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5+ Decision Tree Template

Decision Tree Template Sample Advantages

Decision tree template sample or decision graph is the best to use when you want to make great use of your option, making strategy and predicting an outcome that will likely happen when you took a certain option. Decision tree template sample that is great to use is the one that easy and clear to understand either for your own use or to advertise something for passerby. With a combination of colors and attractive design, you will surely make great use of your strategy making and planning or simply informing passerby with decision tree template sample.

Easy To Understand Decision Tree

The basic kind of decision tree template is easy to understand by using a rectangle and arrow that will make sure your decision making is clear. By making use of shapes and clear flow passerby will also be attracted and will make sure they understand the tree graph clearly.

Business Decision Tree Template

This kind of Decision Tree Template Sample is the best to use when you want to decide on an action after several cases of things is in progress, either it was for business associate agreement or simply an action that needs to be executed after several things happened. This decision graph is highly versatile because it has a number of root nodes to consider that flow into a few decision rectangles that goes into action according to the flow.

Regression Tree

The regression tree has the same basic rule of the decision tree as the others but with the advantages when dependent when the variable is continuous. With this regression tree, you can add value to terminal nodes from acquired response according to your data. Such as the methods to create the perfect way to categorize data according to score number, this tree also divides the predictor space into distinct non-overlapping regions.

Risk Assessment Tree

The sample you need to calculate a risk and decide the best course of action that effects for your decision, by making risk assessment tree we can categorize which action needs the most urgency to avoid and take a decision accordingly as a way to minimize risk and possible damage caused, suits the need of many business owners and workers alike.

The advantages of using the decision tree are they are easy to use and easy to understand, useful to identify variables, and also easy to generate rules. Try to avoid overfitting that not generalize data very well that making the tree too complex to understand and to counter this, users need to constrain parameters and doing some pruning that affects above Decision tree template sample.


5+ Wedding Day Timeline Template

Wedding Day Timeline Template Sample

Wedding day Timeline Template Sample is needed for couples to design their wedding plans and schedules, it was the best to look for the Wedding Day Timeline Sample that offers cute and clear design while providing sufficient information for your guest that will come on your wedding day. the importance of your schedule is within the clarity of the template, you need to fill first whose wedding it was and then you can start planning and scheduling, from there you can add personnel time of arrival and whose responsible for the following event such as photographers for taking the wedding photographs and the phone number to ensure you can reach him/her immediately to avoid dissertation.

Wedding day Timeline

The name of template is quite clear on the matter, by doing wedding day template you will ensure all the guest and personnel responsible for your wedding know the time for everything as planned for, don’t forget to choose an attractive samples when you looking for a template choice, attractive template will bring aesthetic value on the paper and making them classy will make them more appealing to look at. Make sure you fill the event and time correctly to avoid confusion, you can hire an event organizer to ease the planning and by doing so you only have to change the schedule according to your desired wedding day timeline plan.

Photographer Wedding Day Timeline

It was no doubt a wedding day is a big job for a photographer, it was not rare to see a photographer working at the beginning of the marriage ceremony to the end. Exhaustion from taking photos all day and confusion on the job has to be avoided at all cost, by making photographer wedding day timeline you can make sure your photographer has enough time to rest and full of energy when taking your photo on your big day. starting to plan when they should arrive and with their numbers, you can discuss the maximum hours your photographer can go before resting and replenish stamina to take your wedding events pictures.

To make sure everyone gets their share of wedding day timeline you can give them along with the invitation, this will make easier distribution rather than distribute your schedule and invitation separately. Don’t forget to consider making the schedule a few months before your wedding day so every person you need is available and you can get informed when something came up that making them unable to come and look for other substitutes in their place with Wedding Day Timeline Template Sample.

6+ Packing List Template Sample

What is Packing List Template Sample?

The packing list template sample is one of the business templates that use to make good shipping. When you use this template, you can make a bill and the detail information of shipping easily. However, do you know what is packing list template sample and how to create it? When you want to make a packing list template sample, you can read this information below.

What is Packing List Template Sample?

The packing list template sample is one of the templates especially when you want to do shipping. This template will provide you the packing information like shipping number, address, required data, and so on. However, this template will help your job especially when you want to do shipping.

Tips for Making Packing List Template Sample

When you want to make a packing list template sample, you don’t need to be confused because creating a packing list template sample is easy. First, you have to decide the template that you want to use to make the shipping information. After that, you have to add some information relating to the shipping like name, address, quantity, and so on.

The Sample of Packing List Template Sample

There are several packing list template samples you should know when you want to make it. The first is you can use the red theme packing slip template. Then, you can use a creative shipping list template or maybe you can use a simple shipping sip. That packing list template sample can you get easily through Microsoft Word.

How to Use Packing List Template Sample

When you want to create a packing list template sample, you can use this template for any reason. This template can help your job especially when you want to do shipping or packing slip. This template also provides you easy information you can fill based on the data for shipping.

Creating a packing list template sample will make you easy to know the detailed order and you will not be forgotten when you have made that information through the packing list template sample. Besides, this template can you get through Microsoft Word and it has some template you can get for free.


4+ Name Tent Template Sample

Name Tent Template Sample That Attractive And Clear

Name tent template sample is an example of a great way to attract the eyes of its beholders when they will see it when they pass your booth or table, you can find it easy to make and easy to deploy. With that said you need the most attractive and good looking within your theme of template of course, also don’t forget to make sure your design of choice is clear and easy to read because a lot of people passing by and will likely notice your design and here are some name tent template sample you can pick that is great to use and attractive to look

Basic Design

The first design basic name tent offers one of the basic and most clear forms of a name tent template sample, easy to see and nothing much that will distract whoever sees it. Due to its basic design, the template is considered to use by many professionals that focused on function rather than creativity.

  • Single-Sided Template

Like its name it only has a single to fill one side of the tent, can be mass-produced with half the ink of normal double name tent design. Its one-sided template will prove to be enough to inform whoever sees it loud and clear, you just have to fill your name and fill the rest of the template accordingly such as company name, title, or event.


  • Name Template With Space For Logo

If you feeling creative while you want to keep it in moderation you can use this kind of template, with a space on the left side for your company logo or pictures that fit your current event. Just like the above, you just have to fill your name and the rest of it.

Creative Design

To make name tent template attractive we need to explore and get creative to attract more eyes and looking good. One of the best elements to use colors, with combining different sets of colors and paintings we can make sure the name tent template will have its job done.

  • Dark-Colored Backdrop And White Text

Monochromatic design is no doubt one of the most elegant color you can think of, imagine the classy effect of the template when you combine gray background with a few gradient colors have and stamp your name in white, clear and classy that is the impression the beholder get when they pass by.

  • Name Template With Border And Picture

There is nothing else that beat creativity when a picture or an image is on your name template, picking a picture that suit you or the event will make sure people that see your name template understand the atmosphere you can have, borders on each side of your template will fill the space left with design and lines that express you truly with this name tent template sample.


3+ Ticket Template Sample

Design Your Ticket Easily with Free Ticket Template Sample

A free ticket template sample is useful if you want to design tickets when organizing an event. The ticket template is free to download, so downloading it is much less costly and time-consuming than designing the ticket yourself. There is also a rich variation of template designs available, so you can always find the most practical and visually appealing design for your tickets.

What Is a Ticket Template?

A ticket template is a downloadable template for designing tickets. If you are organizing an event and require every attendant to have a ticket, which you sell to them, you can use a free ticket template sample to design the ticket.

The free ticket template sample that you download includes everything necessary to make the ticket comprehensible. It includes the name of the event, the ticket number that makes each ticket unique, and the details about the event, including its date, venue, etc.


When choosing a free ticket template sample, one important thing to mind is the size of the ticket template. Remember that a ticket cannot be a full paper wide for practical reasons. It is generally small and a sheet of printing paper (A3, A4, etc.) can be used to accommodate multiple tickets.

When choosing a template, you can choose a template containing only a single ticket that you need to copy multiple times over the entire sheet of the printing paper or a full-paper template that includes tiled ticket designs. The latter is a better choice because you can skip the chore of copying the ticket design.

Another important element of the ticket to mind is the ticket’s number. To make sure that every ticket is unique, you have to make sure that each ticket has a unique number. Some templates have included a unique number for each ticket, but some leave the number field empty so that you can fill it yourself.

Ticket Sample

There are generally two types of free ticket template sample that you can download: the one with a number field to make each ticket unique and the one without the number field if ticket’s uniqueness is not considered an important matter.

Template with a ticket number field:

Template without a ticket number field:

How to Use the Template

To use the template, simply download the free ticket template sample and do some needed modifications to it. If you want to make each ticket unique with a specific code or number, choose a template with a number field where you can input the number for each ticket. If you are familiar with advanced graphic design applications, such as CorelDraw, you can use the print merge feature to input the ticket number automatically.

5+ Bank Reconciliation Template

Using Bank Reconciliation Template Sample to Solve Discrepancies

A bank reconciliation template sample can often help you save your assets amidst frequent and busy transactions between you, your bank, and other related parties. With this template, you can easily design a bank reconciliation report specifying the movement of your capital across different parties, especially the bank.

What Is Bank Reconciliation?

A bank reconciliation paper reports everything that enters your bank account and leaves it. Having this document is an essential part of your financial management and accounting, whether you are an individual trying to manage your bank account or a business owner who is responsible for your business’s cash flow. This document is easy to make, especially if you have a bank reconciliation template sample at your disposal.

Why do you need bank reconciliation? This document helps you solve any discrepancies that occur on a specific date between the bank account record shown within your bank account statement or that of your company and the financial report that you make on your own. You can use this document when discussing with the bank concerning the discrepancies.


Choosing the right bank reconciliation template sample can be a mundane task, especially because there are so many designs for the document and so many file formats to choose from. One useful tip to choose the right template is to choose one that is suitable for your needs and the one that you can easily work on.

For instance, if you need a simple template that reports the deductions and additions within a specific date, choose a daily template with a simple form. If you need a template that provides reports over multiple dates, choose weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly bank reconciliation template sample instead.

One last tip, because you will mostly deal with numbers, choose an Excel format instead of anything else. Choose other formats if you only need to copy and paste the data without performing complicated calculations.

Template Sample

Here we will show you two examples of a bank reconciliation template that you can use immediately after you download it. The first is a bank reconciliation template sample that you can use to record bank reconciliation data within a specific date and the second is usable for multi-date data reporting.

One-date template:

Multi-date template:

How to Use the Template

After you download your chosen bank reconciliation template sample, fill it with the required data. If you choose an Excel template, the template has already included the needed calculation formulas. If you choose other formats, you only need to write down or copy and paste the data on the template.

5+ Marketing Campaign Template Sample

How to Use Marketing Campaign Template Sample

A marketing campaign is so complex and potentially costly that a marketing campaign template sample can truly be helpful to keep it properly organized. In a marketing campaign, you have to specify all personnel involved, outsourced resources, budget, goals, marketing media and channels, target market, and many more.

A marketing campaign is not a rigid project with predictable workflow and destinations. The process is exceptionally fluid and without proper planning and organization, it is nearly impossible to determine its costs and to achieve the expected goals.

What Is a Marketing Campaign Template?

A marketing campaign template sample is used to organize a marketing campaign. It generally consists of some essential parts, including business summary, business initiatives, target market, market strategy, budget, and marketing channels.

Each of the template parts describes specific details about the marketing campaign. The business summary generally describes your business’s identity; business initiatives are generally about the marketing goals the business attempts to achieve; the target market determines customer personas and competition; market strategy includes all factors needed to design marketing strategies.


When choosing a marketing campaign template sample, the template’s multi-page format and the complexity of its content may perplex you; however, if you can specify what is important about your marketing campaign, it should not be hard to choose a template. Besides, unlike other templates that have many variants, a marketing campaign template is generally a one-type template. The variation lies in the details that you will later put in it.

Template Sample

As said above, a marketing campaign template sample is mostly a one-type template with little variation, so finding the right template should not take too much time. Your effort will be more focused later when you start modifying the template. Download this general-purpose marketing campaign template.

How to Use the Template

A marketing campaign template sample is not a one-sheet template like many other document templates that you can find and download online. It is also mostly not print-ready. Although there are print-ready PDF files for the marketing campaign template, modification is mostly needed because you have to specify the responsible staff, budget, etc.

To choose and use a marketing campaign template sample correctly, be sure to check the template first. If you are happy with the content and if modification is not needed, download the template right away and print it. If you think some modifications are needed—something that is true in most scenarios—choose other formats instead and modify them as needed before you print them or share them digitally with other shareholders.


4+ Timesheet Template Free Sample

How to Download and Use Timesheet Template Free Sample

With the timesheet template free sample, designing a timesheet that streamlines and expedites your workflow as an employer or HR officer will be much simpler and easier. The template can be used immediately after you download it. There is nothing to modify except some small details regarding your identity or that of your company, such as company name and logo, address, and the name of your employees.

Before you download any of the free templates, you need to understand what a timesheet template is and how to use the template.

What Is a Timesheet Template?

The timesheet template free sample is a free template sample that you can use to design a timesheet. A timesheet is a sheet of paper that you use to record the amount of time your workers spend in their workplace. With a timesheet, you have a written document specifying whether your workers have fulfilled their duties, those who take day-offs and sick leaves, and how much salary you should pay to each employee depending on their working hours.

Important Tips When Choosing a Timesheet Template

Despite the document’s simplicity, there are various types of timesheet template free sample that you can use. One of the most important tips to follow when choosing a timesheet template is that you should specify the timeframe.

The time frame is generally determined by your employees’ payday. If you pay them every month, a monthly template is your best pick. You can also choose weekly, bi-weekly, and even daily and hourly templates. Another useful tip is to choose the right format for the template. If you want a print-ready template with no modification, choose a PDF template; if modification is needed, choose Word or other editable templates.

Template Sample

Here we provide you with every timesheet template free sample for every timeframe option. You can choose the right template based on your needs.

Monthly Template

A monthly template is useful for recording monthly timesheet.

Bi-Weekly Template

Choose this if you pay your workers on the 15th and 30th day of the month.

Daily Template

This template is useful if your employees have to switch duties within their daily working hours.

How to Use the Template

The procedure of using the timesheet template free sample differs depending on the format you choose. If you choose a PDF template, no modification can be done to the template and you should print it immediately after downloading it. The advantage of this format is that the document’s format will not be potentially altered by your computer’s lack of specific document functions and fonts.

If you need an editable template, choose other formats instead.


4+ Grocery List Template Sample

This is How You Make The Grocery List Template Sample

How to make a grocery list template sample is to write down the shopping time and make a grocery list that will be purchased.

Just like templates in general, grocery list templates will help you to sort out the important things that must be purchased, and which are unnecessary. the grocery list template is the right thing for you to use, as your guideline, so that you are not mistaken about purchasing goods.

What is a grocery list template sample?

Grocery list template is a shopping list that is usually used when going to shopping centers. This will usually really help you in deciding which items are important to buy, and which ones are just false desires. Shopping every month will be easier with this grocery list template, because you also know what you need and what needs are limited, and whether you need to buy again or try other items.

What is the purpose of the grocery list sample template?

First, you know what items need to be bought again to meet your needs. So, when you come to the shopping center, you won’t buy anything recklessly. Second, it is suitable for you who have a budget list for every expenditure. A grocery list template will help you match the budget you have with the needs that you must meet. Third, for those of you who often buy items outside of your primary needs, the grocery list template will keep you from remembering that the items listed are allowed.

How do you make a grocery list sample template?

For those of you who want to have a grocery list template, you can create your own. You can choose whether to use it digitally, or it can also be used by printing. Here are some things you should write in your template grocery list.

Information on shopping time

The first thing that must be present is information on shopping time. In addition to knowing the schedule to go to the shopping center, knowing the date is also useful when you do a recap of each grocery shopping that you do. This will prevent you from the confusion of conducting financial audits.

Write grocery list

The next most important thing is to write a list of the needs that you are looking for. This list can be filled with fruits, then vegetables, then, meat and fish, then diaries, drinks, snacks, spices, and others. You can customize the grocery list template sample according to your needs.

5+ Invoice Template Excel Sample

Things You Need to Know about Invoice Template Excel Sample

The advantage of using an excel sample template invoice is very helpful in the calculation process, the drawback is t is not designed to store very large data and complex formulas.

The use of invoices is important for you, which is engaged in the business of products and services. Even if you only run a small and medium business, the use of invoices is still highly recommended. Especially if your business has grown to a bigger scale. Making an invoice is not difficult, because you can now make it yourself with tools from Microsoft, namely Microsoft Excel.

What is excel sample template invoice?

An invoice is a form that lists bills for cooperation, or work that has been carried out. In short, the invoice is a bill or a sign of payment. Usually, invoices are in the form of documents, which explain things to be paid. The contents of the invoice, in general, are about the identity, then the details and explanation of the work that has been undertaken, and how much the nominal.

What is the excel sample template invoice function?

Why do you need an invoice for your business activities? The answer is actually to benefit both parties, whether you or your customers. An invoice will help you keep track of income and find out what work has been completed. By using invoices, it will be easier for you to audit later. Without an invoice, you might not have definite documents about the track of work that has been done. Invoice is also very useful for all types of complaints related to payments, as valid proof.

For your customers, invoices will be very useful to provide explanations regarding payment. It can also be used as part of the accountability report for a project being carried out.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Excel sample template invoices?

For those of you who intend to make an excel sample template invoice, here are some things you should consider


No need to bother using many tools.

Helps directly to do calculations

It can be used custom, as needed.


It will be difficult to connect data in Excel with other data because its use is not as a data sheet.

Usually can’t be used to optimize data in very large amounts.

For those who are not accustomed to, using excel sample template invoicet will take some time to master it. Because indeed the formulas and that are in Excel will be complicated for those who are not familiar.