frame of the name, other colors, as well as the type of letter that will be used to write the name in question.

  1. Design with the present

To look trendy and up-to-date, you can check and search for information in advance which card designs are currently trending. From there, you can see how you can create a card design model with the latest trends by combining models and other elements according to your taste.

  1. Use colors that are bright, but not striking

This is very important because the appearance of the place card will be more pleasing to the eye. These colors will usually use more colors with light color elements, such as light blue, light yellow, or light brown for example.

  1. Include number

It’s also a good idea to include table numbers other than the names you invite to occupy the table later. That way, the guests will find it even easier to find a place that has been provided for them later.

Not difficult right? By following 5 tips when making a place card template later, you will better understand how to make and adapt it to other place card models, but according to your taste, of course. Besides being able to adjust to your taste, making it in DIY can also save your expenses, and even be an option to increase your income too later.