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3+ writing a will template sample

How to make writing a will template sample?

How to make a writing a will template sample is to record assets, choose recipients, executors, witnesses, and also appoint a notary public.

Talking about writing a will template sample now is something that is often heard. For those of you who want to make writing a will template sample, the regulations in some areas are usually different, but one certain thing is that you must ensure that you are over 18 years of age.

What is writing a will?

Writing a will is usually also referred to as A Last Will and Testament, or usually written with the last will or will only. This paper is usually intended for anyone who intends to make clear information about the distribution of assets and ownership after his death.

What is the purpose of writing will?

Usually writing this will letter depend on personal and family needs. Some want to keep their ownership so they don’t fall into the hands of unwanted people. And some intend to avoid conflicts and divisions within the family by fairly distributing property before his death arrives. After the death occurs, all property contained in the letter will be transferred to the next owner.

What is the proper way of writing a will template sample?

In writing a will template sample, there are a few things you should pay attention to.

Make a list of the assets you have

The first step before starting writing is to know all the assets you have. This aims to avoid mistakes in making documents. You must know the number of your shares in it, and how much the value of these assets is. This also you do adjust the names that you will give these assets.

Choose a trusted executor

The executor is the party who will help you deliver your will letter to the intended parties. The executor will have the obligation to surrender the property, distribute it, and explain the existing rules. Choosing the right executor is crucial. Because he is the spearhead of the delivery of the letter that has been made. Therefore the responsible executor is everything.

Appoint a notary public and witness

The notary is used to strengthen the transfer of legal and legal property. And witnesses are useful to ensure that all processes are carried out properly, by following what is in the letter, and do not commit violations or counterfeit fraud.

Submit a letter

If you are finished with the steps above, then you need to double-check the contents of your letter, make sure everything is correct and nothing is missed. If so, you can submit writing a will template sample to the authorities.


3+ Church Program Template Sample

How to Make a Church Program Template Sample

Each church may have a church program template sample that varies from one church to another. In the making, actually there are no special rules that really curb to be followed when making it. That way, you can also make it with your own creations.

However, in the making, there must be important information that can be conveyed to the recipients. The information considered as such as the program event time, regarding the program event, and also the program event date.

What is a church program template sample?

This is a template that will be printed and then distributed to the recipients. The church program template certainly informs you about the arrangement of the church program that will be done later.

The use of templates is expected for recipients who receive letters from the church program to feel good to read and not monotonous because of only plain texts.

Is the church program template sample really important?

For the sake of effectiveness in making any program such as this church program, this church program template sample might be very effective in helping you when you will create and distribute invitations to the recipients later.

With the example of the template, you will save time and also save energy because it is not bothered to make it from scratch. In addition, from there also, it will be seen that the invitation you made is official and not kidding.

What is in church program template sample?

This template at a glance looks like an invitation normally. As you know, most invitations will contain the time and day of the program, about the program, and also the purpose of the program. Not much like other invitations.

But, there are several things that can compare it with other invitations, namely the design or image that is placed. Of course, you have to adjust the image to suit the theme, like a wedding invitation with a picture of a dress or flower.

How to get a church program template sample?

There are many ways you can get sample templates. You can search for it on various sites on the internet, or ask the administration of the church as reference material to make your own version of the template.

To make it look more attractive, it helps you combine it with pictures from the church program template sample that you get so it is easy to see when the recipient reads.

5+ thank you email after interview template

How to make the right thank you email after interview template sample

How to make thank you email after interview template sample is with a clear opening, the content should be to the point, and a professional closing sentence.

At present work is not only done face to face. But can already be made and sent via email. Many say that this method might be impolite, but it isn’t. The point is how you make good letters, write according to your points, then use polite language, and don’t include personal matters.

What is thank thank you email after interview template sample?

thank you email after interview sample template is usually used to reinforce your interview. Don’t think that this is just a formality because at this stage the company also looks at how your attitudes are used

How do you create a thank you email after the interview sample template?

There are several ways that you can use to make your thank you email after interview template sample until it is good and right.

Use a greeting and write down the intended party

If you send a letter, but you do not provide clear information about the party you are aiming for, will your letter arrive? Of course not. Likewise with thank you email after the interview sample template. Write clearly whether you are aiming for HR, or maybe the head of a particular division in the company. Don’t forget to use formal and polite greetings at the opening of the letter.

Always give appreciation

This appreciation is aimed at showing your respect for the company. By showing your appreciation, they know that you enjoy the time you have spent with them, and you appreciate the work they have done so well.

A clear, straightforward discussion

In making a thank you email after interviewing the sample template, you cannot use language that contains jokes, informal greetings, words and sentences that are not polite, and risks underestimating the company. Write about what you are proposing clearly, and concisely, without mixing in another subject. Many people who write thank you email after interview the sample template is not even glimpsed at all because they discuss too much about it not according to the job topic.

Use a polite and professional cover

In the thank you email after interview template sample closing sentence, you can write about reinforcement regarding the contents of the previous letter. It’s like saying thank you, then writing briefly that you are very interested in the job at the company and are very much looking forward to knowing the decision for cooperation.


4+ Project Scope Templates

Free Project Scope Templates to Download

In any business, the project scope was the document that shaped the part of the project planning and it mentions the costs, gaols, tasks, and deadlines. It also establishes the limitation for your project, explaining each role of team member and it describes the procedure where the completed work could be achieved. Of course, you can use a free project scope template sample as well.

You should know that the project scope template sample provides you with a document framework so that it is easier for users to make a new one for them. You also need to see the charter templates as well.

Things to know about a scope statement 

An effective scope statement is usually written by the project managers to avoid any displeasing possibility from the weak project scope. This statement allows receiving the project’s scope by all stakeholders.

It will synchronize the project team, avoiding any unauthorized task comes from your project and prevent the scope creep – a crime which strengthens the time and money of the project.

Why do you need it?

Well, if you have arrived in the conclusion that it is pretty hard to start a new project without designing your goals and understanding the scope. Then the project scope template sample helps you to get knowledge about the entire project sp that you can expect a good thing fro it.

The goal of this template is helping you to build your projects more easily and more systematic. Making your scope template once, then you do not need to do a daunting task to make it again. All you need to do is choosing the template that you want, download it and work it.

How to write it?

You should know that the scope statement should include many details. Each point should be clear and specific. Generally, it is also good to write down a list of all works which been involved in your project. It should include some following parts:

  • The confirmation for projects which give you a complete understanding related to the scope
  • Description of works
  • The result where you can decide what you will produce in that project and what are the main features here
  • Understanding the barriers. When a project faces the physical barrier, they can be a risk source and it should be defined further


5+ Restaurant Menu Sample Templates

Restaurant Menu Sample Templates With The Best Creative Design

When you start a business in the field of food such as restaurants, the main aspect that must be prepared is the restaurant menu book. This is very important to attract customers’ interest in your restaurant. From now on try to choose a restaurant menu sample template for your business needs.

What Is The Benefit Of Choosing The Restaurant Menu Sample Template?

Knowledge of the food products that you offer in your restaurant is something that every customer must know. Creating a restaurant menu template with the best, the comprehensive and organized design has proven to be able to help customers get to know more about the types of food and drinks in your restaurant.

Tips On Choosing a Restaurant Menu Template

Restaurant menu templates must be designed as attractive as possible. Use eye-catching patterns and divide the menu into sections according to the type of food or drink. You can also add photos or illustrations as complementary images. Try the color and font of the restaurant menu template following the theme of your restaurant room.

Restaurant Menu Template Sample With Minimalist Design

Minimalist is the theme of this one restaurant menu sample template. An elegant and simple appearance with plenty of white space will make customers focus on choosing the dishes they want to order. A neat placement with black pads ensures customers see it very easily.

Restaurant Menu Template Sample With Blackboard Design

With a black-and-white display, a beautiful row of letters, and minimalism make writing on the restaurant’s menu easy to read. Besides this, the menu design is very beautiful, clean, and modern, perfect for use in multipurpose restaurants. This restaurant menu is one of the best choices that is often used in several famous restaurants in the world.

Restaurant Menu Template Sample With Vintage Theme

The advantage of this one menu template lies in the black and gray design for the aesthetic and minimalist approach. This restaurant menu template has a bi-fold and tri-fold layout format. The combination of contrast with very effective makes it easy to read and looks more powerful.

How To Use Restaurant Menu Sample Template

There are several methods you can practice when using restaurant menu templates to increase your sales. First place the most important item in the upper left corner of the menu. Then set the menu according to the category and use high-resolution images and get rid of currency symbols.


Without a restaurant menu sample template that is ready to use at any time, you are required to design your restaurant menu. This is certainly very time-consuming and very difficult for you. Use the appropriate template to create a professional impression for your restaurant.

4+ Free Wedding Templates Sample

Free Wedding Templates Sample

Having your big day coming up surely got your nerve. I mean, who doesn’t? There is a saying “you only live once”, but surely you also want to marry once in your life. So, you want everything to be perfect, from the preparation to the honeymoon. That also includes your wedding invitation. Making your own wedding invitation is indeed a good idea. However, it takes time and may cost a lot of money. Therefore, using a free wedding template sample can be your alternative.

The Benefits

Creating your own wedding invitation from scratch surely gives you the freedom to explore your creativity. If you have spare time left to make it, it is recommended to do so to make your unique and original wedding invitation. However, if you are not a good designer and you have no time left, you can use free wedding templates sample instead. Here are some benefits of using wedding templates.

  • It costs you less money and time because you do not have to make it from scratch; just download the template and customize it.
  • There are various templates available, so you do not have to worry about looking for which template you prefer.
  • It is easy and quick. Low skill design does not matter anymore.


Wedding Templates Sites

Now, if you have decided to use a free wedding templates sample, there are various sites that offer wedding templates you can visit. We have listed to make you easier to look your way around

  • Wedding Chicks

The site has more than 35 wedding invitation templates, from traditional to modern. You can customize and edit the wedding details using the easy tool provided. Once you finished customizing it, the template will be in PNG file type which can be opened in any graphic program to be printed.

  • Cards and Pockets

In this site, it offers various wedding cards template from traditional, modern, and even vintage designs. The vintage design is great if you want a vintage vibe at your wedding. The site also provides an online tool to customize and edit the template like changing the graphic, background color, and the wedding details as well.

So, either you plan to marry soon or already looking for a free wedding templates sample, the sites above can help you. Do not worry, your friend will never know that you got the invitation online!

4+ Excel Project Management Template

Excel Project Management Template Sample: What It Is and How to Start

you will need project management to help you achieve the goal of the project you are working on. What is project management and how to create one Excel? Creating project management will be easier using an Excel project management template sample.

It does not have to be a company or an industry to be able to make project management, it can be you. The term is used widely by everybody that has something to be done. What is actually project management? And how to start an excel yours from an excel project management template sample? We are going to discuss them here.

Project management explained

This term can mean differently in different fields for different people. It all depends on their needs. For industries, it is defined as a discipline and structured process to manage projects and lead by a professional in project management.

In doing formal projects, it is defined as the whole cycle of a project along with all reports and documentation for each of the stages. To be simple, people often refer to project management to be something that needs to be done.

Starting project management in Excel

It does not matter that the project you do is big or small, formal or personal, you are going to need a list. Excel is a great tool to write down all the to-do lists, dates and all that needed in completing the project.

The formulas in Excel is a huge benefit if you need to define the budget for your project. The other features like a table can help when you need to visualize the data. The use of Excel is beneficial to breaking down tasks so the project can be done step by step and structural way. Here are things to do to start project management in Excel.

  1. Define the goal of your project.
  2. Find an excel project management template sample.
  3. Write down the tasks and add the targeted time in starting and completing each task. Mark the task that needs to be prioritized.
  4. Roll up some rows under big tasks to make a sub-tasks.
  5. Define the duration of each task.
  6. Give the tasks to the people who responded to do them.
  7. Save the project management and share it with the whole crew.

Creating project management in Excel will keep you on track in completing a project, big or small. It is also a tool to remind you that a certain task must be done in a certain period, to stick to the designated time. Excel project management template sample is useful to make your project management process even easier.



5+ Photography Contract Template

Photography Contract Template Sample: Why You Need It and What Should Be Included Inside

The existence of a contract in running a photography business may sometimes be ignored. However, there are many reasons why it is important. In finding a photography contract template sample some elements must be included.

If you are working in photography or you are a photographer yourself you should know that in working you need to set terms. That is why the contract is needed, this is to avoid any misunderstanding in the process. The photography contract template sample will come in handy when you need help in writing a photography contract.

Why a photography contract is needed

A photography contract is needed when you run a photography business because the contract will make sure the needs of both parties are fulfilled. There are more reasons why it is needed. The first is already mentioned before that it is made to prevent any misunderstanding. Small and unplanned mistakes can cause loss of profit which no business would want to experience.

The existence of a contract will create a legitimate transaction of business. Clients will take you seriously as they know the process is under certain terms and there are consequences for everything

The next, the contract will create a professional image for your photography business since customers need to get through a process.

In the last one, a contract will build a solid trust between you and your clients, with no unexpected conditions and both of you can keep everything under control.

What should be included in a photography contract

If you are trying to find a photography contract template sample, make sure that these things are included inside.

  1. Name and contact information of you and your clients.
  2. The date when the contract applies and the shooting date.
  3. The body of the contract including the cost, what the clients will get, the date, location and time.
  4. The policy of cancelation.
  5. The schedule of payment.
  6. The ownership copyright and rights for transfer of use.
  7. The release agreement for models and properties or the agreement on showing the result of the shoot to the public.
  8. Agreement on what to do to damages in case they happen. For example injury, damage or loss of the digital files and so on.
  9. Editing and post-production. This point talks about what kind of edits you will do to the photos and how much can the clients apply certain editing to the result.
  10. The possibility of an extra budget. The fee for travel, permission to shoot, extended shooting time is some examples for extra cost in the shooting.

It is important to have a contract even if your business has just started and still small sized. Find a photography contract template sample that contains those mentioned things, and personalize based on your needs.


Photography Contract Example

3+ Basic Html Template

Basic Html5 Template and Free Sample

When you learning about HTML5 and adding new techniques in your toolbox, you may want to make your own boilerplate where you can start all HTML5-based projects. Of course, you do need to consider various things to use one of the dozens online sources that provide you with basic HTML template sample.

Well, in this article, you will see how to start it. You can begin with the simplest one and check some tips below.

The doctype

Of course, you need to have the document type declaration or known as the doctype. This is the only way to tell your browser – what kind of document which been looking at. In the HTML files, it means that the specific version and taste of html.

You should know that doctype should be the first item in the top part of any html file. It should be simple and straight. Doctype can be written in lowercase, uppercase or mixed them up. You will see that “5” was missed out of declaration. It is actually the evolution of previous HTML standards.

Knowing elements in HTML 

Next up, an HTML document is the html element which not changed significantly with html5. In this point, you need to include the attribute of xmlns. In html5, it is no longer used and the lang attribute does not need in a document to validate or function correctly.

Things to know about the head element 

The next section of this page is the head section. The first line in ahead is the part that defines the character coding in that document. This is another element which been simplified and it is the optional feature – but it is pretty recommended.

To ensure that all browsers can read the character coding correctly, the whole declaration of character coding should be included in one place in your document, It should occur before the content-based elements.

Leveling your playing field 

In the first time when html5 was introduced, it includes some new elements such as the articles and sections. You may think that it would be the main issue for the browser supports for unrecognized browsers, but you are wrong. Since most big browsers do not care with what tags that you use/

If you have html document with the receipt tag inside, then your CSS attaches some styles in that element.

4+ timeline template powerpoint sample

Free timeline template powerpoint sample

So, timelines can be said as a perfect tool to tell a story or visualized your projects and process. You can cause the timelines to provide an overview of your events, itinerary, agenda, or highlighting some essential points along with filtering necessary information which people may miss. You can choose the timeline template powerpoint sample.

If you start with creative and unique timeline templates, you can make a template in which people want to stop and take the best time to read it. This is very important when your readers were dealing with excessive information. Check some guides below.

Using the color codes to show the time to make the timeline easier to read 

The color-coding in your timeline is one of the easiest and effective ways to make your design is easier to read. You can use various colors each year, specific events that you want to point and important dates in your timeline. You can see how the colors used to differentiate between the year in a simple timeline. ‘

Making a good visual timeline template 

You should know that a visual template is an effective way to plan out your business goals or detail your new process. You can take out anything, summarize useful steps and using visuals to emphasize some points. New employees in any company – it is understandably getting a lot of information to be processed.

So, using the spring timeline on the first day of the job can be an acceptable addition for the common onboarding document.

You should know that the timeline template powerpoint sample can help you to simplify oriented process. You do not need to limit your time to the first day at the company. Considering to provide the timeline for the first week or month.

Always engage your audiences with an interesting timeline presentation sample

Sometimes, you find out the presentation slides were too bored. So, this timeline is perfect to make your information visually engaged in the participants. You can optimize your timeline in google slides, powerpoint or slidedeck by using the bold text, landscape orientation and so on.

Keeping event participants stay on their tracks 

If you want to make your event runs smoothly without any hassle, then you can hand on the timeline of what the day will feel like. So, they will know what will happen next.