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4+ Project Management Plan Sample Template

Simple Project Management Plan Sample Template

Everyone in this world may agree that making a perfect project plan is very difficult. People who are outside project management only see the initial process and the final results. Viewing and selecting a project management plan sample template will make your work smooth.

What Is a Project Management Plan?

A simple project management plan is a document that defines the purpose and scope of a project. The benefits of making a project plan include saving your work time, helping to get the big picture, and ensuring that you don’t forget the slightest detail on your project.

Tips For Choosing a Project Management Plan Sample Template

When you want to plan a project into a template, start looking for templates with complete features. Usually marked by a project process chart, project deadlines and timelines, division of tasks to each project division, a checklist, risk evaluation, and the establishment of milestones.

Example Of a Project Management Plan Template

Integrated Project Plan Sample Sample

This template displays narrative descriptions and visual depictions of every aspect of the project that are interconnected and scheduled. You can choose between a static timeline or a Gantt chart and fill in the list of available tasks along with the names of the officers who will be responsible.

Outline Template

This template is comprehensive and has a wide range of scope for the success of your project. Sub-documents in this template consist of work breakdown structure, project details, list of milestones, and so on. With the outline available, you can place a document containing detailed project plans.

Integrated Dashboard

The dashboard on the project management plan sample template becomes a practical tool for the entire project team to display very important metrics. In addition to this template, there is also a widget that can summarize the status of tasks in the project.

How To Use Project Management Plan

There is step by step steps when using a project plan template. First, you have to set priorities for project objectives. Then identify the plan and project work results. Make a fixed schedule and identify problems and assess the risks to the project to be worked into the template.


After all the above processes you have done, now you have a job that has just begun. The project management plan sample template becomes your reference in building a project so that it can compete with various other projects. You are clearly superior because you got it.


5+ Performance Improvement Plan Template

Performance Improvement Plan Template and Sample

When you are talking about the performance improvement plan template sample, at least once in their life, every manager or supervisor will face the situation where a person in their teams do nothing. This nothing makes them feel frustration for the whole team.

At this point, firing underperforming employees is not the best thing here. You need to understand several things below and find out why your team member or employee was underperforming. This template will help you a lot.

What is the performance improvement plan template?

This template was also known as the performance action plan and it usually uses when the employee cannot perform the satisfactory standard. This template asks the employee who struggling their past performance while they are finding out the chance to be a success. This template will help them to improve their performance or behavior.

There are some results that this template can do. It includes the possible decisions such as the demotion, termination, transfer or recognition of skill hap. So, a manager or supervisors can use this template to communicate their expectations to employees who may be still new in that role.

Making performance improvement plan template sample

First, identify the issues. The first thing to create this template is deciding whether the problem is the behavior or performance issues. You can make a separate problems if there was more than one. You need to state clearly when their performances or behaviors become the issue and how it can impact the working environment.

The facts and events that indicate the problems should be included in this template.

Explain why it should change and identify the measurement standard 

Well, to improve the performance – you need to identify some measurable and specific steps. By defined those things more detailed, ensure that your employee understands the expectations clearly. Besides that, ensure that those expectations make sense and reachable in set-up time.

Lastly, you need to explain to them how they can be improved when you meet them at this point. There are many ways to do it.

Identify your resources and supports available to assist them 

To help your employee make a change or necessary improvement, then you need to identify the resources and support available for them.

It includes the time away from the ordinary responsible, other people’s skill, the training activities and so on. So, you can use these things to make a good performance improvement plan template sample.

5+ Weekly Meal Planner Template

Weekly Meal Planner Template Sample: What and Why on Meal Planning

Using a meal planner can a great idea to control meal times. Weekly meal planner template sample is a super-easy way to make plans on what you want to cook and eat for each day of the week. Meal planner can help take most of the stress out on preparing meals that you cook by yourself.

It will not take much of your time to make meal plans for the entire week, plus this can make you cook often, eat healthier food and enjoy it.

Meal Planning, what is it?

Meal planning is thinking about the meals that you about to eat on each day of the week. By making a list of what to eat for the week, you already know what meals to prepare. That makes it easier to make only one grocery trip to find ingredients for the week. You don’t have to make multiple trips and that saves you lots of time and energy.

While reducing the stress level, you have more time around the dining table with family and more healthy home meals. Weekly meal planner template sample allows you to plan meals according to what you have in the kitchen, which is possible to get and what you and your family like.

Why you should plan your meals

Before you get a weekly meal planner template sample, there are many reasons why you should start creating a meal plan right away.

  1. Save your money, single trip grocery shopping will reduce the possibility of you shopping out of want and only buy your needs.
  2. Eat healthier by making more home food with healthy ingredients and rather than buying instant or fast food.
  3. Real food. You can reduce the consumption of processed food and eat real ones.
  4. More quality time with your family around the dining table.
  5. New recipes are no longer overwhelming and stressful to try out.

Using a meal plan allows you to be less stressful because all is planned already with all the ingredients and preparations figured out before. A weekly meal planner template sample is a helper to keep track of the things you need to do.

It is a lot easier when you just have to follow what you have planned rather than must decide day to day meal decisions. It is like doing your homework earlier. The plan also a reminder if you need to prepare something ahead of time.

Weekly Meal Planner Example

6+ Weekly Planner Template Sample

Weekly Planner Template Sample

Whether you are a businessman, a lecturer, or a worker, arranging your weekly even daily schedule is important. That is because to avoid chaos and confusion when you have lots of appointments and important tasks to do. Listing and arranging your task and appointment means you will not have the chance to miss them because you can always see your upcoming appointments and keep track of it.

A Weekly Planner

Generally, a weekly planner shows you a list of tasks and schedule in a week. It is a lot easier and more effective to make a weekly planner instead of making a daily planner. It is because you make the planner once a week instead of once a day.

Depends on what weekly planner template sample you choose, you can list your task, meeting, and appointment from Sunday to Saturday. You can make the daily schedule in an hour form to make it easier to keep track of your schedule.

Tips in Making A Weekly Planner

A weekly planner is not only for listing and arranging your task but can also be used to arrange your weekly meals in case you want to have a healthy diet. So, you need to decide what kind of usage do you want to make use of a weekly planner. Once you decide, you can look online weekly planner template samples according to your needs.

In addition, you also can edit the template to suit your needs; whether is a weekly task format, weekly meals, or weekly class.

Weekly Planner Template Sample 

Most of the templates have the same format: the row shows the day ranging from Sunday to Saturday, while the column is usually empty. You can fill the column in an hour format or any format to adjust your need.

In addition, you should choose the template you like based on the design. If you like the design, you will not feel any burden in doing the schedule. Or you can just simply choose a blank design and fill it on your own.

How to Use

After downloading the weekly planner template sample, you can open it and edit it. The sample usually comes in Doc or Docx format. However, there are other file types you can choose such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, or MS Excel. Open the template based on the file type and you can start to edit your own weekly planner.

Weekly Planner Design Ideas

6+ preschool lesson plan templates

Download preschool lesson plan templates and samples

If you are relatively new in an education field or you think that you want to enter it, then you may have vague ideas about the lesson plan. However, you may not have a better understanding of that concept. If so, then you want to find out what actually the lesson plan is and what should be included. You can use a preschool lesson plan template sample as well.

What is the lesson plan? 

It can be said as the framework for a lesson and the lesson plan is the map needed by each teacher. The lesson plan will show you where you start and where you have done. Besides that, it decides the route that you have to take.

You should know that the lesson plan should illustrate how teachers were intended to conduct their classes, what they want to achieve and how they were intended to reach what they are looking for. Many times, the lesson came in written forms. There are various kinds of teachers along with lesson plans. Even you can get it through online sources as well.

You should know that the lesson plan needs to include the questions and instructions that they are surely given to the class. Besides that, it needs to include the time for each activity. In the term of the full-time teaching profession, then it expects that teachers have such a lesson plan was impractical.

Lesson plan templates and samples 

Making a well-written lesson plan you should know that writing a good lesson plan, then it will need much time. Therefore, if a teacher collects something in a few minutes, then he or she was heading for an issue. There are more things need to consider.

Your lesson plan is more than a guide 

The rough ideas on how you should do those things in a class are what should be included in your good lesson plan. You should know that a good lesson plan is actually a plan which suggested the approach that the teacher should take to teach the students related to specific subjects while it should be pretty flexible to allow teachers to make their own decisions related to what he should dos and don’ts. It is a pretty detailed document the lesson plan may include the potential issues with the solutions.

preschool lesson plan Ideas

4+ Safety Plan Template Sample

Safety Plan Template Sample: What You Need to Know and Why You Need One

Have you ever heard of the term ‘safety plan’? if you are dealing with business and companies matter maybe you are familiar with these words and know what they mean. Here you are going to be informed about what safety plan is with its elements and why you need a safety plan template sample.

Definition and purpose of a safety plan

Safety plan has lots of other names such as job hazard analysis, emergency action plans, etc. this is a type of document that is very important for the safety at working place. In most companies and industries, they are not allowed to practice business legally without any documents for a safety plan.

In companies where the safety is not obligatory, a safety plan is still useful for all the employees to have an understanding that the company is running its working practice with safety. By having a safety plan, a company will show that it put a priority on its employees’ safety.

Safety plan has some purposes and mostly it is designed for the sake of the employees. The documents give information to the employees about handling certain situations. The examples of the situations are a fire in the room, spill found in the hallway, etc. Safety plans certainly have an impact on the employees’ recognition of the company itself. The existence of a safety plan in a company showing that the company commits to keep the employees and workers safe and secure while doing their job.

Elements should be included in your safety plan template sample

A good safety plan should include some important elements, they are as follows:

  1. 5W 1H

In a comprehensive safety plan template sample, it should answer the question of what, who, why, where, when, and how about work safety.

  1. Easy to understand

The safety plan should be comprehensive as well as easy for the employees to read and understand.

  1. Update and improve

The safety plan template sample should be able to be updated and improved as the company grows. This is useful to adapt to the changes that happen in the company.

Why you need the plan?

The reason why you need the safety plan template sample is that this will make the plan writing easier as you have the guide rather than have to figure everything out by yourself. By using a template you will be guided with a systematic and thorough evaluation of the work safety and don’t miss anything even the small details

12+ Weekly Planner Template Functions

If you are an organized person, then you know how important it is to have a weekly planner template. In fact, if it is even possible, you have the templates for daily planner, monthly planner, and all kinds of planner possible. Not many people understand the importance of a planner, especially when it comes to managing their activities and schedules in a more orderly fashion. But you know better, right?

The Major Functions of a Planner

No matter how organized you are, you know that time management can be a real problem – it somehow poses its own challenges for different people. Let’s admit it: Our productivity level will be different from day to day. There are days that we are the most productive ones and there are days that aren’t. There are days where the task and the responsibilities would be piling up and there are days that are more relaxed and laid back. The planner is supposed to help us get organized with better arrangement. It can be done to manage your priorities so you won’t be overwhelmed. You don’t want to spend the whole day moving here and there in such an unproductive manner only to lose the opportunity to enjoy your ‘me time’, do you?

A planner should help you focus on the right track – you will focus on the tasks at hand, finish them off, and then you can relax. These are the reasons why the weekly planner template can help:

  • You should be able to track your activities, tasks, and responsibilities anytime and anywhere. Do you have a new update for tomorrow’s meeting or have you noted down your task for this evening?
  • You have the needed focus to stay right on track and move on. When you don’t have any planner, it is so easy to forget things and then get lost astray in your sea of thoughts. Don’t you think it would be better if you can start the day reviewing your planner and then say ‘Ah, I need to get this done,’ Instead of .”My gosh! I totally forgot about buying the grocery!” by the end of the day?
  • The planner helps you to stay focused on the things that matter most. You can make the priority and then followed by the not-so-important tasks
  • The planner can also improve your creativity because you have this sense of doing an important task.

Tips in Doing Fun Planning

Sure, you may consult the weekly planner template for your weekly planning but it doesn’t mean that everything should go boring and plain. Here are some things that can make it fun:

  • You can print out the different templates, compile them into an attractive organizer, and decorate it your way.
  • Just because you are printing the templates, it doesn’t always mean that it should stay that way. Feel free to decorate with markers, colorful pens, washi tapes, and so much more. It’s up to your creativity.

Never underestimate the power of a planner. If you can choose the right weekly planner template, then you should have a try.

5+ Risk Management Plan Template

Protect Yourself and Team Using A Risk Management Plan Template Sample

risk management plan template sample is useful to run a project because it contains several essential components of the risks that may come with the jobs in the project.

You can ensure that you have a smooth project since you make the risk management plan template sample. This template can be valuable to run your project. If you wonder to know how to create it, here’s what you need to know.


Risk Management Plan Template Sample

It is a kind of document that is made to foresee the risks and estimate the impacts of them, and the responses when one of the dangers happens. The risks are uncertain conditions that can occur during the project execution.

When they occur, it should be identified and analyzed to get the causes and the impacts, and how to respond to them. Creating the risk management plan template sample will make the jobs easier.

1. The components of a risk management plan template sample

There are several things to be considered in providing this template.

  • Definitions

This component is about to define the meanings of the Very Low, Low, Medium, High, Very High that the risks are included. If you create the template, make sure that you define those terms definitions.

  • Assumptions

It is about the assumptions of the impact on the analysis of the risk. You can start to ask questions to yourself about the premises of the project costs, the schedule, the expertise your company has and their experiences, the relationship of the persons involved in the project.


You also need to count up the similar project you’ve ever done, and they’re successful. The issues that happened in the previous projects also need to be considered to create it.


  • The structure of risk breakdown

After you obtain the risks that may happen in the project, you have to break them down to have a specific list of the project.


  • The matrix of probability impact

This matrix is about the detailed definition of the structure of effects that can be used by the risk register. It will help you to consider the determination of probability and the values of the impact for each risk event. You can understand the factors of them as well.


  • Confidence estimate

It is about the analysis of the potential deviation from the plan of the project.


  • The risk register

It is about the list of the most critical risks that a project faces. It is how the project management team would deal with them.


2. The Content of risk register

The risk register is the chore of the risk management plan template sample. It consists of the description of the risks, probability, and impact of the risks. It also mentions about the risks, the priority, and the plans of responses. You have to consider those things in creating this template.


After you gain the things, now, you can start to write your risk management plan template sample. Good Luck!



6+ Development Plan Template Sample

Manage Your Life Using Personal Development Plan Template Sample


A personal development plan template sample can help you to map the directions you want to take to achieve the goals of your life.

It is a template to manage the action plan you need to do in your life. Using the personal development plan template sample can help you to track the efforts and the goals you set.

A personal development plan template sample is a kind of document you can use to set up the goals of your life. If you have a clear plan, you can get the benefits of it. You can feel more relaxed and more directed to living your life.


Steps To Write the Development Plan Template Sample

All you need to do in making a personal development plan is to follow the steps. Here are some steps that need to be done:

1. Determine the goals

The goals will help you to direct your life into a settled one. You have to know the things you want in your life. Goals can be divided into long-term and short-term goals.

2. Set up the priority of your goals

If you have several goals in your life, you need to think of the steps to help you achieve those goals. Make sure that you have the prioritized goals to be completed. The prioritized goals are the goals you consider more important that you will take steps to accomplish them.

3. Deadlines are essential

The deadlines here don’t always mean the time you have to finish the goals. The deadlines are how you picture yourself in the future. By having this picture, you can be motivated and inspired to create realistic steps to achieve what you picture yourself in the future.

· Knowing the opportunities and threats

· Make yourself developed

4. Networking

You can’t achieve the goals by yourself. The influence of people around you will affect the way you act. You can use them to smoothen your steps in getting the goals.


5. Progress

When you finish with all the things, this is the time for you to run the plan. In the middle of your journey, you need to measure the progress of your action plan. It allows you to reflect on the steps you’ve taken so far.


6. State the steps on the personal development plan template sample

The plans you’ve thought should be written on the template. It is to notice whether there is an alternative to run the programs as well as to revise them. You can download a sample personal development plan template and follow the instructions in filling it out.


The personal development plan template sample can be beneficial to manage your life to be more settled since you know what to achieve and the steps to do.





3+ 5E Lesson Plan Template

5E Lesson Plan Template Sample Makes Teachers Easily Creating The Comprehensive Lesson Plan


5E lesson plan template sample is a document that teachers need to make their jobs more comfortable to do. This template consists of many things that the teachers need.

Before running the instructions, teachers will make a lesson plan to support them, delivering the lesson materials to students. For some teachers, creating a lesson plan can be time-consuming while others think the other way around. If you believe that it is so, you may use the 5E lesson plan template sample for your class instruction.


What is 5E Lesson Plan Template Sample?

This kind of template is a document of the lesson plan. That is important to obtain primarily for teachers to know the directions of their instructions in the class. This template allows the teachers to create a constructive model of instructions in the classroom.

This template is not boundaries by the ages. It can be used by the teachers who teach the students of all ages, including the adults. But do you know what 5E is?

1. The definition of 5E

The lesson plan that is based on 5E is created to fulfill the constructive model of learning. This 5E is about Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and the last is Evaluate. Each phase has a specific process.

  • Engage

The present learning experiences of students are connected to the past learning experiences

  • Explore

Providing the students with a joint base of experiences. In this phase, students identify the concept, skills, and processes as well as to develop them.


  • Explain

Students explain the ideas they explore before. This phase allows the teachers to introduce the terms, definitions and explaining the concepts, skills, behaviors, and the processes


  • Elaborate

It is to extend the conceptual understanding of students. This phase offers them to practice their behaviors and skills.


  • Evaluate

It is to encourage students to do a self-assessment about their understanding and their abilities of the key concepts and development of skills.


2. What are in the 5E lesson plan template sample?

The template usually consists of several terms to describe each phase of the 5E model of teaching.

  • The teacher’s name, the date of the class instruction, the grade of the students, and the materials are in the template.
  • The essential standards and objectives are clarified in the template. There will be space for the aspects.
  • Differentiation strategies used to meet the different needs of students should be stated in a particular space.
  • The activities of each phase are described well in 5 different spaces of the template.


That’s how to fill up the 5E lesson plan template sample. Happy Teaching Teachers!