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New York Times runs my piece on neo-Marxist war propaganda

Decades after losing to Ronald Reagan’s line-in-the-sand in the 1980s, Latin American Marxist revolutionaries continue their fight in a different battlespace: the legal system. Prosecutions of former military officers and dictators, as I argue in the New York Times, aren’t about justice. They’re about winning a war by other means. In the...


Blackballing a dirtbag

What do people do when a powerful political figure is a dirtbag, but some of the main local news organizations are so biased that they refuse to report the news? Stage a vocal political protest and put it on YouTube. It’s easy and a no-brainer, but political and business organizations...

Waller monitors El Salvador elections

Waller monitors El Salvador elections

[IWP news release] Anti-democratic movements win when they have outside support and when the US stands aside as a disinterested “neutral” party. That’s Professor J. Michael Waller‘s conclusion after he returned from witnessing the historic March 15 presidential election that brought a former Communist guerrilla group to power. The ruling Nationalist...