Transvestite Taliban: Let’s hold them up for ridicule

At long last, the Afghan military is starting to do something that the US military public affairs wizards haven’t been able to do.

It’s heaping public ridicule on the Taliban enemy. There are lots of reasons to make fun of the Taliban – their misogyny grotesquely parallels their pedophilia, bestiality, and physical attraction to the same gender in a phenomenon that they acknowledge but strenuously deny is gay – and now the Afghan Army, with US and Coalition support, has put on a show.

They paraded two captured Taliban insurgents who were dressed as women, so that the Afghan and international media could get a good look.

Maybe they were Taliban women, whose beards explain the fixation with burqas.

But seriously, they were Taliban men. The bearded one was dressed up all pretty in a lovely purple traditional dress and green veil, complete with delicate lace and embroidery. The other Talib, cleanshaven, sported a beautiful tangerine-colored gown with needlepoint floral designs and a fashionable jangle belt.

The Islamic fundamentalist girly-men were captured east of Kabul, in Mehteriam, and put on display for the world to see.

News reports suggested that they dressed as women in order to get close enough to kill Americans. London’s Daily Mail has the story, with colorful photos provided by the Associated Press.

For practical reasons, it was appropriate for the Afghan Army to parade the enemy around in drag, and for the US not to have a visible presence. However, it’s a mystery why the US military has not done much to publicize the incident, and to give credit to the Afghans. I looked at the Pentagon’s websites for DoD photos or writeups about the Taliban transvestites, without success.

I have been urging the US military to heap ridicule on our enemies for years, and wrote about it at length in my 2007 book, Fighting the War of Ideas like a Real War.

If any readers find DoD coverage of the incident, which occurred on or about March 28, 2011, please post a comment and a link and I’ll feature it and give due credit.

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