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10+ Note Card free template in PSD

4 Ways to Make An Interesting Note Card Template


Do you like having a notecard? Taking note to remember something or to pass it to others often need a piece of paper. The traditional media to take note for us is by using sticky notes. However, if you are about to give a notecard to someone, the design is sometimes worth considering.

Attractive note cards can have so many designs to make the readers happy with it. It is especially crucial if the note is for greeting or celebratory ones.

Below are four ways to make a beautiful and interesting note card template design.

  1. Be Creative with The Frame

Designed note card often has a frame pattern on each edge. The frame creates a margin within the paper. Thus, you can create a neat and good-looking note. Be creative with your choice of frame. If you are giving the notecard to a woman, you can consider the feminine design.

Choose a pattern like flowers, hearts, and pastel color design. If it is for a man, a neutral color like black and grey will work.

  1. Pick The Right Font Type

Another way to make an interesting note card template is to adjust the font type. Changing the font type is particular for a printed card. If you design a printed one, you can choose the font type to your liking. You can check that the font you want is readable. Some fonts have different strokes, and if they are too complicated, you may have a hard time reading the message.

After choosing the font type, you can print the notecard. If you write on a regular paper and make it smaller, you can adjust it to the editor and cut them after the printing process.

  1. Choose The Right Color

The next step you can take in making a vibrant note card template is to choose the right color. There are varieties of brilliance, but they mostly consist of warm and cold shade. Warm colors include red and yellow undertones such as maroon, brick, lemon, cream, and many more. In comparison, a calm tone consists of blue and black undertones such as green, teal, and navy.

Women usually like warm and pastel colors, while men prefer a more masculine and fresh complexion. You can represent your message better if you choose the right color.

  1. Choose The Shape of The Note

Greeting and note card’s familiar shape is square or rectangular. Still and all, you can always choose different forms and customize it into something you like. It would be better to consider that the shape has to accommodate the length of the message you want to put.

Choose a rectangular shape if you want to write a long message and choose circular, diamond, or asymmetrical shape if you only want to write a short letter.

Bottom Line

Plain and clean-cut note cards are convenient, but a customized card will add a taste of your personality into it. Consider elements like the design, the font, the color, and the shape of it to make an interesting note card template. These elements are easy to do at home.


Note Card Design Ideas

Note Card Ideas




10+ Business Report free psd template

Evaluate and Grow Your Business with an Informative Business Report Template


Building a business or a company so that it can last a long time is difficult. Cooperation between departments is needed to establish strong synergy to develop communication between divisions. Company control is also required to find out which side has vulnerabilities and must be improved. The most crucial sector in the establishment of a business is finance. The operational wheel will run accompanied by the company’s financial strength. A business report can be used to control various aspects of the company, especially corporate finance. Browse our business report template for your further reference.

Several types of reports exist in compiling a business report template.

The business report functions as a controlling tool for the company. Business reports will reflect the company’s financial health with various reports summarized on a monthly or annual basis. The business report will also provide insight into matters that must be evaluated, negotiated, and corrected immediately. Thus, business control will work, useful, and optimal. You will find a variety of report templates according to their designation. Still, you can combine them into a single unit. Here, we review the various types of business report template that you can choose as needed.


  1. Sales and Marketing Report

This report explains the various sales performance has been done and plans for the future. You can add the pros and cons that you experienced during the previous period, SWOT Analysis, to assessment. This also applies to market reports, but you need to add about marketing evaluations and strategies that are considered a fail.

  1. Budget Report

This business report template type functions as budget analysis and budget tracker. You can manage the budget distribution according to the targets that have been designed, the estimated budget that will be used, and so forth. This template will support you get a quick summary of the asset’s state, current cash, and corporate liabilities.

  1. KPIs Report

If you want to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of performance for an aspect, you can use the Key Performance Index (KPI) report. You can use it to determine how close all of the company’s operational activities are to the stated goals. Aspects assessed include income, expenses, budget allocation, profit margins, to employee performance.

  1. Business Case Report

If you have a company case and it is successful or will be handled, you can write it in this type of business report template. You can write various situations and projects that are being faced, benefits and costs, risks, schedules, assessment, and recommendations. Write in detail and clearly, without lengthy explanation, enough with essential points.

  1. Executive Plan Report

Want to evaluate the company’s vision, mission, goals, plans, and targets? You can rewrite it in this report and discuss it with the company team and related stakeholders.

Business Report Design Ideas

Business Report Ideas

Those are various types of reports in making a business report template so that becomes an optimal report. You can combine them into one comprehensive report and record all data carefully and correctly.



10+ Photo Collage template free psd

The 5 Best Steps To Customize Your Photo Collage Template As a flash Reminder.


Life’s journey is your most valuable experience. Inside there are various special moments recorded every second, and these moments are going to be a beautiful memory for his or her owners. Capture the happy moments you went through by documenting and filing them with a photograph, and you’ll remember that moment as soon as you see your picture. Revel memories with our photo collage template so that happy moments will never be forgotten and recorded in your life history!

Capture Your Special Moments With A Gorgeous Photo Collage Template.

It will not be possible to stack multiple large-sized photos in one frame or frame. Using a photo collage template will provide enough space to display numerous pictures directly in one photo frame. You’ll also choose the design, size, and layout to form your memorable photos more memorable. Turn photos of happy moments into a remembered story with photo collages and fasten them to your favorite places. Browse some ways to style your photo collage to form it beautiful and aesthetic.

  1. Select Photo Moments

Select and separate multiple photos which you’ll then insert into the photo collage you’ve got selected. You’ll apply filter effects to your photos and adjust the lighting, contrast, shadow, and vignette consistent with the specified photo effect. Attempt to change the photo lighting optimally, not dark and not blurred, to supply clear and detailed images. Image resolution also must be considered so that the resulting photo doesn’t “break.”

  1. Adjust The Layout

After you insert the photo into the photo collage template you chose, adjust the image’s position with the existing design. Arrange it so that the pictures you set following the present layout don’t let your photos block other previously found elements.

  1. Add Borders

Beautify your photo collage by adding various texture effects, borders, mixed colors, to line patterns. You’ll add several decorative elements directly and place them proportionally. However, you would like to regulate the atmosphere of your moment, whether cheerful, emotional, joyful, or uplifting. You’ll also modify existing colors with a replacement color mix.

  1. Add Text

Want to “evoke” existing memories by watching your photo collage template? Add text! Tell a flash of photos that you attach with simple words, concise, and evoke readers’ emotional feelings. You’ll think of the days when that happened.

  1. Beautify with Illustrations

The final step before you completes the work of creating photo collages is by adding some illustrations which will support the looks of your photos. You’ll fill in various funny icons, cartoon characters, so forth. But if it’s considered too crowded, you’ll not insert it. Adding illustrations will make your photo collage more beautiful to look at, so don’t be afraid to add various illustrations.

It’s easy to style and make photo collage template more meaningful. Immediately capture your favorite moments and make other fun stories!

Photo Collage Ideas

Photo Collage Example


10+ Wedding Guest List example psd design

Five Elements That Must Be On Your Wedding Guest List Template!


A wedding is something that every couple who wants to move on to the next level of life awaits. The preparation must not be arbitrary. It needs a clear, organized, and following the budget concept of the event. If you want to hold a wedding, make sure all the ideas are well planned, invitations have been prepared, and the party’s safety needs to be considered. Is the presence of guests necessary? You need a list to check guests, whether guests are matched on your databases or not. We have prepared a wedding guest list template that you can use at your wedding!

A Must Element In The Wedding Guest List Template That You Use!

Plan your party carefully! You can start from the event concept’s preparation, venue, and party’s protection, especially in open areas such as the beach or field. Surely you do not want to get some people who enter your marriage uninvited and without your knowledge. Track and identify each guest at the first gate to the party using our wedding guest list template. Make your luxurious wedding party safe for everyone. Some elements must be present for optimal use of the wedding list.


  1. Name and Address of the Guest

Make sure you prepare this element in your wedding guest list template. Guests can write their full name and home address. When they have written it in full, match the name and address with your guest database. This is intended to see the fitness of guests who come with those you invite. Don’t let someone who is not registered yet can enter your party!

  1. Telephone Number

Add the telephone number section to your guest list. Phone numbers will be beneficial to provide sudden news when guests are already in the venue. You can share any information about your wedding party with the guest’s phone number anytime, anywhere. Easy right?

  1. Table Number and Seat Number

Arrange the seating and table for guests. You will easily organize guests who come quickly, even though you have a large number of guests. Provide the table number and the appropriate seat number and predetermined to the guests. Thus, you can quickly contact your guests if you have an urgent need for something that needs to be discussed.

  1. Prize Checklist

Make a checklist for prizes given by guests on your wedding guest list template that possible to simplify the management of rewards obtained, bearing in mind the number of awards to be received will undoubtedly be very large.

  1. Thank You Card Checklist

Don’t forget to make a checklist for thank you card given to guests. You will never forget to give a huge thank you card to the guests.

Wedding Guest List Ideas

Wedding Guest List Example

Include the elements above on your wedding guest list template so you can monitor all guests. Make a wedding that is safe for everyone!





10+ Facebook Banner psd template free

Boost Your Sales Traffic Using Our Facebook Banner Template


Who doesn’t know Facebook, the most prominent social media and has the most users at the moment. Using a Facebook page is a surefire way to boost your sales. The Facebook page provides various facilities to introduce the products you sell. With a beautiful and beautiful design, you will get many visits to your pages, plus Facebook ads for sure. You can customize the appearance of your page to be similar to an online store. Use our Facebook banner template to enhance your page’s appearance and boost your sales quickly!

Powerful Tips To Boost Your Sales Using Our Facebook Banner Template

Creating a Facebook page is not the same as just creating a blog for your writing. Writing a blog does not require an attractive design because the concept of a blog only posts a variety of essays and images. Unlike the Facebook page, you need to design your page, so it is interesting to visit. Your page traffic is also greatly influenced by the product quality and advertising on Facebook itself. Here we provide a variety of simple tips to beautify our Facebook banner template so that your followers’ page increases.


  1. High Resolution

Never use images that have a low-resolution quality. This will have an impact on banner quality, which decreases and has an unclear display impression. Use high resolution and high definition image quality so that the results obtained to get a clear and uninterrupted display due to the small pixel size

  1. Font

Want to design your Facebook banner template to be read by many people even by reading skimming? Use writing that is friendly and easy to read. Also, adjust the actual font size, don’t be too small because it will be hard to read, and don’t be too big because it will use up your banner. Also, adjust the existing font style and choose if it is easy to read and familiar. No need to use a font style that is too flashy but hard to read

  1. Interesting Illustrations and Icons

Because photos and various writings are not enough to attract the reader’s attention, add some illustrations and some new icons on your banner. An exciting picture will bring the attention of the reader curious about the banners displayed and want to continue to know what the meaning of the banner to be conveyed.

  1. Suitable colors

Using colors must also be adjusted to the majority of the colors of the pictures and illustrations that you attach. Use colors on your Facebook banner template with the same group to make it look beautiful and dazzling. Do not let you use colors with a combination of equally striking colors, it will make the banner uncomfortable to see.

  1. Add your product review

To ensure your product’s credibility, add a review of your product by someone who has bought it. Include at the very bottom, it doesn’t need to be too big but can be seen clearly.


Facebook Banner Design Ideas

Facebook Banner Ideas

Already have an idea to create a Facebook banner using our Facebook banner template. Leave the conventional way and start selling your product via the Facebook page!



10+ Boarding Pass free template in PSD

5 Best Tips For Creating Stylish Invitation Boarding Pass Template


The holidays are a fun plan. You can release work fatigue that makes your mind heavy. Invite your close friends to take a vacation together and create beautiful moments. To add to the excitement when you want a vacation, create a unique invitation to the friend who wants to take a vacation. Use our boarding pass template and give it to your friends as an invitation for a vacation.

Tips for creating unique invitations using our boarding pass template.

Inviting a friend to take a vacation using a short message is too dull, especially your special friend or boyfriend. Make your holiday agenda memorable; try to use unique invitations, complete with information on the destination, duration, and other information. Because this invitation is informal, you can be as creative as possible, with a variety of funny illustrations to unusual displays. Here are some quick tips for modifying the boarding pass template to make it even more exciting.


  1. Font Type and Size

Because the shape of the invitation with the theme of the boarding pass template is small, adjust your font size and type of font to be used. Use letter styles that are easy to read, familiar, and not difficult to understand. Don’t forget to pay attention to thickness, slope, and underline letters. A right font style is a style that can be skimmed by the reader.

  1. Funny Illustrations

Feel free to include various unique and humorous illustrations. This will make the reader happy to see the invitation given. You can browse multiple figures that are spread on the internet. However, don’t forget to match the illustration’s theme to the theme of the invitation itself. Also, adjust the size of the picture that you will enter because remember that the invitation size is small.

  1. Layout

Because this invitation has a small size and is not like other invitations, adjust the existing design to the size of the elements you will enter. Make sure all the writing, illustrations, images, and icons included in the layout are already available. Please do not modify the design that was set beforehand, because it will arrange messy elements. You can see the layout reference in our template.

  1. Border

Because it has a small size, use borders with small dimensions. No need to use a large border decoration, use a border decoration that is small and symmetrical. Apply the edge around your boarding pass template. Because of the boarding pass theme, you can add an airplane motif, a cloud, and a sky motif.

  1. Paper Type

Before you print an invitation and it will be distributed to close friends who want to take your vacation, choose a paper with a suitable thickness. Don’t use thin paper, because your invitation requires a lot of ink; it is feared that some ink will penetrate to the back of the paper. Use paper with a proper thickness, not too thick and not too thin.


Boarding Pass Design Ideas

Boarding Pass Example

Here are some quick tips for creating invitations using a fresh boarding pass template. Send letters to friends and happy holidays!



10+ Wedding Itinerary free psd template

Browse The Wedding Itinerary Template And Create A Festive And Memorable Wedding!


Plan your wedding as correctly as possible. Marriage is a precious moment, where you look forward to this moment to come into your life. Before you hold a festive wedding, prepare all the needs during the party. Organize the entire schedule with a wedding itinerary so that the event runs according to the previously planned concept and share it with your colleagues or guests. You can browse through our wedding itinerary template references and make your wedding a moment that will be remembered forever!

Tips On Making And Processing Wedding Itinerary Templates To Make Them Beautiful And Charming Letters!

You can use our Wedding itinerary template to manage the range of events that will be held later. The wedding itinerary usually contains a variety of information on the party’s schedule, from photoshoot sessions, ceremony sessions, to farewell sessions. It should not be arranged arbitrarily. It is endeavored to organize the writing in such a way so that it can be read easily by guests. Don’t worry! We provide various tips to make your wedding itinerary more attractive.


  1. Border

The hallmark of a wedding itinerary template is a border that surrounds a letter. You can add a border to beautify the letter/invitation’s body with a variety of motifs, such as floral motifs, line motifs, etc. If you have too many illustrations embedded, you may not add borders around the body of the letter, just on the right and left side. This will make the impression of your wedding itinerary as luxurious.

  1. Ornaments and Illustrations

Don’t forget to give various decorations, motifs, to illustrations. Make something interesting, unique, and impressed by the reader’s emotional appeal, so they want to read it continuously. Moreover, this is the wedding party that you desire. Make your special guests read the wedding itinerary and follow your event with pleasure.

  1. Quick Information

Write concise information on your wedding itinerary body. Don’t let your guests read a wedding itinerary that is difficult to understand because the language is wordy. Just provide information that you think is important such as hours and names of activities, telephone numbers, and other relevant information.

  1. Can Be Folded

A fancy wedding itinerary template should have a foldable layout. Your wedding itinerary should be in four parts, two parts facing forward and two parts facing backward. But it doesn’t matter if the arrangement is available using only one section, so there’s no need to bother whether it can be folded or not.

  1. Share well in advance

Indeed, you do not want to miss memorable moments without the presence of your beloved partner. Distribute your invitations and wedding itinerary to guests ahead of time so they can arrange schedules and take time to attend your party.

Wedding Itinerary Design Ideas

Wedding Itinerary Ideas

Have an idea of making a wedding itinerary template with your loved ones? Plan right away and make it become an unforgettable moment!


10+ High School Diploma template free psd

Create a Perfect High School Diploma Template For Graduation of Your Beloved Students


A moment that most students and teachers look forward to in a school is a moment of graduation. It was also most awaited by the parents of students seeking knowledge in their favorite school for several years. No wonder the moment of graduation is usually held by holding a graduation party, complete with decorations and delicious food parties, of course. For schools, preparing several graduation documents is a must. It is a condition for students to continue to the next level, one of which is a high school diploma certificate. Here we provide a reference high school diploma template for the graduation of your beloved students.

5 Essential tips for designing a high school diploma template so that it becomes a valuable document.


A high school diploma graduation certificate is one of the most important documents a student must-have. That is because graduation documents are an essential requirement for continuing education to the next level. High school diploma certificates are also useful as proof that students have taken various subjects and have achieved the targets set as a condition of graduation. Because keeping in mind that the document is essential for students, we provide crucial steps to prepare a high school diploma template to make it a valuable and legal text.


  1. Layout

Before writing down some relevant information, make sure you have a design that aligns with the existing high school diploma template. You can change it again according to your preferences. However, please don’t add a few things that don’t need to be included, because it will take up a lot of range, given the many elements that will be covered later.

  1. Writing Information About Students

After you set the layout on the certificate page that you will create, enter various information about students following the design that has been adjusted. You can start writing the name, class, level, to other components that you think need. However, do not include all information due to space constraints.

  1. Important Information

Enter relevant information regarding graduation numbers, graduation dates, certificate numbers, to the school address if necessary to provide certificate validity. Enter the data into the layout that has been adjusted before. You can add additional arrangements if you feel that it’s lacking.

  1. Border Certificate

You can enhance your high school diploma template by adding available border decorations. By adding a border that surrounds the layout, the certificate you create will be more beautiful but still, show a formal document. A small tip for maintaining document formality is to use a border with a structured design and relate to graduation concepts. If it’s too crowded, you can use the line pattern as a border or not add a border.

  1. School Signature and Stamp

To ensure the legality and credibility of the certificate, you must add a signature column and prepare a school stamp. The school principal or the authorities can sign the document.


High School Diploma Design Ideas

High School Diploma Ideas

Here are some steps to arrange a high school diploma template to become an official and proper document, of course. Make it in such a way as the best appreciation for your beloved student.


10+ Facebook Ad example psd design

Facebook Ad Template to Boost Your Brand Awareness


Building a business does not always pay attention to product quality and quantity. It’s useless if you launch a product but have a low level of brand awareness. Yes, your product will not be known by consumers outside the range that you have previously made. Promotion is a critical strategy for building brand awareness, one of which is using digital marketing. Facebook Ad is one of the digital marketing techniques that businesses often use to reach consumers even further. Interested? We summarize for some tips on Facebook ad templates to support your business career improvement.

Get to know Facebook ad templates and accurate tips for building targeted ads.

If you want to advertise your product massively to Facebook users, start using Facebook ads! Reach millions of Facebook user audiences after you display ads on their respective home pages. But that is just an advertising media, can be explored further or just missed as advertising as usual. Capture your audience to explore more on your ads with an eye-catching look! It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Don’t bother, you can choose our Facebook ad template according to your business background preferences. Here are a variety of telling strategies to build optimal ads!

  1. Visuals

Make visuals as attractive as possible, eye-catching, and comfortable for many to see. Customize the background of the business you are running, so that the target consumer who sees your ad can imagine at a glance about the company that you bring in the ad. Add words that trigger emotional consumers in buying a product, such as low prices, massive discounts, to free up some of your products, so consumers are interested in opening your ad.

  1. Audience Target

It is useless if you do not adjust the suitability of advertisements with your target audience. Create age restrictions that are appropriate for the business you are running. For example, you run a casual and slang dress business, set audience settings in Facebook ad settings with an age limit that can see your ad around 20 to 30 years old. If you run a herbal medicine business, set an age limit ranging from 40 to 50 years old. Thus, the relevance of advertising to the target will still be there and not be mistaken. You can see the Facebook ad template reference according to the age category.

  1. Profitability for Consumers

Creating an ad must be based on two perspectives, profit for the seller and profit for the consumer. Make an idea that has benefits for consumers, such as a big discount, membership opportunity, and direct gifts without drawing. Pin it on the main screen of your ad. It’s work!

  1. Layout Arrangement

Placing various elements in one small “container” is ambiguous. Organize all aspects according to their function. You can find the Facebook ad template reference and apply it to your ad. Usually, a template already provides an optimal layout and is easily understood by the audience. Don’t forget to test your closest colleague for the advertisement you have made, whether it is easy to understand or vice versa.

Don’t let you miss this excellent opportunity to promote your business more advanced. Browse our Facebook ad template and feel the impact!

Facebook Ad Design Ideas

Facebook Ad Ideas

Facebook Ad Example







10+ Academic Resume psd template free

Develop Your Academic Resume Template to Being Noticed by Recruiter!


Making an academic resume needs to be done by a fresh graduate or someone who wants to continue his studies abroad or apply for a job. Academic resume is a document that contains a variety of educational history that you have taken before. It also includes a variety of historical achievements, experiences, awards, and essential information that aims to introduce yourself to other parties. If you intend to continue your studies abroad, prepare your academics as quickly as possible, and be as easy as possible to read. Here we provide an academic reference resume template that you should try and make your dreams come true!

Great tips for developing your academic resume template are more exciting and easy to read by the recruiter

An excellent academic resume is a resume that’s able to provide detailed, concise, and informative information to its readers. In making an academic resume, there is no need to use long-winded sentences, because it will make the reader or recruiter feel reluctant to read further. Why? Because the number of applicants who send academic resumes is enormous and will surely be overwhelming if the recruiter read them one by one. Then, how to make your academic resume template read precisely and not be missed? Here we provide tips for making your academic resume have excellent quality and be looked at by recruiters later.


  1. Informative 

In presenting information on your academic resume template, you should expose information in informative words, engage reader interaction, and give a positive impression. Use standard language and avoid using daily language.

  1. Long Explanation

Try to explain your brief information with a concise description, straightforward, compact, and interactive. You can use bullet points to describe and not more than five sentences.

  1. Write with points

Because the core of an academic resume is information that can be read clearly, it should write important information written using points. You do not need to explain information with a long description because it will make the reader bored to explore your data.

  1. No need for a flashy design

There is a critical thing in developing your academic resume template into a quality resume about the design that you apply. You should adjust the design to the institution that you want to enroll it. If you wish to submit your resume to the creative industry, design it as quickly and as colorful as possible. But if you want to give your resume to educational institutions, large companies, and multinationals, you need to design your resume with a standard and straightforward appearance, not necessarily with striking colors.

  1. Layout and structure 

Pay attention to the structure of your resume. Make sure every academic part of your resume is following applicable rules. You can try to find references for the theoretical structure of the existing resume.

Academic Resume Design Ideas

Academic Resume Ideas

These are some tips for developing your academic resume template to become more qualified and to be read by recruits. Make this your valuable experience.