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18+ Letter Format Template for Business Needs

When we are talking about the appropriate letter format, you may be wondering, “What kind of letter? It is a general letter or the professional one?” Unfortunately, the general letter is way too broad – the coverage can be quite wide and pretty general. In most cases, we are talking about the business letter and the appropriate format. The subject business letter itself is still pretty wide because there are different types of them – such as complaint letter, billing request, business offer, and so much more. So, what are the standard acceptable formats?

The Rules about Formal Business Writing

Whether you like it or not, there are certain rules and regulations about how you are composing the right business letter. If it is only a general letter (such as the one sent between friends or the letter from parents to their college kids), there won’t be a strict regulation over it. The structure is more open and flexible, and you won’t have to deal with certain ‘norms’ in composing your letter. But then again, general letters aren’t the same as business letters that should look more professional and formal. That’s why they have such letter format for the matter.

There are different formats for different letters, especially the different purposes. But when it comes to business matter, there is a general standard used. How to compose them? How to make everything appropriately acceptable? Keep on reading.

The General Structure of Standard Business Letter

So, what are the general standards of acceptable business letter format?

  • First of all, you need to include the addresses first. Yours will be written on the top side right hand area, while the address of the recipient should be written on the left side, right below the address of the sender (your address)
  • Date. When it comes to the date, different people have different preferences. Some like to write it on the left, while some on the right. It doesn’t matter because everything is right and valid. But make sure that you write the month with words. Instead of writing 2 -9 -2017, you should write it as 2 September 2017.
  • Greeting or salutation. Writing ‘Dear Madam or Sir’ is okay if you don’t know the name of the recipient although it is advisable that you should find information about it. This salutation is more acceptable than ‘To Whom It May Concern’. If you have found out the recipient’s name, use the title properly.
  • The end. Ending the letter should be done elegantly. Whether you choose ‘Yours Sincerely’ or ‘Yours Faithfully”, make sure that it is elegant.
  • Signature. Don’t forget to provide a space for your signature. You can also insert digital signature if you are writing an email.
  • Your name. Underneath the signature, you should write down your name and your title.

In the end, you can always find reliable sources where you can get guidance over the right format. Browse around for the specific letter format and make sure that you have chosen the right examples for the business letter format you are looking for.

4+ Graffiti Letters Functions Template

You probably have seen some examples of graffiti letters and you marvel of how great they can be. You have to admit that these letters are quite catchy and unique. They are visible from afar and they usually incorporate bold and bright colors. Of course, some colors are probably muted and soft but most of them are pretty catchy.

The History of Graffiti Letters

Graffiti started in the 70s and 80s – originally developed as the street art. People expressed their feelings through images and they were mostly bright with bold hues because they are meant to be catchy. The idea was to make those images seen or read – and they should be visible even from afar. It was considered a rebellious street act, but as time passes by, the development started to happen.

What was considered as a rebellious street act has turned into something more artistic and elegant. In the past, the graffiti was created on the walls but now they have been transferred to a piece of paper or any printed form. People started to see that when graffiti was brought to letter forms and shapes, the result can be quite impressive and amazing. You will get yourself a unique letter with odd shapes (in a good way, though) and also bold colors. Everything has its own catchy combination and it won’t be different from this graffiti letters.

What are the functions of the letters, anyway?

  • They can create a sense of creativity outlook which will make your printed forms look more appealing and attractive
  • If you use the attractive but easy to read letters, you can effectively convey the message and compel people to read
  • The letters will make your printer forms look more appealing and interesting

How to Make the Letters

So, how do you make the graffiti letters?

  • First of all, you make the outline of the letter. Let’s say that you are writing the word ‘Home’ then you should outline it on a piece of paper. Use the pencil for the outline.
  • Then add the lines by using a pen or a marker. The designs for the graffiti are generally quite scramble and unique. It can be intersecting, on top of each other, or connected. If you have other ideas, feel free to do so.
  • You can erase the outline and create a bold exact line for the letter.
  • Fill each of them with the base hue. Then add patterns or other details on the letter. Use other colors that will create an awesome contrast.
  • Those are the basic guide. Feel free if you want to add your sense of creativity, such as creating a floating word or an uneven level of each letter or such thing alike. Once you get the hang of it, everything can be easy.

In the end, this kind of letter will make your printed media look different from the others. If you don’t know how to make one, use the template to create the interesting form. After all, these graffiti letters are mostly appealing.

7+ Cover Letter Formats Template for Professional Effect

Knowing the right cover letter format can really make a difference between getting yourself the position that you want or having your application letter ignored and rejected. Not many people know what a cover letter is – a surprise, isn’t it? So, read further to know the details.

About the Cover Letter

A cover letter is a written document that is sent along your resume that contains the additional or extra information about your experience or skills. When you want to apply for a job, send the application letter, the CV, a resume, and the cover letter.

Writing the Right Cover Letter

Here is the basic cover letter format that you should know:

  • The job title that includes the information about the job you are looking or applying for
  • The information about the job opening (where you get the info from). If you have the referral, you can also include it
  • The information about the right qualification for the position. You need to be specific about it such as ‘I was responsible for the XYR scanning ability while I was still working at Google’ or ‘I was the team leader of BMW M3 latest development that increased their sales number in 2011.’
  • The information about how your skills and abilities can be beneficial for the new position. It would be advisable if you can learn about the company’s goals, values, and missions, as well as the job description that matches your qualifications.
  • Gratitude expression for being considered

The Guidelines

When you are writing the cover letter, it would be nice to know the basic cover letter format so you can minimize the possibility of mistakes. What are the elements to consider?

  • Header. Start your letter with your contact info (as well as the employer’s) and then followed by a date. So, it should be the phone number, address, email, and name, and then the date.  If the letter is sent via email, your contact info should be included in the end, right after the signature.
  • Salutation. It is always better to start with Ms. or Mr. or Dr. (last name). If you don’t know the name, writing ‘Dear Hiring Manager’ is better than writing ‘To Whom It May Concern’.
  • Introduction. In this section, state what vacancy you are applying for, how do you hear about the position, and how your skills match the requirements for the job.
  • Body. In this section, you should provide information why want the position and why you think you would be perfect for it. This is where you show off your experience or skills from the resume.
  • Closing. Make a simple but strong closing, such as how you are going to be the perfect candidate for the job because of your skills and experience. Also state that you are okay with the chance of interview or any further discussion. Don’t forget to say thank you for the time.
  • Signature and complete name.

Now that you already know the details and functions of the cover letter, be sure to find reliable sources for spot-on cover letter format to help you with your professional career.

20+ Business Letter Template for Different Purposes

Knowing the right business letter template can help you polish your reputation. You can both look professional. When you send out the business letter, you know which structure to use for a certain purpose. In this way, you can avoid making mistakes and errors without having to worry about tarnishing your reputation.

The Term Business Letters

Business letter is a written documents sent from one company to another. Basically, it is a letter that is sent to external parties – between organizations, or between a company and clients, or such thing alike. The language is formal and the tone is professional. The purpose can be various: to inform, to reject, to offer, to remind, to persuade, or even to apologize.

How to Write a Business Letter

You should know that there are different kinds of business letters. That’s why there are different business letter template formats available for different needs. But there are some general standards that you should follow:

  • Your information. Whether you are an employee working for a certain company or you are the owner, including the info about your company is crucial. It should have your company’s name and address.
  • The date. Write it in a complete manner than just abbreviate it. Instead of writing 9-9-2018, you can say September 9 2018.
  • The address and name of the recipient. It should also includes the position in the company.
  • The salutation. Keep in mind that salutation isn’t just a greeting – it is the respect indicator. Based on the salutation, you can tell whether you know the recipient, how well you know him/her, and the formality level.
  • The body. This is the part where your message should be written in a clear and direct language. Avoid beating around the bushes –be straight. Just cut to the chase. Trust me, if you are using clear language, you will be highly appreciated and respected.
  • The closing. You can use formal tone (Cordially, Regards, or Sincerely) or the informal one (best, all the best, warm regards, or best wishes)
  • The signature. You should sign your name with blue or black ink.
  • Sender’s contact info. Whether it is your title, phone number, or email address, make sure to write them after the signature section.

Types of Business Letters

If you know the types of business letters, knowing which business letter template to use can make things easier.

  • Sales letter, which generally includes the perks and encouragement to do the action right away
  • Complaint letter. Use professional tone and be direct if you want your letter to be addressed. Avoid using swear words or foul languages.
  • Order letter which usually includes the products’ name, model number, expected price, and the numbers wanted.
  • Inquiry letter. As the name suggests, the letter is looking for information or answer to the questions. If you have more than one question, it would be wise to keep them in a list for easier reading. Don’t forget to use direct language and tone.

There are actually more types of business letters that you can look around, including recommendation letters, adjustment letters, and follow up letters. If you know where to look, you can find the perfect business letter template to meet your demands.

Business Letter Format Template to Make You Look Professional

Knowing the right business letter format is important because we are talking about professional conduct here. In the business world, there are certain norms and rules that apply and you need to follow them up to be respected, to be considered professional, and to gain trust from other business people. Even when it comes to written documents, everything has its own structure or format that serves as the standard acceptable norms. Fail to address this and you will fail to set up any business relationship or networking

What Is a Business Letter?

As the name suggests, a business letter is the written documents of correspondence happening between two participants through different delivery systems, like regular mail, hand delivery (courier, mostly), and email. The topics may be varied – it can be a business proposition, a business complaint, and many more. Just like the topics, the tones and the purpose can be different – it can be casual or formal. In many cases, it can be neutral with a slight formal tone.

How to Write the Business Letter

Here is the complete rundown of how the business letter format should look like:

  1. The name of the sender
  2. The company name
  3. The company’s street address
  4. The city, state or province, and zip code
  5. The contact person info such as email address or phone number
  6. The date when the letter is made
  7. The name of the recipient
  8. The company name
  9. Company’s street address
  10. The city, state or province, and zip code
  11. The contact person info (of the recipient)
  12. The subject – Letter of Business Proposition or Updated Billing Report
  13. Dear [name]
  14. Introduction why the letter is made and written and what the sender is expecting from it
  15. Middle section is where the detailed description or information is provided. It can be long or short, depending on the purpose of the letter
  16. Conclusion. There should be a summary to this, followed by a call to action (if any) or the next step
  17. Greetings
  18. Signature
  19. Sender’s name – title or position in the company can be included


Some Handy Tips in Writing the Letter

Even with the already provided structure and business letter format, starting out the correspondence can be quite confusing. That’s why there are some useful tips that can help:

  • Make a draft first. Even when you are writing an email, it would be helpful if you use a draft first. It allows you to scribble things, cross the mistakes, and such thing alike.
    Use simple, direct, and straightforward language. Yes, the tone should be a least quite formal but you don’t want to make the recipient get bored with too long words and too boring explanation. Keep everything direct.
  • It doesn’t hurt to do a research about the recipient so you know at least the title or position in the company. It gives you an additional point when you can address the recipient with the title and name, instead of ‘To Whom It May Concern.’

There are many different formats and structures for different kinds of business letters – you only need to do the search and make sure to pick the right one. With the example of business letter format and guide, you can avoid mistakes and errors.

13+ Bubble Letters Template How to Make

You have to admit that bubble letters are fun. When they are used for decorations, they make the entire appearance whimsical and edgy.  For some people, the letters are expressive. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to create such a cute design or bubbly form. But not only such letters can have their own advantages, making them are basically easy to do.

How to Make Bubble Letters

Depending on how you are going to make thin or thick bubble letters, here are some of the basic ways to do the letter.

  • By using a pencil, you need to draw a specific letter first. Let’s say that you are making an A.
  • Make an outline around the letter. If you are new to this, use the pencil first. But when you are already experienced, you can use the marker or a pen
  • Make sure that you don’t make any sharp angles or corners. Also make sure that the distance of the outline is similar all over. It should go around the letter shape.
  • You can make layers of outline as thick as thick or as big as you like
  • Once you are set with the desired shape, you can bold the outer one with a marker. And then erase the inside lines so you only see one outline that has been drawn bold.
  • Color the letter, if you want it to

Once you are already skilled with making the letter, you can add your own twist. Plus, you don’t need to make inside line or outline before. And then, you can add a little twist to the corners or the angles so you can make your own unique and characteristics of your own bubble form. There are different kinds of forms and shapes. Some people may like the rounder letters – the rounder the letters, the happier they are. Some people may like the rather straight format, so the letter is round and yet also slightly straight. It depends on your personal preference, really.

Using the Templates

So, what’s the use of the bubble letters templates, anyway? There are some reasons why it happens. First of all, not everyone has the ability to make the letters – no matter how hard they try and no matter how hard they are practicing. Second, not everyone has the patience or the time to practice. Some people may be busy with their work or with their packed schedules, and yet they need to make an advertised written form – to promote, to introduce, or to market something. Since they don’t have the time, using the templates will provide so much help. Simply print out the templates and you can immediately create a printed form.


In the end, the process of making the letters can actually be fun. For those who have the time and into such a thing, the process can be relaxing. It’s a stress-free release that can also be beneficial for your sanity and health factor. Just make sure that you choose only the reliable and credible sources for the bubble letters templates.

3+ Things to Know about the Scholarship Thank You Letter Template

What is the scholarship thank you letter?

Being chosen to get the scholarship is surely a big honor. Indeed, it may be due to your own efforts and hard works. However, to show your appreciation and generosity, it is very important to write down a scholarship thank you letter purposed for the related sides. In fact, those people also have contributed to your success in finding the scholarship.

This thank you letter is indeed optional. It means it depends on your wants whether you want to send the letter or not. However, it is more recommended for sure to send the letter to the benefactors.

What is the purpose of writing a scholarship thank you letter?

You should not think about the letter is only functioned only for the courtesy. Without the contributions from all the related parties, it is surely impossible for you to get the scholarship. The main purpose of this letter is to make those parties who receive the letters feel their efforts to your success are also meaningful.

Then, you, as the sender, must feel more satisfied also after sending your gratitude to those people. It shows them that your personality is good. Later, they should feel happy to cooperate with you again.

How to make the scholarship thank you letter?

There are mainly two ways to write down the letter. First, it is the manual writing in which you write it down using the pen. Second, you can utilize also the technology by typing it using the computer. Maybe, you wonder which one the best between them. It depends on your situation for sure. When the parties or organizations contributed always require you to write anything down manually before, it seems better if this time; you do the same thing also.

Meanwhile, it is such a different case if the previous requirement is by typing them down. This time, it means you need to use your computer to make the letter. When there is no any certain rule or requirement that you know, it is not a big deal whatever method you will apply.

Interestingly, there are now also the templates to make the scholarship thank you letters for the benefactors. The varieties of languages are available. So, it is easier for you to choose one of them that are really suitable for your personality. Interestingly, there are some templates that provide letters with casual languages. Sure, although they are so-called casual, the languages are still polite and respecting the receivers.

How are the guidelines for the scholarship thank you letter?

If you are interested to make your own scholarship thank you letter, here are some points that must be included.

First, it is the greeting. Some examples are “Dear the Scholarship Donor” or you can also mention the name. The greeting is followed by the state purpose of the letter. In this paragraph, show that you are really happy and honored for being chosen as the scholarship receiver. Next, you can share little things about yourself in a brief paragraph. It includes your family and educational background.

The third paragraph is to thank one more time for being the scholarship receiver. Lastly, it is the closing along with your name and address.

3+ Writing Your Scholarship Thank You Letter Template

Scholarship donors or sponsors are very necessary who help students to attend college and help them to follow their dreams as well. When you have a sponsor that gives you financial aid or other aids that help you to navigate the rough track and what you want to achieve your career, then a thank you should be appropriate to express your gratitude for their great support. Although you can send it with your thought to them through email, however, scholarship thank you letter can be a long way and it would be valuable for years to come as well. Even sometimes it is pretty challenging to find out the right words to be written when you want to say you deepest thanks to your sponsor.

The format of scholarship thank you letter:

  • The sender’s address, you can write your address on the left and top side of your paper. Your address should be clear, such as zip code, street, and city
  • Date, you are able to skip the line after the sender’s address and then included your date that the letter was written. The date could be included in the top and left the corner in your page following your address.
  • The recipient address, skip the label after the date and write the recipient address in the left side of your page
  • The salutation, if you do not sure with the gender of the recipient, then you can use their full name as well.
  • The body of your letter, you have to state briefly about why you write this letter and tell your sponsor a brief information about your life goals and yourself as well. Let them now that their financial investment impact your private life and academic as well. You are able to mention your future plan after you graduate as well.
  • The end of your letter, your closing statement should be summarized and state your attention why you write this letter
  • The closure of your letter, the sign will be depending on how the recipient was well known with you
  • Do not forget to add your name at the bottom of the letter

Check these tips below to make your best scholarship thank you letter:

  • Ensure that you identify your college
  • Do not forget to mention your educational background and the obstacles that you have to overcome to pass the college
  • Mentioned any activity that you were involved, especially in the service project as well
  • Discuss your educational progress and career
  • Ensure that you express your appreciation for its scholarship and the impact on you and your family as well
  • Mention your scholarship program by its name

If you find difficulties to arrange the scholarship thank you letter, then you can read the sample or templates as your reference. Of course, you have to know who you give this thank you letter. If you receive a scholarship through university or college, you can contact your financial aid adviser.

10+ Letter Stencils Template Method to Create Decorative Products

There are several ways to decorate your house. One way to do it is by creating letter stencils and hang it on your favorite rooms.  Let’s learn about this artwork first and the way to apply it as a beautiful accessory on your house.

About Stencils

A stencil is a creative design which created from a thin sheet of materials such as paper, plastic, wood, or metal. It is made by creating the design in the form of holes. Then, you just need to paint or give pigments on the holes. You may draw letters, symbols, shapes, and patterns by using a stencil.

The Benefits of Stencils

A stencil is used for those who can’t draw decorative letters or images and don’t get used to with paints and brushes. The best part of using this technique is that you can create your favorite design and style. You can also apply stencil for some design applications including home decoration, t-shirt, graffiti, and many more.

Types of Fonts in Letter Stencils

The best part of letter stencils is that you can create words that you love by using a unique font. There are several popular fonts which commonly used in letter stencil decorative design including vector, alt rough, technical, vintage, grunge, graffiti, and many more. You don’t have to create the model you want to use by yourself. The easiest way to apply stencil is by using a printable letter stencil. In this process, you just need to print the letter stencil mode you want to apply. Then, you can use it in the certain material along with your favorite colors.

The Use of Stencils

Stencils can be used for several applications such as to replicate a certain image. You can use a stencil, especially if you want to apply the same design several times. As the result, you will have the same image in all of the materials. Moreover, the time to finish the project is faster because you don’t have to draw the image or letter one by one. Stencils are also selected to eliminate problems when there is something wrong in the design. This technique solves the problem with proportion by folding the stencil over to the other side. As the result, you can create a symmetrical design in the material. Stencils help you to create a unique perspective of the design by creating multiple stencils and layering them. The process is easier and it will have the same depth and dimension. Indeed, a stencil is a solution for those who want to apply a specific design to a material fast so you can save more time and create more creative designs.

Types of Stencils

There are also several types stencils you need to know. Let say, you can use a pre-cut stencil which commonly made of plastic. People love to use it because they just need to apply the plastic and then paint it. The problem is on the fit size so you have to make sure that the stencils are perfectly applied in the material before painting it. There is also cut-and-paint stencils in which you have to cut the parts where you want to paint them. The easiest type of stencil is the printable letter stencils in which you just need to download and print the model you want to use. Just cut the model and apply it to the material.

15+ What should be in a Letter of Intent Sample Template

There are some important elements that should be included in a letter of intent sample. Generally, a letter of intent should contain an opening, body, and closing. Although it is simple, you have to pay a great attention when creating a letter of intent. A letter of intent is the main key of your cooperation with other parties so you have to make the best one.

The opening or greeting

When you create a letter of intent, you may not know who read it so it is safe to be as general as possible. Also, you have to be polite, professional, and formal in any way. This is because the letter will be recorded as the start of your cooperation if your intention is approved.

A letter of intent should be formal, polite, and professional but you don’t want your letter to be stiffer than a new kid on the block. Also, you shouldn’t be too conversational because the person you are going to face is a professional to be professional. Thinking that you don’t know each other but really want to know what will happen if you and your target reach an agreement can be a good way to keep your letter of intent on point and proper.

The main issue of your letter of intent

There is a slight difference between a cover letter and a letter of intent. In a cover letter, you totally know what you are going to have and in what position you currently are. When in a letter of intent, you don’t know that you will get what you intend to have or no. To tackle this problem, you can try to position yourself so the reader thinks that they really need you. Also, putting a brief explanation about the company or industry can help you to further advertise your skill to be in line with what is needed by the company. Going specifically for your experience and level is optional because if the letter is too long, some reader may find it not interesting.

If you decide to not go deeper for your experience and job level, make sure that you stay on track and don’t sell yourself too obviously. Stick to the point where you describe the ideal situation that suit with your experience and level. If you are a level-headed person, you can try to tempt the reader with your knowledge of your intended company. Find out their mission and priorities on the company website. You can read the review about the company from their ex-employee. If you really have no idea about what you are going to write, you can predict what things that the company needed and then suit yourself into that description. Keep in mind that what you are selling should be relevant to the company.

Closing your letter

Casually closing your letter and be formal and polite is a great way to end your letter. The basic professional closing, although overused, is still one of the best. Make sure that you don’t sound too stiff and formal. Be brief and orderly so the reader will get what you want. All of the elements above can be applied in a letter of intent sample.