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5+ 24 hour planner template

Effective Hour Planner Templates

You may not know that people will be more efficient to perform specific tasks if they have a 24-hour planner template to follow, especially if they should finish tasks under the strict deadline. An hourly schedule planner can help you to finish things easier and help someone become more effective, and organized in different ways. If you know what tasks you have done before, it is also easy for you to make a plan and extend the strategies that you need to get them done efficiently.

Why do you need it?

Busy people will feel hard to keep watching anything, of course, they are lucky people who have flexible schedules. The good news is you can use this template to make anything simpler and easier as well. If it can be done properly, then it would be so effective to complete your daily task. Most companies will know the important role of this planner concerning their business as well. This hourly template can help them to make a plan of activities for employees every day and follow it to make sure the continuity of operations is based on that schedule. You always get the best templates that help you to organize things.

Things to put in your hourly template

You can maximize your time

When you plan out your activity every day, it helps you to maximize your time since it divides the activities that you have to do at a specific time. If you are a beginner, you can write down the dates and days in which your activities take place. You can write it down to the time blocks there. You also can use the timeframe that occurs in the first column in the hourly template to get better visuals and organizations as well.

Spend your time to make a good schedule

If this is your first time making a daily schedule, then it seems more difficult for some factors. The best thing to try is to maximize your time table and note several things that you can do to help you be more productive. By doing so will not make you more effective to organize your time. It also helps you to be more productive. Even though there are many schools, companies, and other institutions use specific timetables as well. Having a good 24-hour planner template will help you to catch up on your tasks, and it also informs you about how many hours or slots that you have.

24 hour planner Design Ideas

10+ 24 7 shift schedule template

24 7 Shift Schedule Template and the Challenges of Around the Clock Business Operation

If you own a business that operates 24/7, or you are in charge of the shift schedule for the staff who need to work around the clock, coming up with the perfect schedule is a challenging task. There are many things to consider when it comes to schedule making, as it involves human resources who also have other things to take care of. The best place to start is to get a 24 7 shift schedule template.

Challenges in a 24/7 operation

In making a shift schedule for employees especially when the business runs for 24/7, some special challenges need to be understood. By knowing, you will be able to deal with them in the most effective ways. The following are some of the challenges.

1. Fatigue management

It must be remembered that in 24/7 working hours, there will be staff who work all night. They may do not have normal working hours as their family and friends do and this can affect their physical as well as psychological health. There should be some good fatigue management plans that are implemented in the working system. This will help the staff to rest and work better.

2. Holidays and overtime

Make sure holidays are managed well as the business has no day off. How the company will pay for the overtime and working on holidays should also be calculated carefully.

3. Time and attendance.

Businesses, especially ones that operate 24/7, must have precise data on attendance and time. compliance risks are possible when there is no accurate data on these matters.

4. Business and employee data management

It is important to have a constantly updated data that is available and easy to access. The data will help to analyze costs, optimize processes as well as notice obstacles. 

Why getting a 24/7 shift schedule template?

While the 24 7 shift schedule template will save you time and work, it can also be beneficial for the employees. Creating a shift schedule that accommodates the employees’ needs will increase their productivity. The staff have other things to take care of outside of work. Making schedules that allow employees to work while taking care of their personal and family needs as well as emergencies will lessen their stress.

The shift schedule for 24/7 businesses must be planned carefully so it can become beneficial rather than to worsen the workforce of the staff. When it is done correctly, it will make employees more productive which in turn will give more advantages for the business as a whole.

24 7 shift schedule Design Ideas

24 7 shift schedule Ideas



5+ 21st birthday shirt ideas psd template free

21st Birthday Shirt Ideas for the Memorable Moment

Birthdays are one of the moments we sure want to remember because you are not turning to that age twice, right? There are many ways to make this special day memorable, parties with cakes and candles surrounded by loved ones are one way to do it. However, if you are turning 21 or a person you love is, you will think of an idea on how to make it special in a different way. A birthday shirt is a great option for that.

Why a birthday shirt?

Whether you are turning 21st or want to give your loved one who is celebrating his or her special day, you will need 21st birthday shirt ideas as your inspiration. So what is it about the birthday shirt? A birthday shirt can be a different way of celebrating a birthday and can make a unique present to give to. While a birthday shirt is special, a customized one can make it extra special.

A birthday shirt can help you to convey messages differently. Customized design for a birthday shirt can add more personal touch to the super special day. Giving it to the people that you love will also tell them implicitly that you care much about them.

Fun 21st birthday shirt ideas

Turning 21 is such a special and monumental moment in anybody’s life as the age mark of how a person can be called an adult. This special milestone should be celebrated specially and a birthday shirt can make a great token for that. Here are some 21st birthday shirt ideas for the occasion.

1. Squad shirts

The design is perfect if you are planning to have a matched outfit with your best friends. Get the different colors for you and the girls to spend the night out or having a private party with your closest friends. By having a squad shirt, not only you who feel special but it will make your best friends feel the same way too.

2. Tree rings shirt

Boys usually want something more simple and flexible. The tree rings design is perfect for boys who don’t want to go extra but still need something special to commemorate their turning 21. Tree rings mark the age of a tree, by putting a tree cut image on the shirt with 21 rings on it, it secretly tells the 21st birthday.

3. Smart design shirt

The 21st birthday shirt does not always have to have the number 21 on it. the number can be represented in many other ways. Some ways to replace the number 21 is by using tally marks or square root.

The point of looking for 21st birthday shirt ideas is to finally find the most personal and unique design that will help you to remember the moment for the rest of your life.

21st birthday shirt Design Ideas

10+ 21 day fix meal plan template

21 Day Fix Meal Plan Template: Tips and Steps in Creating Your Meal Plan

Planning meals is not only for those who are wanting to lose weight. A 21-day fix meal can be created and become more of a nutrition plan where you can start to learn about clean eating as well as to control the sizes of your portions. To start the planning, you are going to need  21 day fix meal plan template so you can eliminate the struggle in making a meal plan especially if you are new to this.

Steps to make 21 fix meal plan

The steps are here to help you to easily create your meal plan and know how to start and what to do next.

  1. Get the template.

Find a 21 day fix meal plan template as the start, you can download and make your plan to finally save it in your device. By making it available in a soft file, it will be easy for you to access it anytime and anywhere. However making it tangible is also important, to put in your kitchen or fridge so you are able to take a quick look at it or make changes.

  1. Find clean eating recipes.

To create a plan you will need to refer to clean eating recipes. Find ones that suit your taste and preference and use the recipes as the reference for the meal plan.

  1. Start from an easy meal.

Breakfasts and snacks are easier as people usually have the same food or alternate between a few choices for them.

  1. Dinner Plan

Dinner time is where you can try new recipes and get some creative ideas. You may have some leftovers from dinner that you can use to make lunch.

  1. Lunch plan

As mentioned before how lunch is the perfect time for if you have leftovers from the previous dinner. Leftovers can be planned or can be there without a plan, make use of these as a complement to the salad you make for lunch.

Tips on planning meal 

Once you get the 21 day fix meal plan template write down your plan, you are ready to go. There are some tips worth knowing in the process of you creating your meal plan. Try to spread the nutrients through the day and have the carbs earlier. To keep the stability of your blood sugar, try not to have carbs or fruit alone. You can add protein and fat rather than having them alone.

One important thing to have in mind when preparing your 21-day meal plan is that you do not make a plan only for 21 days. The plan is made as a way of changing lifestyles and habits.

21 day fix meal plan Ideas

21 day fix meal plan Example

5+ 20 sided box free psd template

DIY 20 Sided Box Template – Pros and Cons of Using Templates

Making unique handmade stuff can be done by using our 20 sided box template. At some point, arranging and attaching the template requires a thorough understanding.

The result would be quite satisfying if you know where to glue and how to fold. The presence of templates in the design world has been a huge help.

However, some pros and cons are always interesting to discuss. So, what are the pros and cons of using templates in the design world?

Without a template, making a 20 sided dice could force you to invest more time in it. Other than that, templates are great for a massive market.

Pros: Time-efficient

Making a 20-sided box is such a challenge. Thus, using a template will save you time. You can customize a template according to what you need. Since it has a lot to do with DIY stuff, a template gives you a concrete example.

Pros: Cost-effective

Depending on the template you are using, some templates save your money. On the other hand, using a 20 sided box template also saves your money since you don’t need to buy a kit in the first place. If you need more quantity, you can simply print the template more.

Pros: More selections

If you are working as a freelancer, having a catalog is essential. This is also another reason why using templates is crucial. You can allow your customers to pick the one they love from the template collection. Later, you can simply edit the template as needed.

Cons: Undifferentiated

The first thing you will realize about using a template is uniformity. The purpose is for a massive market. Thus, it can be a bit difficult to stay idealize.

But if you are working for the market or you want to have fun with your first project, feel free to use templates as much as you like.

Cons: Different codes

This thing happens all the time when a DIY doer wants to make a website quickly. Some themes may look nice but it can fall flat without proper knowledge of codings like CSS and HTML.


Is it good or bad to use a template? It depends. As long as you know how to take responsibility out of it, you are good to go with templates.

Also, make sure you use the template according to the copyright or license. But using a 20 sided box template will always be a fun thing to try.

5+ 2.5 inch button template free psd

An Ultimate Guide on Buying a Button Maker Machine

When you want to start making a button-making business, using a 2.5 inch button template would help you a lot – size is a popular number among other sizes.

Some websites offer templates for free. Once you’ve downloaded the template, you can design the look by using the software you prefer.

After the design is done, you can simply print it and let the machine does its job. Talking about a machine to make buttons, you need to consider several factors before deciding your choice to a specific machine.

The good news is that most machines are affordable. Here are things you need to consider before buying a button maker machine.

How much does it cost?

Since the 2.5 inch button template is free, you just need to pay for the tools and equipment. A button maker machine is an essential tool you need to purchase if you plan to make this a serious business.

The price depends on various factors such as the shape varieties, sizes, number of buttons the machine can make, and the brand. You can get a button maker machine as cheap as USD 100.

On the other hand, you need to pay up to USD 500 if the machine comes with an attachment to make a button in different shapes and sizes. Also, you better opt for an automatic machine so you don’t need to manually operate the machine when it is at work.

Important features: the size

If you plan to make this business as a home business, it is highly recommended to buy a small yet compact machine. Smaller machines allow you to save space and handle the machine easily.

Important features: the speed

On the other hand, if you are ready to take a larger order, you can opt for a speedy machine. Generally, an amateur-grade machine can make up to 50 buttons per hour.

Meanwhile, a professional machine can produce at least 200 buttons per hour. Of course, this affects the price.

Important features: ease of use

Most button maker machines sold on the market are manual. It doesn’t require electricity while easy to use. However, you need to operate the machine on your own. If you need to take a larger quantity of orders, you better check out automatic machines.

Some other things still require consideration. More than anything, we encourage to use free templates to make buttons. Using a 2.5 inch button template is such a good point to start.

2.5 inch button Design Ideas

5+ 2.25 button example psd design

2.25 Button Template and Tips on Making Buttons

Checking out some collections of 2.25 button template could help you to start your button-making journey. Buttons can be another way for you to make money. But how can we start it?

There are several places you can head to for finding the templates. Templates help you to make the exact size without manually measuring the button.

Some templates are printable and editable. You can use a specific app on your computer to customize the pattern, color, and anything you need for the button.

Is it a profitable business?

As has been mentioned earlier, some people show their enthusiasm for making buttons. But at some point, it could be tricky to measure anything manually.

Thus, using a pre-made template would help a lot. All you need to do is to figure out the button size. Once you get a suitable template, you can start to customize how the button will look like.

Of course, button making can be profitable. You may need to purchase a button maker machine but this can be done later.

Things to prepare

Other than using a 2.25 button template, you need to prepare several other things. When you make a button, make sure you have an extra mylar nearby.

This piece of paper is easily getting lost, stick together, and even dirty. Thus, preparing extra mylar would help a lot.

As has been mentioned earlier, you need to buy a button maker machine. When printing the motif, make sure you don’t use photo paper – you can use photo paper if you have a photo punch or a button maker machine for photo paper.

Another tool you may need to invest in is a punch cutter or circle cutter. Also, a ceramic magnet may help during the process of de-nesting the shells if you are using ones.

Other considerations on button making

Make sure anything is clean when you start making buttons. For instance, dog hair wouldn’t look good on your button unless you want to get that specific look in the first place.

You need to punch all elements to make the button by using the machine. Make sure you put all elements accordingly.

If you load too many elements in the machine, it would delay the process since the machine could jam.

How can this business become a profitable thing? Well, buttons are great prizes and mementos after all.

We remind you that it will be much easier if you use the 2.25 button template or other sizes to make buttons.


5+ 2.25 inch button psd template free

Starting a Button Making Business with a 2.25 inch Button Template

A 2.25 inch button template is a popular size to make a button. Many people have started their business of button making. This business can be done on your own at home while it can be highly profitable.

So, what should you prepare to start this business? In this article, we have a series of things you can try before jumping into a button-making ride.

How to market the buttons

When it comes to a profitable business, marketing champagne is one of the crucial things to determine. The good news is that you don’t need a specific yet complicated way to market your buttons.

All you need to do is to hand out brochures or mailing fliers to people. Where can you sell the buttons after all? Schools, organizations, politicians, and clubs are a few places you can make your business sold.

Buttons are versatile and can be a great memento. Thus, you can sell them easily once you’ve established one. Also, using a 2.25 inch button template would save your time on designing the buttons.

Tools and equipment

Before starting this business, you need to gather some tools and equipment. You need to own a computer and printer – the machines will help you to design and print the button motifs as well as helping with the marketing needs.

If you head to some button supply companies, you may also find a specific app to design the button. However, if you can use the template, you can use any apps on your computer to customize the design.

Of course, you will need a button maker machine, button supplies, and a round cutter. These tools are easily found in local supply stores. Or else, online shopping will introduce you to more options though.

Now you have the tools and equipment to make buttons. You can start your creative session to design the buttons that people would love.

Other considerations

In case you plan to buy a manual button machine, you need to know that it requires a level of physical strength. Also, it includes some repetitive-motion moves.

An automatic machine will help you to get rid of those hassles while taking a large order quantity. Feel free to take your time learning how to use the machine and other tools.

Cutters and the machine may lead to injury without a proper operation. And this is anything you need to know about starting a button-making business with the 2.25 inch button template.

2.25 inch button Design Ideas

5+ 2 x 4 label free psd template

Things to Know about Using 2 x 4 Label Template for Your Online Store

If you are running an online store, you might also look for a 2 x 4 label template. The label template is quite useful for shipping items so you don’t need to manually write the shipment detail for every order.

Of course, you can always create a shipping label on your own. However, failing to use a proper format can turn into a disaster. Here we will show you why a shipping label template is better than manually making a new one.

Elements on a shipping label template

Generally, you can always print a blank one but as has been explained earlier, if you are running an online shop, using a ready-made shipping label is much better.

The label contains a series of crucial information. However, the 2 x 4 label template is commonly printed in blank since you only need to state the recipient name and the address.

Talking about the shipping label, the information in it depends on the items you are sending and the courier service provider.

You need to state the contact details of the customer along with the destination address. Other than that, you can state the handling instructions such as keep away from direct sunlight, keep this side on top, fragile, and so on.

Why should you use a shipping label template?

Using templates will always save your time instead of manually writing the information on a piece of blank paper. Also, it brings you to a bunch of benefits.

Tracking is essential especially when it comes to time-sensitive goods like veggies. The shipping labels that contain the barcode and shipping bill code could help for tracking.

It also helps to manage the inventory much easier. The barcodes tell you the information you need to monitor the inventory stocks. In other words, the manual data entry job is cut.

Other than that, the shipping label saves your time while being cost-effective. It boosts the functionality and strategic benefits of marginal costs, which are quite important for a business.


Using shipping label templates will help you in so many ways. Running an e-commerce business would require extra effort when it comes to monitoring.

The presence of shipping label templates will ease your job since everyone involved can monitor the items easily. Regardless of the size, label templates have a huge role in a business’s life.

And this is what you need to know about a 2 x 4 label template for your online shop.

10+ 2 week notice letter template

Everything to Consider Before Creating Two Week Notice Letter Template

Do you ever hear about the notice letter? Now, Let’s talk about a two-week notice letter template! Well, sometimes you feel bored with work or already feel that there are no challenges in your work. Or you have family problems that make you decide to resign from your current company.

In order for your reputation to remain good in the eyes of the old company and the new company, of course, your reasons for resigning from your job must be logical, mature, and acceptable to various parties. Immediately, see all the explanations below!

The general view about two-week notice

In addition to a one month notice, there is also a two-weeks’ notice, which is a notification of resignation two weeks in advance. Compared to the one-month prior notice, this two-week notification is more “sudden”, and may be rejected by the company.

Unless your reasons for leaving were really urgent and quite logical for the company. For example, because of illness, family matters, your new workplace needs you as soon as possible, and so on.

If your reason is not included in your resignation letter, you must explain it at the time of submitting it, or if asked by your boss. That way, as much as possible you leave your workplace with a good relationship that is still maintained. So, consider those things before thinking of a two-week notice letter template!

Things to avoid in making two-week notices

An immature decision

The first thing you have to avoid is, don’t submit a resignation letter if you are still not sure about your decision. Including, if your goal is just a salary that is better than now.

If that’s the case, you can start first by discussing with your boss, if there might be a way out other than resigning.

Vandalizing the other party

Next, don’t badmouth anyone in your resignation letter. Surely you don’t want to add “enemies” after leaving the company, right?

Then, don’t forget to express your gratitude for all the good things you got from the workplace. Whether it’s the treatment of each person or any existing learning.

Proud of a new job

Don’t brag about your job at your new place, and tell the truth during the interview, your reasons for leaving the company.

Do not double-check

Finally, don’t forget to check and reread your resignation letter. This is of course very important and even obligatory for you to do. Why? So that the letter is as effective as possible, and does not hurt anyone.

Well, based on those explanations, it means that when making a two-week notice letter template, you must avoid some points that have been explained above.


2 week notice letter Ideas

2 week notice letter Example