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Writing a Professional General Office Assistant Cover Letter

Are you interested in working in the office but you have no idea of the responsibilities? Here, you will read the responsibilities of being a general office assistant and its qualifications to be one. You will also read how to write a professional general office assistant cover letter almost at the end of the article.

Job Responsibilities of General Office Assistants

The responsibilities depend on the role of an employee. They can also be assigned to specific tasks by the superior in the company. The common responsibilities of general office assistants are greeting the company visitors and providing the needed information. They also handle the receptionist’s tasks such as answering incoming calls. They manage the office equipment, organize the files and documents, and sometimes coordinating the company meeting. The responsibilities can be more as each company has different roles assigned for the employees.

Requirements of General Office Assistants

To be general office assistants, someone at least has to earn a high school diploma or a Bachelor’s degree preferred. S/he also needs to have 1-3 years experience in working in the office with related job descriptions such as administrative staff with excellent skills in operating Office programs and organizing documents and files. It is better if someone owns good communication skills both in spoken and written form.

Cover Letter for General Office Assistants

The sample letter below has a similar format as other cover letters by greeting and stating the intention of applying for the position. Explain in brief the experience to highlight the career. Continue with more detailed information on the achievement, experience, and roles in the previous workplace. End with a personal number to contact for the interview stage.


Dear Mr. Roman,

I am interested in applying for a job as General Office Assistant in Roman Inc. as it is listed on the company website. My eight years of experience as an office assistant will be useful and make me the right candidate to fill the position.

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Administrative Management from a reputable university and I have been working within the field since I graduated eight years ago. I have a deep understanding of the responsibilities of an office assistant as I have been assigned different roles during my career. I can operate Office and administrative programs to help the work and I have good organizational skills to keep the office in a neat and organized condition. This skill also helps me in organizing the company documents so they can be used promptly.

In my previous workplace, I received 25-35 incoming calls everyday and I am good at explaining the information to the callers or company visitors. If I am not in authority to provide the information, I directed it to the other related staff. I have worked with many people in the last eight years and there is no problem has ever happened regarding my relationship with colleagues or superiors. I believe I can contribute positively to the Roman Inc.

I can be reached at 888-333-999 for the interview. Thank you for your consideration.



Michael Roger

We hope the cover letter above can be the reference for you in writing your own general office assistant cover letter.


A Full Guidance of Writing a Spanish Teacher Cover Letter

The ability to able to speak international languages is in demand nowadays. Aside from English and Mandarin, Spanish is another language that many people start learning. With more people speak in Spanish, the opportunity for being a Spanish teacher gets bigger. If you are interested, you can check the information below and the sample of a Spanish teacher cover letter at the end.

Education Background to Become a Spanish Teacher

Before sending a Spanish teacher cover letter, you need to consider having the education background with taking specifically a Spanish language degree or education-related degree in the Spanish language such as Spanish Literature and Language Culture. If you consider teaching in the K-12 education system, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree and a teaching certificate to teach that is issued by the government. You can obtain it by joining a teacher program conducted by an institution. If you consider teaching higher education, you must at least have a Master’s degree or even a doctoral degree.

Skills Needed to be a Spanish Teacher

First is the ability of the Spanish language, of course. Not only for speaking, but other skills as well. The pronunciation, sentence structure, syntax, or everything has to be mastered, depending on the focus of the lesson. Some institutions require you to be able to speak another language like English, especially if the class will have foreign students. It allows communicating easily if it cannot be done in Spanish. Being a teacher has to be able to deliver the lesson clearly and it requires good communication skills. During a pandemic, the teacher has to teach from home and s/he has to be able to understand how to use basic video conference programs to teach. They need to be creative in using the teaching media to deliver the lesson.

Sample of a Spanish Teacher Cover Letter

The format of sending the Spanish teacher cover letter is similar to any other job by greeting and stating the intention at the beginning of the letter. The sample below will give you a clearer idea of how to do it.

Dear Ms. Potts,

I am writing this letter to apply for a Spanish teacher position in your language learning center, as it is advertised on the company’s website. I have become a teacher for five years and I believe my experience makes me the right candidate for the position.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Foreign Language and I have had the experience of teaching English in Spain which gives me first-hand experience of using Spanish, thus it makes me able to speak both English and Spanish fluently. During my career, I have taught young learners to adults so I know how to deal with different levels of students. I can operate basic Office programs and video conferences, as well as the teaching media for online classes. I have a good understanding of teaching approaches and resources to teach for online classes which help the students in understanding the lesson even though we cannot meet in person.

I am excited to be a part of your language learning center and do not hesitate to call me at 444-555-666 for further information or interview. I enclose my resume along with this cover letter for detailed information on my experience and achievements.



Rebbeca Georgina

We hope the sample Spanish teacher cover letter above gives you an idea about what to write for your cover letter.


A Simple Guide To Write Your Beginner Actor Cover Letter

Being a center of interest is started from the baby steps. In addition, to be an actor, you have to pass the level of being a beginner actor before being a professional actor. Whether it is an actor to be showed in the TV, cinema, or YouTube serials, the phase of being a beginner actor is a great chance for you who is dreaming to be an actor. The simple start, you may write a beginner actor cover letter to the agent, or talent agency. Nevertheless, before you jump to the big step, below are the thing you should know in advance of your actor career.

Duties of being Beginner Actor

Being a beginner actor is an entry-level prior to being a professional actor. However, their duties are almost the same, here are the duties of beginner actor.

Key Requirements of Beginner Actor

To seamlessly go through your career path as a beginner actor, you should consider having the following key requirements.

  • Memorization skills – important to memorize the main idea of your line. Improvisation is allowed, but a big no to out of context matters.
  • Creativity – To be able to improvise well, you have to possess an exquisite quality of creativity. This requirement is also required to explore the role or character you play.
  • Persistence – rejection is an ordinary thing, keep motivated and keep going is the key to get the role of beginner actor.
  • Reading and Speaking skills – reading scripts and practice them by speaking fluently is a must for either beginner or professional actors.
  • Physical stamina – beginner actors often act more than one take. They should endure from the details of their role (make-ups, heavy costumes, and the weather of the taking place).

Composing Beginner Actor Cover Letter

Once consider the above things, now you are to compose the letter. Ensure you put all of the related qualifications within your beginner actor cover letter. Below is the sample you may reuse.

Dear Ms. Sarah Scheinderlin,

I am writing the letter to express my interest in the vacancy of the beginner actor enlisted in the flyers in the city hall board. I feel I would be the perfect fit for the team as I am a fast learner and have good memorization skills.

I am able to adhere to the direction well and I have a high enthusiast of performing arts. I acquired my experience in acting for 2 years as an ad model and supporting role within YouTube serials. However, I realize that working as a beginner actor means I have to work through the ranks and I have no problem with it.

I believe I will bring new energy to the production team. Also, I will bring to a reality of any part that is offered by the NSS production team.

You may contact me anytime to prepare a discussion with me about my talents and attributes that I would fetch to the team. You may reach me by phone at (222)222222 or by email at I am very excited to hearing from the NSS production team soon.



Sean Adelide

That is all about the duties and key requirements of being a beginner actor. Compose your beginner actor cover letter professionally to earn you an interview. Good luck.



A Simple Guide To Write An Ophthalmic Assistant Cover Letter

An ophthalmic assistant assists the ophthalmologist or the doctor who is dealing with the eyes. The ophthalmic assistant is an entry-level professional. Progressing with this career is a promising career path. In addition, the certification is available for this profession. If you are putting your interest in the job. You may begin with writing your ophthalmic assistant cover letter to be submitted to the ophthalmologist directly or to the agencies. Prior to apply for the job, the following considerations are to be taken to enrich your insight about the job.

Why It Is Recommended Job?

Working as an ophthalmic assistant is rewarding. It gives you the experience to help people. Not only people, but you are also assistant of the ophthalmologist, so you could be considered as the important person. Moreover, you are working with people’s vision. Certainly, you are improving people’s life quality. It is provided with on-the-job training as well, so you may assure that this career has a clear career path.

What Are Their Responsibilities?

Ophthalmic assistant relies on the job to assist the ophthalmologist most. However, below are the most common responsibilities of the ophthalmic assistant.

  • Taking a note of patient histories about their eye’s diseases and medical treatments.
  • Introduce patients about the kinds of medical procedures that might be needed by them.
  • Perform preliminary eye function testing
  • Prepare the patients for the examining process using standard tests and measures

Composing Ophthalmic Assistant Cover Letter

Once you considered the aforementioned matters to be an ophthalmic assistant, you might wonder how to compose the cover letter. The cover letter should comprise of your backgrounds, experiences, skills, qualifications, and other things related to the profession. Make sure you put them all concisely within your ophthalmic assistant cover letter to attract HR to invite you to the interview process. Below is the example you may reuse or use as your reference.

Dear Mrs. Joaquin Stars,

I am writing this letter to state my interest in the ophthalmic assistant vacancy in the BC Medical Center.

I acquired my certification of the ophthalmic assistant program and my study was majoring in diagnosing, anatomy, ophthalmic procedures, and medical terminology. I get used to dealing with ophthalmic equipment so that I believe I am the best candidate for the openings.

I am willing to learn and able to adjust my best skills for the job. I can get the patient medical records, the medications that are used by the patient, and every relevant information regarding their vision.

I am an energetic person with great interpersonal and communication skills. So that, I am able to make the patient feeling convenient while I am doing communicating with them. Moreover, my communication skills are able to forward the information from the patients to the ophthalmologist in a professional and well-manner.

I am also seen as a team-oriented person, and I can follow the guides which are provided to me well. I can aid the ophthalmologist with the preliminary vision examination under supervision, or aid the ophthalmologist to prepare them.

Please feel free to contact me at (111)1111111 or send me a word by email at I am very pleased with the possibility of joining your team and I hope to meet with you soon to deliberate the details.



Mariah Deborah

So, that is about ophthalmic assistants including their responsibilities and why this job is recommended. Always remember to write the ophthalmic assistant cover letter properly to increase the possibility to win the interview. Good luck.



Writing Bartender Cover Letter For Your Dream Job

Nowadays, working as a bartender in a cafe is happening among teenagers. Serving the beverages to the customers, taking note of the orders, preparing new recipes of beverages, etc. seen as a promising profession. However, to actualize getting the following job could begin with writing a bartender cover letter to the cafe you want. Prior to apply for the job, the following consideration is taken place to be remembered that will be explained more below.

Responsibilities of Being A Bartender

Every cafe or any bar has its own rules that are implied to the responsibilities of a bartender. Below are the general responsibilities of being a bartender.

Important 3 Bartenders Rule

There is a rule that a bartender should live by. This rule consists of many rules. However, the following most important rule is the thing that should you keep in mind.

  • Keep Them Happy – Keeping customers happy is the main objective of every A happier customer means more tips you could earn.
  • Keep It Professional – you are working, not at a party, therefore you should keep your behavior and all of the things is professional. Serving beverages for the customers does not always mean you could drink all the way.
  • People are Watching – Become a bartender means becoming the center of attention. Ensuring you are engaging enough is a positive point you have to pave your way to your successful career.

Writing A Bartender Cover Letter

Once you have considered the matters above, make up your mind and begin to write the cover letter. Your cover letter should encompass your interest, motivation, experiences and achievements, and background. Below is the example of a bartender cover letter you may use as a reference or reuse.

Dear Mr. Dean Danisson,

Please accept my application letter to express my interest to be a bartender at the Danisson Cafe.

I am willing and able to work within long hours, also on any shift. I am also able to give my best effort within a dynamic environment and enjoy to know the guests. Providing them with my best-formulated beverage recipe is a pleasure and enjoyment for me. I could say I am knowing how to make any special beverages which conform to the theme of the cafe. I always learn the new combinations of the beverages, so that I am able to serve any beverages that customer wants.

I have current certification in working with cocktails, and typically I am continuing to take the course every year to keep up-to-date with the new cocktail creations. Also, I understand enough to operate basic point of sales application to handle the transactions.

I believe my qualifications and energy could contribute more to Danisson Cafe. I am available to be reached by phone at (333)333333 or by email at or I am very pleased to discuss the detail with you  about my possibility to fill the vacancy very soon.



Walter Quasie

That is all about applying for the job to be the bartender in your desired cafe. Remember to write an engaging bartender cover letter to guarantee that the interview phase is yours. Good luck.



Easy And Simple Junior Web Developer Cover Letter

Web developers could be a tough career, but this profession is promising you a legit salary rather than other jobs. Its average yearly salary could reach $54,000 which means, it makes roughly $26 per hour. The junior web developer is the entry-level to be the professional web developer. For those who curious enough about presenting the best website and web services over the internet, apply for this job by writing a junior web developer cover letter to start your journey. Ensure to read the following matters to get an insight into the profession.

What Is the Junior Web Developer Do?

A junior web developer is responsible to help senior web developers in creating websites that are conforming to the client’s specifications and requests. Mostly, they are involved from the project conceptualization phase to the final deliverable phase. They are also must organize the website content and configure web scripts and compatibility web scripts.

The Special Trait They Have to Possess

Being a junior web developer requires them to possess the following traits to smoothen their daily duties.

  • Customer Service Skills – including listening and communication skills with clients.
  • High concentration – the capability to be focused on the task.
  • Creativity – brand new ideas and ways to address the client’s issues and meet their requirements

 Junior Web Developer Daily Duties

Their daily duties mostly including:

  • Meet with clients and discuss their requirements for the website/web app.
  • Design the web, and write codes to program the functions.
  • Test the website/web app.

Writing Your Cover Letter to Apply for The Job

Below is an example of the cover letter to apply for the junior web developer. You may use the following sample as a reference or reuse it at your convenience.

Dear Mr. John F. Kelly,

I would like to express my interest to be a junior web developer with your company, ABC Software, and Web Development Inc. I believe I am the best fit for the openings.

I have acquired my bachelor’s degree majoring in Information Technology specialized in web design and web application. I am proficient enough using HTML, XML, MySQL, CSS, and PHP.

I get my experience in designing websites in developing a school website along with its functionalities. I can prepare documents and paper works accurately. I have the capability to use my well-judgment to design websites and manage time efficiently to fulfill my task within deadlines. I have outstanding verbal and writing skills that make my idea is elaborated perfectly and understandable.

I am a very flexible person that is able to work various shifts. I am easily blending into different types of environments. My colleagues saw me as a friendly person, work as a team or independently is the thing that I am able to deal with on any occasion. Furthermore, I keep in touch with the recent tech news and updates that are associated with the business.

Please feel free to reach me by phone at (444)444444 or by email at to discuss the details about my possibility to fill the position.



Brandon Schwarzinneger

That is all about a junior web developer and several matters to consider before applying for the job. Good luck in getting the interview.



AD Agency Account Executive Cover Letter Along With Example

While you hand in your resume to get an available position for some company, you could add additional document along with your resume to convince that you are worth. For example, you wanted to be an AD Agency Account Executive, then hand in your resume along with a cover letter that defines yourself in a brief written letter form. Addressing an AD agency account executive cover letter will show your sincerity toward the recipient or company.

What Is An AD Agency Account Executive?

The account executive generally is a salesperson, then the AD agency account executive is a person who will be the bridge between the client and the team responsible for bringing attraction to the products. A good account executive also capable to manage budgets, keep the sales diagram stay in profit, and make sure the rest of the team members working effectively. Account executives should be the one who has the great interpersonal skill to bring in new clients and making contracts decisions.

What Skills Needed To Be An AD Agency Account Executive?

Account executives certainly should be able to still engage with the clients and discussing strategies to develop the sales market through advertising campaigns. In this matter, it means that an account executive should have excellent interpersonal skills. An important additional skill that should be had by an account executive is a good decision-maker and prevent or at least minimize if there is any loss that would be approached by the company. In the wider context, account executives should be able to prevent any inconvenience that may happen between the company and clients.

How To Create A Proper AD Agency Account Executive Cover Letter?

Explain yourself in a brief introduction in this letter including experiences, education, skills, and any other value that relevant to the position. You should bring evidence in the letter to convince the recipient, moreover, this will provide you a higher opportunity to be called to an interview directly to the representation of the company.

AD Agency Account Executive Cover Letter’s Example

Dear Mr. Goldman,

I am writing this letter on behalf to apply for an available position in the AD Agency Account Executive position with Highest Corporation.

I earned my degree in marketing in 2007 and experienced in sales marketing for three years until I became the account executive in the current company I have been on for two years. I think that my experiences in this field would be an excellent addition to your company.

I have experience working with many media channels and I am sure to stay the good connection within them. This matter will be a good opportunity for me to help your company develop more and gain more significant changes. I am also skilled in management skills to complete all the projects before deadlines and stay in line with the company policy and guidelines.

I am excellent to work as a team and provide good assistance to the company by giving many options by techniques I developed at a prior time. I am assured that I will be a worthy candidate for your company and would be pleased to help your company passing through the difficult conditions and minimize any loss.

Please, do not hesitate to call me at (123)-123-1234 any time and I look forward to your responses regarding this.


Frankly Frank
Encl: Resume

May this article could give you more pictures to build up your own AD agency account executive cover letter. Good luck!



Implementation Of Customs And Border Protection Officer Cover Letter

In addressing your resume to take an available position offered by the company, you may include an additional file to support your candidacy. And creating a customs and border protection officer cover letter is one of the best solutions. For instance, you are interested in being a customs and border protection (CBP) officer, you could address this letter along with your resume. This will increase your opportunity to be considered as a convincing candidate for the position.

What Is A Customs And Border Protection Officers?

CBP officers have the responsibility to take down any suspicious activity that may take a further loss to the country. This occasion’s main purpose is to secure any illegal activity, preventing terrorism possibility, and enforce the laws on the border of the United States that prone to criminal activity. Being a CBP officer requires a good physical condition and interpersonal skills to prevent any misconduct. It is obvious that this occasion will always relate to interaction with others in order to get particular information to enforce the laws and provide security.

What Requirements To Be A Customs And Border Protection Officers?

Generally, CBP officers should be passed the exam before qualified being an official officer. Since this occasion is available only in the United States, the candidates should be U.S citizen and at least resided in the country for three years. In addition, you will gain a higher possibility to be accepted if possessing a valid driver’s license. The other condition requirements such as passing drug tests, background checks, physical tests, and medical exams.

How To Write A Customs And Border Protection Officers Cover Letter?

Greet the recipient and introduce yourself in a brief included by mention your qualification and experience. You should write it in a formal language and pay attention to your grammar and spelling. A few mistakes made in the letter may impact your candidacy. Use a positive tone in the letter which shows your worth to get the position.

Example Of Customs And Border Protection Officers Cover Letter

Dear Ms. Savenation,

I am applying for the position of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officer since I found out the information of available position in the district – on the official website. I have registered at and experienced in this field which in line with my recent position as a military. I am qualified with all the requirements for being a CBP officer.

I have the skills needed to monitor any suspicious activity that may bring loss to our country. I absolutely understand this position which involves search and secure action at the border of the country. I am capable to stay calm and prevent any insecure situations were supported by the ability to interact with many people with various backgrounds. I possess three languages which may help me in duties and able to speak fluently.

I have many capabilities such as check the information of travelers, maintain national security, and if necessary I could detain suspects and conduct interrogations that indicate something that may harm our land. I have good interpersonal skills and truly observant in every situation. I meet the citizenship and any other requirements to fill up this position.

Please call me at (123)-1231234 for further information or arrange an interview.


Charlie Cortez
Encl: Resume

Hope this explanation is enough to fulfill your satisfaction in understanding this customs and border protection officer cover letter. Do not hesitate to edit the example on your behalf.



An Army Engineer Cover Letter And Its Example You Can Implement

To become an army engineer, of course you must prepare your best resume and application. Yet, not many people have a good preparation, so they are easily beaten up by other candidates. At this moment, you can start your preparation by writing a good army engineer cover letter. Starting to prepare your cover letter from reading this article which contains more about the explanation and how to make one for your own.

What Must You Include In Your Army Engineer Cover Letter?

Once you decide to create this letter, we recommend you to ensure understanding this part. This can help you prevent any ineffective sentences or words in your letter. Check the lists of substantial things you should include in your cover letter.

Working Experience And Skills

It is really essential for you to include this part. This will be a good way to get a higher chance to be hired by the company. Make sure to make it as clear as possible and be honest with your skills and working experience.

State Achievements That Match With Your New Company

As a candidate, you cannot just put everything roughly to your cover letter. It is not effective to write them all in the letter. We highly recommend you to add your achievements that are related to the future company.

Quote Your Motivation As Well

Adding your “motivation statement” will be good for your profile since this will have an impression as a hard worker. As an application, you are not only observed from your working experience and skills, but also your motivation as well.

Does Provide An Army Engineer Cover Letter Important To Apply For A Job?

We cannot deny that many people have many skills and working experience. Yet, not many people think it is necessary to write it. But we highly recommend you to create this letter because this can be the best way to show your company that you are the best candidate over others with high skills and a well-written letter.

The Sample Of Army Engineer Cover Letter

Dear Mr. Claude,

My name is Max Robinson and I found an advertisement of the Army Engineers opening a position for an Army Engineer position. I believe I will be the best candidate among others for this position since my working experience and skills match your company.

I have a bachelor’s degree of mechanical engineering and working experience working for more than 5 years as a professional engineer for the army. Through the years I have served the army with my various techniques. I also joined a training for the army, so I have strong physics. The details of them can be found in the attached resume.

If you are interested in my profile, please do not hesitate to reach me by calling (123)-1231-2312 or emailing me at I would greatly thank you in advance for considering my application and resume.



Max Robinson

All in all, the brief explanation of the army engineer cover letter given above is hoped can help you to create your own one. Feel free to remove some parts that you think unnecessary with your needs. Good luck!



Tips To Write A Cover Letter Requesting For A Meeting And Its Example

If you are going to have a meeting with someone, of course you must talk to him/her before to notify them. Yet, not many people realize that making a cover letter requesting for a meeting can be a good way to do it. At this moment, you will read more about this type of cover letter and how to make one for your own. Keep your note close with you, so you can easily note any points or tips that may be useful.

Is It Appropriate To Send A Cover Letter Requesting For A Meeting By Email?

As a professional worker, it is better for you to make a cover letter if you want to have a meeting with your clients or sponsors. If you are still confused about how to send the letter, we suggest you send it through the post. But, you can send it through email if it is necessary.

How To Set A Meeting With Clients Or Sponsors?

Before you write your cover letter, make sure you know how to make a proper permission and set the meeting well. This will help you and your clients or sponsors get along better during the business. Without any further ado, please kindly check the tips below.

Write Clear And Understandable Letter

By doing this tip, you can ensure your clients or sponsors will understand your intention from the letter you sent. It is suggested to make it as clear as possible, so they can understand better.

Explain The Reason

Having a meeting must have a reason, so it is better to say it in the letter as well. You can also add the time and place, but remember to be flexible with it. The other tip is asking for a reply or confirmation in order to notify them before the day.

An Example Of Cover Letter Requesting For A Meeting

Dear Mr. Sam Jenner,

For the last 10 years, your company, Daily Doze News has worked with my company, Home Care Technology. I found that in your column on various lifestyle events in the state that you are looking for sponsors to be part of your charity. And on this occasion, we would like to say through this letter that we want to be one of the sponsors for the charity.

Our company has seen the news that many companies welcome this charity to help hunger in Africa. As you have known, Home Care Tech runs in home properties and furnitures that help to build a better life. And we want to help others by being a part of this charity.

If we may have a chance to discuss it with you, we would love to be able to schedule some time with you. We will set a meeting this week at your office if you are available. Please let us know if you want to reschedule the meeting. You can reply to this message via email at or via phone at (555)-5555-5555.

We would be greatly happy if you consider meeting with me.

Best Regards,


Clerk Grey

Head of Home Care Tech


All in all, we hope the brief explanation of this cover letter requesting for a meeting above can be helpful for you. Good luck!