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10+ Minute Schedule Template Sample

Teacher, Be More Prepared with 15 Minute Schedule Template

Making a teaching schedule sounds a common thing for teachers but do you already make the right schedule? For the sake of the students, you might need to consider using a 15 minute schedule template. You must understand that kids need to know what they can control so they can keep their focus on the lessons better. It is a life-changing option for your teaching experience for sure.

More Organized Teaching

Teaching can be overwhelming because of the many lessons to teach. This kind of sensation can be experienced not only by the students but also the teachers. It becomes the teacher’s duty to help the students study easier. It can be done in various ways including by using a 15-minute schedule. Teachers will find that they can be more organized by using this 15 minute schedule template.

Benefits of 15 Minute Schedule Template

Why should you use 15 minutes schedule instead of other types of schedule? You can just choose any type of schedule, but with the 15-minute schedule, you can get these benefits.

  1. Help Students Study Better

The main purpose of being a teacher is to help the students to study. It is challenging. It is more than just the way to make the students sit and study. Kids usually have short term focus, so it is better to make them study easier by breaking the lesson into several parts in 15 minutes range. It can really help them to study better.

  1. Easy to Apply

Some lessons can be quite hard for the students. It seems harder because the students have to study a big theme in the long term. It will be easier for the students to apply the study plan by using a 15-minute schedule. Although it sounds pretty complicated at first, you can find that this schedule option can offer a more efficient studying process for the students.

  1. Easy to Make with a Template

Making a 15-minute schedule sounds like a lot of work. You need to make it attractive for the students, but it might be difficult if you do not have any design background. It does not matter at all since you can use the ready-to-use template for a 15-minute schedule. All you have to do is just choose the template design and fill in the schedule.

Now you know the benefits and easiness of finding the 15 minute schedule template, there is no reason to avoid using this type of schedule any longer.


Minute Schedule Template Sample

10+ Shift Schedule Template Sample

Finding Best 12 Hour Shift Schedule Template Excel

Various kinds of work schedules can be found according to different types of services offered by the office. When the workplace has to offer 24 hours service, for instance, using a 12-hour shift schedule might be considered to ensure the productivity of the workers. It sounds complicated to make one but 12 hour shift schedule template excel can be used for easing the task.

Easy but Not Always Suitable

Using the template is indeed easy but it does not mean that every template is made for every working environment. You do not have any other choice but to look for the most suitable 12 hour shift schedule template excel for your working environment. It is the key to maintain productivity healthily.

How to Choose the Best 12 Hour Shift Schedule Template Excel

With 24 hours of work to cover and many people to organize, you need to make sure that the shift hour can be scheduled accordingly. Yes, you can find ease when using the template but you have to consider several things to find the right schedule template for a 12-hour working shift.

  1. People Number

The very first thing to consider when looking for the template of a 12-hour working shift is how many people are involved in the shift. Everyone should do the job properly according to the schedule but at the same time, you also have to make sure that they have enough off-time. This balance can help to keep productivity after all.

  1. Rotation

The rotation of the squads must also be considered when choosing the template of a 12-hour working shift schedule. This aspect will also affect the productivity of the workers and more importantly the balance of worker’s life.

  1. On and Off

Yes, it is important to pay great attention to the on-and-off schedule of the worker. It will be bad if a worker is overworked because he or she does not get an off schedule. Creating the right schedule can help workers to take control of their personal and professional life better.

  1. Simplicity

Last but not least, you have to make sure that the template is simple and easy to use. There is no point in using a template if you still find it difficult to use it.

Once again, 12 hour shift schedule template excel will offer easiness to create a schedule for an office with 24 hours service, yet you should take your time to choose the most suitable one for your office.


Shift Schedule Template Sample

10+ Bill Template Sample

Playing with 100 bill template

There are many ways to make fun of yourself, including using 100 bill template to play monopoly. BY using this template, you can create your dollar bill with your face. The only thing you have to prepare is your image or picture that you want to upload to the system. So, to create your own dollar, usually, it requires you to do it online.

Why do you have to use a 100 bill template?

Isn’t it fun when you can play monopoly by using your own money with your photos in it? Well, that’s one of the benefits that you can get while trying to make use of 100 bill template. Besides giving fun to you, creating fake money could also be one of the best ways to teach your kids about money or economy. So, what are the reasons for playing the bill template?

  1. A fun way to teach money

Teaching money or the economy to kids has not been an easy way to do. It is not also a fun topic to discuss with your kids. But, what if the money contains your picture together? The way you teach money to your children will be much more fun to do. Otherwise, your kids will find it boring to be taught by you.

  1. Easy to do

Do you think that making fake money is difficult? It is simple and easy to do as you only have to post your picture online. Then the server that contains the system to generate the fake money will automatically show your image to the bill template that they have. After it releases, you can directly share it to your social media or print it.

  1. As a gift to your children

This third reason still relates to the first reason why you need to play with the bill template. The fake money you create can be used as a special gift for your kids after they accomplish their jobs around the house. It tends to make them happy. Then, this fake money could be a trade by something else they want.

All of those reasons make playing with the 100 bill template is worth to do. Suppose you are interested in printing it, choose the right size of paper so that it looks like real size money for you. Also, playing with fake money with your children also makes them realize the importance of money that they have and use daily.


Bill Template Sample

5+ Day Plan Template Sample

100 Day Plan to Achieve Success

Do you believe the quote that says failure to plan is planning to fail? Well, it is one of the most popular quotes that you need to bear in mind. To become successful, you have to plan your entire day, month or year. Therefore, you have to use a 100 day planning template to help you decide and plan your whole activities for 100 days ahead. What do you need to prepare?

Preparing your days ahead

When you start a business, you need to prepare the 100 day planning template to your employee so that they will achieve their success. Planning something could boost the chance for success to come. The success that will be accomplished is not only for the employee itself but also the whole organization of the business. Here is the detailed information regarding planning activities.

  1. Package of the planning template

When you are serious about using the planning template for your organization, then you have to understand that there are several periods that are usually taken into account. That period includes 30, 60, 90, and 100 days of a period. By dividing the template into this period, you and your team could focus well on deciding which work that you want to finish first.

  1. The goals

The next thing that you need to bear in mind is the goals that your organization wants to accomplish. Before taking the planning template, the purposes have to be clear. By measuring the goals that you create within your team, it will be easy for you to track the success that you have accomplished together.

  1. Mentor or coach

Another factor that could improve your employee’s performance is the mentor or coach that you assign to teach them in the workplace. As the new hire people, your newcomer on the workplace need a mentor to help them arrange and plan their work so that they will understand better.

  1. Training

Although you have given everything to your new employees about planning their 100 days, if you still do not give them proper training, you will see that they could not achieve the success that you want. Thus, providing training about the vision and mission or company profile will improve their job result in the workplace.

If we take closer into each detail that we have said above, having 100 day planning template could help you and your team to achieve the maximum result.

10+ Labels Per Sheet Template Sample

Creating Your Own Business Card

Have you ever thought of creating your business card? Designing and printing your business card using 10 labels per sheet template will make it more effective and efficient. However, maybe you wonder how to create ones, then we will provide you with the best guideline to make it. Follow the steps and save the space of your sheet.

Steps to create a business card using a template

As we mentioned earlier, you can create and print the business card that you have by having 10 labels per sheet template. The size of the labels will very much depend on the size of paper you use. The article that you use will be divided into 10 labels with similar sizes. The bigger the size of paper you use, the larger the business card you will create. Follow these steps to learn more.

  1. Open the word processing software 

To begin, the first thing you can do to create the business card using the sheet template is by using the word processing program on your computer or laptop. This way is easy and simple as everyone has to get used to it. After opening the program, you can start by creating ten labels on your paper with a similar size.

  1. Adding information

The technique of creating the labels on the paper is quite easy to follow as you only have to draw a rectangle on the screen. After having the labels on the computer, try to add information about your business that you want to show to your colleagues. Adding information is easy, but you have to check every detail on it.

  1. Customizing the card

You may find that a simple label is not enough for you; then you need to add some design or customize the label that you have on the paper. Things that you can try to personalize are the fonts, colours, or maybe the style of the labels. Not only that, giving shadows to the labels could also make the template that you create better than before.

  1. Sharing it others

After you think that your business card has finished, try to share it to others. This way could make your friends acknowledge the template that you have made so that they could also use your model for their perusal. Besides sharing it to your colleagues, try to upload it to the cloud to prevent it from losing in the future.

Not only for a business card, 10 labels per sheet template also allows you to decide where you want to put text and image. The label makes everything more accessible when it comes to printing. If you do not wish to create by yourself, then you can try to search the label online and directly use it.


Labels Per Sheet Template Sample

5+ Generation Family Tree Template

Generation Family Tree Template Excel

As we all know, that family is the very basic unit of the society. Generally, it consists of parents, children, and some other extended members of the family. The recent generation of the family you have right now is the products of some generations of those who were born before you. It can be a bit exhausting to make a family tree when you are the 10th generation of your family. But don’t worry because you can use the 10 generation family tree template excel.

What is the 10 generation family tree template excel?

It is a pre-formatted 10 generation family tree that is on excel format and you can use it whenever you want. It is really useful when you want to track the various generations of your family. Typically, this kind of template will allow you to list down the family lineage ranging from 3 generations up to 10 generations. Most of the templates are simple, but some of them are stunning and appealing.

What are the benefits of using a 10 generation family tree template excel?

Large family tree templates are not only beautiful but also useful. A lot of them have very unique and stunning designs. Moreover, the most essential part is that the 10 generation family tree template excel can offer a lot of benefits for you. Here are some of the benefits that you can get:

  1. Save time 

Can you imagine how much time that you need to make a family tree when you have a large family up to 10 generations? Yes, the answer is a lot of time. Especially when you make it from scratch. For this very reason, you can simply use a 10 generation family tree template that is readily available on excel.

  1. Easy to use 

One of the perks of using the 10 generation family tree template excel is that it is readily available on excel. You just need to download it and then write down your family member in its designed place. You can also make a little adjustment here and there so it will fulfil your needs.

  1. Minimize errors 

When you make something you are bound to make mistakes in one way or another. Especially when you are making a large family tree that needs to be done perfectly. One thing that you can do to minimize mistakes that could happen is by using a 10 generation family tree template excel because it has consistent essential  content.

If you want to be able to experience those benefits, you need to have this 10 generation family tree template excel. You can get it easily from excel so there is nothing to worry about. You just need to find the one that fulfills your dreams and then download it. After that, you can make minor modifications accordingly.

10+ Envelope Template Word Sample

Alternatively, making your own envelopes is beneficial for you rather than going out and buying them. By doing so, you will be able to save your time and money. Furthermore, you can make any kind of envelopes that you want such as fancy envelopes, simple envelopes and even 10 envelopes. If you specifically want to make 10 envelopes, but don’t know how, you can easily use 10 envelope template word that are readily available on the internet.

What is a 10 envelope template word?

10 envelope 10 envelope template word is a template for business-sized or standard envelopes that you can use easily wherever you want. Essentially, it has a standard size of 41/8 inches high and 9/12 inches long. Commonly, it is designed to hold a standard 8 ½ x 11 inch piece of paper that is folded into three sections. Ideally, it is used for office necessity.

What are the advantages of using 10 envelope template words?

There are countless things that you can do with your 10 envelopes. You can use it for your monthly statements, bills, invoices and et cetera. Thus, you always need to have this number 10 envelope at your disposal. If you don’t want to spend your money to buy it, then you can just use 10 envelope template word. This kind of template will you a lot of advantages such as:

  1. Save money 

Well, why buy such an expensive envelope when you can make it on your own? With the 10 envelope template word you can save a good amount of your time. Because using that kind of template is more cost-effective rather than buying it in the store.

  1. Save Time

When you use the 10 envelope template, you don’t need to waste your time running to the store to buy it. You just need paper, glue, ruler and print to make your own 10 envelopes. Furthermore, the most important thing is you can make it in your own home or office. Imagine how much time that you can save because of the 10 envelope template.

  1. Easy to use 

One of the main advantages of using 10 envelope template words is that it is so easy to use. You just need to find the template and then make a minor modification to it. After that print the template and it will be ready to use.

If you want to enjoy those kinds of advantages, you need to have this 10 envelope template word soon. You can download it easily from the internet. After you download it, you can make minor adjustments that suit your needs.


Envelope Template Word Sample

5+ Resume Template Sample

The Great Tricks in maximizing 1 Page Resume Template

An attractive 1-page resume template will be very useful for those of you who work in the creative industry. Your job line and profile background will sparkle if you display it in a cool CV template. Then, is it perfectly effective to create a resume on one page only? And, what’s the trick to maximize your resume in just 1 page, but the design is still attractive? Come on, see the explanation!

Is it a must to write a resume on 1 page?

Writing an information-dense resume that demonstrates your qualifications is a must when applying for jobs. Whether you are an entry-level job seeker or an experienced job seeker, a resume that is up to two pages long, let alone three pages, can run the risk of thwarting your attempts to find a job.

You may have a long list of internships and part-time jobs that you would like to write on your resume but are not really relevant to the job you are applying for. Even many mid-level job seekers and executives are advised to keep their resume on one page. The reason is, many HRDs have short attention spans.

Tricks to maximize 1-page resume template

Remove the word “Resume” or “Curriculum Vitae”

In general, applicants put the words “Resume” or “Curriculum Vitae” on the resume / CV page. However, if you want to make a 1-page resume template, you shouldn’t need to write that down anymore. Recruiters usually already understand that the file you provide is a resume. The thing to pay attention to is who you are and what is interesting. Make your name as a title with a clear font, but it doesn’t take up much space.

Shorten Contact Information

Your address does not need to take up a few lines in the CV. You don’t need to write in too much detail and complete, such as RT / RW information and the name of the province or country if you are applying for a company in the same city. In addition, there is no need to separate phone numbers, email addresses, and social media accounts on different lines.


Education at the tertiary level is generally more relevant in representing yourself. The rest, such as high school / vocational school level and back do not need to be included. Unless you’ve been to a certain school that makes your resume more outstanding. Organizational experience in high school is important, but this can be discussed during the interview session.

Relevant experiences or accomplishments

If you often won choir competitions in college, think again, is writing it on your CV can support your chances of being accepted in the job you want? If not, it’s a good idea to replace it with other experiences or achievements in accordance with the position you are applying


Limit resume to 3-4 parts only. Combine sections such as “Skill and Interests”. If your achievements and interests vary widely, you can create an “Additional Information” section. Each new section means new headings, and these headings take up space. Come on, maximize every available space!

Spacing and font

For font in a resume, you can try 11 or 11.5. It can leave more space without disturbing the view. Use a font that is easy to read. Spacing also needs attention. I think it’s a little risky if the margin is small, right? However, this can make your resume look more attractive. Try to make your margin 0.5 ”and see how much space you have.


If your resume is concise, it’s time to beautify your resume! If you want to work in the design world, a creative resume is a must. However, that doesn’t mean those outside the design can’t try it. This could be a catcher for recruiters, you know. It doesn’t have to be full of design, the important thing is that it is neat and looks different from other resumes. So, create your 1-page resume template with those great tricks to get maximal results.

5+ Project Status Report Template

Doing Jobs Easier and Faster with a Project Status Report Template

After doing a project, it is important for teamwork to make a project status report. The report is functioned to show details of the project and whether it has been conducted successfully or not. Some points to mention are commonly around the project summary, the status summary, the budget overview, issues, and more. To simplify your work more, you can use a project status report template.

How to use a Project Status Report Template

A project status report template is in the form of columns that are divided into some categories. Each report may need different points and columns anyway. However, presenting the template for various reports must be more useful and saving time. This way, you only need to edit it and fill the columns in after the project is over. It is easier and more practical.

Reasons Why a Template for Project Status Reports is Important

Yes, a template is very important to provide first before doing projects. Once you need to make a report, you can just complete them. Besides, there are some other reasons and benefits of providing the template.

Reporting the Project Faster

In the work field, you may need to work fast including in terms of making a report. Within the hectic schedule, you probably don’t have enough time to create the report entirely. That’s why; the template must be ready since the beginning.

Doing Your Project Report Easier

Doing the project itself probably has been very difficult and tiring. Moreover, it is if you must make the template also. With a template that is already prepared, you can do your projects more simply and easily.

It can be customized

Generally, you can use only one template for various projects. It doesn’t mean that your project must have the same details. But sure, you can customize it to meet your needs. Customizing a template must be faster and easier than creating it entirely.

Preventing Errors

Errors are common in making reports. But when they can be prevented, it must be much better. Preparing a template helps you prevent more errors. The data is more accurate and there is no need for too many revisions.

It is possible to create it yourself. But to make your job much easier, you can download the project status report template here. The template is multifunctional, easy to customize, and no virus at all. Making reports is getting more interesting this way.

3+ Price Sheet Template

Price Sheet Template Ideas You’ll Like

Consumers are quite meticulous when it comes to prices. Thus, using a price sheet template could help your job a lot.

The presence of price sheets helps your consumers to find the best deals. Also, this useful item can prevent you from impulse buying as well. Here are things you need to know about price list templates and why you need it.

Price sheet template in a nutshell

As its name suggests, a price sheet template is a list of prices. It depends on the business type after all.

In general supermarkets, a price list template is used for listing prices of general products. Every product has a price. Meanwhile, a service business will list some service items along with the prices on the list. The price could be charged hourly, daily, monthly, and so on.

Using a template is highly recommended since you can simply edit it as you like.

Different uses of a price sheet template

Comparing prices for customers

For customers, comparing prices is essential. Finding the best deal can be the priority of most people nowadays. Thus, the presence of a price list template helps them to compare your prices with your competitors’.

Checking the whole inventory

For you, the presence of a price list template helps you to check the items in your inventory. This is also helpful to see the number of certain items in your inventory. The same thing also applies to your customers.

Selling items remotely

Another good thing about using a price list template is that you can sell goods remotely. When your potential customer asks for a price list, you can simply give one without making a new one. Updating prices is also easier by using a price list template.

Tips to make a good price list

As has been explained earlier, you can always use a template and edit it as you need. Still, make sure you include these things.

You need to list all items and services to offer. If it has quantity then you need to coordinate with the inventory. Meanwhile, if the list is about service, make sure you put the rate.

Put the rate or price right next to the service or item. Customers need to see the information clearly and easily. Make sure the list is well-organized.

Grouping items into different categories will make everything easier to view. More importantly, using a price sheet template won’t make you build a price list from scratch.