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Captured documents show how congressman & aides helped enemy

Attached are the documents captured by US troops in Grenada in October 1983, as in Class 4 of the Public Diplomacy and Political Warfare course. They are not required reading for the final (though you are welcome to use them as examples in the final exam), but are here for your edification. 1. Letter from Carlottia Scott, chief of staff...

Primakov’s imperial line

Primakov’s Imperial Line, Perspective, Vol. VII, No. 3, January-February 1997 By J. MICHAEL WALLER American Foreign Policy Council Russian foreign policy has become more consistent and predictable since Yevgeni Primakov succeeded Andrei Kozyrev as foreign minister in January 1996. Moscow’s diplomacy today shows a tendency toward greater integration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the...

The Third Current of Revolution: The international support apparatus of El Salvador’s guerrilla war (1991)

Author. Publisher: University Press of America, 1991. Details TK