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20+ SWOT Analysis Template and What to Include

Professional business people would need to have their credible sources of SWOT analysis template to help them conduct a research about the company’s performance and operation. When done properly, the analysis can help company eliminate threats, manage possible problems, and find new opportunities. So, what should you know about this analysis?

A Deeper Understanding to SWOT Analysis

SWOT is the short for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats. It is a technique or method to calculate and determine the business’ important elements in relation to weakness, strength, opportunities, and threats. Such an analysis is designed to help improve your performance in the market, especially in the business setting.

Such an analysis can also be used in the personal context, designed to develop your ability and career. When done in the personal setting, it will help with your abilities and talents, as well as improving your opportunity. In business, the framework can help you create and manage a strategy that will make yourself different from the other competitors. It creates a unique brand awareness (your brand, of course) for your market and customers.

How to Create the SWOT Analysis

Not everyone is familiar with the system or method in creating the SWOT analysis. That’s why they may make use of the SWOT analysis template to make their job easier. Also remember that weakness and strength are generally related to internal factor while threat and opportunity are related to the external one.

  • First of all, you need to divide each element into four big sections: Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat.
  • On each section, you can write down the questions – which should be formulated and answered honestly

In the Strength section, lay it down as these:

  • What can you do better when compared to others?
  • What perks you have (or your company has) that others don’t?
  • What factors that determine you will get the sale?
  • What’s the organization USP (Unique Selling Proposition)?
  • What kind of unique resources or the lowest cost that you can have when compared to others?
  • What customers see as your strength?

In Weakness section, lay it down as these:

  • What can you avoid?
  • What can you improve?
  • What customers see as weakness?
  • What factors make you lose sales?

In Opportunities section (as shown in the SWOT analysis template), write the questions as:

  • What kind of chances can you spot and find?
  • What kinds of trends or new hype that you are aware of?
  • How can you embrace the market and technology to expand the business?
  • The best way to answer the questions is to look at your strength first and then ask yourself, “How can this open up new chances that will be beneficial for my business’ development?”

In Threats section, ask yourself:

  • What kind of obstructions do you encounter or face?
  • What are the things your competitors have done?
  • Is the change of technology threaten your business or position?
  • Do you have problems with finance or cash flow?
  • Can the weakness seriously affect the business?


Feel free to choose any template that you want to help you grow your business. Don’t forget that SWOT analysis template can also be used for personal growth and development.

20+ Timeline Template and How It Can Help You

You probably ask yourself, “Why would I need a timeline template?” Whereas most people think that timeline is only needed during a project or such thing alike, you can make use of it for any activity in your daily life. So, how do you manage such a thing?

Understanding Timeline

A timeline will provide information about the important elements in the project or the job. It includes details about the involved parties, the responsibilities within a certain time period, and such thing alike. If you are making a professional timeline, it is possible that it includes payment period too. If you are making a timeline for your daily activity, it may include the details of the job (probably in the list points).

There are some benefits of having the timeline.

  • It provides the detailed information of the task and also the participants.
  • It describes the time period of each execution. For instance, a week for planning and brainstorming, and then the next 2 weeks will be dedicated for the initial work, and another 2 weeks for the follow-up work.
  • It provides the details of everyone responsible for each task. Basically, everyone knows their own responsibility. If you already have the timeline, there shouldn’t be any excuse like ‘I don’t know what to do’
  • The timeline helps break down the bulk of tasks and works. If you have to create one for your daily activity, you can input the details of each job to make the flow simpler and easier to implement
  • Most of the timelines are flexible so you can easily tweak it and adjust it to your needs.

How to Make a Timeline

If you don’t really like the idea of using the timeline template, here are the stages in making your own timeline:

  • There are some options, including methods and media, to create the timeline. Whether you want to use the Word or the Excel (or even other applications), it is up to you.
  • The easiest way is to create a line with points along it. Those points will contain each important execution
  • Whether you want to include the details of each point, it’s up to you. But make sure that you start from the general ones and then narrow it down.

The important elements that should be included within the timeline:

  • Be open. Even with the most basic and plain timeline template, you can include the details of the work as well as each participant’s role and job
  • Be detailed. Be sure to be very detailed and specific in the direct and short manner.
  • Be logical. Adjust the work with each member’s ability and skill. Don’t expect too high. Be logical and use your common sense. There is no use of planning everything too high that it won’t be able to reach by anyone, even by the member of the team

In the end, making the timeline can be simple and easy, but you also need to use your wit and brain. Expecting too much will only lead to failure or obstruction, and you definitely don’t want that in your professional outcome. If you are still confuse of how to create a functional timeline, use the timeline template for your guide.

5+ Interview Follow up Email Template Importance

Not many people know that they can send the interview follow up email if they haven’t heard from the interviewer. In the professional world, such a thing is possible as long as you have positive email and polite words. Most people probably think that sending such an email is offensive. In reality, though, you can actually show your professional attitude and expand your network at the same time. If you do it right, you will be remembered. And if your time isn’t now, it is a sure thing that you may get another chance later.

About the Interview Follow up Letter

So you have just been interviewed and you felt that everything was going quite well. But you have waited for more than a week and you haven’t heard anything from the interviewer. This is the time for you to send the interview follow up email or letter, asking for confirmation about the result of the interview – and about your chances of being hired.

There are some reasons why you SHOULD send the letter:

  • You will have a kind of closure – a peace of mind. When everything is unsure and hazy, it is easy to assume a lot of things, especially the negative ones. Instead of having negative thoughts in your head or overanalyzing what you should have done (and shouldn’t have done), it would be best to simply ask for the confirmation.
  • You can ‘remind’ them of your potential and why it would be best (for them) to hire you. If you are able to compose the letter elegantly and in a respectful way, trust me – they will respect you and honor you.
  • It gives you closure. Once everything is confirmed, you can move on with your life. Even if you aren’t hired, you can always leave it behind and move forward.

How to Compose the Letter

There are some ways for you to compose the interview follow up email. It can be short or long, depending on your preference. But avoid using too long words that may bore the reader. If you are sending the short letter:

  • Don’t forget to mention the job or position in the first paragraph and also your gratitude for the interview
  • Mention the company’s name and also the conversation point. For instance, you can mention how the company is well-known for their marketing experience and relate it to your own interest and experience.
  • In the last paragraph, you can invite them for additional questions. Close it off with the statement that you are waiting for their response.
  • Sign the letter, and include your name and also contact person underneath the signature


If you are sending the long letter, the construction is almost the same:

  • Express your gratitude for the interview in the first paragraph. Don’t forget to mention your interest in the company and also the job
  • Mention the interest from the interview and expand it. Relate it to your experience.
  • On the third paragraph, mention why you are different from the other candidates
  • On the final paragraph, ‘remind’ them of your quality
  • Sign the letter, followed by your name and contact information

That’s how you compose the entire structure of interview follow up email

7+ Heart Vector Template How to Creation

Not many people would realize the attractive appeal of the heart vector in the artistic industry. You probably have seen heart background or heart frame on the card, banner, or pamphlet. But do you know how the background is originated? How do you make the hearts and what steps should you go through?

About the Heart Vector

There are some things to know about the heart vector template. First of all, you can have the already designed and ready creation. It means that your heart background is likely to have its own color and the design is already. All you have to do is to download, save, or use it for any project or activity that you like.

The second one is the half-raw one. It means that your heart template is already set but it isn’t complete just yet. It may be blank (without any color) and the design is still raw so you need to tweak it a bit to create an appealing outcome.

A lot of people may prefer using the already set design – it saves them from the hassle. If you have the software or program, tweaking or designing everything may not be too difficult. The problem is, not everyone has the software. And not everyone is able to operate the software even if they have one. This is one of the major reasons why people would choose the template than create their own design.

How to Create the Heart Vector

You can always create an appealing heart vector from the basic circle. Of course, you can always make use of the template, but some people prefer making the heart on their own. If you are included in the latter category, here are the stages:

  • You should start with the tool Ellip L. Draw two circles. If you want to get the identical circle shape, simply copy the first circle and then paste it to create the second one.
  • Make sure that the two circles are aligned perfectly
  • Choose both circles while pressing the expand button (and also the Alt button at the same time). Your two circles will join together.
  • Choose the direct selection tool and click on the bottom indentation
  • While choosing the middle node, press Shift while bringing it down to create the bottom shape of a heart.
  • All you have to do now is to adjust the shape close at the bottom. Delete the two anchoring points
  • Now you only need to make adjustments to the angles. There should be 4 anchor points: on the left side, the right side, and the two points at the pointy bottom
  • If you do it right, you have the perfectly shaped heart!
  • Fill it up with any color that you like.


Outlining Problem

If you have problems with making the outline, it would be best to use the templates. After all, they are available – mostly for free. And they are already coming with appealing and attractive designs. The combination of appealing style and easy save (or download), you can always use the heart vector templates anytime that you want.


8+ Metric Conversion Table Template, a Simple Item often Underestimated

Not everyone would be thinking about having the metric conversion table at home, but if you are quite active in the kitchen, having the templates can be quite a help. If you don’t work in the chemical industry or any related field that deals with numbers or conversion so much, then you won’t need the table at all. However, if you will need to converse a lot of things, the table will help. After all, they are coming in different tables, models, and charts – dedicated to calculate and tackle different kinds of numbers.

The Use of Metric Conversion Table

So, why would you need the metric conversion table, anyway? Imagine this: you have been spending your time in the kitchen figuring out the right recipe for your brownies. You don’t have a scale and the measurement of the recipe confuses you. You need 100 gram of flour. How much is that in a cup? How much is that with the tablespoon? This is when the table would be coming in handy.

With the table, you can get the right guidance. For instance, an ounce is equal to 28 grams. A cup of flour is equal to 120 grams, so you know how much you need in a cup for 100 gramds of flour. The table comes in various modes. There are tables for weight, for the liquid, and other non-liquid matters. You probably think that these tables aren’t important but wait until you can get your hands on them – they can be pretty useful.

Making Use of the Calculator

Besides the traditional and regular table, you can always use the online calculator. For some people, this calculator is more efficient. These are the things you need to do to access the calculator:

  • Simply access the website or any reliable source for the calculation
  • Follow the given direction
  • Fill in whatever numbers you want on the outcome that you want.
  • Press the button Convert and you are done!
  • You will be presented with the result in no time

Despite the effective and fast methods, a lot of people prefer the traditional table than the digital calculator. Not everyone is technology savvy and some people think that accessing the website is too much hassle than the traditional table. That’s why they prefer printing the metric conversion table template than accessing the digital method.

Accessing the Reliable Source

If you want to make use of the best from the table, here are some of the things that you should do:

  • Make sure that you get a direct access to the reliable and trusted source. It would be best if you can get a reference or recommendation from people you trust.
  • Check the source. Do they have the templates that you want? Do they have the complete collections?
  • Check the rules or conditions. Is it easy to download the template? Can you manage the saving method? Do they have flexible arrangement?

The choice to make use of the available templates is definitely up to you. Just make sure that you know what you are going to do with the metric conversion table template to get the best benefits.

Free Newspaper Templates Stages in Use

It is nice to have a free newspaper template that can help you with your own skill development or with any project. If you want to be a newspaper editor someday, the template can help you hone your skills. If you get a school task making the newspaper, you can easily use the template to make the satisfying outcome. The template is designed for a purpose, and it is only logical if you make use of it by creating a work of your own.

Newspaper Templates and Their Usage

When you read the newspaper every day, have you ever thought about the difficulty in the layout process? Have you ever thought about the extra preparation and arrangement in making the news easy to read without having to cut any piece of information? Most people may never thought of such a thing but if you want to have a career in publishing, you should know that layout is pretty important.

Coming out with the right layout isn’t only needed in the newspaper or publishing industry, but in the entire artistic world. When you are able to come up with the appealing and visually interesting layout, the entire outcome will be interesting too. In the publishing world, the combination of appealing layout and complete news piece (without having to cut any of it for the sanctity of the information) will create a great outcome. So, you should make use of the free newspaper template and have a good practice.


The Stages in the Writing

When you produce a piece of a writing, the template isn’t only your way out to produce a satisfying outcome. You need to have a careful preparation from the beginning to the end. So, what should you do?

  • You need to come up with the idea and inspiration for the total production.
  • Make use of the planning sheet. Not many people realize this, but not all the templates can be automatically useful.
  • You need to collect the information and then organize everything in a neat manner. Having the information won’t be useful unless you arrange it in not only a well-arranged construction but also in an artistically appealing way.
  • Once you figure out how to make use of the planning sheet, you can start making use of the printed template. Sometimes, combining the two formats can produce an effective outcome – that will make the entire process easier.


Making Use of the Templates

So, how do you use the free newspaper template, anyway?

  • There should be a short note on each section. The note is about the content of the section
  • Consider the needed space for the writing. Some sections may need longer section while some shorter one.
  • Each section should have different marks of how much content should be included in it.
  • The entire process can help making everything easier

It may take an extra time to get used to everything but if you are able to adopt the free newspaper template into your newspaper writing and planning, the result can be perfect.

11+ Newspaper Template Usage and Functions

Having different kinds of templates can be quite handy and fun, including the newspaper template. The template can be quite fun and adjustable, especially when you want to tweak it around. Although the template is generally used for projects or works, it can also be used for general use and casual activities. Let’s say that you are thinking about becoming a newspaper editor one day. Getting familiar with the template from the early time can provide an additional insight and knowledge.

The Different Kinds of Templates

Not many people know that there are different styles and options for the newspaper template. If you check some of the websites providing the free templates, you will see that they have different kinds of formats and arrangements. The regular one is the A4 but you can also find the landscape format, which is great for the broadsheet style.

There are different kinds of styles as well as sizes and dimensions available for the templates. If you check the templates in the further details, you will also see that the inner layouts can be different. Depending on your needs, you can choose whichever template that you want and come up with your own design.

Choosing Your Own Templates

So, how do you get the ideal template for your needs?

  • Go to the source websites. Explore around and see the various options available.
  • If the website has a quite big collections, they may divide the categories based on the design and styles. You may want to look into the options
  • Once you have found the section for the newspaper template, you can see the various options and styles. In most cases, the templates are coming with squares for the written text and also sections for the image.
  • Make sure that you have read the sections for the regulations and rules. Can you download it? Can you save it with any format that you like? It is downloadable only or you can both download and print it? Find out about that information thoroughly.

Other Things to Consider

Even after you have found the reliable source for your templates, keep these things in mind:

  • You want to have a flexible and adjustable template. You want a template that can be easily tweaked and changed – not the ones set in a fix manner. You want to choose something that you can adjust to your needs.
  • What’s the use of the template if you have never used it? Once you have downloaded or saved the template, it would be a good idea to start implementing it – or to use it. If you have a written material, try it to make it into a useful layout – as if you were making your own printed form.

In the end, the template should be used for a mean of practice. There is no use of having it in your folder and never use it at all. Bookmarking the website can also be a good way to get your access to the newspaper template and their collections.

16+ Chalkboard Bakcground Template Artistic Appeal

Whether you are creating your own version of a birthday card or you are thinking about an artistic flyer for your business, having the chalkboard background can create a unique sense that you won’t find from other craft. There is a sense of old-school and traditional with the chalkboard design, and if you can include one in your design in the proper way, you can improve its artistic value.

The Chalkboard Background Design

Nothing beats the traditional sense of a black (or green) board and the white chalk letters. In the past, such a design was only familiar for students, but its function and role have developed greatly ever since. Right now, you can find such chalkboard design almost anywhere – from the promotional flyers or brochures to digital advertisements. Most people love this chalkboard background dearly because it takes them to the childhood memory. That’s why marketing people still use this kind of design because they know that it has a strong appeal. When you include it in your visual advertisement, it is almost a guarantee that yours will stand out.

How to Make the Style

If you are willing to spend some time in the design and you have basic Photoshop ability, you can always make one by yourself. Here are the stages:

  • Open the chalkboard background or image
  • Pick the matching font. Since you are going to use the chalkboard background, it is logical to pick chalk as the letters.
  • Add the overlay texture to the text. Click on Layer, and then Layer Style, and finally Pattern Overlay
  • Go with parchment or crumpled paper style. And then change the opacity to light.
  • Now you want to make the overall text look a bit grainy. You will need to set the noise. You want to choose Rasterize, then Filter, and choose Noise, and Add Noise.
  • Add the texture to your font so it will resemble the chalk or brush strokes
  • Choose the erasers and set the opacity to less than 30%. Swipe it through the text in various places. Do it until you see the result that you like.
  • Add the swipes to your background and have more texture for your font.

Basically, you can change it into various styles, patterns, and models that you like. The key is that you are practicing it with different textures and models and you should be able to get various outcomes to like.

The Templates

If you don’t really want to break a sweat in making the design, you can always make use of the available templates. There are different sources that you can use as the sources of your design. You can download, save, or print those templates to your like. If you have gained the reliable sources, downloading or saving those templates will be easy.

In the end, the decision to choose the template or create your own depends on your personal preference. Whatever activity that you want to have, be sure that you are making the right decision. After all, the chalkboard background can be useful for many creative projects and outcome.

8+ Graph Paper Template Printable Many Usages

The graph paper printable can help you manage your drawing in the easiest and simplest manner. Although the paper is often associated with math, the special paper can be used in various kinds of activities. It can be used for craft projects as well as many home projects. That’s why you shouldn’t underestimate the use of the paper – not after you have learned about its functionality and perks.

The Functions of the Paper

As it was mentioned before, the graph paper is mostly used for mathematical graphing. If you take math class, you know how important the graphics are. This kind of paper is most common for calculus and statistics. You probably think that you can only buy the paper, but you can always print them out these days. With the (often free) graph paper printable, your math activities will be easier. But you can also use it for other usages and needs.

What are the other functions of the graph paper?

  • First of all, craft activities can be made and created with the paper. Poster boards, for instance, can be made with the help of the lines. In most cases, the users will find it easier to make use of the lines and grid, so they can make a centered creation. The grid also helps them to complete the whole thing.
  • The scale can be personalized. Depending on the sizes and the requirements of your projects, you can scale down or scale up.
  • The graph paper printable is often used by home developers or designers. The grid on the papers will make the planning easier. Let’s say that you are planning a room remodeling or renovation, the paper can help better with the scaling. It is completely handy to avoid making costly mistakes. The grid on the paper is also helpful when you want to add the furniture, the overall dimension, and other things.
  • The paper is handy when you are trying to plan a landscaping project. Whether you include the plants, the trees, and the bushes, the paper can help you accomplish such a satisfying outcome.
  • The paper is super handy when you want to present a statistic chart. Whether you have an important presentation or when you want to describe something in details, such a paper can be helpful.

How to Use the Paper

Let’s say that you want to draw something – a table in the living room or a desk lamp. How do you manage such a thing on the graph paper?

  • You need to choose the right graph paper. There are different kinds of papers with different sizes and scales. Choose which one that you like the most
  • Once everything has been done in the grid, you can start from the left up corner or area. You can go to the right or down. If you go to the right first, finish that upper area first and then go down. If you go down first, then continue with the upper to the right, followed by the bottom to the right.

That’s the basic and general use of the graph paper printable.

11+ Family Tree Template and Tracking Your History to the Past

You probably don’t know that there are tons of different family tree templates available for different purposes. In most cases, people only know the tree-like branches where you can find the youngest and most current family members on the bottom. However, if you check some of the most reliable sources, you will see that there are so many different forms and shapes and also constructions of the family tree. And you can make use of it to your best advantage – but only if you know how.

The Function of a Family Tree

So, what is the function of the family tree, anyway? You can learn about your ancestors and the line trace of your family’s history. It can be interesting – and also fascinating – to learn how far your family has gone down. Let’s say that you have a family tree that traced back to the 1650s. Isn’t it interesting to see the names, and probably google out about them? It would be great if your great-great-great-great grandfather turned out to be an important figure in the past or your great-great-great grandmother was a pioneer in something cook.

How to Construct the Family Tree

Constructing the family tree isn’t easy but it isn’t impossible either. Besides using the family tree templates, you need to trace your family. But how do you do it?

  • Start from a certain point. A surname or the male line can be a good starting point.
  • Use a special software. You may not know this, but there is a handy and special genealogy software that can help the trace easier. It can be done electronically and digitally so you shouldn’t do everything manually. Even if you ask around your relatives (close aunts or far uncles), you may only be able to reveal several generations. But with the software, everything can be easier.
  • Do the research for your lineage. Be advised that this step is tiring and it requires a dedicated time, the determination, and also the passion to do such a thing. You can do this on your spare time but then again, it takes a strong will and dedication.
  • Be patient. Unrevealing something that has passed down for generations, even for centuries, isn’t something easy. You may fail on several attempts. Don’t be discouraged and be patient. Once you are able to do so, you may find out some surprising facts about your ancestors and lineage.

Choosing the Template

So, which of the family tree templates should you choose? When it comes to choosing the right template, there is no right or wrong. You can choose whatever template that you like with any visual design that you want. What’s important is that you choose the reliable source that won’t cause you any problem in the future. You don’t want to choose any shady source that will only compromise your online activity and also hardware use.

In the end, the family tree can help you trace your ancestry line to the past. If you are determine and passionate about doing the research, you won’t have any problems with the family tree templates.