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4+ Free Water Bottle Label Template

Design and Modify Free Water Bottle Label Template Sample

Planning on designing your own water bottled water for a special event? It is going to be an unusual idea to create a custom design for the bottled water. Any type of occasion from a birthday, wedding, engagement party to baby shower, a custom bottle label will create a special detail to the event. With free water bottle label template sample you can customize your water bottle label as much as you want by modifying images, fonts, and elements based on the occasion. You can create water bottle label that makes your events something not to forget about in just a short time.

Design the water bottle label 

Before you hold an event you should prepare everything thoroughly from the big things to the small details. Everyone wants their events to be not only well held but also have some things to remember. Free water bottle label template sample will let you make small unique details to any event you are hosting. Here are the steps in designing your water bottle label.

  1. Find the website with many kinds of water label design.
  2. Choose free water bottle label template sample that suit your needs and wants.
  3. Choose the provided images or upload your personal photos and images.
  4. Use the filters to decorate and fix the photos , also edit the text.
  5. Save the label and share it to whoever you want.


Modify the water bottle template

To make your water bottle label unique and more personal, here are ways to do it:

  1. You can change the images by uploading images from your personal files or you can choose from the existing graphics, images and illustrations.
  2. In the website where you search the templates, it usually provide you with options of fonts you can use your own.
  3. Choose the background for your label, you can choose from the website or use your personal file.
  4. To make your label more interesting, change the color of the texts.

Easy and less stressful

Now you don’t have to worry that designing water bottle label will overwhelm you. With  free water bottle label template sample, customizing the bottle label for unique details of your event now is easy and less stressful. While you can save the design for the other events, you can also share it with your families and colleagues to ask for their opinion about the label design.


4+ T-Shirt Design Template Sample

T-Shirt Design Template Sample: A Guide to Create T-Shirt Design

Either you own T-shirt business or you are a fan of a T-shirt, the design of the T-shirt is one of the most important elements of the product. When you own the business, spending less time creating the design for the T-shirt will maximize the process of production and speed up the process of earning money from it. If you think creating designs is complicated, takes time and high cost, it is not. You do not have to be an expert designer to create a great T-shirt design. The T-shirt design template sample allows you to be a great designer even if you aren’t.

 Ways in making T-shirt design

There are two ways of making the design of a T-shirt. First, you can download the fonts and graphics. Once you have the graphics and fonts that you want, use Photoshop to combine them to create a whole new T-shirt design. The second way is that you get a T-shirt design template sample online and be creative by modifying it without any difficulties with all the technicalities.

If you have time, you can try out both ways and create your design. See which way is more suitable for you and which one you think is more effective and efficient. Once you find your way, creating a T-shirt design will be a fun and easy process.

 Steps in creating a T-shirt design

Designing a T-shirt for your business can be overwhelming since it looks like you’ve got a lot of work to do, you will need a guide to help you go step by step. If you are trying for the first time then these steps are going to be very useful for you:

 1. Find the theme

Go online and find out whether the design idea that you will make is something popular or wanted by many people. You also need to find the designs that are popular in the subject or theme that you plan to create.

2. Find the free graphics

Choose graphics that will be great to be put on your design. There are countless sources online that are available to be downloaded in the format png or jpg. Be aware of the copyright, pay attention to the details. You can credit the author to keep you away from trouble from copyright.

3. Using a design maker

By using a design made for your T-shirt design you will get the T-shirt design template sample and feel free to select fonts, adding images picking backgrounds, patterns, and colors for your T-shirt design.


6+ Book Cover Template

Book Cover Template Sample

Are you looking for a book cover template sample? If you do, then you have come to the right place. We all know that books can entertain us and take us away from reality. Books can take us to many kinds of adventures, fantasies, and also travel through time. But, it does not matter whether the story of your book is great or not, if your book does not have a good cover, then the readers will unlikely to purchase your book. Besides a great story, an attractive cover is also needed so that people will buy the book. Hence, we will help you by explaining a little bit about a book cover and how to create it.

About a book cover

As you can see from the name, a book cover is the first page that covers a book. Usually, the book cover will contain the title of the book and the artwork that describes the whole point of the story. Not only that but the book cover also usually has textures either embossed or debossed to add some effects. As for the hardbound book, there is a printable book cover that can be removed. Sounds hard, is it not? That is why you need a book cover template sample so you can save your time.

Things you need to pay attention to when making a book cover

Although there is a saying that we cannot judge a book by its cover, a bad book cover will not attract any reader to even touch it. With thousands of books getting published, it will be hard for you if your book cover looks too ordinary and cannot catch the eye of the reader. Hence, here are the things that you need to consider when you make a book cover.

The first one is to imagine yourself to be the reader. You need to see and feel what they want to see and feel about your book. They will see the book cover first so try to prioritize the reader’s preference. The second one is the combination of the title and the book cover. Both of them need to complement each other. If the title is not good enough, then maximize the artwork and vice versa. The last one that you need to pay attention to when you make a book cover template sample is to get the help of designers. Work together with him/her and you are good to go.

Book Cover Design Ideas

10+ Anniversary Card psd template free

Tips on Choosing or Designing Your Anniversary Card Template

It is joyful day to tie the knot with the person of your choice. It would be unforgettable big day to remember for the rest of your life too. However, it is not the only day you will get to celebrate the happiness together. Why don’t you get anniversary card template and celebrate with him/her then?

Marriage anniversary can be celebrated every year if you want, though there are others who choose once every few years instead. If you need to choose and design the invitation template, there are few things we’d like you to consider below.

Tips #1 – Put Sentimentality with Photo

It will be another happy day in your life to celebrate the years you have gone through together with your partner. So, let’s put sentimentality in your invitation card then. You don’t have to do much. Did you know? Putting your photo together will do the job just fine for marriage anniversary card.

Just make sure to choose couple photo though. Having it shown first thing in the card will show how you hold dear the first day of your life together as husband and wife. Being sentimental like this is necessary for this kind of occasions here.

Tips #2 – Be Thoughtful of Your Partner

Your partner must have his own personality, right? Let’s not just think about ourselves. It is the day for the both of you. So, consider to choose the design that your partner prefers as well. You do not need to make anniversary invitation cards all up to him for the sake of being thoughtful towards him.

Instead, it is simply best to combine both together. There are many elements you can throw ideas in, you know. Just make sure they complement each other so well to make marriage invitation card look very pleasant looking or the best even.

Tips #3 – Be Considerate of His Interest

Just like with personality, people have their own interest in things as well. So, let’s be considerate of what our partner likes and wants to see on the invitation card even though you don’t have the same preferences with him. Taking some of yours and some of him will be enough to do the job for sure.

We are sure the receiver of your happy anniversary card will know how considerable of you towards him. It is worth a try. You are free to use the card to send words of love only, but it would be great to throw a party while you are at it too.

Tips #4 – Include Sweet Words in Card

No matter how much you get old there is no limit to say sweet words to each other. If it is to embarrassing to say out loud now, you can put it into words then. If you are good with words, do make poem since it always has romantic sense to it. If not, you can always make short letter instead.

Surely, your partner will swoon over you all over again and fall in love with you even more. So, pick one anniversary card template and work on the words of love in it. It is free to download, so why don’t you give it a try yourself then?

Anniversary Card Design Ideas

Anniversary Card Ideas

Anniversary Card Example

5+ Fashion Sale Facebook Post free psd template

How to Make Fashion Sale Facebook Post Template to Tell Your Brand Story

It is e-commerce, the emerging way of transaction through network and electronic devices. Speaking about it, there are many ways of selling products and services. You can make fashion sale in Facebook. For that however, it is important to know about fashion sale Facebook post template first.

After all, you will need this template to help you make the best posts on your Facebook account. When it comes to those posts, they will have to be effective enough to tell your brand story. Here are some requirements to meet.

#1 – Make It Beautifully Designed

Since it is for advertising purpose, beautiful design is a must. Why, of course, it is the very thing that will catch people’s eyes first than anything after all. Ecommerce business Facebook post of this kind can’t go poor made at all. If you can attract their attention, it is your ticket to get potential customer.

If you have no experience in graphic design, you don’t need to worry. Readymade templates for this needs has professional design to offer. Of course, they look beautiful whichever your choice is. It saves you the time to design yourself.

#2 – Ensure the Design is Functional

Remember beautiful design is not everything. What use of looking pretty if it does not serve its purpose at all? So, make sure your Facebook fashion post template is functional as well. It is meant for your products or services. You’ve got to make all the people interested in the messages within.

Fortunately, readymade Facebook post template can be optimized for the sake of user interactions as well. Make good use of the chance to deliver your message through the post. For example, you need to make sure text readability.

#3 – Keep the Purpose Consistent

Consistency is important to keep in check too here. After all, people tend to stray from the real purpose in the beginning as they go on with the making. That is why it is important to know what’s the purpose or the goal that you aim by posting. Keep reminding yourself along the way will help.

You might as well make some notes to keep you on track too. Gather only the relevant data and don’t easily add new things in the process. Fashion sale ecommerce Facebook post must be thoroughly planned before designed.

#4 – Choose What Suits Your Budgets

Just because it is Facebook post, it does not mean that it won’t cost you anything here. Making one yourself is time consuming though you won’t have to spend any money. However, it does not always guarantee the design. You can ask the help of graphic designer, but of course it will be quite costly.

Though we can rest assured since the design is well guaranteed. Fortunately, you don’t need to go either way. After all, there is fashion sale Facebook post template to download out there. It is free and editable even. You won’t regret it.

10+ Personal Apology Letter

What Use of Personal Apology Letter in Business Environment

We are supposed to apologize if we make mistakes. You can say your apology orally as usual of course. However, what to do if things happen in your workplace for instance? Sometimes, it can be too awkward to do so, right? That’s where personal apology letter comes in to help you all with that.

As you might have guessed, this template can be used to make formal apology. It is just perfect for use in business environment, isn’t it? Let us enlighten you with some uses of the letter that you might never realize before. Here we go.

1st Use of the Personal Apology Letter

First of all, private apology letter is meant for internal communication. In business environment, we value professionalism. We can’t take things personally or mix private life in it as well. However, it is normal for people to make mistakes in life. Don’t ever think that you don’t need to apologize at all.

To settle things, you can make the letter to do the job. That way, you can avoid unnecessary problems in the workplace. Surely, you don’t intend to argue in the open, right? Not all mistakes can be settled calmly and peacefully after all.

2nd Use of the Personal Apology Letter

Any person can make mistakes, of course. Employer towards his own employee is no exceptional at all. Since sometimes employer has his own image to uphold, it becomes rather difficult to apologize personally. So, make your sample personal letter in such occasion to deal with the problem yourself.

Rather than sending formal apology, this one should be more acceptable for personal matter. Take a look at the samples online if you want effective apology letter. Not all people can come up with the words themselves. Please do so then.

3rd Use of the Personal Apology Letter

This letter may serve as the means to explain the matter as well. There must be reasons behind every incident after all. Also, you can’t settle things without explaining things at all, right? Be clear if you want to mend the relationship. It is all the more reason for you to do so in the same workplace.

How are you going to work together for the benefit of the same company if you keep arguing or give cold shoulder to each other? It is best to apologize and back to your own selves before. Worker personal letter is what it takes to do so.

4th Use of the Personal Apology Letter

When you are arguing with someone, you tend to avoid oral communication as much as possible, right? You won’t feel like talking and it is difficult even if you want to. So, just express your guilt and sorry through a letter. That way, the person you are arguing with will understand your apology well.

Sometimes, writing personal apology letter is better than speaking face to face. In worst case scenario, we can’t keep level headed and argue more instead. In business environment, it is best to take care of problems as calm as possible.

Personal Apology Letter Design Ideas

Personal Apology Letter Ideas

Personal Apology Letter Example

10+ Single Business Card template free psd

What Must Be There When Designing Single Business Card Template

How do you think business card is made? Of course, it would be different than how you make an ID card. There might be some points that are the same, but you need to add other information in. If you take a look at various images of single business card template we have here, you’ll understand.

This is one for business purpose after all. There must be business related things that must be there as well. What could they be then? If you plan to make business card for your needs, it is best to learn how to make one. Let’s see here.

Step #1 – Firm Name and Service

First things first, you need to put your company name first of course. What’s the point of making the card without mentioning the name? It won’t be a business card to begin with then. Introducing your name with free business card template is also a way to make your very business known everywhere.

Don’t go with just the name though. Since you are running one, it would be necessary to introduce your services as well. Let the people know what you have to offer. After all, you must be selling things to make profit from the firm.

Step #2 – Your Name and Address

Your business name is not your real name, of course. So, as the owner, you’ve got a name to show that the business is yours. Service business card template is one to make things clear on that matter. You don’t want your business to be claimed by other people, right? Also, don’t go with just a name.

You need others to know your company address through this company business card template as well. People will know where to look for then. Sometimes, clients need to visit for themselves, even though you can order online today.

Step #3 – Phone Number and Email

Visiting company in person shouldn’t be the only way you have to offer for communication. At the very least, there has to be phone number. With it, business partners or customers will have the means to ask things without having to visit. People would appreciate if you have email address too.

This email will allow you to send mails, documents, or other files to each other. Though they are received as soft files, they are officially made and can be printed as needed. Business card contact information should include them all.

Step #4 – Other Relevant Information

Surely, business name, services, your name, company address, phone number, and email are not the only information relevant to your business, right? If it is necessary to let people know about it, it is worth to include in the card. Just make sure not to put too much in since the design will be crowded.

Include only the most important things of all while considering the design. Single business card template will be well perceived in that manner. After all, there is professionalism put in its making. Follow these steps to make the best card.

Single Business Card Design Ideas

Single Business Card Ideas

Single Business Card Example

10+ Letterhead Template

How to Choose Letterhead Template That Fits Well With Your Logo

When running business, you are bound to make business letters eventually. The professionally designed one must be able to make great first impression. What are you going to do to make one? To make such impression, we need letterhead template to fit with your business logo. What to do?

Fortunately, there are readymade templates to help you. Even so, it shouldn’t go without being carefully chosen. There are actually many things that should be taken into consideration. Let’s get down to it in this opportunity below.

#1 – Color Scheme of the Template

First, we would like you to care for the template design’s color scheme. Why? It is because the color is the one that will catch people’s eyes and attention first than anything. Letterhead design color shouldn’t be too dull looking. But, when it comes to it, the more colors used, the costlier it will get.

So, make your choice of colors in accordance with the budget you have. You don’t need to force yourself into it if you can’t afford for more. Consult with the printer and let them know how much you have for the needs to get it done.

#2 – Font Style of Letterhead’s Text

Next, here comes the font style. What matters about it would be its readability, of course. You don’t need to use fancy style just to make your template design look amazing. Who knows it is not readable at all for some people? So, let’s not risk that and just use easy to read ones in this chance.

What use of making letterhead if it can’t convey the message at all. What worse is it will be considered unprofessional. That goes how impactful letterhead font style is. So, let’s not take this matter lightly and consider it more.

#3 – Paper Stock for the Print Outs

Before you print out your letterhead design, you better give your choice of paper consideration. Depending on the paper, the color it has might make difference. Bond paper for example, helps make logo and contact info look stand out. After all, letterhead is meant to show both to the reader.

Also, bond paper is heavy, giving it a sense of importance, formality, and professionalism. Professional letterhead should be printed out in such manner to be well perceived by whomever the reader. So, get this one prepared.

#4 – Other Elements for Printing

There are still many other elements to think about when it comes to printing. Just as it is important to care about the paper style, it is necessary to consider about the ink style too. You don’t want it to come out the worst, right? So, you will need to think things through for the better of the letterhead.

If it is quality printing you want, you need to be willing to spend more money on it. It is worth spending though. After all, letterhead template determines whether or not you can attract business partners and customers or not.

Letterhead Template Design Ideas

Letterhead Template Ideas

Letterhead Template Example

5+ Amazon Shipping Label Template

Amazon Shipping Label Template and How to Make It

If you sell products on Amazon, you will need to ship your products because your customers come from different countries. So, you have to make a shipping label. If you have never created it before, you can use the following Amazon shipping label template for your reference.

Amazon Shipping Label Template Samples

A collection of PSD Amazon shipping label sample templates can be found in this article. One of the sample templates is a packaging shipping label format. Besides that, there is also a cruise ship label template. The next sample template is a barcode label shipping vector.

For the next sample, you can find a sail ship label. A large shipping label also belongs to one of the sample templates available here. An oceanic label & shipping label format is the next sample template. A template for a sheet shipping label is also available in this article.

Amazon Shipping Label Template Designs

This article contains various PSD Amazon shipping label template designs. One of the best designs is a classic gold red black shipping label. Besides that, there is also a shipping label decal design. A vintage book label shipping also looks awesome and you can find it here.

For the next impressive design, there is a black & gold format shipping label. And there are still many other design ideas. All of the templates available in this article have creative designs and formats. So, they will really inspire and help you.

How to Make an Amazon Shipping Label

There are a few steps on how to create a PSD Amazon shipping label template. You can start including the needed information in your desired format. Some of the information details to be included are such as weight, volume, condition, etc. You can also add the shipping date, time, and many more.

Usually, a shipping label also comes with a barcode. It eases your customers to find important information related to the products purchased or shipped. The size of the shipping label can be different from one to another. Anyway, you have to keep it simple and understandable.

Creating a Shipping Label Template

To create an Amazon shipping label template PSD, you will have to click “Create Label” first. It is based on your order. After that, you will need to enter the size & weight of your package. Then, what you should do is to select Shipping Rates.

Here, you must compare rates across shipping carriers. Then, you should click “Buy Label”. After you get your label, now you can click “Download Label” simply. To print it, just go to “File” and choose “Print”. Creating a shipping label may take a few minutes. But you still need to fulfill some important details.

If you feel frustrated to create a shipping label, you do not need to worry. In this article, we have an editable Amazon shipping label template that comes with different designs. You are allowed to pick your preferred template and edit it using Adobe Photoshop to fit your needs.

10+ App Promotion Whatsapp Image example psd design

Best App Promotion Whatsapp Image Template Editable Designs

Promotion is very important in business. Today, promotion is much easier and simpler with certain apps. You can advertise your own app via social media including Whatsapp. If you need inspiration and ideas, we provide you an app promotion Whatsapp image template that will be very useful and helpful.

App Promotion Whatsapp Image Template Samples

This article contains a collection of PSD app promotion Whatsapp image sample templates. One of the examples is a free mobile app promotion template. Besides that, an android mobile app promotion template also belongs to one of the samples.

For the next sample, there is a software promotion Whatsapp image template. And there are still many others. Even more, a blank app promotion template is also available here. Because there are many options available, you have to find and use the most appropriate template for your own purpose.

App Promotion Whatsapp Image Template Designs

When it comes to PSD app promotion Whatsapp image template designs, there are various options and ideas available in this article. For example, there is a red mobile app promotion template that looks very impressive. Besides that, a modern-design app promotion template is also a good idea.

Then, a simple app promotion template also belongs to one of the most common and popular design ideas. The backgrounds come with different color schemes such as yellow, blue, pink, purple, red, white, and many more. It usually depends on the style or theme of the app to be promoted.

Tips for Designing an App Promotion Whatsapp Image Template

To create an eye-catching app promotion Whatsapp image template PSD, there are a few important tips to be considered. You start with the name of the app accompanied by relevant images. The images can be its logo, related captures, users’ reviews, or anything else.

It is a good idea if you add a tagline. For example, you can write “Simple, Modern, and Innovative”. Then, you also need to make a short description of the app so that people will know the use of the app. In addition, you should state whether it is free or not. If it is not free, you must state its price.

If possible, you can state the reasons why people should choose and download it. Do not forget to tell people where and how to download it. With an eye-catching design, you can send your app promotion Whatsapp image PSD to as many as people.

Editable App Promotion Whatsapp Image Template

It is not easy to design an app promotion template. However, your task will be much easier with our template. For your information, all of the templates available in this article are creative, downloadable, editable, and printable.

So, just feel free to pick your desired app promotion Whatsapp image template. After you find the most appropriate one, you can directly edit it using Adobe Photoshop to fit your needs. You can save it in JPG or any other format. Then, you can send it to Whatsapp users.

App Promotion Whatsapp Image Design Ideas

App Promotion Whatsapp Image Ideas

App Promotion Whatsapp Image Example