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The Proper Format in Writing A Leaving on Good Terms Resignation Letter

Resigning properly will help you maintain good relationships with your former employer and co-workers. Even if you leave work elegantly and nicely, you still have to follow the procedures and aspects to show your politeness. As has been done by all employees who quit a job, you also need to write a leaving on good terms resignation letter before officially resigning from the company.

What Should I Include in My Resignation Letter?

A good resignation letter must be written in a standard format that is commonly used, for example by including several important things such as the following:

Express Your Gratitude

You need to thank your former employer for the job opportunity. With the work experience you have got, you can be an expert and professional in doing things in your field.

Write The Specific Date

Mention a specific date when the last day you worked. That way, the salary and compensation you receive can be calculated with certainty.

Explain the Reason for Resigning

You may have previously met with your employer to discuss your resignation. still and all, you need to write the reasons why you resigned from the company.

Helping the Transition

You can also state your availability to help the transition period by writing your contact information and insisting that you are ready to answer some questions after officially resigning for a smooth transition period.

What Is The Proper Format For A Resignation Letter?

Even though you have a good and close relationship with your employer, you should write your good terms resignation letter in a formal and elegant format. The letter you write should be short and have at least three paragraphs. In the first paragraph, you need to write a warm greeting and express that you will resign. Make sure you write the official date of resignation followed by the reason you are resigning.

In the next paragraph, write your availability to assist with the transition period, contact information, and perhaps any projects you have not completed. In the closing section, you must say thank you for being allowed to join the company.

Good Terms Resignation Letter Sample

After understanding the brief explanation above, you can see the example below to help you write your resignation letter:

Dear Mr. Douglas,

I am writing to confirm my resignation from Excellent Company. As I said before, I decided to focus on continuing my business, so I couldn’t continue working at your company because of my busy schedule. My last day of work will be on January 17, 2021, so I hope you will accept this letter as my official two-week notification. I appreciate your understanding.

I still have an unfinished project and I will finish it immediately in these two weeks. Apart from that, I will also be happy to assist my successor in the transition period. Please call me at (666)-6666-666 or email me at, I will be happy to reply to all your messages.

I am grateful for all the important and amazing experiences I have had while working with you and other colleagues at Excellent Company. I will miss the pleasant office atmosphere. I hope Excellent company will be more successful in the future.



Olivia Judith


Excellent Company

In conclusion, writing good terms resignation letter will help you to establish good relationships with your former employers and co-workers in the future. Hope our explanation above can help you.


How To Write A Professional Contract Acceptance Letter?

The best thing in business is when you get offers from other companies to do business together. If you are interested in doing business together, all you need to do is write a contract acceptance letter. If you are confused about how to get started, you can notice our simple explanation and example in this article, so you would have a new idea.

How To Write An Acceptance Letter?

To write an acceptance letter, you can start drafting. Write your letter in three paragraphs using simple and clear sentences. Use the company letterhead and logo, make sure you choose the correct grammar and spelling. You can proofread the letter before sending it.

In a contract acceptance letter, you also need to write the date and signature. Since the letter is a letter for a business contract, you must state the agreement regarding the offer to discuss further business matters.

What Should I Include In My Acceptance Letter?

If you are unsure about which elements to include in your business letter, some of the aspects we will describe below may help you:

Reasons for Proposal Approval

You can reveal the reasons why you agreed to the proposal offered. Usually, there are expectations and compliments that you must write, like your hope about the business with the potential partners can grow in the future.

Form of cooperation

You need to briefly explain the form of cooperation that you will do. Besides, state your agreement followed by the contact information if potential partners wish to contact you further.


Write an elegant and professional closing that reveals that you can’t wait to look forward to doing business together. Don’t forget to include your name and signature at the end of the letter.

Apart from paying attention to some of the elements above, you also need to underline things like:

  • Write an appropriate title.
  • Thank you for your potential business partners who invite you to do business together.
  • Restate the terms and job offers, so your potential business partner knows that you understand the point.

Contract Acceptance Letter Sample

To write an acceptance letter, you can notice our brief sample below:

Dear Mr. Charles,

I am very happy to inform you that we at an Elegant and Classy Clothing Store are willing to accept the contract given by XYZ Wholesale Center to become a supplier of our fabrics and clothing materials. We appreciate your company’s reputation and believe that this partnership will have a positive impact on the business development of Elegant and Classy Clothing Store with XYZ Wholesale Center. We have also agreed to the terms and conditions that you wrote in the contract and can’t wait to implement them immediately.

We have attached a copy of the contract to this letter. Please contact me at (777)-7777-777 to have a further discussion about this business.

Thank you for your offer in doing this partnership. We hope Elegant and Classy Clothing Store with XYZ Wholesale Center will be more successful and always be able to serve the community well.



Melissa Deborah


Elegant and Classy Clothing Store

Concisely, you must pay close attention to the important aspects before writing a contract acceptance letter, so you can result in an elegant and professional format.


What Should Be Included in A Loan Agreement Letter?

In the business world, a loan agreement letter has a very important role. In this letter, all the terms between the borrower and lender will be written in detail. This agreement letter is often used for personal loans, real estate, students, and business loans. Among several parties, companies and banks often use this format. If you want to write a good agreement letter, then you must notice several relevant things.

Is It Important To Write An Agreement Letter for Loan?

The loan agreement is an important official document because it contains an agreement between the borrower and the lender. It can be done verbally, but a written agreement is stated to be more effective and efficient, and there is a signature from both parties.

The loan agreement contains some important information such as the names of the parties, the date when the loan starts, the loan amount, interest rates, payment terms, details of the guarantee or collateral.

How To Write An Agreement Letter?

To write a good loan agreement letter, you have to include several important elements such as the identity of the two parties, the date of the agreement, the loan amount, interest rates, payment terms, signature, choice of law, separation, and the entire agreement.

The content of your agreement letter must follow a legal contract, explain the financial obligations of both parties, how many loans are given, and the amount of the loan that must be returned.

Loan Agreement Letter Example

In writing a letter of agreement, you have to pay attention to several important aspects of the letter. Below is an example of a letter that you can use as an inspiration.

Dear Ms. Rachel,

After reviewing your application, we agree to approve your $ 8,000 loan request. We also want to thank you for your trust in running a business with us in the past and hopefully, you will be blessed with success in your new business. Please review the terms of this agreement below and don’t hesitate to ask if there are several things to be questioned.

The Independent Financial Generous Institution, as the lender, will provide a loan of $ 8,000 to Excellent Company, as the borrower. The borrower has agreed to pay back the loan with interest at $ 660 in monthly installments from January 14, 2021, to January 14, 2023. The loan will be disbursed on December 14, 2020, and repayment will begin via transfer to account # 4444477777-2.

Promise To Pay: The borrower promises to pay off the debt and interest within two years of the loan.

An online business account will be provided when this letter has been signed. The terms can be reconsidered three months after this agreement is approved.

Thank you for your attention.



Jonathan Jackson

Business Accounts Manager

Independent Financial Generous

(777) -7777-777

I have understood and agreed to the contents of this agreement. I will pay the amount I borrowed according to the terms of the agreement and the terms listed above.



Lily Rachel



Excellent Company

December 10, 2020

That’s all our short explanation about a loan agreement letter. By reading a brief description and sample above, we hope you can get a new and fresh idea.



Why Does An Employee Need A Proof of Job Letter?

One of the jobs that you must do while working in Human Resources is receiving requests from an employee to write a proof of job letter to third parties, such as to other companies or financial institutions. This letter provides information regarding the employment status of the employee, salary information, date of employment, and some important information that third parties want to know. To write a good letter, you shouldn’t overlook some important elements.

Why Do Employees Need a Verification Letter?

Several things may encourage an employee to request a job verification letter, some of which are as follows:

To Apply for a Loan

Usually, creditors want to ask for certainty whether the debtor has a permanent job or not because the creditors don’t want to have a debtor who will cause problems such as bad credit. That way, employees will need a verification letter to get a loan.

To Request for Suspension of Payment

The next thing that usually prompts an employee to request a verification letter is a request for a payment suspension. It could be that they also want to pursue opportunities from other companies and need a letter of proof that they have a background in a certain company.

Also, several other reasons might make employees ask for proof of a job letter, the most important thing is that you have to ask about what information needs to be written in letter format.

How To Write A Verification Letter?

As has been mentioned earlier, some important information that must be included in the verification letter must be customized to the needs of the third party. The letter must also be written on official letterhead with the company logo. In the letter, you may need to include several important aspects such as company address, third party name and address, employee name, date of employment, employee salary, and job description. Make sure you write the letter in the correct and professional format.

Proof of Job Letter Example

If the explanation above cannot help much to complete your letter, then we have also prepared a brief format to help you start writing your letter. The following is an example of a job verification letter that might help you to get a little bit of an idea before writing your letter.

First Communication

Human Resources Department

Dallas, TX 65503

January 12, 2021


Financial Loan Company

666 First Ave

Dallas, TX 76112

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is to verify that Larry Parker is an employee at First Communication as assistant manager.

Larry has worked with us for four years. He is a full-time employee with a compensation rate of $ 50,000 per year.

If you want to know further about Larry, please feel free to call me at (999)-9999-999 or by email at



First Communication

All in all, many factors make a worker request proof of job letter to a third party. As an employee who works in the human resources department, you certainly have a big responsibility to be able to write letters in the best format.


Why Should Write A Business Agreement Letter?

One of the important keys in doing business is mutual trust. In the business world, when you are required to trust each other, the most important thing you can do is writing a business agreement letter. Therefore, the business purpose and objectives will be clear and have a formal foundation, so that both parties will comply with the applicable rules. If you want to write an agreement letter, you must pay attention to some important elements.

What Are The Components of Agreement Letter?

When writing a letter of agreement, there are several important points that you must write, here are some aspects that you need to include in your letter format:


Make sure your letter has a formal and elegant introduction. In this part, you need to write the purpose of the letter you are writing. Keep the introduction short and clear to make the format of your letter is simple and elegant.

Content of the Agreement

In this part, you must write the products or services that you offer. Describe in detail what is being offered and done between the two parties.

Compensation and Date

Don’t forget to write the payment or compensation that will be obtained in return for the product or service offered. You can also add certain conditions related to the payment.

Apart from writing the compensation, it is also important for you to write a date or deadline so that compensation payments can be more controlled.

How To Write An Agreement Letter?

The business agreement letter that you write must be in a general and formal business letter format. Several aspects that you need to include such as contact information for both parties, requirements, date, and time. The letter must consist of the signatures of both parties who mutually agree. If there are parties that fail to fulfill the contents of the agreement, then there are certain consequences as agreed.

Business Agreement Letter Sample

After paying attention to the brief explanation above, you can start writing a letter of agreement by considering the example below:

Dear Amy,

As discussed in the preliminary agreement letter, we agree to use your service as a publisher for our college material books and in return, we will entrust all of our book printing to your service. Please give your sign at the bottom of this letter and return it to me immediately. You are also welcome to write certain notes or attach some. As soon as you sign this letter, we will prepare a formal contract.

Preliminary Business Agreement

First Publishing will provide the best service in the form of publishing the best quality books with a 35 percent discount. This applies to all lecturers or students from ABC University who wish to publish a book on First Publishing.

ABC University will direct all lecturers and students who will publish their books at First Publishing. The 35 percent discount applies only to the first 20 publishers each year.

This agreement is valid from the date this letter is written until the contract ends according to mutual agreement. There is no additional fee for this agreement.

Hopefully, this agreement will be accepted, so your publishing service and our university can form a long-term partnership.

Kate Sharon


ABC University


Kate Sharon, ABC University



Amy Parker, First Publishing

January 15, 2020

In short, it is important to write a business agreement letter to avoid several unwanted things in the future. Besides, pay attention to some crucial elements that you must write in your format.



Familiarize Yourself with a New Employee Announcement Letter

Have you ever got the letter from the higher authority at your workplace about the new person joining the office? Yes, that is one way to introduce a new employee, usually hired by the manager or the one with the authority, to everyone in the office. This typical new employee announcement letter is usually sent by the hiring person and it is intended to ask everyone to welcome the new person.

Announcing the New Employee

In writing a new employee announcement letter, there are things to take into some considerations. The letter itself is a more like a memorandum rather than the official actual letter. The intention is stated right in the beginning of the letter and the tone must be positive. It announces the role of the new employee in the office. Later, the detailed qualifications of the new employee are explained so that it can be the main reason why the employer chooses him/her. The letter ends with the positive closing asking all employees to welcome and work together with the employee.

Sample of New Employee Announcement Letter

A new German teacher has been hired in a language institution. The manager discloses the decision to all teachers by sending the new employee announcement letter. Here is a sample that can be as the reference.

From: Robert Andrew, Manager of Language Master Institution

To: All teachers in Language Master Institution

Subject: Mr. Paul as a new German teacher


I am pleased to announce the new German teacher position in our institution, Language Master, is filled. He is Mr. Paul, and he will be joining with us on August 6, 2019 to replace the position of Frau Dina. He is a native German speaker and has a long list of experience which can bring a new positive atmosphere to the institution.

Mr. Paul has been a teacher in few schools and private language institution in German for nearly 7 years. He has dealt with many students in different levels, starting from young learners to adults. I believe Mr. Paul will have adapt quickly with our students who are mostly teenagers and adults. He was also chosen as The Best Teacher in his workplace because of his excellence and dedication in teaching the students.

Aside from his experience, Mr. Paul earned his master’s degreefrom a reputable university in German and he was majoring inDeutsch, which is in line with the major he is teaching right now. Once, he had been chosen to be an official translator for the national event.

I believe with the dedication and ability that Mr. Paul has, he becomes the best candidate to continue the hard work that Frau Dina has put so far. I hope everyone can cooperate and welcome him to be one of the teachers in this institution.

With Best Regards,


Robert Andrew

So, do you have better idea now after reading the sample of new employee announcement letter? We hope this article can help you in understanding more about this specific announcement letter.



Health Insurance Appeal Letter and How to Write it

After going through several medical treatments, it is surely upsetting to find out that your claim is denied by the health insurance companies. If this is happening, the patient can object the decision and write the health insurance appeal letter. In writing the letter, there are a number of things that you need to remember. However, before we talk about that, let’s look at some reasons why health insurance companies deny the patients’ claim to pay for the treatment.

The Reasons why Your Claim Gets Denied

There are a lot of reasons why health insurance companies reject to pay for something. Before you are submitting the health insurance appeal letter, here are some of the common reasons that you need to know.

Treatment Urgency

Health insurance companies may disagree with the treatment that the patients received. If it is found that the treatment is not urgent or it is urgent, but the patients fail to ensure the insurer, the chance is the insurer will not pay for the treatment.

The Treatment is not Covered

Another common reason is because the treatment is not covered by the insurance plan.  Sometimes, the patients miss the information by not checking thoroughly about the treatments covered by the insurance.

What to Write in Health Insurance Appeal Letter

When you are sure about your decision in writing a health insurance appeal letter, first you need to make the situation clear by explaining to the insurer as detail as possible. Include the facts and attach some documents needed such as the medical records and the physician’s statement. The intention is to get the health insurance companies pay your treatment, so you need to tell the truth and avoid exaggerating the condition. At the end of the letter, thank for the consideration. It is a simple gesture but it will be appreciated.

Sample of Health Insurance Appeal Letter

Below is a sample of appeal letter sent by the patient to explain her condition so that hermedical claim gets reconsidered by the insurer.

Dear Mr. Bobby,

I am writing this letter as a response of the Health Care Insurance’s denial towards my medical treatment coverage for the cosmetic surgery that I received on July 15, 2018. Please accept this my appeal letter. As I have read in your denial letter, the main reason to deny the treatment is because the cosmetic surgery is not covered in my insurance plan. I believe there is a mistake in the misinformation here.

I changed the insurance plan in your company started from last month. In the current insurance plan that I am paying right now, there is a coverage for cosmetic surgery. I have the letter proof that I did the upgrade plan, which I attach along with this letter. As an insurance member in your company for several years, there may have been a information mishap in the data since this is the first time I upgrade my insurance plan. Aside, the doctor told me that the surgery is needed as I have difficulty in breathing if I do not receive the surgery soon. It was because of the nose bridge problem that I have since I was born. This is another reason of why I decided to upgrade my insurance plan.

I believe the documents I attach can be as a consideration to grant my medical claim. Dr. Jacob, who performed my surgery, has agreed for further confirmation if it is needed by the insurance company. Thank you for the consideration.



Brenda George

This is one example as how the health insurance appeal letter is written. You can modify based on the situation that you have. Hopefully it helps.


A Guide to Write Nursing Application Letter

Applying for a nursing job can get very competitive at times. As the pandemic spreads all the around the world, the health sector needs more nurses and doctors in almost all hospitals. Therefore, the number of nursing application is skyrocketed during the past months. If you want to be a nurse and considering of sending a nursing application letter, you might need to look at the sample below and read several information about it before sending one.

Important Skills of Nurses

Before sending the nursing application letter, you might need to check if you have the following skills that nurses must have. First is caring. Being a nurse means taking care of patients with so many different personalities. If a nurse is not caring, it will be hard to do the job professionally once they meet a difficult patient. Second is critical thinking. Nurses are often faced in a difficult situation where they must take decision quickly to save the patient’s life. The quick decision needs to be taken seriously and it is not an easy job as they must identify the problem and think of the possible way to help the patients within a short amount of time. The last skill is time management. Hospitals can get very busy at times and nurses must be able to treat the patients at the same time professionally. Also, there is a long list of duty that nurses must do other than taking care of the patients. If you are sure of having these three qualities, you can start writing the nursing application letter and be ready for a busy nurse life.

Writing a Nursing Application Letter

In writing an application letter in nursing, you state the intention right from start, completed with the position and department you are looking for. You also need to introduce yourself and mention the qualifications you have, and experiences if any. Explain the reasons why you are interested in joining the place you are applying. End the letter with giving your personal contact and thank for the opportunity.

Sample of Application Letter for Nurses

Below is a sample of nursing application letter that you can use as a reference in writing yours.

Dear Mr. Bahram,

I am writing this letter to apply for a nurse position in a Critical-Care Nursing Department in Medical Hospital. I have received the information that the department is in need of the nurses from the job advertisement. My educational background and experience can be useful in taking care of the patients in the department.

I have received the training to be in an emergency room for a semester during my study and I had a first-hand experience of being involved in emergency units during all the time in my career for 3 years. I believe I have the knowledge regarding the critical care, and I can work under the pressure. I get used to work in fast paced environment where I focus to the doctor’s instructions at the same time to treat the patients. I believe I have all the qualifications you are looking for to be as a nurse in the emergency department.

Along with this letter, I attach my resume that highlights the experience I have had during my career until recently. I can be reached at 111-222-333. Thank you for your consideration.



Salma Harim

After reading the sample above, we hope you have better idea of how to write a nursing application letter.


Is It Important To Write A Tenant Lease Termination Letter?

When the lease period has ended, you need to decide on ending the lease or continuing the lease to the next month. If you decide to terminate the lease in a good manner, you should make a written notification regarding this matter to the landlord by using a tenant lease termination letter. However, in writing the letter, you should not be careless because there are several important elements you need to notice.

Why Should I Write A Lease Termination Letter?

By using a termination letter, you can inform the landlord formally that you will be moving on a certain date. You should send the letter 30 days before the lease ends, or maybe you want to move before the lease ends. This letter is very important because it can protect you from fines or fees for breaking the contract. Therefore, you are recommended to write a lease termination letter 30 days before your lease ends.

How To Write A Lease Termination Letter?

Your letter should be written neatly in a general format, including the date of the letter, when the lease ends, your reason for terminating the lease, and your new address. Here are some reasons that tenants may leave the lease:

Property Standard Violation

As a tenant, you have the right to be able to access clean water at any time, trash cans, get a suitable area to be used, and so on. If your apartment is not in a fit and livable condition from the beginning of your lease term, it’s better if you leave it.

Violation of Privacy Right

Landlords cannot arbitrarily enter your apartment, if there is something important to do, there are also certain procedures such as notifying at least 24 hours before the owner enters the room. In addition, there are several logical reasons where the owner can enter your room, including checking the unit, making repairs, or showing the unit to prospective new tenants. If the owner violates that provision, your privacy right will be compromised.

Illegal Building

If the building you live in is an illegal apartment, you can terminate the lease without penalty. However, this depends on the regulations in each state.

Apart from the things above, many other things will make tenants terminate the lease. Of course, the reasons you write must be reasonable and in accordance with facts.

Tenant Lease Termination Letter Sample

Here is one of the simple format for lease termination letter that you can use as a sample:

Dear Mr. Zachary,

I am writing to inform you that I will terminate my lease agreement starting from January 21, 2021. Prior to that, I really appreciate your willingness to rent an apartment for students. As previously agreed, my rental period will end on February 13, 2021, I will pay my rent even though I will leave it early.

I really enjoyed the four years I have spent in your rental house. I have met new friends and family in the house. You are very obedient in maintaining a property, even when there is a complaint about damaged property, you would immediately repair it. I feel very fortunate to live in your rental house for years. I’m sure the next tenants will be happy to live in your rental house.

My study period has ended, so I will graduate from university on January 19, 2021. It’s lucky to get a job right away before I graduated, so I decided to move immediately.

Thank you for providing comfortable and well-equipped rental places for students like me. I have been hired to work in an advertising company and will be living in an apartment in Ottawa, Canada. If you have any questions, please call me at (444)-4444-444.



Megan Victoria

That’s all our short explanation about the tenant lease termination letter. By noticing the description and sample above, hope you can get a new perception.




The Best Format To Write An Employment Reference Letter

These days, many employers will notice a letter of reference or recommendation as one of the most important additions to applicants. Usually, a reference letter written by someone who has no family relationship to the applicant will get more value, for example, if it is written by a former employer. In an employment reference letter, several points that need to be included are achievements, qualities, strengths, skills, and so on.

What Is The Best Format For A Reference Letter?

Before writing a reference letter, it’s good to pay attention to some important points such as the job description, your relationship with the applicant, the applicant’s best qualities, and specific examples.

Job Description

Ask the applicant about the field of work to be applied. Make sure you know a lot about the field of work, adjust the letter you write by mentioning the appropriate skills and experienceS. To make it easier, you can request a copy of the job description from the applicant.

Relationship with Applicants

Explain briefly about your relationship with the applicant, for example as an employer and an employee. You can find out many things about the applicant to make your letter even more positive. Besides, reading the resumes of your former employees will also help to refresh your memory.

Applicant Quality and Performance

Mention any positive things that make the recruiter feel that the applicant has good quality. You can include specific examples of the applicant’s performance and how the applicant resolved his/her problems while working with you.

What Should Be Noticed Before Writing A Reference Letter?

Before writing an employment reference letter, you need to know many things about the applicant. A reference letter should be written in a positive and convincing tone that will attract the recruiter. If you feel that you don’t know much about the applicant’s performance or abilities, it’s better to politely decline the request.

Employment Reference Letter Example

If you are sure to write a letter of reference but are confused about how to get started, you can look at the examples below for inspiration to write your letter.

Dear Mr. Timothy,

I recommend Jennifer Kathleen as a math teacher at Excellent Middle School. She has started her career to join us in Brilliant Middle School for 7 years. At that time, She was a young graduate with honors who was talented and accomplished. Even though she was very young at that time, the way she followed our teaching methods was extraordinary, even as a math teacher she was able to find some creative learning methods that make our students love mathematics. She is one of our beloved teachers who is also loved by our students.

It was hard for us let Kathleen quit from our institution, but an emergency thing forced her to move out of town to accompany her grandmother, who lives alone. Two weeks ago Kathleen’s grandfather died, which made her parents asked her to live with her grandmother, they are living in the same city with your school. This shows that Kathleen is also a friendly, caring, and responsible woman.

I am sure she will make a big contribution to your school, as well as several contributions and achievements she gave to our school. I highly recommend Kathleen to join as one of the math teachers at your school. Please contact me if you have any questions about Kathleen at (666)-6666-666 or by email at



Emma Judith


Brilliant Middle School

It is clear that in an employment reference letter, you should include several important aspects to convince the recruiter. By reading our brief explanation above, hope you can get a fresh idea.