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A Full Guide in Writing an Immediate Resignation Letter and its Sample

There is a situation that requires an employee to quit the job immediately. Although it looks unprofessional to some people, that kind of thing does happen to few of us. The reasons can be many like the health reason or offer from other job. No matter how immediate an individual need to quit the job, it will be better if s/he sends an immediate resignation letter to the employer and handles all the responsibilities that needs to be finished. Here, you will read the sample of how the resignation letter for immediate quit is written as well as other related information.

Does it Work for an Employee to Resign Immediately?

As the self-explanatory name, immediate resignation is different from common resign where the employee needs to give at least two-weeks’ notice. However, when this situation cannot be avoided, the well-thought-out immediate resignation letterhas to be written to explain the situation to the employer.

Tips in Writing an Immediate Resignation Letter

In writing a well-thought-out immediate resignation letter, an employee has to make several drafts before sending the final letter. Good thing is here are some tips that everyone can try in writing a letter for immediate resignation. First, explain the reason of the leaving. It does not have to be detail, but it will be much appreciated if you do so. Second, write the resignation letter in a professional and formal tone. Show your gratitude for joining the company before leaving. Third, offer your assistance in handling the work transition or if it is not possible make sure you have transferred your workload to other employee, with a notice for them beforehand.

Sample of Immediate Resignation Letter

Dear Mr. Lawrence,

Please accept this letter as my immediate resignation letter as I will be terminating the contract with the company. My last effective day will be three days later, October 15, 2014. I realize I do not give prior notice but because of my personal reason, I need to terminate the contract in near future. During the last days of my working, I will work as usual and finish my responsibilities. I would make sure that I leave no room for unfinished work so that I would not burden other employees.

I am very proud to join XYZ Company for three years and I have gained valuable experience as a sales assistant manager. I started from the bottom until where I am right now and it is all because of the support I have been receiving from the manager, employees, and everyone in this office. I will surely miss the atmosphere of working here.

Regarding the last project I am involved in, I would finish my job before sending the report to the project leader and provide the video presentation of my report if it is needed. If there is any further questions, feel free to contact me qt 234-556-789. Thank you for the cooperation and understanding of my situation. I wish the best for XYZ Company in the future.



Charlie Pean

The immediate resignation letter above does not mention the main reason why he terminates the contract and that is okay. We hope this article helps you in getting more knowledge about this kind of resignation letter.


Knowing Strategies to Compose A Business Consultant Recommendation Letter

What do you know about a business consultant? Actually, a business consultant works to assist a company or an organization to enhance achievement. A business consultant is a professional or an expert who will elaborate on business and solve problems, so the company can reach its goals. Almost all successful companies have hired a business consultant, even your company. Therefore, some business newbies like to ask for a recommendation of a business consultant to help their companies. If you receive this request, you need to write a business consultant recommendation letter for them. However, there are some strategies that you have to understand when you write the letter.

What are the characteristics of a good business consultant?

When you receive a request to recommend any business consultant, you are probably hesitant to mention one name because you are not sure about your choice. Moreover, the request comes from your relatives or best friends. But, don’t worry. There are some characteristics of a good business consultant that you should know, such as flexiblity, discipline, confidence, dauntlessness, diligence, sociable, and problem solver.

Why does a company need a business consultant?

A business consultant is an expert in his or her field. This is why it is crucial for a company to hire a business consultant. By hiring a business consultant, a company will get some values which are beneficial, such as his or her deeper knowledge, technological skills, and prestige.Besides, it will also save many costs. You only need to pay the business consultant when you need his or her service. Not only money, but a business consultant will also save time as he already knew what to do and quickly recognizes the problems in your company.

How should I write a business consultant recommendation letter?

Composing a professional business letter should use formal and appropriate language. Moreover, you will write a business consultant recommendation letter. Thus, you can start with the date when you write the letter. After that, you need to mention the purposes of why you write the recommendation letter. Then, mention one name of a business consultant that you recommend. Do not forget to include his or her detailed information and your personal experience.

Business Consultant Recommendation Letter Sample

Perhaps you still have no idea to start writing the letter. Here we have a sample of a recommendation letter that you can see as follows.

October 17, 2020

Dear Mr. Jacob,

It is an honor that you ask me to recommend a great business consultant for your company. Therefore, I recommend Robert Dawson to be your next business consultant. Robert just finished his job at our company, Eclipse Inc. and what he did was impressive. He identified our selling issues quickly and found some effective ways to resolve them. He was also an expert in this field who worked professionally and respectfully.

Robert’s advice has led our company to get incredible sales with 57 percent of revenue only in a year. For these reasons, I believe that hiring Robert as your company’s business consultant will bring a lot of lucks in the near future. He will be loyal to his clients and full of dedication. Robert never hesitated to take overtime if needed. Without his advice, our company will not grow this quickly.

I am sure that the other Robert’s clients will definitely agree with my opinion towards him. Then, please do not hesitate to reach me anytime for discussions at (333)-999-444 or email me at Have a nice day.





Bella Fox

CEO of Eclipse Inc.


That is our explanation about a business consultant recommendation letter. You can take it as an inspiration in writing.




Some Tips to Write A Confirmation Letter and Its Sample

As an employer, it is a must for you to write a letter of confirmation to your employees. Why is it so? It is because the employees need certainty about their positions in the company after they have finished their probation period. You can decide whether they can continue working in your company based on their performances during the probation period. To know more about the confirmation letter, you can have a look at the following explanation.

Why do I need to write a letter of confirmation?

Letter of confirmation is aimed to confirm employment after the probation period. In the other words, this letter also functions as an acknowledgment of the employee. You can include the date of employment, salary, and job title as well. By receiving this letter, an employee knows he or she is officially accepted working in your company.

What are some tips to write the letter?

There are several tips you can apply when you want to write a confirmation letter. First, you have to be straight-forward about the confirmation. Do not include unnecessary details in the letter. Then, your sentences also need to be clear enough. Explain that the selected employee is accepted as a worker in your workplace. So, he or she will not question your statement or be confused about their status.

How should I write a letter of confirmation?

Actually, writing this letter is not complicated. It only needs to be formal and uses appropriate language. You can start with a congratulation statement, followed by a verification that the employee is officially hired in your company. After that, mention the job title that he or she gets. Do not forget to be specific by adding the date of employment and how much he or she will be paid per month. Then, remember that the employee also needs to sign the confirmation letter and return it. It means that he or she accepts the terms and conditions.

Confirmation Letter Sample

If you are still confused about how to write the letter of confirmation, then you need to read the following example we have provided for you.

Dear, Dora

Congratulations! It is a pleasure to announce that you have completed your probation period. According to your performance during these three months, we have decided that you are considered to be our permanent employee. Your position is a Junior Journalist at Spring Breeze Media. The effective day will be started on February 14, 2021.

During the probation period, we have seen your performance in the Creative team. You contributed significantly which led to the traffics of our websites arises. You also did everything in detail and made our tasks finished quickly. For these reasons, we think that you worth this position.

We believe that your contribution matters to the Creative team. You will receive $7,200 per month for the Junior Journalist position. We look forward to your ideas and inventions for Spring Breeze Media in the future. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact me at (555)-666-3333 or by email at if you have questions about this employment and other benefits package. Also, please sign this letter of confirmation and return it to my office as your acceptance.  Once again, congratulations!


Warm regards,



Diego Vincent

Human Resources Director of Spring Breeze Media


January 23, 2021

I, Dora Guterrez, accept the terms and conditions and agree to take the position as a Junior Journalist in Spring Breeze Media to start from February 14, 2021.



Dora Guterrez


From the example above, you can see that writing a confirmation letter is not complicated. You only need to follow the tips to write a formal and professional business letter.





Knowing Tips and Sample of Business Thank You Letter

Writing a thank-you note might sound like a simple thing that almost everyone can do it. However, it is a small thing that many people often ignore as it is not urgent. Actually, if you can see the opportunity, a business thank you letter is the first door to build a great business relationship. Writing a simple thank you note will not only show that you appreciate your business relations, but it is also a step to get acknowledged by them. Oftentimes, this simple note will take you into another opportunity, such as meetings and cooperations. To know more about the tips to write a thank you letter, you can read the following details.

Why should I write a business thank you note?

There are some reasons why you need to send a business thank you note. First, this thank you note will make people related to your business, especially your employees, feel appreciated. It makes them happy although it is a simple thing. It does not rule out the possibility that they will be loyal to your company. A thank you note also makes some customers feel treated properly. This little thing will be long last in their memory as perhaps they have taken a long trip only to buy your products in certain areas. They will always remember your service and do not hesitate to repurchase. The last reason why you need to write a business thank you letter is that you can attract new business relations. Business people who receive this will likely to arrange a lunch meeting or discussion with your company.

What are the terms that I can use in saying thank you?

Actually, there are many terms or phrases that you can write in your thank you letter. However, as it is for business purpose, you have to make sure that you use formal and polite terms, such as:

·         I am so thankful for your assistance in creating some commercial videos.

·         I sincerely appreciate the information and time you have shared with us.

·         Thank you for inviting us to join your grand opening last Saturday.

·         Many thanks for sparing your time to discuss with us.

·         Thanks very much for recommending a commercial talent for our company. It is so helpful.

·         I appreciate very much your time to talk to me about the job search.

How should a business thank you note to be written?

As it is a business purpose, you need to follow some guidelines so you will write a proper business thank you letter. First, you need to start with a greeting. After that, state your gratitude and its reasons. You can also include specific examples of why you need to send this gratitude note. Then, complete it with some details of your company briefly. Do not forget to close with the necessary information, including your personal phone numbers or email. The last, end with polite closing statements.

Business Thank You Letter Template

Maybe you still have no idea to start this letter as it is still a rare thing to do in your company. Do not worry then, we have an example that you can take as an inspiration.

Dear Ms. Hailey,

I am so thankful for your assistance in creating some commercial videos for our company, Mistletoe Palace, last December 14, 2020. We are so impressed with your incredible works that have brought 10.5 million viewers and a lot of positive reviews.

Mistletoe Palace also appreciates the gifts that you have donated for the children’s door prizes at the Christmas eve ceremony. We are so proud of your generous donations and sincerely appreciate the way you bring joy and waves of laughter to the children. The Christmas donation event is one of our annual programs and you kindly chose to participate with us.

My manager will be reaching you to look at your schedule and discover whether you are eager to join another of our social programs in the future. I hope that we can always keep in touch, so please feel free to call me any time you need me at (777)-999-3333 or by email at


Warm regards,



Justin Windsor

CEO of Mistletoe Palace


That is all brief information about writing a business thank you letter. You can have the sample above as a guide to writing the letter.






Things to Notice in Writing A Job Promotion Letter

As the owner of a company, there will come a time when you need to promote your employees to a higher level. It means that your employee has to move from one job position to the other job position and receive a higher salary. Since it is important, the process should be in a formal way. You need to write an official job promotion letter to inform your employees about their new roles and job titles in the company. To know more about things to write in the letter, read the following explanations.

What are the functions of a job promotion?

A job promotion is an important thing to do for some particular reasons. First, receiving a job promotion can motivate the employees in working. Their ambitions to do the job will improve. It also boosts their spirits to achieve the company’s goals. Besides, job promotion is a form to appreciate the employees’ loyalty, skills, and experiences. They will get paid higher than they receive before. Last, job promotion is effective to save time and money for your company. By promoting the best employees, you are spared from hiring new members which you should train them from the beginning with much costs.

What are the criteria to promote an employee?

There are some criteria that you should know before promoting your employees. The first criteria is to check whether your employees have asked for a promotion or not. Asking for a promotion means that they are eager to take on new challenges. Thus, you can consider them. The next criteria is the candidates should surpass their current responsibilities. It is important as if they get promoted to a higher level, there will be more responsibilities as well. Do not forget to observe whether they can find solutions and manage themselves well. If they have these criteria, you can consider to promote them as they are talented to be the next leaders. Therefore, you need to send them ajob promotion letter immediately.

How should a job promotion letter look like?

Writing a letter of job promotion is quite simple. You need to use formal and appropriate language as it is a business. You can start with a statement that you promote the employees from their current position to another position. Do not forget to congratulate them. Also, include the effective date they can start the new position. Then, explain why they are worth a promotion by showing their achievements briefly. At the end of the letter, you can mention the exact numbers of how much they will receive a salary for the new position. Remember to direct them to the staff who is responsible for handling the job promotion.

Job Promotion Letter Template

If you still have no idea to start writing the job promotion letter, you need to look at the following template we have provided for you. Check this out.

Dear Tom,

Congratulations! We are delighted to inform you that you are selected to be promoted to the position of Senior Accountant of Genshin Company. Your promotion will be effective starting from February 1, 2021.

Over the last few months, I have seen your progress in the Marketing Department which always impressive. Your contribution to the department has led the sales of our company arises. You also work quickly, carefully, and satisfactory. It shows that you dedicate much yourself to Genshin Company. You are so self-motivated and thoughtful which makes you an ideal worker to achieve this position.

I believe that you will be perfectly fit for the Senior Accountant position with all the responsibilities. Your annual salary will be $53,000 per month for this position. If you have some questions related to this promotion, compensation, or other benefits package, you can always reach me on my phone at (666)-999-7777 or by email at I look forward to discussing this promotion with you directly.


Warm regards,



Summer Deschanel

Human Resources Director of Genshin Company


All in all, that is the explanation about a job promotion letter which you may apply in your company. You can always use our template above.



Easy Tips To Write An Elegant Academic Application Letter

If you intend to write an academic application letter, make sure you write a cover letter in a nice and professional format. Remember that your application letter will be reviewed directly by the Human Resources Department at the college you are applying for the position. To make a good application letter, you need to pay attention to some important aspects. Here are some of the elements you need to include in your application letter to meet the qualifications.

What Is The Format of the Application Letter?

To make your application can be seen by the recruiter, you have to prepare everything optimally. One of the most important things is to meet the desired qualifications.

Before applying for a job, pay attention to the qualifications required in the announcement. Make sure you have the necessary knowledge, skills, experience, and other important things related to the qualifications. You can also include specific examples of the experiences you have had.

What Should be Attended Before Writing An Application Letter?

Before you write an application to a college or academic institution, you must ask yourself a few questions. That way, you can prepare everything better and maximally. The following are several things you need to pay attention to before deciding to write an academic application letter:

  • What academic interests do you have?
  • Why do you feel that the university or school matches your interests and goals?
  • Does your educational background match the qualifications sought by the institution?

Additionally, write your application in short and clear paragraphs. Don’t forget to write your contact information in your application letter along with a request to consider your application.

Academic Application Letter Example

An application letter should be written with your detailed experiences to demonstrate your qualifications. Show that you comply with the standards sought by the institution. Here is an example of a simple application letter:

Dear Professor Hannah,

I am writing to apply to become an assistant professor at ABC University’s Department of English which announcement was posted on the official campus website page. I am an alumnus of ABC University and have obtained a Master’s degree in English Language and Literature in 2001. I have also taught English Language and Literature at XYZ University for 4 years. Besides, I also have a writing and literature class for children.

I enjoy teaching methods that are centered on dialogue and discussion between teachers and students. Apart from that, I also have a method to make all the students in the class more active and excited. I can connect fairy tales, fiction, and several things related to literature to be able to attract the attention of many students in the class to be more enthusiastic.

I believe that my education, experience, and career goals match the qualifications listed in the job announcement. I love English literature, as well as teaching and dialogue with students.

I hope you are willing to consider my application. I will also be happy to send letters of recommendation or teaching evaluation if you request. Please contact me at (333)-333-333 or via email at Thank you for your consideration.



Barbara Smith

Enclosure: Curriculum vitae

That’s all our short explanation about an academic application letter. By reading our description and sample above, hopefully, you can get a new perception.



What Should Be Included In A Business Analyst Recommendation Letter?

Getting a job can be said to be something that is not easy, nowadays many companies are increasingly demanding that applicants make attractive resumes with amazing work experience. Besides, the applicants usually must attach a letter of recommendation or reference from the company or individual to convince the hiring manager in the intended company. If someone asks you to write a business analyst recommendation letter, it would be better to know and learn some of the important elements according to the letter format.

What Should I Include In My Recommendation Letter?

There are several elements that you should pay attention to before writing a business reference letter. Some of the aspects are:

Gathering Information

If you are going to recommend someone at another company or maybe pitch a promotion for an employee in the same company, you have to know a lot about that person’s quality, skills, and personality. Don’t make a false statement, you can ask the person directly or ask her/him to send a resume.

Explain the contents of the letter

In this part, you can write about your relationship with the employee concerned. Include some examples that make your writing more convincing and can be trusted by the recipient of the letter.

Close Elegantly

In the closing section, say that you respect the recipient’s decision regarding your recommendation. Then reiterate that you are recommending the applicant and hope that it will be considered. Don’t forget to write your name and signature at the end of the letter.

What Is The Purpose of the Recommendation Letter?

A business analyst recommendation letter has a very important role in the world of work or business. With this letter, the employer will consider the contents of the letter you are submitting. If you recommend someone, it will also help her/him to get a promotion, or get a job at another company. Currently, letters of recommendation are widely used because many hiring managers will consider applicants from the reference letter.

Business Analyst Recommendation Letter Sample

The following is a simple example of a reference letter that you can use as inspiration for writing a letter:

Dear Human Resources Director:

I am writing to recommend Harry David who is a business analyst here at company XYZ. He has been our outstanding junior since he first joined four years ago. He was a graduate from Excellent University with honors, we also recognize him as a talented individual in his field. Currently, he wants to have a brighter career by joining ABC Company, Inc. We don’t want to lose him, but he deserves to have a better position and career for his abilities. Therefore, I would like to recommend Harry to be accepted as a senior analyst in your company.

Harry is a responsible employee, disciplined, punctual, and never absent unless he is sick. He gave an outstanding dedication to the development of our company during his four years of service. Some of the solutions he offers have succeeded in making products in our company has higher quality and are sought after by consumers.

At a relatively young age, Harry has been able to show his extraordinary skills in the business field. He is also very liked by other employees because of his friendly and cheerful personality. I am sure that Harry will be a competent and more creative employee in the future. Therefore, I hope that you are willing to consider Harry David to join as a senior analyst at ABC Company, Inc. Thank you for your attention.




William Austen


Administrative Service

XYZ Company

In a few words, many people use a business analyst recommendation letter to make employers choose a potential candidates. So, you need to create a convincing letter format.



A Useful Guide of How to Write Army Officer Resignation Letter

Resigning from the US Army might have some different process than resigning from office job. There is process that needs to go through, and it refers to the official regulation. One way of doing that is by sending an army officer resignation letter to let the commission knows that you decide to resign. Through this article, you will read some information about how to send a resignation letter for the army and the related information about it.

Can an Army Officer Resign?

The first question coming up may be whether an army officer can send a resignation letter. The answer is yes, they have the right to do so. Yet, an army officer has to serve for some specific time and complete all obligations before resigning. Later, if there is a something urgent happening, national terrorist attack or even a war, the resigned army officer must return to the commission.

How an Army Officer Resign from the Commission?

There are things that need to be done before sending the army officer resignation letter. First, an army officer has to meet the authority and fulfill the requirements before leaving. There is possibility that the officer must pay the amount of money back if they are enrolling to the full funded commission program. Next, the officer has to write the army officer resignation letter and mention the reasons of leaving. The last thing is wait patiently until the resignation is reviewed and processed.

Writing an Army Officer Resignation Letter

After knowing the how-to of resigning from the commission, now let’s see how to write the army officer resignation letter in a professional way. Below is the sample letter that is sent by the officer as he wants to focus on his family after a long period of serving the country.

November 10, 2015

U.S. Army Commission

50 Bright Boulevard


Dear Commander Jacob,

This letter is intended as my resignation letter from the U.S. Army, under the provision of AR 543-123. As the commission required, I have completed the prerequisite amount of serving time and I have fulfilled all the requirements. I am proud and honored to serve the country and be the first row to defend America during the active duty.

I am sending this resignation letter because I want to focus on my family, especially after the accident of my wife few weeks ago. We also have two kids that need assistance and both my wife,and I have no siblings to help us. After a long consideration, I believe that I need to take the decision and focus of my kids and the recovery of my wife. With my achievement during the military as well as the spotless record, I hope this would be an honorable discharge and I would receive the benefits which come along the dischargement.

I am proud to be a part of 7th Command and be in several military assignments within the nation or other countries during the past decades. Please accept the resignation and thank you for the opportunity to serve the country and be a part of the military officer.



Captain Noah Edbert

This is one sample of how to write an army officer resignation letter. We hope this helps you in understanding more about the letter.



A Guide of How to Write Acceptance Job Letter

Some people are invited to fill in the position in a company because of the competence, good reputation, or other long list reasons. When this is happening and the individual offered the position is interested to take the offer, s/he is required to write an acceptance job letter. What is it for and how could a person write such a letter? Here, you will read some information about the letter to accept a particular job, plus its sample as a reference.

What is an Acceptance Job Letter?

As the name implies, an acceptance job letter is a formal letter sent by someone to show the positive feedback of the job that is being offered. Writing this letter is pretty much a confirmation that you are accepting the offer and ready to enroll in the new company. When you are being offered of a job and you happen to be interested, it is better to give the response immediately. That action shows the employer that you are considering the offer in a positive manner and you are willing to join the company. Never delay writing the acceptance letter when you are sure about the job being offered. After all, chances might not come twice.

Tips in Writing an Acceptance Job Letter

In writing the letter, it is better to keep it brief but formal and sincere. State your response by accepting the job in the beginning.  Show the employer that you are excited for the offer and express your gratitude for the opportunity. Continue with the time you are joining the company and other information discussed such as salary, work benefits, and so on.

Sample of Acceptance Job Letter

Here, you will read an acceptance job letter written by an employee who is offered as the secretary in a technology company. She mentioned all the necessary details but also keep the letter professional and brief.

Dear Mr. Maher,

I am honored to write this letter as a response to the job offered as a secretary in XYZ Technology Company and I gladly accept the offer. I am thrilled to join the leading technology company, XYZ. As I received the information, I would be under the supervision of Mrs. Salma for the first two weeks to help me adjusting working in the company.

I will start the first day of working at the company on April 21, 2017. During the interview, I was offered salary at $750 for the first three months before it takes the gradual increase. I also get the benefits of life and health insurance that will be paid by the company in monthly basis. I will also receive paid holidays from the company.

Being the leading technology company in the country, I am proud to fill the position as a secretary and I will do the best in my job. I believe the experiences I have from the previous job will help me to excel in this position. Please feel free to contact me at 111-222-333 if there is something needs to be discussed further. Thank you for the opportunity to join the company.


Darlene Jenkins

This is the sample of acceptance job letter that can be as a template for you when writing it. Good luck with your new job.







Why Should I Write A Job Termination Letter?

Terminating employment with an employee is not an easy thing. But, if your company needs to take the step, then you have no other choice. Even if you have told your employee concerned that he/she will be fired, you still need to write a job termination letter. This letter has several important aspects that should not be overlooked, we will discuss them briefly in this article.

What Is The Importance of A Termination Letter?

A termination letter for a job will be very useful, including for your company or the employees. From the side of the terminated employees, they can make claims for unemployment benefits using a termination letter.

On the other hand, if the employment relationship is terminated due to an error or violation committed by an employee, usually the employee will not get unemployment benefits. It is also important for you to have a copy of the termination letter accompanied by the employee’s signature.

How To Write A Termination Letter?

After you know that writing a termination letter is important before terminating an employee from the company, now is the time to pay attention to some of the elements that you must include when writing your job termination letter.

Reasons for Termination of Employment

Your company must have reasons related to the termination of employment that you took. You can include these reasons in the letter briefly, so your employees know what is going on. Even if the dismissal occurs because of a violation committed by an employee. However this is optional, you can write it or choose to not write the reason.

The Last Day of Work

The next point that you must write in your termination letter is the last date they stopped working. This can help them to prepare anything better and maximally.

Property Receipt

It is also important to write down information about company property, benefits, and the employee’s latest salary.

Job Termination Letter Sample

Make sure you know well about some important elements you are going to write in a termination letter.

Dear Amanda Kathleen,

You already know that for the past few months First Company has been experiencing financial difficulties due to the pandemic which has had a huge impact on our industry. I have made several efforts, such as providing big promotions or introducing new products virtually on various social media. Unfortunately, these efforts still cannot make this company better.

After conducting a review, I finally concluded that First Company had to cut some employees. We regret to inform you that you are in a position that we must effectively terminate from January 22, 2021.

I appreciate the hard work and extraordinary achievements you have dedicated to our company over these seven years. You will receive your salary and severance pay on the last day of work. If you would like to ask any questions, please contact me at (444)-444-4444.

Thank you Kathleen for your faithful and outstanding work over the years. I am sure you will find a better position in any company because of your excellent abilities. I scheduled an exit interview which will be emailed to you shortly.



Gregory Edward, Owner

First Company

To sum up, it’s important for you to write a job termination letter to your employees. Hope our explanation and sample above can inspire you.