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9+ Personal Statement Template Format Handy Tips

Not everyone even has the slightest idea about the right personal statement format. Some people don’t even know what a personal statement is. There are certain requirements for the length, the content, and the layout. Having the format template or example can help but it would be helpful if you know how to compose the letter or what contents to include.

Understanding More about a Personal Statement

Basically, it is a type of a written essay with a short reflective format that you write to convince someone. The personal statement can be used for education or job application – but their format will be completely different. When you apply at the university for the course that you are interested in, you need to convince them of why you would be a perfect candidate. There are some definitive regulations on how to write the personal statement.

Mind you, though, that a personal statement should be different from one another despite the similar personal statement format. Let’s say that you are writing two personal statements for two different universities. Each one should be different from one another. After all, it is called a personal statement for a reason.

Some Handy Tips

When you are writing the personal statement, there are some things to consider.

  • In general, you have 47 lines, max, to write the statement, and it also includes 4,000 characters.
  • If you want to create a professional and convincing personal statement, it is best to make a draft first and then finalize it later. And then you can submit it in the most perfect condition.
  • The personal statement is crucial because it allows the admission board to see you as a whole person. Despite your grades or achievements, the personal statement will reveal who you really are – and it may be different from what the board (image of you) has in their mind. The personal statement will make you look different from the others. The purpose of all personal statement is the same (whether you are applying for a college or a job), which is to make the admission to see you in person – or straight offering you a place.

How the Templates Help

So, how does the personal statement format help you with this application process?

  • First of all, the template gives you ideas of how to construct and compose the writing. The layout can be confusing sometimes, and the template can give you a clear idea
  • As it was mentioned before, the personal statement is divided into two type: the one for education and the one for job application. Having your own collections of templates can help you determine which template to use
  • You don’t have to start everything from a scratch. In most cases, most templates can be easily downloaded or printed or saved (digitally, of course). You can download one, make some changes to the contents, and then have your own way.

In the end, the personal statement can be a huge help if you want to look professional and polished. Having the personal statement format can definitely help.

3+ Watercolor Paper Texture Template for Your Personal Art Needs

Not many people realize the beauty of water paper texture. But if you have seen some of the example art crafts or artistic projects, you should be able to see such a texture as the background. Yes, this kind of decorative item is generally used as the background, used to enhance the beauty of the overall format. If you can combine such an attractive background with stylish writing or beautiful calligraphy, you can create an amazing artwork.

The Appeal of Watercolor Paper Texture

So, what is watercolor texture, anyway? Well, if you see a paper whose texture appears to have been mixed and smudged with the watercolor, then you have the paper with watercolor texture. It is appealing because there is a sense of handmade creation to it. If you like art so much, then this kind of watercolor work isn’t something alien or unfamiliar for you. It is a good thing that there are some websites providing these kinds of water paper texture templates. All you need to do is to give them a visit and check their collections. In general, the templates are available in various kinds and variants so your collections won’t be limited.

The Perks of Watercolor Texture Templates

Naturally, you can make your own water paper texture. On a plain paper, you can mix different kinds of colors to create such an appealing effect. Wait for it to dry off completely and you can use it. However, there are some extra benefits that you can gain when you are using the template. The perks are:

  • You won’t have to start anything from the very beginning. You simply choose a template that you like and voila! Feel free to print it out and add another words, sentences, or even images.
  • You won’t have to spend extra time and efforts to make the texture. Instead of having to mix several colors, dip some colors here and there, and also wait for the mixture to complete, why not using the templates, instead? When you use the templates, it will only take you minutes to start with your creation.
  • You can immediately make your own creation and efficiently save the efforts. The templates will help you make the artistic process go faster and simpler.

Different Kinds of Watercolor Texture

The following types are only some of the example paper texture that you can have for your own project.

  • Vintage texture. The color combination is soft – almost pastel like. But the effect can be long lasting and it is one of the classic designs that you will find.
  • Seamless texture. The design is flawless with brighter and bolder color. This is another great example for vintage, almost retro, feel.
  • Old paper texture. This one has its own unique and antique look. There is a sense of rustic feel to it. If you have coffee stain on it, it would be even more perfect.
  • Ombre texture. It is basically the gradation of colors where you can enjoy different color mix and combinations.

Remember, there are still many other variants and options. So, which one of these water paper texture templates that you like the most?

20+ Pinewood Derby Templates Functions

You probably want to look more the collections of pinewood derby templates if you want to take part in the prestigious racing event. The Pinewood Derby can be a worthy and also fun experience for everyone, especially students, boy scouts, girl scouts, and everyone expecting a greater experience taking part in clubs as well as activity groups that can enrich their social interactions.

About the Pinewood Derby

Before we talk about the importance of pinewood derby templates, let’s talk about it from the historical perspective. As it was mentioned before, the Pinewood Derby isn’t only a historical event but also a prestigious race that can challenge the participants’ involvement and participation. The event has all the important elements that most scouts would like to have – it has the thrill, it has the challenges, and it has the building excitement. It also combines the scouts skills and teamwork, while focusing on the final result. In the end, even if your group doesn’t win, you will gain a greater and priceless lesson from working together and entrusting one another.

Pinewood Derby is a racing event that is quite popular among teenagers. You probably have guessed how the event works: Young (and eager) scouts need to build their own racing cars. Besides using the kits, they need to build the cars from plastic wheels, metal axles, and pine wood blocks. The race track itself comes with 2 lanes to 6 lanes and they slope downward to the grounds. Unlike the regular race, this one is only going downward the slope because it is run by the gravity. Yes, the car doesn’t have any machine or engine, so the only way to move it around is by using the gravity.

Each car will have the chance to chase on each lane. They can race whether individually or in group against the entire group. The first derby was taking place in 1953 and it has become an annual event ever since. The race might seem simple but it isn’t. The complication of planning everything, the work of having to build the cars, and the team work have made the race quite complex. But that’s the principle of the event: you are expected to work together with other people in a team work in the hope that you can tackle the obstacles and hindrance.

How to Use the Templates

So, how do you use the pinewood derby templates and manage them?

  • When you consult the source of the template, open the template
  • You can print them up, depending on their format.
  • Be sure that the dimension is properly correct because some browsers and printer may automatically change the image size and also shape.
  • If the dimension isn’t correct, you may want to adjust the dimension again
  • Cut the templates and tape (or hold) it off to the body block.
  • Trace its outline with the pencil and cut the wood body. Use the band saw or coping saw. Don’t forget to sand and file the body for enhanced smoothness and detail.

Those are the functions of the pinewood derby templates and how you can use them for your needs.

12+ Body Outline Template and Its Basic Functions

You probably don’t think that you will need a body outline template, especially if you aren’t into the fashion industry. However, you will find out that this kind of template can be quite useful and handy. The template can be used for different people and for different purposes. You’d be surprised to know that there are so many body templates and the outline variants, and they can also be used for various purposes.

The Importance of Body Outline

You probably have never thought that the body outline template will do you any good, but be sure that there are so many different functions and usages that you can manage for your own sake. You see, the human body isn’t exactly easy to draw because of the complexity. When you are learning anatomy, you will see that human system is super complicated and complex.

This kind of template is expected to help. When you are using the template to create the outline of the human body, you won’t have to start from a scratch. Instead of wondering whether you are making the outline correctly, you can simply use the template as your guidance. In most cases, the templates can be quite helpful because it gives you idea of how to manage and make the design. You know the right proportion of the torso and its comparison to your body’s length. You know what to do with the leg or the arms. You even know what to do with the hair – whether you want to incorporate the long one, the short one, the crop one, and such thing alike. In short, having the templates won’t hurt. On the contrary, it can be beneficial and handy.

Various Projects from Various Creative Users

So, what are the usages of the body outline templates, anyway?

  • It can be used by teachers to make creative projects. There are so many different projects to create. For a starter, small kids (in the kindergarten) can use the templates for their cut and stick project. They can learn how to cut the outline and then stick clothes to it. There are tons of creative ideas to make, such as making greeting cards, invitation cards, a pop-up card, and others with the templates. Teachers can also make templates for coloring and filling project.
  • It helps painters or other creators to hone their skills when making the human body and its outline. You’d be surprised to know that a lot of people prefer the human stick figure than the actual human body – because the human stick figure is easier.
  • It can be used for fashion designers. Fashion designers need to have the right body outlook and figues if they want to create a super stylish and fashionable design. Not all designers, especially the beginner designers, are able to create a very supporting and good body figures. Not to mention that there are tons of different figures – so the templates can be helpful.

All in all, you’ll never know when you are going to need the template. It won’t cost you anything if you can start your own body outline collection.

7+ Grocery List Template Functions and Benefits

You probably think that you never need the grocery list template. However, don’t underestimate such a thing because you’ll never know when you are going to need one. You probably have a great skill when you can do your grocery shopping without the list. But do you know that such a seemingly simple list can actually improve your shopping experience, as well as helping you save money more efficiently?

Reasons to Use the Grocery Lists

Not many people understand the importance of the grocery list – most of us just wing it and underestimate the total shopping experience. However, you should know that having the list can actually deliver its own greatest advantages. Not only in terms of money and spending, but also in the shopping experience itself.

Some benefits of having the grocery lists are:

  • It helps you remember. Let’s face it: the list does help you to remember all of the things you need. You probably think that you have them all in your memory when you are still at home, but once you are at the store, it is so easy to forget everything. Having the lists will avoid such a thing as, ‘Shoot! Why do I forget taking the butter and the cream? Oh no! I also forgot the sugar! Now how am I supposed to make the pie?’ This kind of situation isn’t pleasant and it can cause you a bad mood – especially if you really need the items.
  • It saves you money. When you have the lists, you have all the needed items and nothing else. When you go on a shopping, the list will keep you stay on the track and not getting distracted by the other things that you don’t actually need. There are studies proving that the shopping list can help you save up 30% – and it is pretty huge.
  • It creates an efficient shopping experience that saves you time and energy. Have this ever happened to you: You are going in circles, round and round from alley to alley, only to come back to the same alley twice or even three times because you forget that you need a certain item? Such a thing will never happen if you take the list with you. By viewing at the list, you know exactly what you are about to buy and where to look for them. It saves you time, energy, and efforts. Who would have thought that a simple grocery list template can cut the shopping time in a half?

Different Types of Grocery Lists

A grocery list doesn’t have to be boring and plain. It can be colorful. Hey, you can even have your own book of grocery list, consisting of different kinds of list types that you can use for different occasions.

  • There are grocery lists with recipes or types of foods. When you decide to cook something, simply write the name of the food and then the ingredients you need to make one on the sub-section boxes.
  • There are lists with categories, such as Bakery, Personal, Frozen, Fruit, Meal, etc.

Depending on your needs, decide which of the grocery list template you need the most.

20+ Outline Templates Different Forms and Functions

Why do you need the outline template for? For ideas and brainstorming? For writing and essays? For breaking down your daily routine and schedules? You’d be surprised to know that there are different kinds of outlines, formats, and functions. And having the right template can really help.

The Concept of an Outline

As it was mentioned before, there are different kinds of formats and functions of the outline template. In general, it refers to the writing outline when you are about to make a draft or writing ideas. It can also be usually related to thesis, research, or other things that are associated with the academic activities. If you are doing your research and browsing around, you will see that most of the available templates are designed for academic purposes.

However, there are other different kinds of the outline – especially for simpler activities. When you want to break down your daily activities, you can also use the outline. For instance, if you have plans to have home clean up, you can break it down into some major parts: living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and backyard. For the living room, you can break it down into more sub-categories, such as clean the sofa, wash the throw cover, wash the rug, etc. Have the overall idea now?

How to Compose the Research Outlines

When you are focusing on making the research outline, there are some elements that you should include in the composition.

  • The purpose. When you want to make a research or writing outline, you should identify the reason why the paper is made and written. Ask these questions: Why do you write this? What kind of essay is it? What category is it included? For instance, the narrative essay will be completely different from the persuasive one.
  • The key points. You should also know your key points – and what makes the essay different from the others. When you write the essay, you are trying to make a point – a statement – right? Then, you should find your key topics and the key points enhancing your topic.
  • The details. If you check the outline template, you should know that supporting details are also important. The simple bulleted points (in the form of regular lists) should be enough. Each component should have each supporting idea that can support the whole essay and its construction.
  • The introduction. You should start your composition by thinking that the reader has never read or hasn’t been familiar with it before. You should be able to create a summary that concludes it all. Don’t worry, once you have written the outlines, writing the introduction will be easy.
  • The conclusion. You should also write the summary, making sure that your readers will get the points.

Final Words

It doesn’t matter whatever outline that you need because you should be able to find different kinds of templates. Whether you need the template to break down your daily chores or you need one for scientific writings, you know that you can always find the right outline template for your needs.

20+ Leaf Template Artistic Appeal

You probably have never thought that the leaf template can be such a huge deal. Well, if you are thinking about incorporating a classic piece that represents nature or you want to have an addition of a simple design, the leaf can be an interesting addition. It is simple and yet it is also highly artistic with its own aesthetic appeal. And most importantly, the leaf design is flexible. Feel free to include it in any design that you like and its appeal will definitely improve – as long as you know how to manage everything properly.

The Aesthetic Appeal of the Template

It may have never crossed your mind that leaf template can be quite popular and liked, but do you know that the demand for such a design is always increasing from year to year? You probably don’t think that such a leafy design will have its own appeal, but the facts have spoken on its own.

You see, the leaves are considered as the artistic part that looks great in soft designs. Whenever you have a classic design with soft colors, the leafy shapes will provide a nice addition. Here are some things that you can do with the templates:

  • You can use them for any projects that you want. Let’s say that you have a banner project that requires the many leaves forms and shapes. If you have the templates, it will make the project run faster, right? Not to mention that the templates can be used for any project, such as greeting cards, cutouts, printed banners, book covers, and so much more.
  • The templates will cut the needed time for the project. Of course you can always draw them one by one, but it takes forever. If you have the template, it will cut the processing time in a half. It is efficient and fast.
  • You can use the templates to teach kids about the different kinds of leaves as well as their different shapes, textures, and also colors. You can make the leaf designs into fun kids projects, such as coloring, cutting out, and much more.

Choosing the Right Templates

You don’t want to deal with messy implementation or complicated operation when you have found the source for the leaf template. Here are some things that you should consider when consulting a website:

  • You want to choose a trusted and reliable source. Stay away from shady websites that have a hidden but malicious intention
  • You want to choose a source with  easy implementation and use. When you want to get the template, you want to only click it, download it, or print it. And there you have it! The combination of the simple operation and various saving option will definitely make your day.
  • There are different kinds of leaf form, such as apple leaf or fall leaf or even jungle leaf. Depending on your needs, you can choose whatever template you want.


In the end, choosing whatever leaf form that suits your needs doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. As long as you can choose the right leaf template for your needs, you should be good to go.

20+ Pay Stub Template, the Importance

Do you know the importance of pay stub template? Have you realized that when you get your salary, you also get the pay stub paper – which provides transparency over the money you get? Not many people understand the importance of the pay stub although such a thing is usually provided and available with your paycheck.

Understanding the Pay Stub Meaning

What is a pay stub, really? It is actually the paper given to employees containing the information of their pay in details. The pay stub usually contains the exact amount of the payment and then with the deductions and the final result. As the employee, you understand how much money being deducted (for tax, etc) and how much money you will get in the end. Depending on your job, the deductions can only be one or two or it can be more.

Is the pay stub important? Yes – it is important for both employees and employers. For employees, they have the knowledge of transparency. In case there is an inconsistency, they can immediately notify their employers. For the employers, the pay stub is like the written proof of the entire calculation. It provides transparency so the employers won’t be accused of cheating. This is why you should know at least the right pay stub template so you know what to expect. Any legal business should include this written statement with the employees’ paycheck. With it, it delivers good and fair atmosphere because of the honesty. Any mistrust issue can be avoided.

The Included Information

If you see the pay stub template, you should see that it would be divided into sections and also information. Basically, a pay stub includes 3 major parts: the gross wages, deductions (including contributions and taxes), and net pay. Each of them will be divided into these sections:

  • Gross wage is the employees’ pay starting point. It should include
  • Hours worked, the amount of work that has been done. It should be divided into regular, double time, or overtime. Each of them will have its own line for better management
  • Pay rate. If the employees are paid in hour, then it should include the hourly pay rate.
  • Gross pay, which is the total wages (the pay rate times the hours worked) before the deduction is made.
  • If there is additional earning such as holiday pay, personal time, bonuses, sick pay, or payroll advance, it should be included in this section.
  • The deductions are the things that are included to ‘be taken from’ the gross wage. The deductions include:
  • Tax deductions
  • Benefits and other deductions, such as retirement plan or insurance premium, loan payment, and event charitable contribution
  • Employer contribution, such as SUTA or FUTA tax
  • Net pay is the number of total payment you receive after the gross wage is deducted with the deductions. Basically, the net pay is the amount of money you take home.

In the end, in the event that you have never got the pay stub, don’t hesitate to ask one from your employer. They are entitled to provide one for you. It won’t hurt to know the proper construction of the pay stub template either.

3+ Fairy Silhouette Appeal and Beauty Template

You are smitten by the world of fairies and you want to have your own collections of fairy silhouette. Even if you feel that fairies are complicated creatures making them difficult to draw or paint, the silhouette alone will be enough to convey your message. No one would mistake the silhouette with other things because these fairies figures are unique in their own sense. Where should you go when you want to get the template?

Enchantments of the Fairies

Before we get to the point of having the fairy silhouette collections, there are some things to talk about: the use of the silhouette and also about their appeal. Fairies are identical with the myth, and almost everyone likes to have such a figure or drawing or image in their layouts or designs. In fact, fairy-based designs and products are timeless and they are liked – whether it is by children or adults. As time goes by, the fairy designs are becoming more and more amazing. Some of them remain simple but with wonderful details.

Getting into Fairy Details

Have you ever wondered why there are so many people attracted to the design? Why they are quite popular despite their non-existence? Here are some reasons why fairies are liked as a part of the design:

  • They are timeless. Whether you want to have anything with modern theme to the ones with vintage themes, having the fairies will be considered ideal.
  • They are flexible – they can fit perfectly in any theme and design. And they can be included for any project, whether it is for adults or kids
  • They invoke the nostalgic feeling. Kids are mostly attracted to fairies. Think of your childhood: weren’t you be amazed by these small creatures? Once you grow old, the feeling doesn’t subside. You will remember your childhood just by looking at the fairy designs
  • Fairies are always associated with nature because that’s where they live. They live in trees, holes, flowers, etc. When you make something and it is related to nature, it feels just right to include fairies in the setting.

Getting Access to the Templates

If you are interested in having fairy silhouette collections, how do you know that you will find the right ones?

  • Be sure to choose reliable and trusted sources. Some websites are shady and they act as a lure for attack or scam. Be sure that you choose the right one and stay away from the shady sites.
  • View their collections. There are so many different kinds of fairy templates – big, small, simple, detailed, complicated, intricate, etc. If they have a wider array of choices, then you have found the right place. The more options you can have, the better it is.
  • Choose the one providing easy saving or downloading. You want to choose a source with easy download or print or save. If you have to go through a long survey just to download an image or you have to deal with the complicated stage, think again.

Finding your collections of fairies doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated, but make sure that you choose the right source for your fairy silhouette collections.

10+ Application for Employment Template and the Importance Elements

Composing the letter of application for employment may not be easy but you can make one if you know the right format and you want to learn how. After all, the application letter will be your way to introduce yourself as well as providing information about your qualification and your ability. If you can’t convince the employer, who will hire you?

The Things about Job Application Letter

When it comes to composing the right letter of application for employment, there are some things to know. First of all, there is the so-called job application form which is often mistaken as job application latter. The job application form is coming in the shape of, you guess it, a form instead of a letter (with its paragraph and everything). You only have to fill in the empty space or slot and there you have it.

A job application letter is coming in the form of a letter. So, there should be an opening, the main content, and the closing. You need to be able to compose a pleasant and readable letter. You also need to choose the right wording and language. It is safe to say that composing this kind of letter requires a certain skill. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to do so.

Application Letter Basics

If you check the application for employment format or template, there are some elements to include in them:

  • Opening paragraph. This one will function as the introductory paragraph. It introduces you and what position you are interested in. If you enclose a CV, you should mention it here. This is also the paragraph where you provide the information where you get the job ads.
  • Second paragraph. This is the paragraph where you provide the details of your skills and experiences. This is also the part where you state the reason that makes you a perfect candidate for the position.
  • Third paragraph. This is the section where you provide the reason why you would be a valuable asset. If you have further reasons or convincing, this is the part to do so.
  • Closing paragraph. This is the section where you should mention your willingness for further actions, such as interview or further contact. If there are certain times where you won’t be available, state it here.

Some Handy Tips

Although composing the letter should be done in a formal tone and with carefully selected words, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at some handy tips.

  • Perform the research of who will be getting the letter. It is the head of HRD? Is the employer or the CEO directly? Is it the owner of the company? If you know the position and the name, and you can address them in your letter, it can be an additional point.
  • Make sure that you have the required skills and qualifications for the job
  • Be direct and avoid writing in circles. But be courteous and civilized.

Even the small details can be your benefits, because it shows the employers that you are meticulous, thoughtful, and careful. These are the things to know about application for employment letter.