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A Simple Example Of Navy Officer Resignation Letter

Working as a navy officer is not the same as in most companies. It requires a long screening process because they need the best candidate to run the task. So is quitting from this position. There is a long regulation to follow. But speaking about quitting from a job, a navy officer resignation letter is a good start to begin.

How To Resign Gracefully As A Navy Officer?

speaking about writing a polite letter, you need to pay attention to your writing tone and some formal aspects in the navy field. Certain formats require you to write them on it. You can ask for a copy of a head letter from your navy department if it is allowed to be used as formal correspondence. Besides, consider the following aspects so your navy officer resignation can be powerful:

Avoid lengthy explanation

You might think about giving a long explanation of your reason for quitting your job. Unfortunately, the letter is not a proper way to do it. You can discuss it with your superior face to face and explain your difficult situation.

Never talk about your hates for your job

No matter how much you hate your position now, never discuss it straightly with your superior. Just give a strong reason why you have to quit as soon as possible. You need to maintain a good relationship with them and always show your gratitude for getting a chance to work and handling this position.

Don’t Criticize your peers

Becoming a navy is not easy but that is about it. Even if you cannot work well with your peers, it doesn’t mean you need to criticize it in front of your superior. He or she will only see you as an unprofessional person. It means that you have no emotional intelligence which you cannot be put in a frustrating situation.

Never use inappropriate language

Even if it is a navy job, trying to stay formal and polite will be more appreciated. No one likes inappropriate words especially if you want to leave a good mark. Use subtle language but straight to the point without being offensive.

The Example Of Navy Officer Resignation Letter

Dear Naval Secretary Kim and Commander Jock,


I am writing this letter to inform you that I am officially resigning as a Naval Officer of the United States of America. Therefore, please accept my resignation letter. I also have been informed that I will receive a certificate of honorable discharge.

As you already know that my mother is suffering from cancer and now she is in the last stage of her illness. I want to give the best memories for the rest of her life.

During my 5 years of service, I have been through a lot of things as a navy officer. I am very grateful for all of the experience and lessons I got from this field. I wish you all the best and I hope we will meet the same path in the future.

Thank you for your consideration.


Yours Sincerely


Allan Grooms

Writing a professional navy officer resignation letter doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need some good examples and tips. We hope our example helps you!


How to Write A Powerful University Appeal Letter

During the study, some circumstances cause students to be put in a difficult situation. Luckily, most universities receive appeal letters that the student can use to address various circumstances so they can get a second chance. If you are now facing this situation, writing a powerful university appeal letter is important to win your case.

How Do You Appeal If You Fail?

There is some situation that causes students to need to write an appeal letter. This can be their scholarship programs, the grade, and others. However, some students always fail to appeal their case so they have to take consequences. If they do it correctly, at least they can get a second chance.

Act Quickly

The appeal letter must be submitted in a certain period. Sometimes it less than two weeks. For example, you received a letter that you have failed an exam. Within this period you have to do research quickly and learn the regulation on how to appeal your case.

Get Some Advice

Many students fail to appeal their case and they have wasted a lot of time and then they seek some help. You have to arrange a strategy by seeking help and guidance. When you find the right person, he or she will raise some arguments to help you answer this question properly. So, seek help first and then appeal. Don’t do the opposite thing as it will waste your time.

Always Read The Regulation Well

Try to find out what arguments that possibly come when you are appealing your case. Find out what is acceptable and not. Try to be familiar with the regulation in your university, for example, if the dean has failed to respond to your appeal within two weeks, then you automatically win your case because this is the university’s rule.

Try To Spend Time With Your Case

Always and always! Get prepared. You have to make sure you understand well your statement and have a strong defense when you are questioned and attacked with arguments. damage roommateGertrudeme roommate

The Example Of Simple And Professional University Appeal Letter

Dear Mr. Dereck,


My name is Alena and I am writing this letter to appeal the $200 fine against me along with my roommate in Grand Hall. I was aware that last Friday January 1, 2021, there was a new year party in the hall which was out of hand so it resulted in da,maged to some properties. As the housing department has no idea who attended the party and not so everyone who is staying in Grand Hall should be responsible for all the damages.

At the same time, my roommate and I were not there because we attended the funeral of my father. We went home to Beverly Hills so I didn’t attend the party. My parents, my relatives, and my friends in the dorm can testify that I was not available during the party. Besides, I also have the funeral invitation along with the picture of, the funeral ceremony.

Therefore, I would like to ask you please excuse me and my roommate from being fined $200 for the damage as I can provide evidence that I wasn’t there. I am available at any convenient schedule. If you want to discuss this matter, please reach me at (555)555-555 or email me at

Thank you for your consideration.



Gertrude Hook



A Short Guide To Write Graphic Designer Recommendation Letter

A recommendation letter is written by an individual who knows someone’s powerful skills. Typically, a recommendation letter is a part of requirements in some events such as the hiring or scholarship screening process. This recommendation letter is written by the teacher, lecturers, professors, coworkers, managers, and even friends. On this page, we would like to discuss a graphic designer recommendation letter. We provide some tips on how to write it professionally.

Can You Write Your Own Graphic Designer Recommendation Letter?

In short, you cannot write your recommendation letter. You are required to ask someone who knows you very well in your field to recommend you through a formal letter. Besides, when someone writes a recommendation letter for you, he or she has full responsibility for the letter. This is why they are required to add their contact, fromprofessionallyess. Furthermore, the institution or company you are applying to will contact the individual who wrote the letter and use them as a reference.

Additionally, when you are applying, at the end of your cover letter you declare that all the information you have provided is factual. If they find you have faked your recommendation letter, they will disqualify your application, and you are eliminated directly from the list.

What Makes A Good Recommendation Letter?

A strong graphic designed recommendation letter should provide specific detail that illustrates someone’s powerful skills. For example, if you are recommending someone and say someone is good at designing, make it clear by mentioning the experience and awards. For example, the individual has worked for some years in the field, and also the individual has won various titles in some competitions. That will be more promising.

An Example Of Simple Graphic Recommendation Letter

Dear Human Resources Director,

It is my pleasure to recommend Emily Cook to fill a Graphic Designer position at ABC Company. Emily was an apprentice in my department and she worked with me for 6 months.

During her service, I am very pleased with her designing skills considering there are some difficult clients to deal with. At that time, she had been successfully finished some of the most difficult projects on time and received fewer complain from some of the customers. Additional things that make me adore her is her attitude with the customers and coworkers. Besides a hard-working person, Emily can blend very well with other teams and patient enough with the clients no matter how challenging the task is.

Therefore, I would like to recommend her to work in the ABC Company as I see there is a position that will suits her the best. If you have anything to discuss, please feel free to contact me by phone at (555)666-555, or by email at


Thank you for your consideration.


Yours Sincerely


Standley Cooper

Strategic Planner Manager

ABC Company

So, that is all our short guide for writing a graphic designer recommendation letter. We hope it can help you get some ideas in writing it.



Customer Service Appreciation Letter And How This Could Level Up Someone’s Life

Generally, people have a lot to say when they are unsatisfied with someone’s assistant in the customer service center. Many times the customer services have worked very hard to provide assistance and help for the customer. Just in case one of you got a very nice treatment from one of them, it is very nice to return the favor by writing the customer service appreciation letter.

Where Do I Put The Customer Service Appreciation Letter?

In the rapid growth of a digital era, customer service appreciation can do by giving a review for their service. Typically companies provide some form to help customers write their view about their service and the customer care performance. It can be rating in the form of stars, numbers, or opinions that must be written in the review column.

However, in some special cases, writing a letter and then deliver it to their file will create a significant difference. Besides the rate on the companies’ system, the customer service appreciation letter is also a factor for them to get promoted. You can simply put it in their file in their office. Let’s say it is an official review from a satisfied customer that can be used as a tool to get promoted, even though it is not the main factor. But it is still counted.

How to Write A Nice Appreciation Letter To A Customer Service

Writing a customer service appreciation letter is not as difficult as another business letter. You can write it in a friendly tone but stay professional. The main point is expressing your gratitude for getting help from the individual so it encourages you to write this letter.


The Example Of A Customer Service Appreciation Letter

Dear Mr. Brooklyn,

I am very pleased with the help of your customer care representative last Friday. I was desperate in searching for a laptop service center in the last minute of working hours and request them to finish it on the spot. When no one was available at that hour, I met Mr. Patrick who was is preparing to end his shift.

Luckily, he was willing to help me re-install my laptop directly and gave me some solution on how to handle such a situation so I won’t face the same thing in the future.

I am very glad, and I would like to express my appreciation through this letter because Mr. Patrick saved me from the disaster as that Friday was my big day in my career. Without his help, I couldn’t imagine how I would end up.

I believe that this is your business’ mission to help customers from the heart and I expect you will continue this culture. I believe more people will see you as one of the most excellent businesses in this industry.


With Many Thanks


Pamela Henderson

It just takes some minutes to write a customer service appreciation letter. We hope you want to spend some of your minutes thanks to them for giving you the best help.



Complete Guide About Composing Sales Rep Termination Letter

Salesmen that neglect to proceed true to form undermine the organization’s monetary position and its standing. This sales rep termination letter is a decent method to cut off the work association and to archive your support for doing as such recorded as a hard copy. If you want to know further information about this letter, make sure to read this article until the end.

What Do You Need In The Sales Rep Termination Letter?

This letter ought to be composed on organization letterhead by an individual with employing and terminating expert in the association. The substance ought to be restricted to the realities that hinted at the end choice alongside notice of the supporting proof. An assertion of termination and the successful date ought to be given in the primary passage. State realities are important to the representative. For example, when and how the individual will get the last checked, the data identified with advantages, and qualification under COBRA for the continuation of organization protection in the agent end letter design.

What Is The General Standard Of Sales Rep Termination Letter?

It gives you an archived paper trail in the grievous case of a claim. A standard end letter will:

  1. Affirm the purpose behind the end of business
  2. Give receipt of organization property
  3. Give the representative any relevant information as their time at the organization reaches a conclusion


The Example Of Sales Rep Termination Letter

Dear Julian:

After cautious though, I have chosen to end your work with my organization at Good Life Good Food Inc. This end is taking effect right now, June 20, 2019. I am releasing you dependent on the inability to perform the provision contained in your work contract.

At the point when you were recruited, you were given a region with a setup client base. The past salesman went through 3 years constructing and developing this region. At the point when he resigned, it was quite possibly the most productive regions on our organization’s guide. I endowed this domain to you dependent on your experience and the proposals of past businesses.

In the course of the most recent 2 months, we have lost 6 significant customers because of your inability to keep arrangements and the conveyance of deficient orders. The monetary expense of the lost records is more than $300,000 every year. I contacted every customer upon the receipt of a business wiping out notification. I have mentioned a composed assertion from each itemizing the arrangements you made and neglected to keep just as the stock things that were not conveyed as guaranteed. Further, you have neglected to add a solitary customer during your work with the organization.

I anticipate that you should restore the entirety of the organization property that is in your ownership. If it’s not too much trouble give up your organization’s PC and phone following this business end meeting. I will anticipate that you should restore the advertising insurance you currently possess within 3 business days. You will get your last check by the end of business on June 24, 2019. You will get your last bonus check toward the month’s end after client accounts have been added up.

I anticipate that you should respect the non-content contract you marked when recruited. Be exhorted, I won’t endure any movement that likens to customer poaching.



Allison Manda

Owner of Good Life Good Food Inc.


This is the end of the sales rep termination letter today. We hope you gained something new about this. Use it wisely and read the explanation here and good luck!



Thank You For Promotion Letter You Need To See

A promotion is a significant occasion that shows the contribution, aptitude, and initiative capability of your association’s most excellent staff. As an organization member, you may consider expressing a good, proficient worker promotion letter to inform your manager about your gratefulness for your new progression. In this article, we investigate what a thank you for promotion letter is how to think of one, and an example declaration to assist you with composing your own.

What Is A Thank You For Promotion Letter?

This letter is a message given to every worker in an organization to tell them about the advancement of a partner. The promotion is frequently used to urge workers to commend their collaborator’s accomplishments and salute them on the new job.

These promotions are regularly made officially and expertly through email or an interior reminder, sent by letter, posted on a notice board, or conveyed verbally at a group meeting. As an actual record, they may likewise be alluded to as a work promotion declaration or a promotion letter. The organization’s outer customers ought to likewise get a declaration about a worker’s advancement is working with them.

How To Write A Promotion Letter?

  • Select your conveyance strategy.
  • Address the recipient.
  • Present the worker.
  • Clarify the explanation behind the advancement.
  • Detail the worker’s new tasks.
  • Compliment the worker.

The Example Of Thank You For Promotion Letter

Dear Mr. Hauberg,

I need to set aside the effort to offer my thanks for the advancement you have given me. Having the occasion to fill in as an accomplice in your law office is an open door that I am incredibly eager to encounter. I feel honored that you took the risk and employed me directly out of school and I feel more honored that you consider me to be an important resource for your firm. Working for XYZ has consistently been my fantasy and being an accomplice puts me speechless.

In the course of the most recent couple of long periods of working at DHA, I have had a long list of motivations to be glad. I adored my work, although I was essentially a student. I have accomplished all the work with the most extreme regard and attempted to follow your model. I can’t stand by to encounter the equivalent while serving alongside you in court. I supplicate that I will keep on speaking to DHA in the very expert way that I have previously. I have seen you as my senior for such a long time, that I am prepared to consider you a partner.

 I am free whenever you need me. You can contact me on my wireless at (456)- 432-6767 and through email at I anticipate getting the business cards and the nameplate for my work area. Once more, I value all that you have done to make me who I am today in the law field. I am just prepared for this open door since you needed to face the challenge of recruiting another alumnus just two years prior.



Laurence Hall

Law Partner

DHA Family Practice


That’s all about this article. We hope you learning something new about thank you for the promotion letter today. This example is editable, so use it wisely!



Tips You Must Know To Create An Administrative Assistant Reference Letter

A previous or current manager may compose a letter suggesting a colleague for a work, however it can likewise be composed. Administrative assistant reference letter is a significant piece of the application cycle. They ought to be succinct and elegantly composed and they can be sent to the planned business or conveyed by the candidate. Check further information about this letter below.

What Do You Need To Know About The Administrative Assistant Reference Letter?

Counting a purpose behind your resignation can make managers aware of conditions influencing staff resolve. In enormous organizations, particularly, it’s simple for supervisors to put some distance between representatives. At the point when you inform them regarding genuine shortcomings, they might be amazed at how awful the circumstance is. Ideally, they’ll make a move and fix the issue. Furthermore, regardless of whether you would prefer not to work there any longer, the atmosphere can improve for other people.

What Is The Important Note For The Administrative Assistant Reference Letter?

Imminent businesses get many reference letters, especially if an employment opportunity has been publicized to the general population. Therefore, it is essential to ensure you recognize the candidate and the ideal work. The clerical specialist reference letter configuration ought to clarify why the essayist accepts the candidate would be a decent worker and it ought to incorporate a couple of instances of what has made the candidate stand apart among others in past occupation execution.

The Example Of An Administrative Assistant Reference Letter

Dear Ms. Cofi,

It is with blended feelings that I suggest Andoko Prakoso for the employment opportunity as your clerical specialist. He has filled in as my aide in the Finance Department throughout the previous 3 years; anyway, since his degree is in showcasing he might want to move to the Advertising Department. I uphold Andoko’s choice to look for a situation in an office that is more with regards to his degree and interests; he is a magnificent representative and will be significantly missed.

With a Bachelor’s certificate in advertising and a minor in Deutch, I trust Andoko would be a huge resource for your specialization, especially with your customers that serve the german populace in the city. Moreover, he is very popular and regarded by the staff. He is an essential colleague, we would prefer not to keep him from moving along in the association and contacting him definitive potential.

I strongly suggest Andoko for the vacant situation in your specialization and am sure that you will be similarly as satisfied with her work as I have been these most recent 3 years. In the event that you might want to examine insights concerning his work execution please don’t hesitate to call me or give me an email. I will be glad to meet with you and help Crystal’s progress to be a smooth one should you choose to employ him.




Nakano A. Alba,

Head of Finance

DHY Corporation


At last, it is all about this article. We hope you reading this one about this administrative assistant reference letter for your occasion. Feel free to customize it and good luck!


The Best Sample Of Not A Good Fit Resignation Letter You Must Know

It ordinarily doesn’t require some investment in a new position to understand that you are not an excellent fit for the position. You may conclude that sending in a formal, not a good fit resignation letter is the best plan – assuming this is the case, everything thing you can manage is attempting to be thoughtful and remorseful in a pleasant letter of renunciation.

Why Do You Need A Reason For This Not A Good Fit Resignation Letter?

Counting a purpose behind your resignation can make managers aware of conditions influencing staff resolve. In enormous organizations, particularly, it’s simple for supervisors to put some distance between representatives. At the point when you inform them regarding genuine shortcomings, they might be amazed at how awful the circumstance is. Ideally, they’ll make a move and fix the issue. Furthermore, regardless of whether you would prefer not to work there any longer, the atmosphere can improve for other people.

What Are The Important Elements For The Not Good Resignation Letter?

  • The date of composing.
  • The name of your chief or supervisor.
  • A couple of features of your experience with the organization.
  • Your purpose behind leaving (inconvenient conditions).
  • A short explanation of the issue(s).
  • Your last day of contribution to work.


Why You Shouldn’t Talk Bad About The Company?

  • You need to avoid a forceful letter to demolish your fame.
  • In case you’re excessively reproachful of the organization, it may cause issues down the road for you. (Consider references and your supervisor’s associations with other influencers in the business.)
  • At the point when you leave on the unbiased ground, you have to make sure about new associations before you go. You can likewise save existing connections that may demonstrate usefully.
  • You’re leaving soon (numerous organizations specify a fourteen-day notice period in agreements), so don’t exacerbate things than it as of now is.


The Example Of Not A Good Fit Resignation Letter

Dear Ms. Shangdo,

I am truly sending this letter to inform you regarding my acquiescence from AE Company. I have acknowledged over the recent weeks that I am simply not a solid match for the workplace at this organization. My last day of work will be January 15, 2021, so please acknowledge this letter as my authority fourteen days’ notification of acquiescence from AE Company. I believe you could understand.

I do trust that no burden results from my resignation. Should any emerge, I would be glad to aid anyway, for example, choosing a substitution to assume control over my obligations. In the event that you might want to talk about this further, if you don’t mind don’t hesitate to reach me at (081)- 456-6543 or [email] I will restore messages as fast as could be expected under the circumstances.

I have made an honest effort to make this work, yet in the end, I feel that I have settled on the most ideal choice. I am thankful for the work experience I did learn and I value your understanding and collaboration with me during this time. I wish AE Company proceeded with beneficial progress.

Yours truly,


Emma Genne

AE Company


At last, we are reaching the end of this article. We hope you can make good use of this not a good fit resignation letter for your occasion. Use it carefully and read the explanation here and good luck!



UCLA Appeal Letter And Its Example You Can Edit

Approximately two admissions officers of UCLA will grade initially the application and supporting documentation. Because all applicants are evaluated so thoroughly in multiple extensive reviews, admission decisions are rarely reversed. However, if the ‘new’ (has not been presented) information that makes you stronger does not exist, you can write an UCLA appeal letter to make the chance of your candidacy successfully better.

Where Do You Send Your UCLA Appeal Letter?

No need to be confused with where you send the UCLA appeal letter. Read the instruction and terms given by the university and make a note or reminder in case you need it. This letter is addressed to the appropriate individual in the Admission Department. This department will analyze the letter through extreme scrutiny. Although it is not a big matter, pay attention to it because a failure can come from a small problem. UCLA usually provides a box of submitting in the university portal therefore your discipline is needed here.

How Do You Write A Good UCLA Appeal Letter?

This appeal letter cannot be written as long as your arm. In your mind, there are many points you want to address. You are not in hurry to finish this case so please be calm and see carefully the information must be presented. Package your words in a concise bundle along with mentioning the reason the student believes the original admissions decision should be reversed. Even though it must be straight to the point, it does not mean you can freely choose words. This is a formal letter addressed to a big university. Thinking of the language might increase the quality of your letter. Last but not least, do not be lazy in arranging the letter based on the format.  The student’s name, the application number, and the date of the rejection letter should be included in the appeal letter. This is not an easy job so do not hesitate to make a draft and ask others for proofreading.

The Example Of UCLA Appeal Letter

Dear Mr. Monchen,

This letter is sent regarding the problem of my high school transcript with another student owning a quite similar name. The rejection letter that arrived this Monday was addressed to Cornelia Agustina instead of Cornelia Agustine. Therefore, I would like to go further in this case.

Cornelia Agustina and I graduated from high school together and she has lived near my house. It is out of my consciousness that my high school counselor got confused with the transcripts or those were mixed up after being arrived at the UCLA Admissions Office. Cornelia Agustina has a grade point average of 3.35 and I have 3.75.

I have reached the UCLA Admissions Office and spoken with a person named Douglas Mario. He confirmed that the GPA recorded for me was 3.35 instead of 3.75. Regarding this mistake, Cornelia Agustina was accepted for admission to UCLA.

I beg you to reconsider my application due to this unusual circumstance. I have submitted another document sent along with my correct high school transcripts. I am delighted to come to your office and encounter you discussing this situation.



Cornelia Agustine

In conclusion, we hope the UCLA appeal letter provided above can help you to understand better. Do not hesitate to change the example based on your needs.


Guide To Make Job Abandonment Termination Letter With Its Example

An employee who does not report to work as scheduled causing the loss in productivity of the company department is called job abandonment. Generally, this action will become the ground to terminate the employees if they catch an unexcused absence. Then, the company may address a job abandonment termination letter to the employee who is unwilling to function in his/her position.

Is Job Abandonment The Same As Quitting?

Leaving a job normally done when the employee officially notifies the employer about his/her resignation either through a letter or directly face-to-face. Then, they can officially quit his/her job. But, when you reported not go to work without any information for a period of time that may be called job abandonment and it is totally different from quitting. In quitting there are no parties would be experiencing loss, while job abandonment is obviously a threat to the company productivity.

Can You Get Your Job Back After Job Abandonment?

Job abandonment means you are voluntarily leaving the job. And the company cannot arbitrarily terminate you within a specific time. Termination can be held if there is a “no-call-no-show” after three days of abandonment the employer can legally terminate the employees by addressing them with a letter. The terminated still has rights connected to the former employers, and also has benefit rights the same as the employees who voluntarily quit their jobs.

How To Write A Job Abandonment Termination Letter?

The letter should be written by the employer or the owner of the company which the content of the letter consists of factual information only regarding the case. Include the last information related to the employees’ paycheck. This letter begins with a statement of termination then followed by the compiled evidence of the employee who abandons the job.

A Job Abandonment Termination Letter‘s Example

Dear Ms. Pill,

This letter is to inform you that starting February 5, 2012 your employment with Global Services Management Inc. being terminated for a reason. Mr. Nick, your supervisory manager reports you have not checked in for 5 days, or you did not explain your absence. On February 2, February 3, and February 4, Mr. Nick tried to reach you at the contact number contained in your employee file but was unsuccessful. Due to all the mentioned above, we have decided that you have leaving your position.

Please contact me at (123)-1231234 to arrange for the return of all company property. We expect you to return your employee identification badge and all company documentation in your possession. Under company policy, you are not in the right to receive a severance package. Over the next week, you will receive a package by mail that contains the final paycheck and health coverage under COBRA, and your final salary will include payment for unused and accrued PTO days. If you have any further questions, please look after the contact or information listed within the packages.

We recognize that in unique and rare circumstances an employee may not be able to report to work or to notify the management. If you are feeling into this category, then you are welcome to hand in an appeal letter to the human resources office on a regular time. Understandably, you must provide documented evidence from a trusted and reliable source, such as medical records from a hospital accompanied by a statement from a doctor.


Ms. Hiccup Snail
HR Manager

At last, may this article can be a big help for you to understand this job abandonment termination letter. Feel free to customize the example if needed.