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What sharia compliance means.

Our military imagery people have lots of footage like this.

Why aren’t we making fun of our enemies’ attraction to donkeys and goats?

Our Islamist extremist enemies around the world frequently engage in bizarre behavior that we can exploit simply by making fun of them. At issue is the jihadis’ inordinate sexual attraction to donkeys and goats. In addition to little boys. Made public for all the world to see, the behavior could become a real source of pain for the enemy. Pictures...

Team B2

Professor part of ‘Team B’ report on enemy threat doctrine

(Institute of World Politics news release) An IWP professor is part of the now-famous ‘Team B’ report on enemy threat doctrine and operations, including the Muslim Brotherhood penetration of the United States. Annenberg Professor of International Communication J. Michael Waller joins a range of noted defense, intelligence and security experts as a contributor to Shariah: The Threat to America, a...